Deaths in Petersburg and Vicinity, 1848-1851
Some Deaths in
Petersburgh and Vicinity

Information on this page is from Vol. 23, Nos. 2 and 3 and Vol. 24, No. 3 of Tree Talks, published by the Central New York Genealogical Society in September 1983 and 1984.

ALLEN, Franklin E., a son of Alexander Allen Jr., of inflammation of the brain, age ca. 3 yrs, 22 March 1851
ALLEN, Jefferson, son of Jeremiah Allen Jr., of a disease of the windpipe, age ca. 4 yrs, 8 April 1851
ALLEN, Martha, wife of Capt. Jeremiah Allen, age ca. 62 yrs, 2 Oct 1850 of hemorrage of the lungs
ALLEN, Morgan L., of consumption, age ca. 48 yrs, 30 April 1851
ALLEN, William, age ca. 50 yrs, 19 Oct 1850 of consumption
ARMSBURY, a child of Jacob Armsbury, age ca. 3 yrs, 26 Feb 1850
ARMSBURY, Martha, wife of John Armsbury, age ca. 65 yrs, 29 Sept 1848
ARMSBURY, Priscillea, relict of John Armsbury, age ca. 94 yrs, 16 Jan 1849
BABCOCK, Mary, relict of Amos Babcock Esq., age ca. 75 yrs, 25 Sept 1850 of consumption
BABCOCK, Miss Betsey, very suddenly, age ca. 52 yrs, 15 Feb 1851
BAXTER, Asa, son of the late Dea. Dennis Baxter of Grafton, age ca. 16 yrs, 19 May 1851
BAXTER, Dea. Dennis Baxter of Grafton, after a lingering illness, age ca. 55 yrs, 11 April 1851
BAXTER, John Esq. of Grafton, age ca. 80 yrs, 26 April 1851
BENTLEY, Rensselaer Esq. of Berlin, age ca. 50 yrs, in February 1851 at New York City
BOVIE Abram of Hoosick, age ca. 58 yrs, 21 June 1849 of consumption
BRADT, Daniel B. Esq. of Hoosick, age ca. 60 yrs, of an affliction of the heart, 8 March 1849
BRADWAY, an infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bradway, age ca. 6 mos, 22 Feb 1850 of convulsions
BRIMMER Jared M., of consumption, age ca. 25 yrs, 18 Feb 1851
BRIMMER, Charles, son of Solomon Brimmer Jr., age ca. l7 yrs, 7 Dec 1849 of consumption
BRIMMER, Edwin, son of Green and Emeilne Brimmer of Pownal, Vt., age 3 yrs, 5 Jan 1849
BRIMMER, Miss Phebe, age ca. 28 yrs, 23 Nov 1849 of consumption
BROWN, _____, daughter of Richard and Lucinda Brown, age ca. __, 6 April 1851
BROWN, a daughter of Alfred A. Brown and wife of Illinois, age ca. 3 yrs, 4 March 1849 of dropsy on the brain
BROWN, Andrass of Grafton, age ca. 54 yrs, 6 Aug 1850 of consumption
BUDDINGTON, Betsey, wife of Joshua Buddington Esq., age ca. 70 yrs, 16 March 1850 of consumption
BURDICK, a child of Daniel, age ca. 4 yrs, 5 Sept 1848
BURDICK, Joseph T. of Grafton, age ca. 45 yrs, 20 Nov 1848
CARD, a child of Paul Card Jr., age ca. 11mos, 2 April 1850
CARD, Christopher, age ca. 40 yrs, 26 Feb 1850
CARD, Paul, age ca. 83 yrs, 14 Jan 1851
CARD, Susan, wife of Paul Card, age ca. 80 yrs, 8 June 1849 of debility
CASE, an infant of Joseph Case, age ca. 4 mos, 14 April 1851
CASE, Joseph Esq., age ca. 81yrs, 25 May 1850 (report says of delirium tremens)
COON, Betsey, relict of Aaron Coon, age ca. 68 yrs, 8 Aug 1850 of consumption
DUNN, John, age ca. l9 yrs, a native of Ireland who had not been in this country but a few weeks. He was a Catholic and sent to Troy for a Priest to administer to him the consolations of the Catholic religion in his last extremity. His disease was probably ship fever. 12 May 1849
ELDRED, _____, wife of James Eldred Esq., age ca. 55 yrs, 11 May 1849
ELDRED, Roby, wife of Mr. Silas C. Eldred, age ca. 40 yrs, 19 May 1851
ERWIN, Patrick of Berlin, 10 Oct 1849 by being thrown from his wagon when in a state of intoxication
