Death & Marriage Notices
Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald & Democrat
Starting January 1878
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

Some issues are missing.    (Inst. Means same month, ult.  means 
preceeding month)

Paper Date - YEAR 1878

    1/11/1878    SURROGATE'S COURT.  Petition for guardianship of
  the person and estate of Julia Etta SHIPMAN.  Orders
  and letters of guardianship issued to Daniel C. WINTON
  of Morris, as guardian.
    Petition for guardianship of person and estate of Lena B.
  CONNELLY.  Orders and letters of guardianship issued
  to Tho's. N. Connelly, of Unadilla, as guardian.
    Estate of Elijah B. MILLER, late of Laurens, deceased.
  Frances Miller and John A. HURLBUT, as administrators.
    Estate of David BABCOCK, late of Laurens, deceased.
    Estate of Rachael JONES, late of Hartwick, deceased.
  William GARDNER, executor.

   At the home of the bride, in Oneonta, Jan. 10th, by Rev.
  W. B. Westlake, Henry E. CONANT and Nettie, daughter
  of Henry WICKHAM.
   At Wellsville, Jan. 3d, by Rev. J. S. Kelsey, Fred A.
  BISSELL, of Oneonta, and Ida C. DOTY, of the former place.
   At West Oneonta, Jan. 1st, by Rev. T. A. Stevens,
  Wesley J. MILLER and Hattie A. ELDRED, of Otsdawa.
   In New Lisbon, Dec. 25th, Ashael HENDRX, of Maple
  Grove, and Miss Jennie GREGORY, of the former place.
  (no Rev. listed)
   At Zion church, Morris, Jan. 4th, by Rev. Hobart Cooke,
  Uriah W. COOK and Miss Fanny E. HERRON.
   In Gilbertsville, Jan. 2nd, Will. M. DEITZ, editor of the
  Otsego Journal, and a daughter of Joseph SODEN.
   In Gilbertsville, Jan. 1st, Wm. FRONE and Miss Mattie,
  daughter of Major ROOT.
   In Franklin, Jan. 1st, Prof. A. L. GIBBS, of Richmondville,
  and Miss Minnie S. DIBBLE.  (no Rev. listed)
   At Croton, Dec. 27th, by Rev. Frank L. Wilson, Sylvester
  MATTHEWS and Miss Georgia TEN EYCK, both of Croton.
   At the residence of the bride's parents, in Milford, Jan.
  1st, by Rev. S. C. Van Camp, Francis FOLLETTE, of New
  Lisbon, and Dora E. MANLEY, of Milford.
   In Milford Centre, Dec. 26, 1977, at the home of the bride's
  father, by Rev. G. E. Flint, Seymour L. ARNOLD and
  Mary E. EDSON, both of Milford.
   At Oneonta, Dec. 29 by Rev. H. H. Allen, Leroy B. KENYON
  of Mount Vision, and Hannah E. CLANCY, of Milford, Mass.
   At Oneonta, Jan. 1 by Rev H. H. Allen, John C. COLGROVE
  and Marcia M. SCOTT, both of Milford.
   At the home of the bride, Dec. 25, by Rev. B. B. Carruth,
  Edwin L. WILD and Julia L. JONES, both of Butternuts.
   At Gilbertsville, Dec. 25, by Rev. F. P. Sutherland,
  Eugene BORDEN, of Gilbertsville and Josephine BUGBY
  of Otego.
   At Gilbertsville, Dec. 25, by Rev. F. P. Sutherland,
  Hobart NEARING of New Lisbon, and Eva M. JOHNSON,
  of Garrattsville.
   By Rev. J. C. Hammond, Dec. 25, Chas. A. STRONG
  and Ella THOMPSON, both of Meredith.
   In Oneonta, Dec. 25, by Rev. H. Brotherton, Geo. H.
  WESTCOTT and Zelpha N. BEUNER, both of Milford.
   At Milford Centre, Dec. 26, Deacon R. B. MORRIS, in
  the 67th year of his age.  Here he was born April 3d, 1811.
  Here he lived and died.  For thirty-five years he had been
  a faithful and highly esteemed member of the Baptist church,
  and for 33 years had served it as deacon.  His generosity
  and activity in obtaining and building up the property owned
  by the church, his influence and support in all the affairs
  of Christ's kingdom and regular attendance upon the
  services of God's house; these and like characteristics
  with many pleasant incidents of his old friends will gratefully
  recall.  Of the life and character of our departed brother,
  it is not easy to speak too highly.  He was looked upon
  by the young as the model man of the whole community
  and was very highly respected by his neighbors and by
  his friends everywhere.  He was a successful farmer, and
  a man of great energy.  Honored and almost idolized by
  his family, his loss to them is beyond the power of words
  to express.  After a long and painful illness which he bore
  with christian patience, surrounded by his friends and
  family, he fell asleep.  "To live in hearts we leave behind
  is not to die."  So he lives.  He also "lives in Christ"
  awaiting the glorious resurrection.  There may those who
  knew and loved him here meet both him and his Lord.
  His Pastor.    -I desire in this manner to cordially thank
  my many friends who have during the illness of my late
  husband shown numerous courtesies and done much to
  render our loss the less grievous.  Mrs. Zilpha Morris.

   Died at Butternuts, Dec. 25th, John WATKINS, aged
  50 years.
   In North Franklin, January 2, Polly KILBORN, wife of
  Walter Kilborn and sister of J. R. MORENUS, of Oneonta,
  aged 71 years.
   At Cherry Valley, Jan. 2nd, Adolphus WALRADT, aged
  66 years.
   In Bainbridge, Jan. 1st, Mrs. Eunice GILBERT, aged 66
   In Portlandville, Dec. 30th, Edwin CHAUNCEY, aged
  about 50 years.
   In New Lisbon, Dec. 17th, of consumption Charles
  JAYNES, aged 19 years.
   In Hartwick, Robert, only child of Wm. and Amy
  HARRINGTON, aged about 16 years.

 1/18/1878            MARRIED
   At Davenport, Jan. 9th, by Rev. J. W. Wright, D. B.
  SPRAGUE, of Davenport, and Katie M. WOLF, of East
   At Zion church, Morris, Jan. 8th, by Rev. Hobart Cooke,
  Charles H. DIXSON and Mary A. MONROE, of Burlington.
   In Gilbertsville, January 10, by Rev. J. V. Nellis, George
  W. PARDOE, of Oneonta, and Hattie L. KELLOGG, of
   In Croton, Jan. 13th, Leroy WILLIAMS, aged nearly 5 years.
   In Davenport, Jan. 12th, Janet J. STEELE, aged 13 years.
   In Otego, Jan. 12th, Hellen, daughter of Warren CASTLE,
  aged 16 years.
   In Morris, Jan. 13th, Jennie STEWART, aged 36 years.
   At Burlington Flats, Jan. 11th, Mrs. Eunice BUNN, aged
  79 years.
   In Otego, Jan. 8th, Theodocia THOMAS, aged 58 years.
   At Unadilla Centre, Jan. 12th, Mrs. Ruth NEWLAND,
  widow of the late Deacon L. Newland, of Otego, aged 51 years.

 1/25/1878            MARRIED
   At the residence of the bride's father, in West Davenport,
  Jan. 21st, by Rev. E. Smith, Willard COE and Lottie A.
   In Worcester, Jan. 16th, by Rev. F. N. Lee, Seth FANCHER
  and Jennie WHARTON.
   In Franklin, Jan. 16th, by Rev. E. F. Barlow, Edwin
   In Croton, Jan. 16th, by Rev. W. H. Pease, Cyrenus N.
  DAY, of Spencer, and Libbie GEORGIA.
   In New Lisbon, Jan. 17th, Mrs. Ursula JENKS, aged 71
   In Schenevus, Jan. 17th, Mrs. Ida BROWNELL, aged
  16 years.
   In Bainbridge, Jan. 21st, John NORTHRUP.  (no age given)
   In Morris, Jan. 18th, Mrs. Cyntha M. LULL, aged 37 years.

 2/1/1878            MARRIED
   In Meredith, Jan. 17th, by Rev. C. G. Morgan, Dr. W. D.
  HEIMER, of Hamden, and Lillie A. MANN, of Meredith.
   In Franklin, by Rev. E. F. Barlow, Dr. Gilbert S. OLIN,
  of East Meredith, formerly of Oneonta, and Estella M.
  NARAGON, of Franklin.
   At the M. E. parsonage, Laurens, January 27th, by Benj.
  P. Ripley, W. M. STRAIGHT of New Lisbon, and Ida (?)
  MURDOCK, of Laurens.
   At Otego, January 26th, by Rev. A. Thomas, Homer
  BOOTHE of Otego and Emma YORK, of Unadilla.
   At the residence of the bride's father, in Hartwick,
  January 19, by Rev. S. M. Cook, Edwin ARMSTRONG and
  Allie May HUNT.
   In Otego, by Rev. A. Guy, Jan. 23d, Wm. J. HAWKS of
  Unadilla and Eva (H.?) SHEPHERD of Otego.
   In Delhi, January 23d, by Rev. E. B. Russell, Mortimer
  GRANT and Anna TOOMER, both of Hartwick.
   In North Harpersfield by Rev. L. G. Niles, Jan. 16,
  Ferris OSBORN of South Worcester, and Mary Ella
  DAYTON, of North Harpersfield.
   In Milford, Jan. 29th, by Rev. A. B. Richardson, Charley
  MARTINDALE of Otego and Emma SHERMAN of Milford.
   In Delhi, Jan. 30, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Geo. A.
  FISHER, Esq., and Anna WILLIAMSON, both of Delhi.
   In Walton, Jan. 24, at Christ Church, by Rev. R. C.
  Searing, John R. LAUNT, and Lizzie W. WADE, all of
   In Afton, January 22d, Mrs. Harriet N. FLEMING, aged
  56 years.
   In Afton, January 22d, Frank, infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
  Wm. A. WRIGHT, aged six months.
   In Richfield, January 26th, Mrs. Polly BROWN, wife of
  Norman Brown, in the 70th year of her age.
   In Richfield, January 18th, Orlando GRIFFIN, in the 59th
  year of his age.
   In Worcester, January 21st, Mrs. John VAN WIE aged
  66 years.
   In Delhi, January 24th, Levi CROFOOT, aged 65 years.
   In Stamford Jan. 2- (last digit illegible), Selah M. STEVENS,
  aged 78 years.  Mr. Stevens kept a hotel in Stamford for
  about 35 years, commencing July 4, 18-- (digits illegible).
   In Oxford, Jan. 24th, Henry BALCOM Esq., aged 80 years.
   In Unadilla, Jan. 24, Nellie, aged 3 years, and Jan. 27,
  Hattie, aged 7 years, children of Russell AYLESWORTH.
   At Garry Station, Dakotah(?), January 4th, Sarah, wife
  of August CARLSON, Esq., and daughter of Hon. G. L.
  MARTIN formerly of this county.

 2/8/1878  Proceedings from Surrogate's Court ending Feb. 4th.
    Feb. 1-Estate of David QUACKENBUSH, of Milford,
    Estate of Cordelia TAYLOR, late of Butternuts, deceased.
    Feb. 18th-Estate of Fannie WHITLOCK, late of Butternuts,
    Estate of Daniel MEAD, late of Laurens, deceased.
    Feb. 4-Estate of Raymond W. SAXTON, of Milford, deceased.
    Estate of Ursula JENKS, late of New Lisbon, deceased.
    Estate of Wm. RUSSELL, late of Maryland, deceased.
    Estate of Susan RUSSELL, late of Maryland, deceased.
    Estate of Eliza RUSSELL, late of Maryland, deceased.

   At the home of the bride, Feb. 3 by Rev. M. L. Baker,
  A. N. RUSSELL, M. D., of Cooperstown, and Miss Annie
  BUTLER, of Butler's Corners, Otsego county.
   At the home of the bride, Jan. 23, by Rev. Edwin Potter,
  Geo. A. HINES of Seward, and Miss Alice E. WINNIE,
  of Maryland.
    Rebecca MARVIN, wife of Warner Marvin, of Hume,
  Allegany Co, N. Y., died at the residence of Silas
  ROBINSON, Mt. Vision, on the 19th day of January, 1878,
  in the 53rd year of her age.  Mr. and Mrs. Marvin left their
  pleasant home a few weeks ago to visit friends in
  Connecticut and Georgia, and on their return from the
  South stopped at Mount Vision, intending to make their
  relatives at that place a short visit.  The sudden change
  of climate from the mild Georgia winter to that of our own
  proved too much for a naturally frail constitution.  Pneumonia,
  the foe that carries away so many of our friends, assailed
  her, and after nine days' weary battle she sank beneath
  his power.  Patient and cheerful, without a murmur of
  complaint, she endured all; and when the summons came,
  calmly departed for that world which lies beyond our
  mortal vision.  Rev. A. J. Cook, pastor of the M. E. church
  at Mt. Vision, conducted the funeral services at the house
  of Silas Robinson on the 21st inst., after which Mr. Marvin
  took all that remained of his loved wife to her former home
  for burial.  May God bless and strength him for burial.
  May God bless and strengthen him in this hour of sorrow
  and darkness.

 2/15/1878  GOLDEN WEDDING.  The first Golden Wedding ever
  observed in Oneonta, as far as we can hear, was that of
  Mr. and Mrs. John M. WATKINS, celebrated at their pleasant
  home on River street Monday evening.  Mr. Watkins, was
  born in this town 78 years ago.  He married Julia Ann
  McDONALD, and no two lives have blended more pleasantly
  than theirs.  Constant in companionship, never being
  separated for a longer time than two or three weeks, their
  devotion has seemed to be of the increasing kind that ought
  to characterize the lives of all married people.  At the golden
  wedding were congregated simply immediate relatives of
  the family and their older associates, among them four
  persons who attended the marriage.  A social company was
  present, and everything passed off as merry as a marriage-bell.
  The emblematic decorations consisted of a monogram-
  the initials "W" and "M" in gold and the dates "1828" and
  "1878", also in gold.  Supper was served about 10 o'clock,
  preceded by an impressive prayer by Rev. H. H. Allen,
  and all singing "Praise God from whom all blessings flow,"
  etc.  "It was a pleasant sight to see."  Many elegant and
  costly presents were made.  Kindly worded regrets and
  congratulations were received from C. P. HUNTINGTON,
  Vice-President of the Central Pacific RR, Gen. GATES,
  Editor FAIRCHILD and many others; also telegrams from
  Mrs. CREQUE and Carlton WATKINS, of California.

