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Chapter XX

Town of Carmel, Mahopac Falls
The Red Mills Baptist Church

     The Red Mills Baptist Church was organized in 1832 by Elder John Warren, sen., who was at that time pastor of the Carmel church. In August of that year a number of members, twenty-five in all, met at the house of Isaac Barrett and appointed delegates to the churches of which they were members, requesting letters of dismission that they might be organized into a society to be known as the Red Mills Baptist Church.
     The church was constituted September 26th, 1832, by a council at which Elders John Warren, Mitchell, Nathaniel Robinson and Moses Barrett were present and officiated.
     At first there was no regular pastor, but Elder Warren frequently preached. It is said that in the summer time the meetings were held in Mr. Barrett's orchard. December 22d, 1832, Brother Enos H. Ballard was licensed to preach and in May, 1834, the church called for his ordination. He remained the pastor for one year and during this time seventy were added to the church. The failure of his health caused a termination of his services. In January, 1836, Elder Higby became pastor and remained till March, 1838. The pulpit was then supplied for a time by Elder Gill but in 1840 there was some discord in the church. In this year Elder Ballard again took charge and remained till 1845 and eighty members were baptized. At this time Brother Henry Hazen and David Taylor were licensed to preach. In 1845, Elder C. Brinkerhoff was called to the pastorate and remained till November 12th, 1847. In that year Brother C.C. Norton was licensed to preach the Gospel. During 1848-9 the pulpit was supplied by various persons and in 1850 Brother Ballard again became pastor and remained till 1858. In October of that year, Elder David Sampson became pastor but the period of his service was cut short by death.
     In 1860 the church called Brother J. Timberman who remained two years. In 1862 Brother J. Allen was pastor. He was succeeded by Rev. H. Alley, who was ordained in 1864 and remained till August 21st, 1869. Rev. Jabez Marshall was pastor in 1871. Rev. J.W. Holman was called August 1st, 1873, and remained till March, 1875. He was succeeded by Rev. H.B. Warring, who resigned March 1st, 1879. Rev. J.G. Shrive was called to the pastorate in that year and he remained till April, 1881, when he resigned.
    The church lot was sold to Isaac Barrett, Alvah Colwell and Cornelius J. Tompkins, trustees of the church, by Isaac Barrett August 17th, 1832. It was described as being "on the west side of the Peekskill road and at the northeast corner of John Beyea's, jr., lot and on the southeast corner of Isaac Barrett's orchard near his house and running along the road 1 chain and containing 1 rood, 22 rods." A lot on the east side of the road "nearly opposite the dwelling house of John Beyea, jr.," was sold to the trustees by Cornelius J. Tompkins on the same day. The church was built shortly after. In 1868 the edifice was remodelled in modern style at a cost of $13,000, and was rededicated January 23d, 1869.

In the burying ground adjoining the church rest many of the early members of the society. The following dates are taken from the tombstones:
James Carver, died July 2, 1837, age 55;
Sarah, wife, Dec. 18, 1844, 66;
Hosea Carver, Apr. 25, 1854, 41;
Cornelius Hill, Nov. 22, 1833, 44;
Samuel Horton, April 11, 1866, 77;
Sarah, wife, Aug. 12, 1845, 55;
Gilbert Travis, April 27, 1839, 71;
Nicholas Agor, Jan. 12, 1839, 68;
Mary, wife, March 10, 1837, 72;
Rachel, wife of John Simpkins, Jan. 4,1844, 95;
Zophar Kirkham, Oct. 20, 1846, 63;
Susan, wife, April 6, 1842, 63;
Anthony Hill, Feb. 22, 1867, 74;
Dorothy, wife, July 2, 1872, 81;
Wm. W. Hill, July 24, 1863, 33;
Sarah, wife of Noah Hill, May 13, 1846, 76;
Daniel Wright, Feb. 23, 1865, 70;
John Beyea, Sept. 12, 1848, 85;
Sally, wife, Nov. 24, 1833, 66;
John Beyea, Dec. 19, 1864, 74;
Peter Beyea, Nov. 17, 1873, 79;
James Wixom, Feb. 18, 1849, 76;
Elizabeth, wife, July 21, 1839, 72;
Cornelius F. Williams, Aug. 27, 1854, 68;
Leeta, wife, April 12, 1857, 75;
David Hazleton, March 24, 1848, 57;
Abraham Cronk, April 26, 1871, 76;
Robert Wixom, Sept. 19, 1861, 79;
Laban Cole, May 2, 1848, 49;
Esther, wife, Sept. 10, 1833, 35;
Levi H. Cole, Oct. 17, 1860, 69;
William Agor, Nov. 16, 1848, 75;
Elizabeth Cole, wife of Wm. Agor, Feb. 15, 1841, 66.

Two of the former pastors of this church are buried here and the following inscriptions are on their monuments:

"Rev. Daniel Sampson, died Aug. 8, 1859 aged 60 yrs. 2 mos. and 2 days."

"Rev. Enos H. Ballard, nearly 20 year pastor of Red Mills Baptist Church, Departed to be with Christ Oct. 25, 1861. Aged 53."

[Web Editor's Notes: Since I am transcribing these names from Pelletreau's text, I have no first-hand knowledge of this burial site nor its exact location. If you need clarification as to the exact location of this site, I suggest that you contact the Town of Carmel Historical Society to see if they can assist you.]

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