FULLER, Amos, an aged deciple of Christ who had for a great many years been much afflicted with many diseases, age Ca. 85 yrs, 4 April 1849
GATES, Mrs. of Grafton, age ca. 60 yrs, 30 Nov 1850 of fever
GREEN Eleanor, relict of John Green, late of Berlin, and mother of Hezekiah Green,age ca. 78 yrs, 8 June 1849
GREEN, Hezekiah, of Berlin, age ca. 35 yrs, 5 June 1849 of consumption
GREEN, John G. of Berlin, age ca. 86 yrs, 25 July of old age 1850
GREEN, Miss Sarah of Pownal, Vt., age ca. 25 yrs, 30 Sept 1850
GREEN, William, son of Rhodes Green, age ca. 23 yrs, 8 Dec 1849 of fever
GRISWOLD, James, age ca. 30 yrs, 9 Feb 1849 of consumption
HAKES, Seth E. Esq., age ca. 25 yrs, 18 Oct 1850 of typhus fever
HAKES, Sibbil, relict of the late Weden Hakes, deceased, age ca. 75 yrs, 8 March 1849
HALL, Andrass, executed for the murder of Mrs. Amy Smith on the 1 July last. He murdered her husband, Noah Smith, at the same time. 15 March 1849
HALL, Miss _____, daughter of the late William Hall, of consumption, age ca. l6 yrs, 4 April 1851
HALL, Miss Maria, daughter of the late William Hall, age ca. 21 yrs, 25 Oct 1850 of consumption
HALL, William, age ca. 54 yrs, 19 Sept 1849 of consumption or dropsy
HISCOX, William, age ca. 84 yrs, 15 March 1849
JONES Electa, wife of Benjamin Jones of Berlin, age ca. 56 yrs, 4 June 1849 of dropsy
JONES, Charles, son of Major Jones of Berlin, age ca. 18 yrs, 13 April 1851
JONES, Parmella, daughter of Harvey Jones, age ca. l0 yrs, 31 Oct 1849 of dropsy on the brain
JONES, Silas, age ca. 65 yrs, 5 Oct 1848 of consumption
JONES, Timothy of Berlin, age ca. 75 yrs, 4 Oct 1850 of consumption
KENDALL, Edward of Berlin, age ca. 65 yrs, 30 Oct 1849 of bilious cholic
KINYON, Martha, wife of Potter Kinyon, age ca. 66 yrs, 6 Oct 1848
KIPP, _____, wife of John, age ca. 6 5 yrs, 1 Oct 1850 of consumption
LANPHERE, _____, relict of the late Nimrod Lanphere, age ca. 83 yrs, 22 March 1850 of old age
LANPHERE, Nimrod, age ca. 85 yrs, 3 Feb 1850 of debility
LAWRENCE, _____, a workman for M.T. Brown, age ca. 40 yrs, 30 July 1850
LEWIS, Caroline, daughter of Jesse and Marbry Lewis, of spotted fever, age 13 yrs, 27 March 1851
LEWIS, Celestia, daughter of Joshua S. Lewis Esq., age ca. 4 yrs, 4 March 1850 of croup or scarlet fever
LEWIS, Harvey, son of Joshua S. Lewis, Esq., age 5 yrs 7 mos, 26 Feb 1850 of inflammation of the lungs
LEWIS, Laura, daughter of Leonard Lewis, age ca. 5 yrs, 17 Sept 1848
MAIN, Fann [Fanny?], relict of the late Lyman Main, deceased, age ca. 80 yrs, 7 March 1849
McCHESNEY, Lewis Esq. of Grafton, of rum consumption, age ca. 40 yrs, 23 April 1851
McGAN, a child of Mr. McGan, who fell from the bridge by Mr. Elijah Reynolds's and was drowned, age ca. 2 yrs, 1 May 1851
MERRITHEW Mary, wife of James Merrithew, age ca. 66 yrs, 28 Dec 1849 after a lingering illness of several years
MOON, Rhoda, wife of Simon T. Moon, in childbed, age ca. 34 yrs, 23 Feb 1851
MOON, Schuyler, son of Simon Moon after getting drunk at Rensselaer Steward's, age 16 yrs, 24 July 1849
OSBORN, Peggy, age ca. 75 yrs, wife of Joseph Osborn, found drowned in the Hoosick river near the land of the late Stephen Reynolds. She had been missing since the 6th inst. 15 Aug 1850
OVE[?], a child of John and Jane Ove[?] of North Adams, Mass., age ca. 2 yrs, 28 Sept 1849
PECKHAM, Joseph of Grafton, age ca. 80 yrs, 15 April 1851