 2/22/1878            MARRIED
   In Oneonta, Feb. 20, by Rev. W. S. Winans, Lewis C.
  MILLARD and Miss Anna E. BROCKWAY.
   In Mt. Vision, Feb. 21, O. J. WILSEY, M. D., of Otego,
  and Miss Anna FIELD.  The former graduated from the
  Medical University of New York, Wednesday; the latter is
  a graduate of the Albany Normal School, and has written
  interesting correspondence for the Herald and Democrat.
  (no Rev. listed)
   In Cannonsville, at the home of the bride, Feb. 13, Geo.
  N. BENEDICT, of Delhi, and Miss Oliver E. MAXWELL.
  (no Rev. listed)
   In Green, at Zion church, Feb. 14, Edgar J. ARNOLD,
  Esq. And Miss Minnie H., daughter of Frederick JULIAND,
  Esq.  (no Rev. listed)
   In Elm Grove, Feb. 12, by Rev. Hobart Cooke, Fletcher
  W. LAW, of Norwich, and Miss Lillian LEWIS, of Morris.
   In Garrattsville, Feb. 12, by Rev. Hobart Cooke, Horace
  CHASE and Miss Mary A. BELL.
   January 10, by Rev. T. A. Stevens, George W. HOWARD,
  of Warsaw, R. I., and Jennie A. MILLER, of West Oneonta.
   In Oneonta, Feb. 18, at the residence of the brother-in-law
  of the bride, Hon. James H. KEYES, by Rev. J. B. Calhoun,
  Rector of St. James church, John SUMMERS and Miss
  Frances Ellinor MONFORT, both of St. Paul, Minn.
   At the home of the bride in Middlefield, Feb. 13, by Rev.
  A. B. Richardson, Laverne TRIPP, of Westford, and Hattie
   In Delhi, Feb. 14, Mrs. Mary WILLIAMSON, aged 88 years.
   At Otsdawa, Feb. 14, 1878, Mrs. Flora E. JENKS, wife
  of George H. Jenks, and daughter of Chancellor and Eunice
  BEACH, aged 21 years and 20 days.  The deceased was
  gifted with qualities that inspired love and friendship, was
  sincere in her attachments, cheerful in countenance and
  delicate in thought and speech.  Sorrow at her loss is
  soothed by the thought that the loved and departed one
  has awakened from the sleep of death into that joy which
  passeth understanding.  The family have the earnest
  sympathy of many friends in their bereavement.  A friend
  hands us the following line for publication: (Poem)

 3/1/1878  MORRIS.-  Major Hezekiah GOODRICH died at the residence
  of his son, in this town, on Wednesday of last week.  He
  has been a citizen of this town for a goodly number of
  years, and he passed away at the ripe old age of 83 years
  and 11 months.  He was a Soldier of the War of 1812; and
  could relate incidents which occurred at that period.  His
  funeral was held Friday.

   At the residence of the bride's parents, Feb. 21st, by Rev.
  E. B. Russell, Morton A. WHITE(?) and Minnie D. JONES,
  all of Delhi.
   At the residence of Robert YOUNG, Feb. 20th, by Rev.
  J. H. Robinson, Robert MEIU(?) (MELU?), of Meredith,
  and Mary M. YOUNG, of Delhi.
   At the residence of Daniel McMullen, Feb. 21, by Rev.
  J. H. Robinson, James H. FRISBEE and Mary McMULLEN,
  both of Delhi.
   In Westford, Feb. 20, by Rev. H. O. Rowland, J. Lavern
  HOWLAND and Nellie C. BISSELL, both of Westford.
   In East Springfield, Feb. (15?), Sarah, wife of Lewis
  THOMPSON, aged 22 years.
   In East Springfield, Feb. 15, Mrs. G. B. FOWLER, aged
  68 years.

 3/18/1878            MARRIED
   At the home of the bride, Feb. 28, by Rev. A. Thomas,
  Mr. Albert B. YOUMANS and Miss Julia A. WICKHAM,
  both of Wells Bridge.
   In Oneonta, March 2d, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Elijah W.
  WATERS and Catharine DUMOND.
   At the residence of the bride's father, Robert MEIN, Feb.
  28 by Rev. A. G. King, Thomas CANT, of Davenport, and
  Miss Euphemia MEIN, of Meredith.
   In Delhi, Feb. 27, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Dexter YAGER,
  of Davenport, and Miss Lilla RICHARDS, of Delhi.
    In Oneonta, infant child of Charles HOWARD. (no age given)

 3/22/1878            MARRIED
   In Otego, March 13, at M. E. parsonage, by Rev. E. C.
  Herdman, Wm. S. ANDREWS, of Delhi, and Miss Angie
  S. ROWE, of Meredith.
   In Delhi, March 10, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Jackson
  MAYSE, of Delhi, and Miss Maggie KENT, of Hamden.
   At the Presbyterian parsonage, Worcester, by Rev. J. M.
  Chase, Charles D. McCORMACK and Helen UTTER, both
  of Worcester.
   In Gilbertsville, March 19, William NORTHCOTT, aged 77
   In Schenevus, March 13, Smith J. WILBER. (no age given)
   In Worcester, March 13, John COOK, aged 69 years.
  Mr. Cook was one of the Directors of the Albany and
  Susquehanna railroad.  His funeral on the 15th was attended
  by Directors Sherman, Harder and Westover.
   In Worcester, March 6, Edward M. HUDSON, aged 55 years.
  He married Elizabeth DEITZ of Oneonta and leaves five
   In Cooperstown, March 18, Abbie E. HINDS, wife of
  Erwin H. BAILEY, in the 29th year of her age.
   In Delhi, 17th inst., N. Adelia HOBBS, aged 55 years.

 3/29/1878            MARRIED
   At M. E. parsonage, Otego, by Rev. E. C. Herdman,
  Alton C. JENKS and Jennie A. BRIGGS, both of Oneonta.
   In Schenevus, March 20, by Rev. S. J. Douglass, John
  LEWIS and Della JOHNSON, both of Schenevus.
   At the home of the bride's parents, in Schenevus, March
  20th, by Rev. A. C. Clark, J. Kendrick WILSEY and Ella
    In Oneonta, Mrs. Huntington PARISH.

  4/5/1878            MARRIED
   At the residence of the bride's parents, Morris, by Rev.
  J. S. Southworth, George H. THAYER, of Cooperstown,
  and Sarah L. MOTT.
   In Unadilla, March 31, at the residence of David WAIT,
  by Rev. A. Thomas, William WYMAN, of Otego, and
  Mrs. Mary A. LATHROP, of Unadilla.
   In Gilbertsville, March 28, Green GARDNER and Mrs.
  Sidney WOOD.
   In Morris, March 28, by Rev. J. S. Southworth, Harvey
  HARRISON, of Laurens, and Miss Annie E. MICKLE, of
   In West Kortright, March 25, by Rev. R. T. Doig, John
  BOYLE, of Kortright, to Miss Mary A. LORIMER, of
   At Springfield, Mo., Sunday morning, March 31, Fannie
  Emilia MILLER, youngest child of John N. and Carrie
  Base MILLER, aged four years, two months and two days.
   In Bainbridge, March 30, Mrs. Jacob BIXBY. (no age given)
   In Delhi, March 27, Lyman L. GOULD, aged 30 years.
   In Richfield, March 25, William COLGROVE, aged 78 years.
   In Schenevus, March 27, Mrs. J. E. SHAVER, in the
  71st year of her age.
   In Gilbertsville, March 28, Louis MARSH.
   In New Lisbon, March 26, Mrs.. Minerva B. NEARING,
  wife of Asa Nearing, aged 79 years.
   In Harpersfield, April 1st, of palsy, Daniel BAIRD, aged
  (9?)4 years.
   Near Hobart, March 28, Miss Georgia A., daughter of
  John MATTHEWS, aged 16 years.

 4/12/1878    About ten days since, Gilbert WALKER, living in Sanford,
  disappeared and as yet no trace of him can be found.  It is
  supposed that he has met with foul play.  The day on which
  he disappeared it is stated that he had been to Deposit
  and borrowed about $200, with which to defend a law suit
  he had pending at Binghamton the succeeding day.  The
  missing man lived alone in a log cabin on his farm.

   At the residence of the bride's parents, March, 28th, by
  Rev. E. Potter, Julius ELWELL of Portlandville, and
  Adelia M. GOODRICH, of Maryland.
   April 2d, by Rev. W. H. Pease, Frank G. McMINN of
  North Franklin, and Ettie, daughter of John POOLER, of
   At the parsonage, in Milford, April 7, by Rev. S. C.(?)
  Van Camp, Andrew L. SHUTE of Toddsville, and Miss
  Jennie HOWLAND, of Cooperstown.
   In Oneonta, April 4th, of diptheria, Freddie, oldest child of
  Fred and Hattie WEAVER, aged 5 years.  On the 5th
  a second child died of the same disease, and yet another
  is not expected to recover. (see 4/19/1878 notice)
   In Andes, April 3d, of typhoid pneumonia, Alexander S.
  DOWIE, Sr., aged 66 years.
   In North Franklin, March 24, Inez Adella, daughter of
  Sanford BOYCE, in the eighth year of her age.
   At West Laurens, April 8th, Emma, wife of Wm. SODEN,
  Jr., aged about 20 years.
   In Afton, April 8th, Mrs. Sarah WILLET, aged 80 years.
   In Butternuts, April 5th, Helen Eliza, wife of Thomas K.
  COPE, aged 47 years and 9 months.
   In Otego, April 7th, Polly P. HOPKINS, aged 90 years.
   In Otego, April 8th, Rev. Wm. BIRDSALL, aged 74 years.
   In Franklin, April 10th, Silas SMITH, aged 83 years.  Mr.
  Smith was one of the first settlers of the town of Franklin,
  and has always resided on the same farm where his
  father first settled.
   At Norwich, April 5th, suddenly, James C. BENNETT, of
  Oxford, aged 71 years.
   The Bainbridge Republican says of the late Mrs. Jacob
  BIXBY, who had many friends in this place, and died on the
  30th inst.:  Mrs. Bixby for the past four years has been a
  great sufferer, caused from an accident which happened
  to her while returning from Quarterly Conference at North
  Afton, July 19, 1874.  Although Mrs. Bixby fully recovered
  her senses(?), she never was able to do her household
  duties, but was confined continually to her bed.  From the
  first her body was wholly paralyzed from her neck down,
  but in time she was able to move her arms and hands, and
  could, by placing her food before her help herself, but she
  never recovered farther, and to the time of her death was
  helpless.  All who were acquainted with Mrs. Bixby, knew
  her to be a lady of excellent qualities, and of a mild and
  very friendly disposition. She bore here (sic) trial with that
  patience and submission due to a saint and never murmured
  on account of her sad fate.  She was a firm believer in
  prayer, and often has said that it was her only hope.  During
  the last few weeks of her life she was a great sufferer.
  Death was a happy relief.  As such she welcomed it.
  While deeply mourning her loss, those that know how great
  was her sufferings, recognize that their loss is her gain.
  With peculiar force it could be said of her that to depart and
  be with Christ was far better.  Mrs. Bixby was born at North
  New Berlin, Chenango county, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1824.  Her
  maiden name was Artemissa DARLING.  On the 25 of
  December, 1849, she was married to Jacob Bixby, in
  West Davenport, and was a sister of Mr. Bixby's first wife.

 4/19/1878  FIRE AND DEATH.  A House Burned and a Fireman Killed-
  Coronor's Examination-The Funeral.
  THE FIRE.  At three o'clock Monday morning an alarm was
  sounded from the railroad shops, and promptly thereafter
  from the Methodist church bell, indicating a fire in the First
  Ward.  A house on Miller st., deeded by Rev. J. L. WELLS
  to Syracuse University, and to be sold on mortgage that
  same day afternoon, was burning.  The three companies
  of the Fire Department were promptly on hand.  There
  being no water available, the Steamer and Hose were useless.
  The Hook and Ladder Company had an opportunity to save
  a building fourteen feet distant, and they did it with success.
  Great credit is due the Company and all who assisted them.
  The burning building had been empty for a long time, and
  was entirely consumed. No insurance.  Everything was
  cleared from the next house, occupied by Warren H.
  BROWNSON.  This property, sold under mortgage Monday,
  was insured for $1,000.  The fire was of incendiary origin
  without any kind of doubt.
  A FIREMAN KILLED.  Harrison WHITE, a member of the
  Steamer Company, lives quite a distance from the thickly
  inhabited portion of the village.  He did not reach the engine
  house in time to start with his company, and with several
  others rode down to Fonda Avenue with L. A. BISSELL,
  where the Steamer was overtaken.  Here Mr. White jumped
  from the wagon, and received wounds which caused his
  death.  As there are various reports and theories in relation
  to the accident, the nature of injuries, etc., we publish the
  Coronor's Inquisition and Examination, kindly furnished by
  C. L. WILBER, Esq., who received the testimony:
  INQUISITION.  State of New-York, County of Otsego, SS.
    Inquisition taken at Oneonta in the County of Otsego,
  N. Y., on the 15th day of April, 1878, before A. D. REYNOLDS,
  one of the coroners of said County.  Upon view of the body
  of Harrison WHITE, then and there being, lying dead, upon
  the oath of Edson J. STEVER, Edward S. BELL, J. B.
  BLIGH, Munro WESTCOTT, good and lawful men of the
  said County, who, being duly summoned and sworn to
  inquire into all the circumstances attending the death of
  the said Harrison White, and by whom the same was
  produced, and in what manner and when and where the
  said Harrison White came to his death, do say upon their
  oaths aforesaid, that the deceased came to his death on
  the morning of the 15th day of April, 1878, at the village of
  Oneonta, in said County, by attempting to jump from a
  wagon in rapid motion, and accidentally falling thereunder,
  and the wheels passing over his body, by means of which
  he was so bruised and injured that thereafter-to wit, about
  four hours after the accident-he died. And so the said jurors
  say that the deceased came to his death by accident,
  and without blame attaching to any person or persons.
    In witness whereof, as well the said Coroner as the
  Jurors aforesaid, have to this inquisition set their hands and
  seals on the day of the date hereof.  A. D. REYNOLDS,
  Coroner.  Munro WESTCOTT, Foreman.

  Surrogate's Court.
    April 18-Estate of Wm. H. BIRDSALL, late of Butternuts,
    April 15-Estate of Ann Eliza GOODYEAR, late of Milford,
    Estate of Wm. RUSSELL, Eliza RUSSELL and Susan
  RUSSELL, late of Maryland, deceased.
    Estate of Joel G. LASON, late of Maryland, deceased.
    Guardianship for the person and estate of Alton C. JENKS.

