The Town of Westford



Image and text from Otsego county New York Geographical and Historical
by Edwin F Bacon, Ph B. 1902 Oneonta NY

Page 66. WESTFORD. Area 20,812 Acres. Population 910.

Westford was set off from Worcester in 1808. The surface is hilly, the
summits in many places rising to the height of 250 to 400 feet above the
valleys. It is well watered by the numerous branches of the Elk and
Cherry Valley Creeks.

The first settlers came here from Vermont about 1790. They were Thomas
Sawyer, Oliver Salisbury, Ephraim Smith, Alpheus Earl, Artemus, Moses
and David Howe, and Benjamin Chase, who raised seven sons here. Robert
Roseboom came from New Jersey and located in the northeastern part near
Maple Valley. He was a prominent man and first supervisor of the town,
officiating in that capacity until 1814. Samuel and Jonas Babcock,
soldiers of the Revolution, came from Berkshire, Mass., in 1795 and
their father Josiah joined them in 1799. The five Sperry brothers gave
name to Sperry Hollow. The Hubbard brothers formed the "Hubbard
Settlement" and the Bentley family gave name to "Bentley Hollow." Judge
Andrew S. Draper, former State Superintendent of Schools and now
president of the University of Illinois, and his cousin, Judge Alden
Chester of the Supreme Court, were natives of this township. Other
pioneers were Oliver Bidlake, Joshua and Dexter Draper, David Adams, Eli
Tyler, Martin, John and Flavel Wright, Calvin Holmes, James Badeau,
Charles Mason, Charles Webster, Eleazer Peasley, Samuel Waterman, Andrew
Bice, and Artemas and Jonah Howe, captains of the Revolution. Westford
is a fertile agricultural township largely devoted to dairying.

VILLAGES: Westford (population 167) and Westville (population 72).
Maple Valley is a rural postoffice.

SCHOOLS: Number of districts 11; teachers 10; children of school age

CHURCHES: At Westford, Methodist, Baptist, Congregational and
Episcopal; at Westville, Baptist and Methodist; at Maple Valley,

Transcribed by Karen Flanders Eddy. 

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