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Chapter XX

Town of Carmel
Lake Mahopac Methodist Church

     In the year 1822, and for some years previous, "Carmel Big Pond" was one of the preaching stations of the old Cortlandt Circuit which embraced a large section of country. The society in this place was duly incorporated, and at a meeting held July 14th, 1822, " at the house of Benjamin Townsend [west of the residence of Judge Edward Wright] the place where they statedly attended for divine worship," the members elected Leonard D. Cliff, Aaron Picker and Platt P. Smith, trustees of the church.
     A piece of land was given to the society by Nathaniel Crane, which included the present church lot and extended to the shore of the lake, including the premises where the Lake House now stands. The church was built about 1826, and an additional piece of land was given by Nathaniel Crane, December 9th, 1830. This last piece was one-fourth of an acre on the east side of the churchyard. The old road to Carmel ran on the west side of the church, and near where the Lake House now stands was the house of John Drawyer, who was one of the active members of the church, and bought the land next the lake from the trustees of the society in 1840.
     In the burying ground by the church are buried some of the older residents of the vicinity, and the following dates are from the tomb stones:
James Smith, Aug. 24, 1871, age 69;
Hester, widow of Jonathan Smith, Dec. 1, 1861, 78;
Abel Smith, Oct. 12, 1829, 61;
Barsheba, wife, Feb. 17, 1850, 79;
Martin Shear, Nov. 12, 1863, 82;
Letitia, wife, April 3, 1854, 63;
Caleb Wright, Aug. 19, 1853, 81;
Mary A., wife, Sept 20, 1858, 86;
John Wixom, Sept. 19, 1870, 75;
Betsey, wife, Jan. 7, 1880, 80;
Daniel Baldwin, Jan. 24, 1842, 65;
Hannah, wife, March 13, 1865, 86;
William Hunt, Nov. 23, 1680, 77;
Marian, wife, June 15, 1838, 49;
John Croft, Feb. 11, 1879, 71;
Hannah, wife, Sept. 30, 1868, 63;
Elizabeth, wife of Reuben Ganung, Oct. 26, 1841, 80;
John Ganung, March 10, 1840, 81;
Anna, wife, Sept. 12, 1827, 70;
Robert Wright, April 5, 1883, 87;
John Vail, Jan. 15, 1871, 73;
Wm. Wright, Nov. 10, 1858, 77;
Margaret, wife, Jan. 19, 1841, 62;
Robert Wright, April 19, 1852, 78;
Mary, wife, Feb. 16, 1830, 57;
Daniel Gregory, Dec. 17, 1868, 86;
Adah, wife, Dec. 4, 1875, 87;
Eleazar Baldwin, Aug. 27, 1868, 84.

[Web Editor's Notes: Since I am transcribing these names from Pelletreau's text, I have no first-hand knowledge of this burial site nor its exact location. If you need clarification as to the exact location of this site, I suggest that you contact the Town of Carmel Historical Society to see if they can assist you.]

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