   In Oneonta, April 14th, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
  VOSBURGH, aged about one month.
   In Oneonta, of diptheria, the children of Fred and Hattie
  WEAVER: April 4th, Freddie, aged 4 years and 5 months;
  the 9th, Hattie, aged 16 months; 11th, Albert, aged three
  years.  Mrs. Weaver has been very sick with the same
  disease, but is recovering.
   In Oneonta, April 13th, Almira E., wife of A--- HATHAWAY,
  aged 33 years.
   In Oneonta, April 15th, Harrison WHITE, aged 30 years.
   In Franklin near Oneonta, April 14th, child of Phillip
  WILBER, aged 1 year.
   In New Lisbon, April 10, of consumption, Rose youngest
  daughter of Wm. and Pernilla BUNDY, aged 15 years.
   At Fly Creek, April 6, of consumption, Teresa, wife of
  Albert CAULKINS, aged 27 years.
   In Delhi, April 12th, Oliver S. HATFIELD, aged 76 years.
   In Meredith, April 12th, Nancy LYON, wife of (S.?) G.
  CLEVELAND, in the 79th year of her age.
   Near Schenevus, April 10th, of consumption, Hiram
  COLE, aged 64 years.
   In Cherry Valley, Ms. Alexander FEA. (no age given)
   In Richfield, suddenly, Calvin HURLBUT. (no age given)
   In Delhi, April 16th, Rensselaer W. ANDREWS, aged 69
   In Gilbertsville, April 9th, Elizabeth, wife of Hubert
  GREGORY, aged 28 years.
   In Butternuts, April 11th, Richard COLE, aged 93 years.
   In Schenevus, April 14th, the wife of Rev. A. S. CLARK.
  (no age given)
   In Cooperstown, April 11, of intemperance, Mary C., wife
  of Henry FACE, aged 45 years.
   In Cooperstown, April 14, Henry FACE, aged 74 years.
   In Unadilla, April 14, Isaiah MAYNARD, aged 85 years.
  Sheriff BRAZEE, of Schoharie co., and Miss Lucretia
  GARDNER. (no Rev. given)
   At the residence of David Armstrong, in Laurens,
  April 11th, by Rev. C. E. Peeke, Rev. W. H. HUMPHREY,
  of South Valley, and Miss Clara E. ARMSTRONG, of
   At the M. E. parsonage, Gilbertsville, April 10th, by Rev.
  B. B. Carruth, John W. NORTHCOTT and Miranda PLACE,
  both of Butternuts.

 4/26/1878                      DIED
   In Oneonta, April 19th, twin child of E. M. VOSBURGH,
  aged about six weeks.
   In Decatur, Elisha SHELLAND, aged 82 years.
   Near Schenevus, April 19th, Aaron E., only son of Mr.
  and Mrs. J. C. BENNETT, aged 17 years.
   In New Lisbon, April 18th, of spinal fever, Joseph Addison,
  son of G. Clayton and Evalina R. PECK, aged 3 years.
   In Morris, April 22d, Louisa OLDS, wife of Stephen Olds,
  aged 69 years.
   In North Hamden, April 22d, John MUNN, aged 74 years.
   In Franklin, April 19th, Silas SMITH, aged 83 years.
   In Harpersfield, April 20th, Alice, daughter of S. H.
  Van Dusen, aged about 16 months.
   In Delhi, April 18th, William BROCK, aged 85 years.
   At Schenevus, April 20th, of congestion of lungs, Ezra
  STEPHENS, aged 78 years.
   In Bainbridge, April 16th, Mrs. Sophia BISHOP, relict
  of Elisha BIXBY, aged 82 years.
   At Springfield Centre, April 22d, Hiram R. WOOD, aged
  52 years.

 5/10/1878            MARRIED
    At the residence of the bride's uncle, L. COBURN, in
  Otego, May 7th, by Pastor A. Guy, David HANLEY, of
  Binghamton, and Mrs. E. REYNOLDS, of Otego.
   Our announcement last week, of the death of Mr. SLOAN,
  of Worcester, was premature.  Our informant confused the
  name with that of George ALLEN.  (I evidently missed
  that announcement.)
   In Worcester, Geo. ALLEN.  (no age given)
   In West Bainbridge, May 1, Harriet, wife of Nelson
  IRELAND, aged about 38.
   Near Hobart, May 4th, Angus McDONALD, in the 90th
  year of his age.
   In Harpersfield, May 4, Isaac MATTICE, aged about 80
   In Davenport, May 4, Miss Augusta MONTGOMERY, aged
  about 30 years.
   In Butternuts, May 2, Mrs. Mary BLORE DECKER. (no
  age given)
   In Butternuts, May 5, Elias M. HURLBUTT, aged 73 years.
   Near Hobart, May 4, Andrew TAYLOR, aged about 85 years.
   In Bainbridge, Sunday, Pardon REDFIELD. (no age given)
   In Laurens, of Diptheria, two children of Philip DECKER.
   At Unadilla, May 6, Susanna E., wife of Martin BEARDSLEE.
   [A few lines addressed to Mr. And Mrs. D. W. GILBERT,
      on the death of little Addie, aged 13 months and 5 days.]
     (Poem included with notice)  Laurens, April 6, 18788

 5/17/1878            MARRIED
   At the home of the bride, in West Oneonta, on May 1,
  by Rev. T. A. Stevens, Charles A. BARTHOLEMEW and
  Mrs. Bogena E. JONES, all of West Oneonta.
   In Richfield Springs, May 8, by Rev. J. V. Ferguson,
  Lewis M. WARNER, of Marion, Wayne county, and
  Amelia E. ALLEN, of Richfield Springs.
   At the residence of Charles Jones, May 15th, by Rev.
  H. H. Allen, Lewis VROOMAN and Miss Ella JONES.
   In Butternuts, May 10th, Emily, wife of A. G. McCULLOUGH,
  aged about 37 years.
   In Oneonta, May 15, Mrs. Catharine YAGER, relict of
  the late Michael Yager, aged 52 years.  Funeral to-day,
  at 10 o'clock a. m.
   In Oneonta, May 15, George BATES.  (no age given)
   In Mt. Vision, May 15, Mrs. KENYON, daughter of
  Lemuel ACKLEY, and sister of Albert Ackley, of Oneonta.
  (see notice under DIED in 6/14/1878 edition)
   In Morris, May 12, Josiah WITHEY, aged about 40 years.
   In Harpersfield, John B. ALLEN. (no date or age given)
   In Afton, May 9, wife of Judge LANDERS.
   In Bainbridge, a daughter of Frank Eaton, engineer on
  the A. S. R. R.

  5/21/1878                      DIED
   In Oneonta, May 17, of diptheria, Eddie, only son of
  Amos and Ella KNISKERN, aged 5 years 10 months.  At
  last, O, God! Can it be, that Eddie has gone to live with
  Thee.     L. A. D.
   At South Worcester, May 15, Curtis McCONNEL, aged
  16 years.
   At Edmeston, Rev. Samuel WEBBER, aged 65 years.
   At Milford Centre, May 17, Mrs. Loring THORNE, aged
  about 44 years.
   At Cooperstown, May 19th, Jane, wife of Jane McNELLY,
  aged 70 years.
   At Fly Creek, May 20th, Ida M., daughter of William and
  Eliza J. THOMPSON, aged 12 years.
   At Toddsville, May 19th, Andrew STICKLES, aged 84 years.
   In Gilbertsville, Monday, May 20th, Adelia, wife of Asel
  L. THOMPSON, aged 59 years.
   In Franklin, May 19th, Julania JESSUP, wife of Wade
  COLLETT, aged 35 years.
   In Oneonta, May 21, Diana, wife of H. N. GOULD,
  aged 53 years.
   At Stamford, May 16, Edward, son of Gilbert KEEGAN,
  aged 16 months.
   At Laurens,  suddenly, May 19, Mrs. Roxa BAKER, wife
  of David Baker and sister of G. D. SCRAMLING, of
  Oneonta, aged 44 yeas.
   At the home of the bride, in Worcester, May 9, by Rev.
  J. M. Chase, C. A. BOORN and Miss Ella ALLEN.
   At the parsonage, Milford Centre, May 16th, by Rev.
  J. W. Ainsworth, George M. TUBBS, of Maryland, and
  Libbie L. SILLMAN, of Milford.
   At Oneonta, May 20, at the home of the bride, Dr.
  Carlos E. AQUIRRE and Miss Eva A. WRIGHT, daughter
  of officiating clergyman, Rev. J. T. Wright.
   At the home of the bride, May 20th, by Rev. A. Thomas,
  Datus O. PALMER and Welthy May HAWKS, both of

 6/7/1878            MARRIED 
 In Otego, by Rev. Mr. Burnham, Nathan POTTER, of 
 Otego, and Sarah MULFORD, of Kortright. 
 In Otego, May 30, by Rev. J. N. Lee, George H. BARLOW 
 and Miss Nettie SEAMAN. 
 In Cherry Valley, May 26, by Rev. Reeve Hobbie, Thomas 
 WHITCHLEY, of Camden, N. Y., and Miss Jennie LAPRES, 
 of Cherry Valley. 
 In Worcester, May 25, by Rev. T. Simpkins, William 
 Henry VANDERPOOL, of Worcester, and Miss Carrie 
 KNEESKERN, of Seward, N. Y. 
 In Oneonta, June 5, Levi AUSTIN.  (no age given) 
 In New Berlin, June 1, Elbridge OWEN.  (no age given) 
 In Bainbridge, June 4, David PEARSALL.  (no age given) 
 In Laurens, May 10, of lung disease, Samuel DERBY, 
 aged 73 years.  (Poem included with notice.) 
 6/14/1878  Milford.  Two deaths of pneumonia have occurred within 
 the past week; Mr. TURNER, formerly of Morris, buried 
 Saturday; David HOWELL, buried Tuesday. 

 Surrogate's Court: (partial list) 
 June 10- Estate of Wm. COLEGROVE, late of Richfield, 
 Estate of Lavina BARNUM, late of Middefield, deceased. 
 Estate of Ann BATES, late of Otsego, deceased. 
 Estate of Charles MASON, late of Plainfield, deceased. 
 Estate of Ellery CORY, late of Otsego, deceased. 
 June 11-Estate of Wm. COMSTOCK, late of Laurens, 

 In Davenport, June 5, by Rev. E. P. Crane, E. H. CANINE, 
 of Cooperstown and Josie F. DIBBLE, daughter of Daniel 
 Dibble, of Davenport. 
 In Middlefield Centre, June 2nd, by Rev. Walter Fry, 
 William D. SPICER, of Middlefield, and Mrs. Defrance R. 
 HOYT, of Oneonta. 
 At Unadilla, May 29, by Rev. J. S. Mevis, Elliott LAMB 
 and Miss Eliza M. CASTLE, both of Otego 
 At Cooperstown, June 6th, by Rev. Ellery E. PECK, 
 Theodore C. TURNER and Miss Abby J. CORY, both 
 of Cooperstown. 
 At Cooperstown, June 5th, by Rev. Ellery E. Peck, William 
 Hardy JOHNSON, of Springfield, and Miss De Etta KINTER, 
 of Van Hornesville. 
 At Exeter Centre on the 2d inst., by Rev. J. S. Robinson, 
 Augustus L. COLEMAN, of Exeter and Miss Irene SLATER, 
 of Burlington. 
 By Rev. Samuel Homan, June 5th, Lysander DAY, of 
 Worcester and Miss Harriet GALER, of Middlefield. 
 In Burlington, on the 6th inst., by Geo. C. Ritter, Esq., 
 Theron A. WEEKS and Miss Eliza STRAIT, both of Laurens. 
 In Cooperstown, May 30, Ellen A., wife of James A. 
 BROWN, aged 31 years. 
 At Fly Creek, May 31, Lena J. BYARD, aged 7 years. 
 At Fly Creek, May 27, Willie THOMPSON, aged 10 years. 
 In Oneonta, June 5, Alonzo STEPHENS, aged 45 years. 
 In Davenport, June 10, Mrs. Jane BEEMIS.  Buried in 
 Oneonta Tuesday afternoon. (no age given) 
 In Croton, June 4, Mrs. Benjamin KELLOGG, aged 89 years. 
 In Delhi, June 11, Robert HOGG, aged 59 years. 
 In Delhi, June 11, Mrs. STEELE, relict of the late 
 Mathew Steele, aged 84 years. 
 In Walton, June 8, Mrs. Margaret TRIPPET, aged 90 years. 
 In Sidney Plains, June 10, Ester, wife of Lucius PARSONS, 
 aged 28 years. 
 In Cooperstown, June 11, Nellie May HENRY, grand 
 daughter of Andrew H. CLINTON, aged nine years. 
 In Richfield Springs, June 10, Anna, wife of C. J. HINDS, 
 aged 19 years. 
 Clara only daughter of Lemuel and Lydia F. ACKLEY and 
 wife of Tiffany T. KENYON, died May 15th, 1878, aged 
 eighteen years and twenty-seven days.  She was always 
 frail, yet the struggle between life and death was long and 
 her sufferings great.  If the untiring attention of loving friends 
 could have lured her back to health, her presence would 
 still enliven the home now made desolate by her departure. 
 She was her mother's comfort and the joy and pride of her 
 father and brothers; and yet one came with a love so pure 
 and strong, that he took foremost place in her affections. 
 But the bride of five short months is taken from his embrace; 
 and early in life he drinks of that bitter cup of whose dregs 
 none know but those who have been called to drain it.  The 
 funeral services were attended by Rev. A. J. Cook, at the 
 Baptist church, which was filled with sympathizing friends, 
 and surrounded by the freshness and beauty of this springtime; 
 with tears they laid that precious body away to rest.  The 
 years may come and go, and life's duties press heavily upon 
 those left behind, but in their hearts will be a place ever sacred 
 to the memory of the gentle loving one, who has gone from 
 their midst.  Mount Vision, June 7th, 1878. 

 6/21/1878            MARRIED 
 At Unadilla, June 13, by Rev. L. M. Purington, A. W. 
 BANKER, of Gt. Bend, Pa., and Mrs. Mary E. BUTLER, 
 of Unadilla. 
 In Walton, June 13, Clark, son of P. P. LAUNT, aged 
 18 years. 
 In Sidney Plains, June 10, Ester, wife of Lucius PARSONS, 
 aged 28 years. 
 In Oneonta, June 18, Samuel SMITH, aged 72 years. 
 In North Harpersfield, June 13, Oscar ELLSWORTH, 
 aged 39 years. 
 In Worcester, June 11, Benjamin MILLIAS, aged 71 years. 
 At East Worcester, June 8, Nancy M. FELLER, wife of 
 John ROCKERFELLOW, aged 69 years. 
 In Otego, June 10, Ursula C. BUCKLEY, aged 7 years. 
 In New Lisbon, June 10, Isaac CHURCH, aged 58 years. 
 In Pittsfield, June 10, Charles BURLINGHAM, aged 72 years. 
 In Morris, June 15, Mrs. Erexena LULL, wife of Ezra 
 Lull, Sr., aged 78 years. 
 At Phoenix Mills, June 17th, Martin, son of Eben and 
 Sarah COSS, aged 4 years. 
 In Cooperstown, June 13th, Orra PEABODY, in the 79th 
 year of his age. 

