Rensselaerwyck militia lsit
Militia List
(probably May 1767)

The information on this page was submitted by Bernard Young. The list of militia is undated but is probably from May 1767. It is extracted from the NY State Historian's Report and also from Volume 24 of the Collections of the NY Historical Society. No attempt has been made to "correct" the spelling of individuals' surnames. If you would like to contribute colonial records to this site, they would be very welcome! You may e-mail them in plain text in the body of an e-mail message to Debby Masterson.


A List of the Company whereof Abraham Van Aernam is Captain,
in the Colony RensselaerWyck.

Abraham Van Aernam, Capt. Dec'r 3, 1743
John Lansing, Lieut. Aug'st 20, 1757
Abraham Van den Berg, Ensign Aug'st 1, 1748

Above Poesten Kill
John Lantman Jacob Letcher
Henry Young Cornelis Letcher
Barent Hogg John Primmer
Jacob Bast Godfrey Primmer
Jacob Bast Jr Nicholas Bonesteel
Coenrat Bast Fredrick Bonesteel
John James Primmer Hendrick Seamore
Jacob Primmer William Seamore
Peter Crawler Hendrick Seamore Jr
Peter Crawler Jr Killeaen Ritcher
John Crawler William Jacoby
Jacob Haner Peter Seamore
Peter Vosburg Jacob Seamore
Peter Crandel Abraham Seamore
Jacob Martin Helmus Seamore
Bastiaen Diel William Cropser
Adam Diel George Gardener Sr
Matthew Ford George Gardener Jr
William Ford Paul Gardener
Francis Burns David Gardener
Andries Burns Abraham Gardener
Walrat Criger Daniel Paree
Hendrick Wisherhouse Benjamin Briggs
Ephraim Seely Elisha Card
Laurens Cree Jonathan Card
Hendrick Young George Baker
Hendrick Young Junr John Elsworth
John Aufoot Jonathan Sweet
Jury Aufoot Samuel Sweet
John Hunsicker Junr Joseph Cathen
John Roughter William Williams
Peter Bacchus Ephraim Mallery
Peter Bacchus Jr Benony Pametor
John Bacchus Jr William Howard
Jacob Rosenberg Charles Butto