PETERMAN, _____, wife of Harry Peterman, age ca. 60 yrs, 7 July 1850
PHELPS, George, age ca. 60 yrs, 27 Sept 1848 of epilepsy
POWELL, Rosalpha, daughter of James Powell, age ca. lO yrs, 16 Sept 1848
REYNOLDS, _____, a son of Lyman Reynolds, aged ca. 17 yrs, 3 March 1851
REYNOLDS, Culver W. Esq., age ca. 31 yrs, 9 Dec 1850 of fever
REYNOLDS, John W., age ca. 28 yrs, 21 Jan 1850 of consumption brought on by intemperance
REYNOLDS, Mary, wife of Robert Reynolds Esq., age ca. 41 yrs, 29 Aug 1850 of childbed fever
REYNOLDS, Stephen, very suddenly, age ca. 74 yrs, 17 Oct 1849
RIX, Thomas Esq., of old age, age ca. 82 yrs, 24 April 1851
RODGERS, Harper Esq. of Hoosick, age ca. 87 yrs, 26 April 1850
ROSS, Truman, age ca. 45 yrs, 22 Aug 1850 of delirium tremens
SABIN, Deborah, relict of Joshua Sabin Esq., age ca. 75 yrs, 14 April 1850
SAUNDERS, _____, relict of the late Daniel Saunders Senior of Grafton, age ca. 90 yrs, 7 April 1851
SAUNDERS, an infant child of Samuel Saunders, age ca. l yr, 3 Sept 1849
SAUNDERS, Daniel Esq. of Grafton, age ca. 50 yrs, 18 Oct 1850 of consumption
SAUNDERS, Jared, age ca. 40 yrs, 11 Nov 1850 of fever
SCRIVEN, _____, wife of George Scriven of Grafton, age ca. 55 yrs, 11 April 1850
SCRIVEN, Ira of Grafton, age ca. 50 yrs, 9 April 1851
SCRIVEN, Polly, relict of Col. Zebulon Scriven of Grafton, age ca. 85 yrs, 16 Aug 1849
SPENCER, John M.B., of delirium tremens, age ca. 45 yrs, 19 Aug 1850
SPICER, _____, wife of Hosea Spicer of Brunswick, age ca. 36 yrs, 25 July 1850
STEARNE, an infant son of S.K. and Waty Stearne of Troy, age ca. 2 yrs, 5 Aug 1849
STEWARD, Lucy, wife of Eliphalet Steward Esq. of Grafton, aged 40 yrs, 15 Aug 1850
STRAIGLET, Elisha Jr. of Grafton, age ca. 25 yrs, 5 April 1851
STREETER, _____, wife of Samuel Streeter of Berlin, age ca. 30 yrs, 25 Oct 1849 of cancer
STREETER, Mrs. Barsaleel of Berlin, suddenly. age ca. 45 yrs, 4 Oct 1849
SWEET Miss ---, daughter of Ichabod Sweet of Berlin, age ca. 30 yrs, 26 April 1850, supposed to have died by reason of poison
SWEET, Denison of Berlin, age ca. 36 yrs, 27 Nov 1849 of consumption
SWEET, Henry R., age ca. 50 yrs, 8 Feb 1850 of a disease of the heart, very suddenly
SWEET, John of Berlin, age ca. 60 yrs, 15 June 1850 of consumption
SWEET, wife of Luther Sweet of Berlin, age ca. 70 yrs, 27 Jan 1850 of consumption
TEFFT, John S., age ca. 55 yrs, 5 Oct 1849 in a fit in his field
THURBER, Celia, wife of Orland D. Thurber Esq., age ca. 32 yrs, 15 March 1850 of consumption
TILLEY, a daughter of William Tilley of Grafton, age ca. l4 yrs, 2 April, very suddenly 1850
VAN WHITE Charles, son of Joseph D. and Polly Van White, age ca. 5 yrs, 13 April 1849
WAITE, Rhoda, wife of Jeremiah Waite, age ca. 65 yrs. She was struck down by a fit of apoplexy on the 10th inst. and lay in a state of insensibility until this day when she died. 22 Dec 1850
WELLS, Betsey, wife of the Rev. Jason Wells, age 37 yrs, 3 Oct 1848
WELLS, Caleb, age ca. 50 yrs, 3 April 1849 of a disease of the heart and dropsy
WELLS, George of Dalton, Mass., age ca. 35 yrs, June 1849
WEST, Sally, wife of Nathan West Esq. of Grafton, age ca. 70 yrs, 15 Jan 1851
WHITING, Mr.,at T.W. Scriven's, his son-in-law, in Grafton, age ca. 88 yrs, 14 Sept 1849
WOELLS, Alanson, age ca. 40 yrs, 6 Feb 1850 of consumption
WORTHINGTON, John Esq. of Grafton, age ca. 75 yrs, 19 June 1850 of dropsy

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