 6/23/1878  TIMOTHY SABIN.  Another of the pioneers of Oneonta has 
 died.  During the night of June 24th, the spirit of Timothy 
 Sabin took its flight, just how and at what hour, God only 
 knows.  The evening before he was in usual health, and 
 Tuesday morning dead.  From the appearance of his 
 features and body when discovered, it was evident that he 
 died without a struggle.  His lite went out, yielding to the 
 circumstances of old age and a finished course. 
 Timothy Sabin was born at Pauling, Dutchess co., in 1803, 
 and was consequently 75 years of age.  In 1822 he married 
 Willmet VAN DYKE, of Mayfield, in this State.  She died 
 May 17, 1827, aged 22 years.  February 14th, 1828, he 
 married Harriet MANN, daughter of Daniel Mann, of Franklin. 
 She died June 15, 1865.  During his early residence here, 
 and for a few years in Davenport, Mr. Sabin pursued the 
 avocations of farmer, clerk, hotel-keeper and merchant. 
 In 1842 he retired from the mercantile business, and from 
 that date until about 1875, conducted an extensive commission 
 business, his son, Egbert R., being a partner during 
 considerable of the time.  Mr. Sabin built the store now 
 owned by George REYNOLDS, and one or two houses. 
 He was more instrumental than any other Oneonta person, 
 excepting only the late E. R. FORD, in promoting the Albany 
 and Susquehanna Railroad project.  Although never holding 
 any official connection, his energy, good management and 
 encouragment had much to do with its building.  Mr. Sabin 
 was converted under the ministrations of Rev. Augustus 
 LITTLEJOHN, became a member of the Presbyterian church 
 in 1833, and was made an Elder two years later, which 
 position he held until some eighteen months ago, at that 
 time, of choice, becoming merely honorary.  In church, Mr. 
 Sabin has been a zealous worker, and as a Christian gentleman, 
 prayerful and constant in religious duties. 
 In the esteem of his neighbors and fellow-townsmen, 
 Timothy Sabin might properly have been regarded our first 
 citizen.  During the years of his strength, he was with the 
 first in everything that pertained to the welfare and prosperity 
 of his town.  Without a particle of selfishness, he devoted 
 time, work and money to promote public enterprises, and 
 Oneonta is the better and more prosperous because of 
 his living in it.  His exalted Christian character, his charity, 
 his kindness, his devotion to all things good, made him a 
 man to be missed by those who cherish Christianity, a high 
 condition of public morality, and good order.  His name will 
 ever be associated with the noblest of our dead, and it is 
 strange indeed if there are not those yet living who are 
 endeavoring to emulate his virtues, and are pressing on to 
 a better life because of his example. 
 (Timothy Sabin is buried in Riverside Cem. in Oneonta) 

 6/28/1878            MARRIED 
 In Unadilla, at the M. E. parsonage, June 20th, by Rev. 
 J. W. Mevis, James O. RICHARDSON and Miss Mary 
 RICHARDSON, both of Oneonta. 
 In Utica, at Calvary church, June 19th, by the Rev. Dr. 
 Goodrich, Major T. D. EVERTS, formerly of Oneonta, and 
 conductor on the A. & S. R. R., and Miss Ella L. WILLIAMS, 
 all of that city. 
 In Delhi, June 25th, by Rev. Mr. Post, Rev. Orson C. 
 SARGENT, of Jewett City, Ct., and Miss Phidelia SEARS. 
 In Oneonta, June 25th, Timothy SABIN, aged 75 years. 
 In Morris, June 25, Wm. FLEMING, aged 52 years. 
 In Pittsfield, May 25, Ada, only daughter of Adelbert and 
 Mary DAVIS, aged 11 months. 
 In Hamden, June 23, Mrs. Elizabeth A. SANFORD, in the 
 48th year of her age. 
 In Hamden, June 21st., James TAYLOR, aged about 
 36 years. 
 In Milford, June17th, Gertrude, youngest daughter of 
 John A. and Harriet MEVIS, aged 18 years. 
 In Abington, Ill., May 31, J. Wesley McMINN, aged 46 
 In Stamford, Marshall CROWLEY, aged 78 years. 
 In Otego, June 22, Freddie, infant son of Harvey BROWN, 
 aged 1 year. 
 In Unadilla, June 21, John FISK, in his 90th year. 

7/5/1878  E. VINE WALES.  Twice last week our people were shocked 
  by the sudden deaths of prominent citizens. But two days 
  after the burial of the venerable Timothy SABIN, the death 
  of Rev. E. Vine Wales occurred, Friday, the 28th ult.  He 
  had been in unusually poor health for a few days previous, 
  but was about the house the day of his decease, which 
  resulted from paralysis of the throat.  He had been a great 
  sufferer from this disease for several years, and death 
  must have come to him as a sweet boon from Heaven. 
    Mr. Wales was born in Plymouth, Chenango co., in 1817, 
  and was therefore 61 years of age.  He was graduated from 
  Oneida Institute, at Whitesboro, and the Theological Seminary 
  at Auburn.  In 1844 he entered the Presbyterian ministry, 
  his first charge being at Laurens.  He afterwards preached 
  in Livingston co. and the Mohawk Valley, and finally returned 
  to Laurens where he remained a few years, moving in 1865 
  to this place.  He still supplied the Laurens church for a 
  time, and in 1872 retired wholly from active service.  In 1849 
  he married Helen M. COMSTOCK, a daughter of the late 
  Gen. Comstock, of Laurens, who with one daughter, Mrs. 
  C. E. FORD, survives him. 
    In 1863 Mr. Wales's only son, E. Vine Wales, Jr., died, 
  and was brought here for burial.  From the death of this 
  son, Mr. Wales never recovered, and the ill health that 
  followed was largely promoted by grief.  He sunk into a 
  serious study and investigation of the Future, reading every 
  available work concerning that problem to mortals still 
  unsolved -------------the more he questioned and considered, 
  never doubting God, but all the time trying to satisfy an 
  unquenchable longing to ascertain the exact and true 
  condition of those who inhabit Heaven.  Just two weeks 
  before his burial, Mr. Wales was conversing with Rev. J. 
  T. Wright concerning the Future, and said that the Bible 
  was a source of consolation to him, but he desired to know 
  of his boy's welfare, his occupation, what he was doing. 
  Mr. Wales believed in a future of activity, and that the 
  inhabitants of Heaven are not mere idle angels, but engaged 
  in general pursuits.  They are freed from temptation, sin 
  and anxiety, but a state of progress is maintained, thought he. 
    Since 1845 Mr. Wales had kept a record of temperature, 
  and from that date not a day has passed but the items 
  have been recorded.  His daily reports to this paper have 
  been valuable and closely watched by many people.  Since 
  1860 he had kept a journal of personal and general interest. 
  One singular feature was that he recorded matters of thought, 
  concerning his opinions upon public subjects, religious 
  faith, etc.  He frequently visited the grave of his son, the 
  record tells just how often, and with each entry are noted 
  impressions suggested by the visitation. 
    About 1870 Mr. Wales's name was proposed as a Professor 
  of Hebrew at Auburn Theological Seminary, and at the 
  meeting of the Trustees he came within two votes of being 
  elected to that position.  This action was unsolicited by 
  Mr. Wales, and unknown to him until several days after 
  the election.  As a learned man, we doubt if there is his 
  equal in Otsego county.  As a preacher, he was noted for 
  writing sermons of choice diction, profound thought, and 
  sound theology. 
    The funeral was attended Sabbath afternoon, Rev. T. J. 
  Wright officiating, who referred to his long acquaintance 
  with Mr. Wales, and his regard for the ability and piety of 
  the deceased. 
    Ere this, if one can believe God's word, what Mr. Wales 
  failed here to understand has now been made plain.  While 
  mourning exists here, there is rejoicing in the spirit land. 
  (Rev. E. Vine Wales is buried in Riverside Cemetery.) 
  THE OTSEGO COUNTY TRAGEDY.    At Plainfield Center, 
  Tuesday, Catharine M. RICHARDS, a fourteen-year-old 
  daughter of William C. Richards was killed by a bull.  The 
  animal was fastened in the barn, and the little girl went 
  into the barn for the purpose of feeding the calves.  At 
  milking time, when the hired man went to the barn, he 
  found the little girl on the floor dead, and the bull at large 
  in the lot.  -Herald and Democrat last week. 
    Next day after the death of Miss Richards, it became 
  evident that she was not killed by a bull, but by a farm 
  hand named W. C. BUELL.  The Utica Herald of Saturday 
  said:    The theory of the tragedy, as far as it can be formed, 
  is this: While at work in the field Buell remembered that 
  Catharine's parents were away.  He left the field, hoping to 
  meet her by chance and gratify his lust.  He found Catharine 
  in the cheese house, which he entered for the ostensible 
  purpose of changing his boots.  In the cheese house were 
  kept old clothes, harness, etc., and there the girl went 
  several times a day to play with the kittens. 
    It is believed that Buell slipped quietly up behind the girl, 
  threw a hold-back strap (about three feet long and seven- 
  eighths of a inch wide) over her head and tightened it 
  quickly to prevent her from crying out while he attempted 
  to ravish her.  He probably did not intend to kill.  The strap 
  was pulled too tightly probably in the excitement or by the 
  powerful girl's struggles, and she undoubtedly died of 
  strangulation combined with fright. 
    Dismayed by the result of his devilish intent, Buell, who 
  is quick witted although apparently uneducated, immediately 
  set about the task of concealing his crime, and succeeded 
  too well, for a time, for the purposes of justice.  He remembered 
  that within fifteen feet, in the cow-barn, there was a young 
  bull.  It was but the work of a moment to grasp the body of 
  the girl in his arms, cross the alley, enter the cow-barn, 
  release the bull from the stanchion, drive him into the yard, 
  close the manure door, place the body of the girl on the 
  spot where the bull stood, mangle her dead face with the 
  edge of the milking stool, put the stool into the box with 
  the strap, which had already shut out her life, and then 
  hastened back to the hop-yard, where he rejoined BOWEN 
  and remained there until the supper horn was blown at 
  5 p. m., the time Bowen and he found the body. 
    The finding of the body with an ugly gash in her face 
  and dark spots on her bosom, in the cow-barn, while the 
  bull was loose in the yard, naturally led to the conclusion 
  that she had been gored to death by the bull.  The mark 
  on the left shoulder,  supposed to be by the bull's horn, was 
  afterwards found to be the imprint of a thumbnail, probably 
  made by the left hand as Buell held the girl while he was 
  tightening the strap. 
    Buell-if he committed the crime, was too careful in his 
  arrangement of the body of his victim to sustain the theory 
  of accidental death.  The girl laid straight as if the body 
  had been arranged by an undertaker, with her clothes in 
  their natural position, and her arms carefully placed by her 
  sides.  Buell is known to have been an ardent admirer of 
  Catharine's, but she did not like him.  She teased him 
  frequently by saying she liked other young men better 
  than himself, and this caused him to be blue and grim. 
    On Friday, the father of the girl made compliant before 
  Esquire Williamson, of Plainfield, against Buell, on suspicion 
  of the murder, and obtained a warrant for his arrest.  The 
  examination was commenced at Unadilla Forks, Saturday, 
  District-Attorney Benedict in charge of the case for the 
  people.  Dr. Huntley testified that there is a reasonable 
  doubt that human agency had anything to do with the 
  girl's death.  Mrs. Palmer testified that the deceased, 
  when found, was badly besmeared with stable filth. 

    Jas. B. CLARK, President of the First National Bank of 
  Oxford, died Sunday afternoon.  He was a very welthy (sick) 
  and much respected citizen. 

    Ex-Judge Samuel B. GARVIN, died in New York Friday, 
  aged 67 years.  He was born in Butternuts, this county, 
  lived there until 18 years old, and then commenced the 
  study of law at Norwich, where he married a daughter of 
  the late Dr. Henry MITCHELL. 

 7/12/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, July 4, by Seymour Scott, Esq., Wm. H. 
 SLATER, of South Hamilton, and Catharine EDWARDS, 
 of Otego. 
 At the residence of the bride's father, June 27, 1878, by 
 Benj. P. Ripley, Jefferson FERRY, of Otego and Minerva 
 B. ROWLEY, of Unadilla. 
 In Schenevus, July 3, by Rev. E. C. Herdman, Geo. W. 
 TAYLOR and Addie L. DELONG, all of Schenevus. 
 In Schenevus, July 4, by Rev. S. H. Douglass, Orrin 
 RAYMOND and Rose STINSON, both of Charlotteville. 
 In Norwich, July 2, by Rev. S. Scoville, Robert Burdett 
 BELDEN of Norwich, and Alice May DIBBLE of Gilbertsville. 
 In Davenport, July 2, by Rev. J. H. Wright, Frank TOLE 
 and Mrs. Sarah ADEE, all of Davenport. 
 In South Valley, July 3, by Rev. W. H. Humphrey, G. 
 ULMAN and Elmira C. CLARK, both of Roseboom. 
 In Oneonta, July 4, by Rev. Y. C. Smith, Ezra W. 
 CHRISPELL, of Davenport, and Allie M. ANDERSON, of 
 In Milford, July 3, by Rev. A. B. Richardson, Alson IRISH 
 of Fly Creek, and Alice WESTCOTT of Milford. 
 In Gilbertsville, July 3, by Rev. J. S. Southworth, Oscar 
 A. GARDNER, of New Lisbon, and Tina A. MATTESON, 
 of Mt. Vision. 
 Also at the same time and place, by the same, Melvin 
 C. GARDNER, of Morris, and Emma E. BALL, of Pittsfield. 
 Near Schenevus, June 30, Loretta BENNETT, aged 20 years. 
 In Meredith, July 1, Willie A., infant son of Finley and 
 Libbie GILCHRIST, aged 5 weeks. 
 In Oneonta, July 6, of heart disease, Isaac UTTER in the 
 77th year of his age. 
 In Oneonta, July 5, Mertie E., daughter of James OSTROM, 
 aged 6 years. Buried at Cannonsville Saturday. 
 In Oneonta, July 6, Gracie, only child of Amos and Ella 
 KNISKERN, aged about 6 months.  May 17, Mr. and Mrs. 
 Kniskern lost a little boy. 
 In Delhi, July 10th, Micah WHITE, aged 82 years. 

