The Town of Springfield


Image and text from Otsego county New York Geographical and Historical
by Edwin F Bacon, Ph B. 1902 Oneonta NY

Page 61. SPRINGFIELD. Area 26,522 Acres. Population 1,762.

Springfield was set off from Cherry Valley in 1797. The surface is a
rolling upland. A promontory east of the head of Otsego Lake, called
Mt. Wellington, rises to a height of 40 feet. It is a prosperous
agricultural township.

In the year 1762 five families took up lands in the town, viz.: those
of John Kelly, Richard Ferguson and James young in the eastern part,
Gustavus Klmph and Jacob Tynart at the head of the lake. Very few
additions were made to this little community until after the Revolution.
At the battle of Oriskany in 1777 Capt. Thomas Davy, who has descendants
now living in the town, was killed. In the following year Joseph Brant,
the leader of the Six Nations, came to Springfield with a party, burned
the town and killed or carried into captivity the men, but this famous
chief was merciful. It is recorded that he "gathered together the women
and children into one house and left them injured--an act not followed
by his tory allies."

On the return of peace there was an immediate influx of settlers into
this region. Among them were Benjamin Rathbun and John Cotes, who as a
lad of sixteen had taken part in the battle of Bunker Hill, John James
and Robert Young.

Other pioneers after the Revolution were Moses Franklin, Abner Cooke,
Calvin and Luther Smith. Elisha Hall, the inventor of the well known
Hall threshing machine, was a pioneer at Springfield Center. Hezekiah
Hayden was a pioneer and his descendants have been distinguished

VILLAGES: Springfield (population 160), Springfield Center (population
350) and East Springfield (population 190). Middle Village is a hamlet
with postoffice at East Springfield.

SCHOOLS: Number of districts 13; teachers 16; children of school age

CHURCHES: At Springfield Center, Baptist, Episcopal and Universalist;
at East Springfield, Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian.

Transcribed by Karen Flanders Eddy. 

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