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Provided By The Wheeler Historical Society, 01 Aug 2001

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  1. 1860 Federal Census for Putnam County and includes Pawling, Beekman, East Fishkill and partial data for some other Dutchess Towns. Single index. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  2. 1925 State Census for Putnam County and includes many Towns in Dutchess and Westchester Counties. Single index. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  3. Censuses. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler. Also see Notes below.
  4. 1845 State Census for Kent. No other 1845 Censuses are available for Putnam County, but Glendon Wheeler has heard that the 1845 Philipstown is at the New York City Library. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler. Original provided by Betty Behr.
  5. Handbook Of Barretts, Putnam County, NY with surrounding area. Contains all known Barretts associated with Putnam County from earliest times to the present. New data regularly added. Indexed with some 800+ references. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler & Bernice Gottwald.
  6. Nathaniel Parker (1768-1826) of Dutchess and Putnam Counties. Includes descendants, index and references. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  7. Joseph Lee (1773-1846) of Dutchess and Putnam Counties. Includes descendants, index and references. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler, Alan E. Lee & Bernice Gottwald.
  8. Frederickstown Ledger 1788 - 1841. This ledger was recently recovered and is presently being transcribed By Wheeler. Another follow-on ledger has been recently recovered and is presently being microfilmed. At Historian's Office.
  9. Records of the Carmel Baptist Church, 1790-1959. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  10. Old Gravestones of Putnam County, New York. This book includes only those persons who were born before 1851 and indexes only by the surname. At Historian's Office. By Barbara Smith Buys.
  11. Index Of Gravestones For The People Of Putnam County, NY. This book indexes Buys and some ten other documents, if the latter documents contain names not in Buys and these names were thought to be associated with Putnam County. This book also flags errors and duplicate names. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler and Published by Kinship, Rhinebeck.
  12. Burials & Gravestones Of Families Associated With Putnam Co., NY. This book is primarily a supplement to Buys, but also contains cemeteries in Dutchess County and other places which have Putnam County people. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler and Published by Kinship, Rhinebeck.
  13. Carmel Newspapers, Putnam County, NY, Marriages & Deaths, 1849-1873. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler and Published by Kinship, Rhinebeck.
  14. Raymond Hill Cemetery Office Records. Fully indexed by the compiler. The records start with the cemetery inception in 1845 and are here complete to July 6,1984; after the latter date the compilers selected only those persons who we thought were part of the older families of Putnam County or were of special interest to the compilers. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler and Charles & Bernice Gottwald.
  15. 1925 and 1915 Putnam County State Censuses on microfilm as well as the original record books. At Historian's Office.
  16. Records of the Putnam County Farm. Also known as the Poor House or Almshouse. Volume 1 contains 1038 records from 1875-1914. Volume 2 runs from 1915-1935, but Glendon Wheeler has not yet examined this volume. At Historian's Office.
  17. Journals of the Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, Putnam County. From 1880-1915 these journals contain the names of many Putnam County persons who were at various institutions around the state. If some of your people have dropped out of sight, then this may be the answer. At Historian's Office.
  18. The Putnam County Courier (newspaper) and its antecedents are on microfilm from 1849 to the present. This is an excellent paper for obituaries. Some issues missing. At Reed Library in Carmel.
  19. The Brewster Standard (newspaper) and its antecedent are in bound volumes and microfilm 1870-1975. At Brewster Library.
  20. The Putnam County Republican (newspaper) in bound volumes and microfilm 1882-1946. Many issues are missing. At Reed Library in Carmel.
  21. School Records. Glendon Wheeler copied many in the years 1863-1885. In the earlier years they give the name of the Parent or Guardian, # of children between 5 and 21 years, and where they reside. In later years the name of each child was also listed with their age. At Historian's Office.
  22. Tax Records. Glendon Wheeler copied some for each town, like 1860, 1887, and 1895 for the Town of Kent. In 1860 Kent there are about 323 residents and 32 non-residents listed with, if applicable, number of acres & value, value of personal items, military tax, dog tax and total tax. At Historian's Office.
  23. Historical Records Of Enoch Crosby Chapter, DAR, Putnam, Dutchess, and Westchester Counties, NY., 1944, 3 Volumes. A collection of records from bibles, cemeteries, churches, funerals and marriages. Great data in these volumes. At Historian's Office & also the Brewster Library.
  24. Putnam County Directory for 1938. By Putnam County News. A complete listing of the residents in Putnam County with their address, occupations and telephone numbers. Children are listed with the parents. At Historian's Office & the Carmel Library.
  25. Analysis Of Marriages By Elder Nathaniel Robinson, 1824-1868, Town of Kent, Putnam County, New York. Elder Robinson preached at Kent, Carmel, Philipstown, Putnam Valley, Patterson, Pawling, Bedford, Dover, Yorktown, Fishkill, & East Fishkill and recorded about 398 marriages. There are various typed lists of these marriages around, but those lists include errors and omissions. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  26. Two Former Graveyards at Boyds Corners, Town of Kent, Putnam Co., NY. These two cemeteries containing 109 people were removed in 1874 with the people listed in the Putnam Co. Courier. All of the people have been found in 12 existing Putnam cemeteries except for six. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  27. Patterson Baptist Cemetery. Plot Map with Index. At Historian's Office. By Wheeler.
  28. Town of Danbury, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Much data for Putnam residents can be found at the Town of Danbury for two reasons: 1) many residents used the Danbury Hospital where they died and 2) they moved to Danbury for work in the factories and are buried in the local cemeteries. Wooster Cemetery is very big, next to the hospital and has an office in the cemetery. Glendon Wheeler has found many Putnam County residents, or former residents, in the death records at the Danbury Town Clerks Office. The death records in Connecticut, unlike New York, are open to the public.
  29. "The Dutchess", quarterly publication of the Dutchess County Genealogical Society, Poughkeepsie, NY. Important data on Putnam County are printed in the above Society's quarterly publication, "The Dutchess." NOTE: Most of this data is printed in successive volumes.
    Volume 14-1, 1986
    Kent & Fishkill Baptist Church Early Membership List by Betty Light/Behr.
    Volume 15-3, 1988
    Southeast Tax List, 1779 by Nancy V. Kelly.
    Volume 16-2, 1988
    1865 Beekman Census by Clifford M. & Lenora V. Buck. This census gives the place of birth & names 33 persons as being born in Putnam County.
    Volume 17-2, 1989
    Cemetery Inscriptions, Putnam Co. by Arthur C.M. Kelly.
    Volume 17-3, 1990
    Gilead Presbyterian Church., Putnam County, by Arthur C.M. Kelly.
    Volume 18-4, 1991
    Town of Kent Marriages, 1882-1889, from Town Clerk's Book, by Betty Behr.
    Volume 19-2, 1991
    Carmel Petitions for Probatee by Betty M. Light/Behr.
    Volume 19-4, 1992
    Old Gravestones of Putnam County Update by Janet T. Newman.
    Volume 22-1, 1994
    Will of Robert Dingee by Janet T. Newman.
    Volume 25-4, 1998
    Bethel Baptist Church, 1835-1930, Shenandoah, East Fishkill, NY. This church is close to the Putnam County line and was used by many of the families associated with Putnam Co. The cemetery next to the church is the Shenandoah Rural Cemetery and has many burials for these same families.


Historian's Office
Refers to the Putnam County Historian's Office in Brewster.
By Wheeler
Means The Wheeler Historical Society of Simi Valley, CA.
Census Data
All census data By Wheeler includes corrections and is fully indexed.

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