  BUELL HELD FOR MURDER.  From the Utica Herald. 
    The examination of Myron A. BUELL for the murder of 
  Miss RICHARDS was concluded at Unadilla Forks Tuesday 
  about noon.  The prisoner was held by Justice Williamson 
  to answer to the charge of murder before the grand jury of 
  Otsego county, which meets on September 16th, before 
  Justice Follett.  Commitment papers were then made out 
  and given to Constable Maine who took young Buell in 
  charge and placed him in jail at Cooperstown. 
    The verdict rendered Tuesday by the coroner's Jury was 
  in the usual form and verbiage, the jurors saying upon 
  their oath "that Myron A. Buell, of the town of Plainfield, 
  in the county of Otsego, did on the 25th day of June, 1878, 
  at the said town of Plainfield, feloniously and with malice 
  aforethought make an assault and the said Myron A. Buell 
  placed a certain cord or rope about the neck of the said 
  Catharine M. Richards, and with a certain hard substance, 
  to wit a milk stool, willfully, maliciously and with malice 
  aforethought inflicted a mortal wound upon the head of the 
  said Catharine M. Richards, and of which choking, strangling 
  and suffocating the said Catharine M. Richards then and 
  there instantly died. 
    The dual investigation which has had to do with this case 
  resulted in something of a competition between the town 
  officers and the general county officers for the distinction 
  of escorting the prisoner to jail.  District Attorney Benedict, 
  who arrived on the ground on Monday, took charge of the 
  coroner's concluding session at Plainfield Center, yesterday 
  morning.  Sheriff Barton of Cooperstown, and a deputy 
  sheriff were also present.  It was claimed by Mr. Benedict 
  that he expected to have the prisoner held at Unadilla Forks 
  till the arrival of the coroner's jury, when he would place him 
  on the stand.  It was then Mr. Benedict's intention to have 
  the justice discharge Buell in order that he might be arrested 
  on the finding of the coroner's jury.  But the justice's court 
  adjourned, the prisoner was held and Constable Maine was 
  making all possible speed with him toward Cooperstown. 
  It is claimed for the local officers and for Counselor Aylesworth 
  that they have done all the hard work of securing the murderer 
  ought to have all the credit that attaches to his safe delivery 
  within the walls of the county jail. 
    H. M. AYLESWORTH, Esq., who as acted for the People 
  in this aggravated case, gives as a theory for the crime 
  substantially and briefly thus:  Young Buell more than a 
  year ago became greatly interested in the young girl with 
  whom he daily associated on the farm.  He attended strictly 
  to business, thereby possibly seeking to gain the favorable 
  consideration of the girl's parents.  Not being sustained by 
  a proper understanding of the relation which he sustained 
  to the young girl, he sought opportunities for making advances 
  to her which she resented.  Finally she discarded him 
  altogether, and this instead of operating as a wholesome 
  reproach for his conduct, angered him.  He then coolly 
  determined to ruin what he believed he should not be able 
  to win, and on the fatal Tuesday, just a week prior to his 
  lodgement in jail, he seized the opportunity offered by the 
  absence of the girl's parents to destroy her.  The theory is 
  that he went into the cow barn, unloosed one of the calves, 
  waited for the girl to come out of the house, called her in 
  to help secure the calf, threw the little rope or cord with 
  which the calf had been tied, around her neck, and after 
  choking her some time and still meeting resistance, he 
  struck her down with the milk stool.  Finding he had killed 
  his victim he attempted to cover up his track in the manner 
  heretofore related.  The double mark around the neck was 
  made, it is claimed, by the cord being thrown around twice 
  or double. 

 Not a single death has occurred in Roxbury during the 
 past year. 
 Henry LUCE, a prominent citizen of Elmira, died Saturday. 
 He was born in 1794, and lived in Cooperstown until 1833. 
 A little daughter of Dr. POWELL, of Argusville, Schoharie-co., 
 was accidently drowned in a mill pond last Saturday.  She 
 was five years old. 
 Andrew CASEY, a resident of Cobleskill, while intoxicated, 
 was run over by a train of cars on the night of the fourth, 
 at that place, and died on Saturday from the effects of 
 his injuries.  His right leg was cut off below the knee, by 
 the car wheels, and the left side of his skull fractured by 
 striking the end of a tie. 

 7/19/1878            MARRIED 
 At West Davenport, July 15, by Rev. H. Brotherton, William 
 WEBSTER, of Albany, and Miss Louise, daughter of Mrs. 
 In Maryland, July 4th, by Rev. E. Potter, Jefferson SITTERLY 
 and Alice HUNGERFORD, both of Milford Center. 
 In Davenport Center, July 7, by Rev. E. P. Crane, Wm. 
 PEEBLES and Ella G. BIRGE. 
 In Delhi, July 4, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Chas. M. FOOTE, 
 of Meredith, and Maggie M. DUNCAN, of Hamden. 
 In Cherry Valley, July 8, Mrs. Mary WIKOFF, relict of 
 the late John Wikoff, in the 75th year of her age. 
 In East Davenport, Henry TenEYCK, aged nearly 81 years. 
 In Roxbury, July 9, Patty, wife of Nathan CHASE, aged 
 75 years. 
 In Stamford, July 13, Mrs. Betsy CHURCHILL, aged 86 
 In Delhi, July 13, Mrs. Mattie STEWART, wife of Rev. 
 J. H. ROBINSON, aged 36 years. 
 In Milford, July 12, of heart disease, Betsy WINSLOW, 
 in her 70th year. 
 In Morris, July 12, John C. WILSON in the 22nd year of 
 his age. 
 In Cooperstown, July 13th, Delos J. HALL, aged 54 years. 
 In Otsego, July 14th, Henry KNOWLTON, aged 93 years. 
 In West Burlington, July 9th, Mary Adelia BONNAR, of 
 Boston, aged 23 years and 10 months. 
 In Unadilla, July 10th, Richard WEBB, aged 74 years. 
 In Norwich, July 16th, Alphonso D. NASH, aged 55 years. 
 In Norwich, July 17th, William PENDLETON, Esq., aged 
 83 years. 

 7/26/1878            MARRIED 
 In Franklin, by Rev. S. R. Ward, Lorant G. CONKLIN and 
 Emma L. KELLER. 
 In Franklin, July 17, by Rev. T. J. Whitaker, R. F. HUBBELL 
 and Ella L. BUELL, both of Franklin. 
 In South Gilboa, July 20, by Rev. E. L. Richards, Solon 
 BARNES, of Oneonta and Sarah E. BREWSTER, of Stamford. 
 In Roxbury, July 17, by Rev. G. W. Ferris, Lorin M. 
 ROBINSON and Mary MEAD, all of Roxbury. 
 At the residence of Mrs. Juliet TOBEY, in Davenport, in 
 Davenport, by Rev. S. R. Evens, John B. HOLMES, of East 
 Worcester and Miss Mary E. TOBEY, of Davenport. 
 In Sidney, July 20, by Rev. L. Sperry, Charles FITZGERALD, 
 of Sidney an Miss Anna L. ALLBRIGHT, of Unadilla. 
 In Unadilla, July 18, by Rev. H. M. Ladd, of Walton, 
 assisted by Rev. L. M. Purington, of Unadilla, Gustave 
 EMRICH and Miss L. Anna ST. JOHN, both of Unadilla. 
 In Oneonta, July 16, by Rev. E. P. Crane, Cornelia LYONS 
 of Davenport, and Ellen REYNOLDS, of Oneonta. 
 At Breakabeen, June 19, by Rev. E. Miller, Arthur C. 
 MAYNARD, of Stamford, and Libbie HITTS, of Breakabeen. 
 In Trumbull's Corners, Tompkins-co., July 18, Geo. W. 
 BAILEY, of Otego, and Jessie E. JONES. 
 In Norwich, July 17, of cholera infantum, twin children of 
 Chas. A. DIMMICK, aged five months. 
 In Unadilla, July 17, Stephen PALMER, aged 83 years. 
 In Maryland, July 16, Minerva, wife of Harry SHEPHERD, 
 aged 19 years. 
 In Cooperstown, July 18th, Sarah E., wife of Henry C. 
 BECKER, aged 38  years. 
 In Phoenix Mills, July 18th, James J. WILTSE, aged 3 
 years, 9 months and 7 days.  Also, on the 20th inst., 
 Fred Lee WILTSE, aged 1 year and 15 days, children of 
 M. D. and Ellen E. Wiltse. 
 In Schuyler's Lake, July 13th, Wm. S. LENT, in his 72d year. 
 In Fly Creek, July 19th, Clark BROWN, in the 89th year 
 of his age. 
 In Franklin, July 14, Adeline, wife of Henry P. BIRDSALL, 
 aged 58 years. 
 In Butternuts, July 16, Lucretia MYRICK, aged about 
 72 years. 
 In Oneonta, July 20, infant child of Floyd HARRIS. 
 In Gilbertsville, July 21, Francis WALKER, in the 63d year 
 of his age. 
 In Richmondville, July 16, Peter VAN BUREN, aged 65 years. 
 In Masonville, July 17, Mrs. Jane E. HOPKINS wife of 
 Reuben Hopkins, aged 52 years.  (Poem included with notice). 

 8/2/1878                      DIED 
 In Meredith, July 27, William SLOAT, aged about 26 years. 
 On Mill Creek, Otego, July 26 Jane HAWKINS, aged 
 27 years.  Buried in Oneonta on the 27th 
 At West Laurens, July 26, Emma, wife of Thomas NORRIS, 
 aged 25 years, 9 months. 
 In Franklin, July 21, William T. HAIGHT, aged 72 years. 

 8/9/1878                      DIED 
 In Westford, on the 4th ult., Bessie M. HALL, aged 21 years. 
 In Oneonta, August 3d, Lena J., daughter of Albert DAVY, 
 aged 1 year and 3 months. 
 In Oxford, August 4th, Mrs. Adin ANGELL, of Morris. 
 (no age given). 
 In Morris, August 5th, Mrs. Elizabeth WING, aged 88 years. 
 In Unadilla, August 4th, Stephen OLDS, of Morris, aged 
 about 79 years. 
 In Delhi, August 4th, Egbert HOPKINS, aged 57 years. 

 8/16/1878            MARRIED 
 In Bainbridge, Aug. 7, Frank SHEPHERD, of Otego, and 
 Miss Chloe K. ROWE, of Colesville.  (no Rev. listed) 
 In Delhi, Aug. 13, Geo. ANDREWS, aged 30 years. 
 In Davenport, Aug. 3d, of consumption, Wm. McNEE, Jr., 
 son of William McNee, aged 21 years. 
 In Gilbertsville, Aug. 9, Daniel CAULKINS.  (no age listed) 

  THE BURNSIDE PICNIC.  The annual picnic of the Burnside 
  family occurred Wednesday, in Miss Ella LYMAN's grove 
  at Colliersville.  The day was pleasant, and enough air 
  was stirring to compromise the effects of the heat.  About 
  500 people were present.  The oldest member of the family 
  there was Mrs. Patta TALMADGE, aged 83, and the youngest, 
  Russell C. BURNSIDE, two years old.  Of the thousand 
  persons who claim kindred, only one has died during  the 
  year.  It shows a pretty well organized family that this fact 
  could be known.  The Schenevus band furnished music. 
  Gen. Burnside read the following letter from his friend of 
  many years, Hon. Horatio SEYMOUR:   Utica, August 7th, 
  1878.  My Dear Sir:-I am gratified with your invitation to 
  attend your family gathering on the 14th inst.  I wish I could 
  accept it; but it is not in my power to do so.  Such meetings 
  are of great value, as they keep alive the sentiments of 
  regard and affection which make the great pleasure and 
  interests of life.  I should be glad to meet your relatives. 
  I hope they are numerous.  From what I know of the family 
  there cannot be too many of them.  I hope you will express 
  to them my sentiments of respect, and hopes for their 
  happiness on that and all other occasions. I am truly yours, 
  Horatio Seymour. 
    Gen. S. S. Burnside.   J. Stanley BROWNE, of Schenevus, 
  and Rev. William BURNSIDE, of Covington, made interesting 
  remarks, after which President S.S. Burnside introduced 
  Willard E. YAGER, of Oneonta, as orator of the day.  As the 
  complete history of the Burnside family has been the subject 
  of addresses already delivered, Mr. Yager hit upon the happy 
  idea of considering the life and character of an early ancestor, 
  Sir William WALLACE, a Scottish patriot who died in 1305. 
  Probably no other of the clan has ever been so famous in 
  history as he, and we are not surprised that Mr. Yager, with 
  a good degree of pride, selected the subject that he did. 
  In historical facts the address is valuable; it is elegant in 
  composition, and a pleasant document to read.  Mr. Yager's 
  delivery is good.  He made a favorable impression upon all 
  who heard him.  He said: --------  DIDN'T GET REST. 

    Mrs. Harry RADEKER, of Colchester, was found dead 
  in the milking yard where she had gone to milk cows. 
    Gabriel C. TURNER recently married a Miss HOOD, at 
  Hancock.  He is now in the Delhi jail, just as if having two 
  wives is not punishment enough of itself. 
      Saturday last Jehiel BEACH, aged 70 years, of Walton, 
  was found dead in a lot where he had gone to repair fence. 
  He was a son of Wm. Beach, a grandson of Timothy Beach, 
  who settled in Sidney in 1789, and an uncle of Asa STRONG 
  of this village. 
    Last Saturday Michael GALER of Middlefield, aged about 
  73 years, died suddenly while upon a load of hay.  On 
  Sunday morning following, Mrs. Galer, the wife of the 
  deceased, who had been sick for some time also died. 
  They were both buried on Monday. 

  Himself and his Wife.-  From our own correspondent. 
  Unadilla, August 12, 1878.  The past week has been one 
  of great excitement in our usually quiet village, and, perhaps, 
  with the exception of the sad GOODRICH and MOREHOUSE 
  drowning affair, by which four persons lost their lives in the 
  Susquehanna river at this place, some two years ago, no 
  event in the history of the town has so startled our citizens 
  as the report that ran through our streets like wildfire last 
  Thursday evening a little after eight o'clock, that Marshall 
  GRANNIS had just murdered his wife, and then finished the 
  tragedy by shooting himself.  Upon hearing the report, your 
  correspondent hurried to the scene, found Grannis dead and 
  his wife just breathing her last.  As there are many reports 
  flying around, some of which had found their into the papers, 
  I will endeavor, briefly as possible, to lay before your readers 
  a true history of the whole affair. 
    Grannis has been a resident to this town from a child, 
  and has always been a bad reputation.  He has been in 
  the habit of drinking intoxicating liquors to excess for many 
  years, and when under its influence was of a quarrelsome 
  disposition. Some few months since, he was arrested on 
  a charge of "drunkenness and disorderly conduct," and at 
  the time made threats of dire vengeance against Officer 
  TUPPER who arrested him.  On this charge he was sent 
  to Cooperstown jail, and on his return, it being about the 
  time the Murphy temperance movement was flourishing 
  here, he become a temporary convert to that doctrine and 
  for a few weeks wore the blue ribbon and religiously adhered 
  to his pledge.  His career as a temperance man soon gave 
  way to his appetite for drink, and his old habits returned, 
  seemingly aggravated by his temporary abstinence.  It 
  appears that in this domestic affairs like all others, he was 
  arbitrary and brutal, often abusing his wife with blows and 
  kicks, so that on several occasions they had separated, 
  had "made up," and with many promises on his part, had 
  been united again.  The immediate cause of the last 
  separation which culminated in this fearful tragedy of 
  Thursday evening was his discovering in his house a young 
  man or boy by the name of WARNER, under what appeared 
  to him very suspicious circumstances.  A fearful row 
  immediately ensued, which ended in his turning his wife 
  out of doors and forbidding her return.  Mrs. Grannis, after 
  a few days, hired rooms in E. C. BELKNAP's building and 
  commenced housekeeping with her two youngest children, 
  a boy and girl.  One older boy is living with an uncle on 
  the Unadilla River road, and another in Rochester at the 
  House of Refuge, having been sent there about a year ago 
  for being engaged in a burglary in this village.  On the day 
  of the tragedy, Mrs. Grannis had been working for Mr. 
  MULFORD at Sidney Plains.  On her return in the evening, 
  she met her husband in the street opposite Mattice's 
  Hotel, and had a short conversation.  Grannis asking her 
  to come down to C. D. Fellows & Son's store within 
  half an hour and he would make her a present.  She promised 
  to meet him there, and immediately passed on to her rooms 
  in the Belknap building, near where the conversation took 
  place.  A few moments later she came down stairs 
  accompanied by her little girl and immediately proceeded 
  to Fellows & Son's store where she had been but a few 
  moments when Grannis came in, asked the little girl to 
  "kiss papa" and stooped down for the purpose, and upon 
  rising, thrust his revolver, a small Empire, twenty-two 
  calibre, into his wife's face and fired, the ball entering 
  her right eye and burying itself in the brain.  Geo. B. 
  FELLOWS, the only other person in the store, being behind 
  the counter at the time, started toward Grannis saying, 
  "Marsh, what are you doing?" when Grannis turned toward 
  him and Mr. Fellows wisely thinking "discretion the better 
  part of valor," started for the door to summon assistance, 
  but before he could get outside another report followed, and 
  Grannis fell to the floor with a bullet in his right temple, 
  which resulted in almost instant death.  A number of persons 
  immediately rushed in, and found the murderer and suicide 
  with his victim stretched on the door (sic?) welting in their own 
  blood, and presenting as ghastly and frightful a spectacle 
  as one often sees in a rural village like Unadilla in an 
  ordinary life time.  The two were buried at five o'clock 
  Friday afternoon in the Episcopal church cemetery.  It is 
  thought by many that Grannis had designs upon other 
  persons beside his wife, as he had been making threats 
  in a vague manner against several others, among whom 
  was Major C. D. FELLOWS, who had befriended his wife 
  since the separation by assisting her in obtaining the means 
  to commence housekeeping, but fortunately Mr. Fellows 
  was not in the store at the time, which perhaps saved a 
  third victim from being added to the number.  As to the 
  numerous versions of the causes that led to this affair, 
  we will make no comments, but will "Think of her mournfully, 
  Gently and humanly, Not of the stains of her; All that 
  remains of her Now, is pure, womanly." 

