The Town of Otego


Image and text from Otsego county New York Geographical and Historical
by Edwin F Bacon, Ph B. 1902 Oneonta NY

Page 48. OTEGO. Area 26,534 Acres. Population 1,817.

This township was organized from parts of Unadilla and of Franklin,
Delaware County, in 1822, and then called Huntsville. In 1830 the name
was changed to Otego. The settlement commenced soon after the
Revolution. Among the first were Ransom Hunt, of Bennington, VT, Capt.
Peter and Col. Elisha Bundy, Capt. Elisha Saunders, Deacon Lester
Newlands, John, Michael, and Nathan Birdsall, Benjamin Edson, a soldier
of the Revolutio, John Blakely, Rowland Carr, John A. and Andrew Hodge,
Michael and Benjamin Shepherd, Sylvester Goodrich, John and Nahum Smith,
Thurston Brown, Benjamin Estes, James Wait and Daniel Weller.

The population in the early days was, as in Oneonta, a mixture of New
Englanders and Mohawk Germans, and much rivalry and frequent fights
occurred until chosen champions. John French for the "Yankees" and
Peter Scraming for the "Dutch" settled it at a sawmill raising on the
premises of Ransom Hunt. The Yankee was the victor, and so peace was
established. At Otsdawa early settlers were Frederick Martin, Nathan
Emerson, King Hathaway and Henry Sheldon.

VILLAGES: There are two villages in this township, Otego (population
658) and Otsdawa (population 62).

SCHOOLS: Number of districts 18, number of teachers 20, children of
school age 319. The Union Free School at Otego, under the Board of
Regents, is well organized for efficient work in all departments. The
building has lately been remodeled and provided with modern furniture
and apparatus. Especial attention is given to vocal and instrumental
music. The faculty consists of a principal and four assistants.

CHURCHES: At Otego, Baptist, Free Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, and
Presbyterian. At Otsdawa, Free Baptist.

NEWSPAPERS: The Rural Times, published at Otego.

Transcribed by Karen Flanders Eddy.

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