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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you have some information, transcribed documents, or anything of interest to the genealogical community for Putnam County, please contact the Putnam county coordinator to offer your assistance.

April 2010
The Last Will & Testament of Samuel Horton of Carmel, transcribed and submitted by Lynn Sheren.
March 2010
Revolutionary War Pensioners in Putnam county, NY
Putnam County in the Military
The Last Will & Testament of Joseph Horton,of Phillips, transcribed and submitted by Lynn Sheren.
November 2009
The Last Will & Testament of Peter Baddeau, transcribed and submitted by Susan Godlewski. Contains some additional genealogical information.
April 2009
Selleck Family Plot, Putnam Valley
March 2008
Updated Cemetery web page
February 2004
The following sections trascribed from Chapter XXVII of The History of Putnam county were recently added and complete the transcription for this entire chaper.

January 2004

April 2003

July 2002
Census page listing the census schedules through 1930 for Putnam county. Also includes section on Locating Enumeration Districts in the 1930 Federal Census.
June 2002

May 2002

February 2002
August 2000
new Cemetery page
From Pelletreau's "History of Putnam County" the entire Chapter XXIX containing the all of the following:
July 2000
The following sketches have been added:
June 2000

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