    A New-York Herald correspondent, who is a disgrace to 
  decent journalism, and would be no credit to the Day's 
  Doings and Police Gazette, writes a communication to 
  that paper concerning the Unadilla murder and suicide. 
  He says Coroner A. D. REYNOLDS, of this village, was 
  not allowed by Supervisor S. G. CONE and Major C. D. 
  FELLOWS to hold an inquest, for the reason that said 
  Reynolds was intoxicated at the time.  It is not necessary 
  for us to say that D. Reynolds, was NOT intoxicated.  The 
  statement is a base and willful lie. 
    Furthermore, concerning the Herald canard, we feel 
  perfectly confident that neither Mr. Cone or Mr. Fellows 
  ever said to the Herald man or any other person that Dr. 
  Reynolds was drunk.  Both have known the doctor for 
  many years, to our knowledge, and are perfectly aware 
  of his temperate habits. 
    There has been more or less said about Messrs. Cone, 
  Fellows and other citizens of Unadilla NOT ALLOWING the 
  Coroner to hold an inquest.  These gentlemen knew 
  perfectly well that he had an unquestioned right to hold 
  an inquest if the circumstances seemed to require.  There 
  being no such conditions, no inquest was held, and the 
  matter is well and satisfactorily understood between the 
  Coroner and prominent citizens of Unadilla. 
    We regret that so good a paper as the Albany Journal 
  has accepted the Herald version.  We shall look for a 
  contradiction from that journal. 

  Gilbertsville.-  August 19, 1878. 
    The remains of Dr. CAULKINS of this town, and a Mr. 
  HOPKINS of Morris, were interred in the old burying 
  ground Sunday. 

  Surrogate's Court.- (Just picked up names) 
    Estate of Anvernett MANCHESTER, late of Edmeston, 
    Estate of Coe G. WOOD, late of Oneonta, deceased. 
  Petition for the guardianship of the persons and estates 
  of Jessie A. , Walter, Stella and Burr Wood.  Order entered 
  and letters of guardianship issued to Eliza Wood, as guardian. 
    Petition for the guardianship of the person and estate of 
  K. B. Cleveland. 
    Estate of William H. FLEMING, late of Morris, deceased. 
    Guardianship of the person and estate of Francis J. 
  HOUSE, a minor. 
    Guardianship of the person and estate of Fremont S. 
    Estate of Gilbert STEBBINS, late of Butternuts, deceased. 

 8/23/1878                      DIED 
 In Milford, August 15th, Emma L., eldest daughter of 
 Elisha W. & Sarah M. CLARK, aged 10 years, 10 months 
 and 11 days. 
 At West Laurens, Aug. 20, Lacelle WEATHERLY, aged 
 21 years. (see another notice 8/30/1878) 
 In Oneonta, Aug. 20, Mrs. Peter GILE.  Funeral yesterday. 

 8/30/1878    And now I wish to notice the marriage of one of Lauren's 
  fairest and best daughters.  Miss Lucy HURLBERT was 
  this morning married to Edward LOPER, of Humboldt, Nb. 
  Rev. W. H. Humphrey, of South Valley, performing the 
  ceremony.  They leave town this morning for New-York and 
  the sea shore, to be gone for a few weeks.  Will return to 
  Laurens before leaving for their western home at Humboldt. 
  Mrs. Loper has the best wishes of her Laurens friends.  We 
  are very sorry to have one leave us who has done such 
  good service here.  That she may enjoy a long and happy 
  life is the wish of the       OUTLOOKER. 

    The HATHAWAYs enjoyed a family picnic Saturday 
  afternoon, August 17th, in the Pool woods, one mile north 
  of the village of Laurens.  The COMSTOCKs, DREWs, 
  FRINKs CARRs, FITCHes and RICHMONDs of Laurens, 
  HATHAWAYs and D. H. MEAD of Oneonta, represented 
  the different branches of the numerous family.  A goodly 
  number of outsiders from the town helped to make up a 
  respectable-sized gathering, and contributed to the enjoyment 
  of the occasion.  A sumptuous repast was spread upon 
  the tables beneath the forest trees.  To this and a huge 
  bologna sausage, which was the private property of L. P. 
  Richmond, the picnicers did ample justice.  As the bologna 
  gradually disappeared, Len's countenance gradually fell 
  till it became nearly as long as the original bologna.  Mead, 
  of Oneonta, appeared at a late hour, but in time to partake 
  of some of Mrs. Drew's Dutch cheese, which was made 
  for his special benefit.  He evidently made good time from 
  Oneonta, as there were but a few hairs left on Abe MILES's 
  spike-tailed horse, and they were pointing upwards.  The 
  party broke up about 5 p. m., all present declaring the 
  occasion one of the pleasantest of the kind which had been 
  enjoyed in these parts for a long time.  May the family 
  still further spread its branches, and find these gatherings 
  worthy of repetition from year to year.    PRESENT. 

    Two funerals occurred on Tuesday last, that of Rutson 
  MILLER at North Franklin, and that of Ashael FOOTE, of 
  Otego, in this village, at the Baptist church. 
      News was received here on Monday of the death of Mrs. 
  Wm. KINGSLEY, at Dallas Texas, on August 20th.  Mrs. 
  K. was a daughter of Charles HAWLEY, of this village, 
  and had only moved to Texas about a year ago. 

 At Pleasant Brook, Aug. 25, by Rev. M. L. Baker, George 
 W. THOMPSON, of Cooperstown, and Maryon L. FREEMIRE, 
 of Middleburgh. 
 In Garrattsville, Aug. 21, by Rev. Mr. Scott, Henry MATHER 
 of the firm of Mather Bros., and Miss Libbie ELLIOTT. 
 In Sidney, Aug. 15, by Rev. D. Van Fradenburgh, Willis 
 SHERMAN, of Davenport, and Mrs. Hortense M. NILES, 
 of Sidney. 
 At the Baptist church, Westville, Aug. 18, by Rev. T. 
 Simpkins, Rev. D. H. COOPER and Miss Lucia SAXTON. 
 At the Otego House, Otego, August 22, by Rev. P. J. 
 Burnham, Harry BARNES and Ella LORETT, of Oneonta. 
 At the M. E. parsonage, Milford, Aug. 24, by Rev. A. B. 
 Richardson, John T. FOX, of Milford and Alice L. HOAGLAND, 
 of Middlefield. 
 In Bainbridge, August 22, of consumption, Lillie E. PRICE, 
 aged 24. 
 In Walton, Aug. 16, John BRISTOL, aged 92.  The Walton 
 Chronicle says he was probably the oldest Mason in the 
 country having joined the brotherhood in that village in 1809. 
 In Otego, Aug. 20, Mrs. Harvey BROWN, aged 30 years. 
 In Sidney Plains, Aug. 23, Philip VanALSTINE aged 72 
 In Unadilla, Aug. 23, Estella M., wife of E. E. CLARK, 
 and youngest daughter of Parmenas and Olive TRASK, 
 aged 20 years. 
 In North Franklin, Aug. 25, Richard R. MILLER, aged 61 years. 
 Near Burlington Flats, Aug. 22, Mrs. Julia Ann, wife of 
 Jonathan BRAINARD, aged 57 years. 
 In Laurens, Aug. 19, Stephen RATHBUN, aged about 66 
 In Pittsfield, Aug. 21, Mary, wife of Joshua STEVENS, 
 aged 43 years. 
 In Davenport Centre, Aug. 26, Eli H. ROBERTS, aged 67 
 In Croton, Aug. 24, William PATTERSON, aged 78 years. 
 In Cooperstown, Aug. 27, Margaret, wife of F. A. GOFFE, 
 aged 52. 
 In Walton, Aug. 24, Antionette GOODRICH, wife of B. 
 McCALL, aged 63 years. 
 On the 20th inst., Lacelle WEATHERLY, aged 21 years. 
  This was the sad news which cast a gloom over our community 
  on Tuesday of last week, and the deeper sorrow to settle 
  on the minds of all.  All felt it to be the death of a friend, 
  and while it had for some days been feared, yet Hope held 
  out the fond delusion it "might not be" that in the freshness 
  of his years he would be spared to us "yet a little longer" 
  so when the dread news came it was none the less felt. 
  His life all might emulate-it leaves an influence with us who 
  go on with the future which must tell for good through coming 
  years of time.  Faithful to every duty, he lived in a world of 
  friends.  He died without an enemy.  The sympathy of the 
  whole community is extended to the relatives of the deceased, 
  but all feel as if the question were asked of those stricken 
  parents, "Is it well with thee?  Is it well with thy house?  Is 
  it well with thy child?" they must answer, "it is well."  A Friend. 
  Obsequies of Cutler OWEN, who was drowned at Sodus 
  Point, August 22d, while in the heroic act of trying to save 
  a young lady from drowning.  The funeral of Cutler Owen, 
  formerly of this place, and late of Rochester, took place at 
  the Free Baptist church in this village on Sunday, 25th inst. 
  Although the morning was inclement, the church at an early 
  hour was filled to its utmost capacity. Rev. T. A. Stevens, of 
  this place, assisted by Rev. E. C. Hodge, of Oneonta, 
  conducted the services in an eloquent and impressive manner. 
  The remarks to the family and friends were beautifully 
  adapted to the occasion, and had a telling effect on all. 
  The services at the cemetery in Mt. Vision were solemn and 
  effecting.  Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Webster, of Mt. 
  Vision, followed by remarks by T. A. Stevens.  Among the 
  gathered throng were many friends who expressed a desire 
  to view the remains.  The wish was granted, and as one 
  after another looked for the last time upon that form so calm 
  and cold in death, and thought what a noble, heroic struggle 
  it had made for the life of a fellow being, they could but 
  repeat "When hearts that are truly proven, like thine, are 
  laid in the earth, Then should a wreath be woven, to tell 
  the world their worth."   The last look was taken, the casket 
  was placed in its narrow tomb, and the mortal remains were 
  left alone in the silent grave.  Thus Death will claim its own. 
  "Dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return," was spoken 
  to man. None can escape the mandate of God.  The young 
  and the old must surely yield when the reaper Death shall 

9/6/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, Aug. 23, by Rev. Y. C. Smith, Chas. 
 ANDERSON, of Franklin, and Jessie M. SCOBIE, of 
 In Gilbertsville, Aug. 27, by Rev. J. V. C. Nellis, Issac J. 
 BIRDSALL, of Holmesville, and Sarah E. GADSBY. 
 In New Berlin, Aug. 28, by Rev. J. C. Shelland, J. R. 
 EDWARDS, of Columbus, Ohio, and Mary A. GASKELL. 
 In Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 9, by Rev. David Copeland, Ph. 
 D. D. D., President of Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., 
 Rev. Charles H. TALMADGE, of Otego, N. Y., and Ella 
 Louise FREEMAN.  The Saginaw Republican says of this 
 marriage: "The ceremony was performed by Dr. ------, of 
 Pennsylvania, the tutor and friend of Mr. Talmadge, who 
 volunteered his services for the occasion.  The party 
 attendant was not large, but the occasion was enjoyed by 
 all.  A number of fine presents were made the bride, among 
 them a bridal shawl, easy chair, silver vases, butter dish, 
 pickle dishes, etc.; also an elegant bible and some choice 
 volumes of books.  Miss Freeman was last year a teacher 
 in the Hoyt school, and was highly esteemed by her scholars 
 and a large circle of friends who will wish the happy couple 
 a long and useful companionship." 
 In Oneonta, at the residence of Nicholas Schermerhorn, 
 Aug. 14, by Rev. J. T. Wright, Charles A. WRIGHT and 
 Elizabeth SCHERMERHORN, both of Hartwick. 
 Also at the same time and place by the same, Henry M. 
 SEABOLT and Tamer SCHERMERHORN, both of Hartwick. 
 In Oneonta, Sept. 4, by Rev. Y. C. Smith, William GIBSON 
 and Effie S. LAWSON, both of Kortright. 
 In Otego, August 27th, Geo. J. STENSON, of Butternuts 
 and Miss Phoebe BAILEY, of Otego. 
 In Laurens, Sept. 2d, Mrs. Maria COMSTOCK, relict of 
 the late Gen. Wm. Comstock, aged 71 years. 
 In Morris, Aug. 22, Jessie, child of Vina FENTON, aged 
 8 months. 
 In Pittsfield, Aug. 27th Artemesia GOODSPEED, aged 
 29 years and 5 months. 
 In Cooperstown, Aug. 30th, Sarah E., wife of Lorenzo 
 PICKENS, in the 41st year of her age. 
 At Hartwick Seminary, Sept. 2d, Frederick T., son of 
 Thomas and Louisa HAMPSON, aged 5 years. 
 9/13/1878  SURROGATE'S COURT.- 
 Sept. 10.-Petition for Guardianship of the person and 
 estate of Walter L. JOICE. 
 Sept. 9.-Estate of Edwin CHAUNCEY, late of Milford, 
 Estate of James C. YOUNG, late of Otego, deceased. 

 In New Lisbon, Sept. 3, by Rev. I. J. Bailey, Geo. W. 
 HICKLING and Mary A. BUNDY, all of New Lisbon. 
 In Hartwick, Sept. 6, by Rufus P. Luce, Justice of the 
 Peace, Charles W. HAIGHT and Jennie HYMERS, both 
 of Franklin. 
 In New Lisbon, Sept. 4, by Rev. James D. Webster, 
 Rev. I. J. BAILEY, pastor of the Baptist church at New 
 Lisbon, and Lena D. CASPRUS of Luzerne. 
 At the M. E. church, Exter Centre, Sept. 4th, by Rev. 
 W. B. Thomas, Prof. Arthur Moore PARKE and Lucie 
 Amelia DONAGHE, all of Exeter. 
 In Unadilla, Sept. 10, by Rev. W. G. Galpin, Fred R. 
 LINES and Ida M. HATCH, all of Unadilla. 
 In Morris, Sept. 3d, by Rev. J. S. Southworth, Wm. N. 
 GARRATT, of Goodrich, Canada, and Anna E. BROWN 
 of Morris. 
 In Laurens, Aug. 28th, by Rev. W. H. Humphrey, Edward 
 SOPER, of Humboldt, Neb., and Miss Lucy HURLBERT 
 of Laurens. 
 At the residence of the bride's father, Sept. 4th, by Rev. 
 F. F. Rice, Wm. J. McMURDY, of Stamford, and Miss 
 Addie V. JONES, of Addison. 
 At Phoenix Mill, Sept. 2, Eugene, son of Solomon 
 BENNETT, aged 14 years. 
 At Clintonville, Sept. 7, Arthur Jay, only child of Sidney 
 CLINTON, aged 1 year. 
 At Cooperstown, Sept. 8, George Franklin, son of George 
 HECOX, aged 13 months. 
 At Gilbertsville, Sept. 7, Harry Hobart BLACKMAN, 
 youngest son of J. Russell Blackman, aged 7 months. 
 In Afton, Sept. 6, Mrs. Jane BRYANT, of Gilbertsville, 
 aged 84. 
 In Laurens, Sept. 4th, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. 
 Mary RATHBUN, wife of Jonathan F. Rathbun, in the 60th 
 year of her age. 
 In Morris, Sept. 9th, Mrs. Geo. N. GOODRICH, aged 61 
 In Roxbury, Sept. 2d, Hon. Daniel ROWLAND, aged 83 
 In Afton, Sept. 5th, Myrta H., youngest daughter of 
 Theodore and Mary J. CABLE, aged 2 years, 3 months 
 and 23 days. 

 9/20/1878            MARRIED 
 At the bride's father's, Sept. 5 by Rev. J. W. Wright, 
 Leverett MUNSON, of Davenport, and Josephine DAVIS, 
 of Decatur. 
 In Unadilla, Sept. 17, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Edward B. 
 WILLIAMS and Priscilla M. REDFIELD, both of Sidney. 
 In Cooperstown, Sept. 12, wife of John L. McNAMEE, 
 aged 57 years. 
 In Fly Creek, Sept. 15, Thomas T. HIGBY, aged 64 years. 
                            MARRIED (listed under DIED) 
 In Afton, Sept. 11, by Rev. N. J. HAWLEY, L. Burr 
 FARNSWORTH and Minnie B. DE VOE, all of Afton. 
 In Sidney, Sept. 14, Geo. CARLEY, aged 61 years. 
 In Hornellsville, Aug. 6, Mary, eldest daughter of Henry 
 EDSON, aged 38 years.   County papers requested to copy. 
 In Milford, Sept. 10, Mrs. Elizabeth WILBER. (no age listed) 
 In Worcester, Sept. 11, Edmund VERN, aged 79 years. 
 In Morris, Sept. 15, Mrs. Eunice TOBEY, wife of Zacheus 
 Tobey, Jr., aged 60 years. 
 In Hamden, Sept. 14, Dr. Henry B. JOHNSON aged 45 years. 
 At Croton, in August, William PATTERSON, formerly of 
 Oneonta.  (no age listed) 
 In Harpersville, Sept. 18, relict of the above (PATTERSON), 
 aged about 65 years.  Buried in Oneonta yesterday. 

 9/27/1878            MARRIED 
 In Cooperstown, Sept. 19th, by Rev. C. K. McHarg, 
 Oliver WILLIAMS, of Utica, and Miss Maria CLINTON, 
 of Cooperstown. 
 In Middlefield, Sept. 20th, by Rev. S. P. Way, Wm. F. 
 HOLCOMB, of Burlington, and Miss Hattie SITTS, of 
 In Middlefield, Sept. 18th, by Rev. Orren Perkins, Fillmore 
 M. FRENCH, of Warren, Herkimer co., to Mary E., daughter 
 of Allen INGALLS. 
 At Schuyler's Lake, Sept. 21st., by Rev. T. A. Stevens, 
 S. Delos WHITE, of Cooperstown, and Miss Florence E. 
 MURPHY, of Middlefield. 
 At East Worcester, by Rev. J. Evans, Harvey E. PEASE, 
 of Sidney Point, and Lola E., daughter of Daniel S. GOTT. 
 In Oneonta, Sept. 25, May Linden, infant daughter of 
 Chas. A. and Helen M. JONES, aged 3 months & 9 days. 
 In Afton, Sept. 24 C. R. SWEET, aged 70 years. 
 In Burlington, September 23, Thos. SMART, aged 75 years. 

 10/4/1878            MARRIED 
 In Portlandville, at the house of the bride's father, Sept. 
 26th, by Rev. J. W. Ainsworth, F. W. PACKER and Alice 
 WELLMAN, both of Portlandville. 
 At the home of the bride's parents, Sept. 25, by Rev. J. 
 M. Chase, A. L. EMMONS and Miss Carrie THOMAS, 
 all of Worcester. 
 In Unadilla, Oct. 2d, by Rev. Mr. Bundy, of Otego, Frank 
 At the same place and date, by the same, Ezra BREWSTER 
 and Fanny M. BUNDY. 
 In Edmeston, Sept. 25, by Rev. S. S. Cady, Wm. F. 
 PAYNE and Miss Louisa A. MEEKER, both of Edmeston. 
 In Oneonta, Oct. 3, by Rev. Geo. Woodworth, George E. 
 WOODWORTH, son of the officiating clergyman, and 
 Amanda MICKEL. 
 In Portlandville, Sept. 30th, Elizabeth, relict of the late 
 Daniel WRIGHT, aged 77 years. 
 In Cooperstown, Sept. 26th, Catharine, wife of David 
 ALLEN, aged 40 years. 
 At Fly Creek, Sept. 26th, Jesse PROSSER, in the 99th 
 year of his age. 
 In Schenevus, Sept. 24th, Stephen R. SLINGERLAND, 
 aged 57 years. 
 In Middlefield, Sept. 20th, Milton U. CHASE, aged 76 years. 
 (Second notice on 10/11/1878; aged 75) 

 10/11/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, Oct. 9th, by Rev. J. T. Wright, Miss Hattie, 
 daughter of the officiating clergyman, and Dr. GALE. 
 In Milford Center, Oct. 3, by Rev. J. W. Ainsworth, 
 Giles E. EDSON and Mrs. Mary E. HARDY. 
 In Hobart, Oct. 2, by Rev. S. D. GLOSON, John J. 
 ANDREWS, of South Kortright and Emma KNISKERN, 
 of Hobart. 
 In Croton, Oct. 3, by Rev. T. J. Whitaker, Virgil D. 
 OSBORN and Effie FAILING, both of Croton. 
 In Delhi, Oct. 1, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Charles R. 
 STILSON, and Elizabeth, daughter of John HUTSON. 
 In Delhi, Oct. 1, by Rev. E. B. Russell, Charles R. 
 McDONALD, of Meredith, and Mary R. ELINT, of Delhi. 
 In Maryland, Oct. 3, by Rev. E. C. Herdman, Austin T. 
 CHASE, of Middlefield, and Lucy A. BALDWIN. 
 In Oneonta, Oct. 6, Isaac H. PETERS, aged 68 years. 
 In Cooperstown, Oct. 3d, Mrs. Martha A. COCKETT, 
 aged 58 years. 
 In Cooperstown, Oct. 7th, Mrs. Mary STOWELL, mother 
 of the above, aged 86 years. 
 In Cooperstown, Oct. 8th, Fayette HINDS, aged 54 years. 
 In Cooperstown, Oct. 4th, Mrs. Sarah C. HUNTER, aged 
 50 years. 
 In Meredith, Elk Creek, Oct. 1, Hugh ANDERSON, aged 
 67 years. 
In Meredith, Sept. 28, Mrs. Mercy POST, wife of Rev. 
 George Post, aged 67 years. 
 In New Berlin, Lansing L. CONKEY.  (no age listed) 
 In Middlefield, Sept. 29, Milton U. CHASE, aged 75 years. 
 In Burlington, Oct. 3, Wm. M. HOLDRIDGE, aged 81 
 years.  Mr. Holdridge was one of the earlier inhabitants of 
 Otsego county.  He was born near the place where he 
 lived and died, and for a lifetime was loved and respected 
 by all who knew him.  His great kindness toward all is 
 highly spoken of.  On the occasion of his funeral, there 
 were assembled all of his children and grandchildren, and 
 from so large a circle he was the first to be taken.  He had 
 been a great sufferer for weeks, but there never was a 
 murmur upon his lips.  He passed away peacefully and now 
 we trust rests with Him who "giveth His beloved sleep." 
 In Portlandville, Sept. 30, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of the late 
 Daniel WRIGHT, aged 77 years.  She was born in Cherry 
 Valley but spent most of her days in this vicinity.  Early 
 in life she joined the society of Quakers.  She loved her 
 Bible, and very few days passed without her reading one 
 or more chapters.  She was highly respected by all.  She 
 was ripe in years, and, as those who last knew her believe, 
 in christian experience.  Like a "shock of corn," fit for the 
 Master's use, she was gathered home. 

 10/25/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, Oct. 24th, by Rev. Mr. Brown, Mr. T. S. 
 SHELLAMAN, of East Meredith, and Mrs. Abba BARBAR, 
 of West Oneonta. 
 In Franklin, Oct. 11, by Rev F. C. Morgan, Le Grand 
 BISSELL, and Nancy BOND, both of Franklin. 
 In Franklin, Oct. 10, by Rev. T. J. Whitaker, Charles J. 
 TUTTLE and Alice M. BENNETT, both of Franklin. 
 In Schenevus, George SPENCER, Esq., aged about 35 
 years.  (no date listed) 
 In West Oneonta, Oct. 19, Carrie LAMB.  (no age listed) 
 At the residence of her son-in-law, F. GLEASON, in 
 Schenevus, Oct. 13, Mrs. Mary CHAMPLIN, aged 66 years. 
 In Pittsfield, Oct. 15, Mary Abigail BELL, wife of Horace 
 L. CHASE, aged 23 years. 
 In New Lisbon, Oct. 16, Walter Henry, infant son of Czar 
 L. and Marth NEARING, aged one year. 

 11/1/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, at the Central Hotel, Oct. 24th, by Rev. H. H. 
 Allen, George H. YAGER of Belden, N. Y., and Lucy N. 
 BEERS, of Maryland. 
 At Butternuts, Oct. 23d, by Rev. Elias Jones, C. A. 
 PEARCE, of Otego, and Miss J. Elva BAILEY. 
 At the house of the bride's parents, Stamford, Oct. 23d, 
 by Rev. E. L. Richards, James M. DONNELLY, M. D., of 
 Davenport, and Miss Frances M. CLARK. 
 At Hartwick, Oct. 16th, Otis H. BABBITT and Mrs. 
 D. C. LUCE.  (no Rev. listed) 
 At the residence of the officiating clergyman, by Rev. J. 
 H. Wright, of Davenport, A. Oscar BAKER, of Laurens, 
 and Miss Lydia M. THAYER, of Oneonta. 
 At the Baptist parsonage, Oct. 22d, by Rev. F. P. Sutherland, 
 C. F. MYRICK and Miss Emma J. WILD, both of Gilbertsville. 
 At the Empire House, Gilbertsville, Oct. 19th, by Rev. 
 J. Soden, Esq., William L. BENJAMIN and Clara L. 
 THOMPSON, both of Morris. 
 In Laurens, Oct. 23, Mrs. Chas. CHURCH.  (no age listed) 
 In Unadilla, Oct. 19, Alfred NORTON, aged 70 years. 
 In Cherry Valley, Oct. 24, Mrs. Elizabeth ALLEN, widow 
 of the late Rev. Wm. Allen and mother of Mrs. George 
 REYNOLDS, of Oneonta, aged 73 years. 
 In Masonville, Oct. 22, Mrs. Duer JOHNSON, aged 78 
 years, mother of Mrs. David ALGER, of Oneonta. 
 In New York, Oct. 24, Sarah S., widow of Looe(?) BAKER, 
 and daughter of the late Gen. Jacob MORRIS, of Morris, 
 aged 91 years. 

 11/8/1878            MARRIED 
 In Hobart, Oct. 29th, by Rev. C. B. Landon, assisted by 
 Rev. C. C. Miller, Burtis A. KNAPP and Georgia A. 
 MATTHEWS, all of Hobart. 
 In Hunter, Greene county, October 29th, by Rev. Father 
 Cannane, James MEEHAN to Miss Teresia B. WHITE, 
 both of Delhi. 
 At the M. E. church in Unadilla, Oct. 24th, by Rev. J. W. 
 Mevis, Charles H. HALLOCK and Miss R. Eudora FAGAN, 
 both of Franklin. 
 In Unadilla, Oct. 27th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Charles W. 
 PATTERSON, of Unadilla, and Miss Saphila BASSETT, 
 of Andes. 
 At the residence of the bride's parents in Richfield, by 
 Rev. S. R. Ward, H. L. DAVIS and Miss Anna R. FORD, 
 all of Richfield.  (no date listed) 
 At the residence of the bride's father in German Flats, 
 by Rev. P. F. Sanborne, Miss M. Addie BENEDICT to 
 James A. BURLINGAME, of Springfield.  (no date listed) 
 At Middlefield, by Rev. Orrin Perkins, Filmore M. FRENCH, 
 of Warren, to Mary E., daughter of Allen INGALLS.  (no 
 date listed) 
 At the Baptist parsonage, Oct. 29th, by Rev. G. E. 
 Flint, John C. DUNLAP and Miss Eunice PERKINS, all 
 of Unadilla. 
 At the home of the bride's parents, Oct. 29th, by Rev. 
 A . S. Hobart, Melvin D. LEWIS and Lovina S. BENJAMIN, 
 both of Morris. 
 In Unadilla, Oct. 28th, Mrs. Mary NICHOLS in her 74th year. 
 In Cherry Valley, Oct. 24th, Elizabeth DUCKLE ALLEN, 
 aged 73 years. 
 In Afton, October 26th, William Z. PRESTON, aged 70 years. 
 In New Lisbon, Nov. 3d, Miss Betsey BARTON, aged 78 
 In Schuyler's Lake, Oct. 28th, Mr. John DURFY, aged 
 78 years. 
 In Butternuts, Oct. 24th, of consumption, Miss Frances 
 A. HASTINGS, aged 36 years. 
 In Morris, Oct. 30th, Amos ATWELL.  (no age listed) 

 11/22/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, Nov. 20, by Rev. J. B. Calhoun, Scott 
 GOODWIN and Hattie A. GILBERT, both of Hartwick. 
 In Stamford, July 10, by Rev. S. G. Van Hoesen, L. 
 Jan VAN HOESEN and Jennie A. GRANT. 
 In Franklin, Nov. 7, by Rev. S. W. Meek, Wm. W. 
 PALMER and Mary A. MITLER. 
 In Richfield Springs, Nov. 13, by Rev. F. H. Sperry, Frank 
 ZOLLER, of Frankfort, and Jennie E. WARD, of Richfield. 
 In Oneonta, at the home of the bride, Nov. 19 by Rev. H. 
 Brotherton, George W. SMITH, of Franklin, and Ella, 
 daughter of Francis CRANDALL. 
 In South Worcester, Nov. 17, of Hydro-thorax, Nathan 
 PIERCE aged 17 years. 
 In Gilbertsville, Nov. 18, H. GATCHILL.  (no age listed) 
 In Richfield, Oct. 12, Libbie STORER, aged 23 years. 
 In Springfield Center, Nov. 10, Mrs. James CASLER, 
 daughter of Horace WOOD, aged 31 years. 
 In Springfield Center, Oct. 6, Peter McRORIE, aged 77 years. 
 In Stamford, Nov. 5, Mrs. Tama STEWART, aged 91 years. 
 In Cherry Valley, Nov. 7, Mrs. Mary J. WHITE, relict of 
 the late Col. George W. White, aged 63 years. 
 In Deposit, Nov. 12, Howard, son of Charles N. and Alice 
 E. STOW, aged 4 years. 

 11/29/1878    THE LATE DR. CHARLES T. BUSH.-  The remains of 
 Dr. Charles T. Bush, of whose death we spoke last week, 
 reached here from Denver, Saturday noon, and were at 
 once conveyed to the residence of Erastus WARD, the 
 father of Mrs. Bush.  The body was encased in a handsome 
 metallic coffin, and the embalmment had preserved the 
 naturalness of features to a very satisfactory extent. 
 Mrs. Bush had become much prostrated from grief and 
 anxiety during the transportation of her dead husband, and 
 was quite overcome at receiving him home, dead.  The 
 little baby girl clapped her hands gladly at the sight of 
 "papa," recognizing him at once, but could not appreciate 
 his condition.  During the day the body was looked at by 
 many friends of the deceased, and arrangements were at 
 once made by military and civil bodies for attendance at 
 the funeral. 
 Capt. H. G. WOOD, of Third Separate Company, issued 
 the following order:  Oneonta, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1878. 
 I.  It is the sad duty of the Captain commanding this 
 company to announce to the members the death of our 
 late comrade, Charles T. Bush, which occurred at Denver, 
 Colorado, on November 16th, 1878. 
 As a faithful member of the command, often performing 
 his duty under great physical pain, yet always cheerfully 
 responding to the demands made upon him, his example 
 will always be worthy of emulation by every member of the 
 command, none of whom are less able to perform their 
 whole duty than he was. 
 As a courteous and kind-hearted gentleman, his place 
 in the company cannot easily be filled, and the memory of 
 his excellent qualities, will remain on our minds until it 
 shall be our turn to answer at the final roll call of life. 
 As a mark of respect to his memory, the usual badge of 
 mourning will be worn for thirty days. 
 II.  The members of this command, and Drum Corps, 
 will assemble at the company armory on Tuesday, November 
 26th, 1878, at 1 o'clock p. m., in full dress uniform, white 
 equipments and white gloves to attend the funeral of our 
 late comrade, Charles T. Bush.     H. G. Wood, Captain 
 Orders similar to the above were issued by the foreman 
 of the fire companies, and arrangements made to attend 
 the funeral. 
 On Tuesday, the armory was heavily draped in mourning, 
 and the flag at the engine house was at half mast, as were 
 other similar emblems.  At 1:30 the various organizations 
 formed at the residence of Mr. Ward led by Military Band, 
 and accompanied the remains and friends to the Presbyterian 
 church.  At an early hour the church was filled, reserving 
  only space for mourners and attendants.  Mrs. E. R. Ford 
  presided at the organ, Dr. Pratt, S. Brownson, Miss 
  Brownson and Mrs. W. H. Williams composed the 
  choir.  Scripture was read by Rev. Dr. Calhoun, prayer 
  was said by Rev. Dr. Smith, and Rev. H. H. Allen delivered 
  the sermon.  His remarks were from Deut. 32:49,50-"Get 
  thee up into this mountain Abarim. And die in the mount 
  whither thou goest up, and be gathered unto thy people." 
  Among other things, Mr. Allen said:  History, sacred or 
  profane, furnishes us no more touching picture than this 
  of Moses going away by himself alone to die.  For forty 
  years he lived a life of the most intense activity.  As a 
  leader of the Lord's host, he has been continually in the 

 In Davenport, Nov. 20, by Rev. J. H. Wright, Thomas M. 
 TERRELL, of Oneonta, and Sarah A. McLAURY, of Davenport. 
 In Worcester, Nov. 20, by Rev. C. D. W. Bredgman, D. D. 
 of New York, Alexander B. HUMPHREY and Mary 
 MORRISON daughter of George H. CHARLES. 
 In Franklin, Nov. 20, by Rev. W. C. Grubbe, Wm. H. 
 HANFORD, of Franklin, and Clara P. BENEDICT, of 
 In Delhi, Nov. 21, by Rev. E. R. Russell, Capt. Thomas R. 
 TILLOTT, of Genoa, N. Y., late conductor on the Midland 
 branch, and Anna M. McCOURTIE, of Delhi. 
 In Gilbertsville, Nov. 23, by Rev. F. P. Southerland, 
 James A. BROWN, of Cooperstown, and Estella MURRY, 
 of Gilbertsville. 
 In East Davenport, Nov. 25, Mrs. Charity WHITNEY. 
 Funeral at the Presbyterian church in this place, Nov. 27. 
 (no age listed) 
 In Masonville, Nov. 14, Mrs. Rhoda McDOUGAL, aged 62. 
 In Delhi, Nov. 25, Eulalee Belisle, wife of C. H. 
 SANFORD, aged 28 years. 
 In Hartwick, Nov. 21, Susan POST, aged 69 years. 
 In South Deerfield, Mass., Nov. 14, Mrs. Zelinda Wing 
 SANDERSON, daughter of the late Dr. Walter WING, of 
 Morris, aged 61 years. 

12/6/1878            MARRIED 
 In Oneonta, Dec. 4th, by Rev. P. Scramling, Albert 
 SCRAMLING, of Oneonta, and Miss Agnes McNAIR, 
 of Andes. 
 In Oneonta, at the bride's father's, Nov. 28, by Rev. Y. C. 
 Smith, Loren H GROAT and Leona L. MICKLE, both of 
 In Morris, Nov. 27th, by Rev. J. S. Southworth, Frank H. 
 YORK, of Clarksville, to Fanny E. ALDRICH, daughter of 
 Sylvester D. ALDRICH, of Morris. 
 At the home of the bride's father, on the evening of Nov. 
 27th, by Rev. T. F. Hall, Charles A. SIBLEY, of Middlefield, 
 to Miss Nettie BURNSIDE, of Maryland, N. Y. 

 In Richfield Springs, Geo. W. HORTON.  (no age listed) 
 In Richfield Springs, Dr. Horace MANLEY.  (no age listed) 
 In Hartwick, Dec. 2d, Miss Esther ROCKWELL.  (no age listed) 
 In New Lisbon, Dec. 1st, of diptheria, Herman HAWKINS, 
 aged 16 years. 
 In Unadilla, December 3d, Cathleen, infant daughter of 
 M. W. DAY, aged 3 months. 

 12/20/1878            MARRIED 
 At No. 2, Queen's Place, Renfew, Scotland, on the 26th 
 ult., by Rev. David Nelson, Donald WATSON, merchant, 
 to Miss Mary PARISH, oldest daughter of Ephraim Parish, 
 New York. -  Glasgo Heralde. 
 In Oneonta, December 17, Miss Jennie WATKINS, aged 
 18 years. 

 12/27/1878      FUNERAL & BURIAL
 Franklin.-  December 25, 1878. 
 The funeral of Arthur MANN, son of Wyson Mann, was 
 largely attended at the Baptist church last Sunday. 

 Unknown Town.   Andrew C. DUNHAM,  for many years a 
 resident of Maryland, and well known to the older inhabitants, 
 was buried here on Wednesday of last week.  He was the 
 father of Quortus and Morell Dunham, in the railroad employ. 

 At Croton, Dec. 25, by Rev. J. L. Davis, Albert SQUIRE 
 and Mary E. BLANCHARD, both of Croton. 
 At the parsonage in Hartwick, Dec. 24, by Rev. S. M. 
 Cook, Frank CARR, and Miss Mary J. MILLER, both of 
 At the residence of the bride, Dec. 25, by Rev. H. H. 
 Allen, Mr. Rufus CONROW, of Jefferson, and Mrs. 
 Cedna(?) O. HOWE, of Oneonta. 
 In Gilbertsville, Dec. 19th, by Rev. Mr. Cope assisted by 
 Rev. W. J. Quincy, Thomas R. COPE and Miss Anna 
 M. QUINCY, both of Butternuts. 
 At the parsonage in Hartwick, Dec. 18, by Rev. S. M. 
 Cook, John C. MOTT and Miss Mary E. PIERCE, all of 
 In Oneonta, Dec. 19, at the residence of Mr. ELDRED, 
 Kendrick S. HECOX, of Edmeston Centre, and Martha 
 HUNGERFORD, of Toddville.  (no Rev. listed) 
 In East Meredith, Dec. 17, Lydia C. ROWLAND, aged 
 38 years. 
 In Morris, Dec. 20th, Dea. Allen POPE, aged 82 years. 
 In Delhi, Dec. 20th, Harvey R. MILLARD, aged 63 years. 
 In Davenport, November 17th, Arthur, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
 Leverett MUNSON, aged 8 years. 
 At Unadilla Centre, Dec. 18, Mrs. Sally A. CARD, wife 
 of Nathan Card, aged 68 years. 
 At Unadilla, Dec. 23, Henry MOTT, aged 33 years. 
 In Oneonta, Dec. 23, Mrs. TRUMAN, daughter of Mrs. SLADE. 
 In Oneonta, Dec. 24, infant child of David BRUMAGAIN, 
 aged 6 weeks. 

        END OF 1878 

                                    YEAR 1879 

 1/10/1879            MARRIED 
 At the pastor's residence in Otego, Dec. 24th, by Rev. B. 
 Bundy, Ira W. ALGER, of Oneonta, and Miss Eliza A. 
 KILMER, of Masonville. 
 At Otego, Jan. 1st., by Rev. A. Guy, Emory GUYLE and 
 Miss Mary HOPKINS, both of Gilbertsville. 
 At the residence of George Shepherd, Otego, Dec. 30th, 
 by Rev. B. Bundy, Aaron SHEPHERD and Miss Kate 
 KNISKERN, both of Otego. 
 At Portlandville, January 1st, by Rev. Edwin Denison, 
 Marvin MILLER, of Oneonta, and Francelia TERRY, of 
 the same place. 
 At Portlandville, January 1st, by Rev. Edwin Denison, 
 John M. ROSE of Exeter, and Flora A. REESE, of the 
 same place. 
 In Oneonta, Jan. 7th, at the bride's residence by Rev. Y. 
 C. Smith, D. D., Charles SMITH and Charlotte T. BISSELL, 
 daughter of William Bissell. 
 In South New Berlin, Dec. 31st, by Rev. W. Scott, 
 Ernest A. MILLER, of Morris, and Miss Mary I. CARR, 
 of Pittsfield. 
 In Marylan/d, December 31st, Dinah D., wife of Joseph 
 BLANCHARD, aged 83 years. 

 Gardner HARRINGTON, aged 91, died in New Berlin, 
 on the 9th.  He located in Burlington in 1790, spending 
 there the most of his life.  He was a member of the 
 Baptist church. 

 Among the late weddings was that of Irving KEYES and 
 Maggie WELLMAN.  The bride received many valuable 
 presents.  A happy and prosperous life is the wish of 
 their many friends. 

 At the home of the bride's parents, in Laurens, Dec. 2, 
 by Rev. A. S. Clark, Frank MORRELL, of Oneonta, and 
 Miss Fanny M. PHILLIPS, of Laurens. 
 At the home of the bride's father, in Laurens, January 15, 
 by Rev. A. S. Clark, Fred A. MEAD, of Albany, and Miss 
 Mary D. FIELDS, only daughter of Hon. Wm. C. Fields. 
 At the M. E. parsonage, Cooperstown, January 22, by 
 Rev. Wm. W.(?) Miller, David WILLIAMS of Oneonta, 
 and Miss Hattie BROWNELL, of South Hartwick. 
 At the M. E. parsonage, in Laurens, January 15, by Rev. 
 A. S. Clark, John B. JUDSON, of Cooperstown, and Miss 
 Nettie WHITLOCK, of West Davenport. 
 At the M. E. parsonage in Laurens, January 15, by Rev. 
 A. S. Clark, William COOLEY(?), of Oneonta, and Miss 
 Nancy BOWEN, of Laurens. 
 At the home of the bride's parents, January 15th, by Rev. 
 J. O. Bayles, George H. McLAURY, of Davenport, to Miss 
 Margaret J. RICE, of Kortright. 
 In Laurens, January 15th, by Rev. G. A. Beebe, Lyman 
 W. RICHARDS, of Hartwick, and Miss Carrie M. FISK, 
 of Delhi. 
 In Morris, January 15th, by Rev. A. S. Hobart, Charles A. 
 ANGELL, of South New Berlin, and Miss Mary L. SMITH, 
 daughter of Uriah Smith. 
 In Morris, January 18th, at the M. E. parsonage, by Rev. 
 J. S. Southworth, Wm. SODEN and Miss Nettie HOWLAND, 
 both of Laurens. 

1/31/1879           DIED 
 In Cherry Valley, January 12th, Jenny SCOTT, in the 
 80th year of her age. 
 At Richfield Springs, January 15, Mrs. Louisa, wife of 
 Henry GARBER, aged 57 years. 
 In Delhi, January 16th, Charles R. MUNSON, aged 80 years. 
 In Colliersville, January 20/29(?), Lollie, only child of 
 M. (H.?) and Martha VAN DUSEN, aged 4 years and 7 months. 
 In Davenport, January 21, Mrs. Abijah SNYDER, aged 
 61 years. 
 In Hartford, Conn., January 21, W. E. HARVEY.  It will 
 be remembered that Mr. Harvey married Miss Mattie 
 BEACH, of Oneonta, who is left with four children. 
 In Schenectady, January 18, an infant child of William 
 BRADT.  Buried at Oneonta n the 20th. 
 In Oneonta, January 18, Richard P. BLAKELEY.  Age 
 not known to us. 

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