Death & Marriage Notices
Death & Marriage Notices
Oneonta Herald
Starting January 1871
Compiled and Contributed by
Sandy Goodspeed

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Paper Date - YEAR 1871
1/5/1871 FATAL ACCIDENT. On Sunday afternoon at about five o'clock our community was startled to hear that Mr. Lonson SHAW had accidently killed himself, in the following very singular manner. He went into the cellar-way to get a piece of ham which was hanging up there, took a knife from his pocket and cut off a slice or two, turned to step up into the room with the knife in his right hand; as he stepped up his foot slipped and he fell partly on his right side through the door, striking his right arm against the door casing, thereby giving the hand holding the knife the right position to fall upon and for it to strike his heart, which caused death almost instantly. The scream of a child near him and his falling, brought his wife and mother to his side, and supposing he was attacked with a fit, after calling his brother, they proceeded to administer what they thought best to bring him to consciousness, not succeeding, an examination was made and a wound over the heart was found. He was 36 years of age. His funeral took place at the Baptist church, on Wednesday, under the direction of the Masonic order, of which he was an honorable member. On Tuesday, Dec. 27th, a man named Moses WRIGHT, living in the town of Pittsfield, some three miles from the this village, was choping wood for Joseph Mumbulo, with a son of the latter. About half-past eleven, young Mumbulo went to the house to do his chores, leaving Wright in the woods. On returning at about one o'clock, he found Wright lying upon the ground dead. From appearances he had cut a tree and in falling it had gone against a smaller one, which was carried partly down by the weight of the falling tree, when it sprung back, striking him on the side of the head, killing him instantly, as appearances indicate. Wright was 26 years of age. He leaves a wife and one child, who have the sympathy of the entire community. - Chronicle. MARRIED In Franklin, on the 26th inst., by the Rev. S. N. Robinson, Mr. M. I. McLEOD, of Montreal, Canada, to Miss Emily A., eldest daughter of George W. WEBB, of Franklin. At the residence of the bride's father, on Wednesday evening, December 21, by Rev. J. Hough, Tracy G. RICH, Jr., of Binghamton, to Miss Ella A. Treadwell, of Croton. At Davenport, 15th inst., by Rev. A. P. Bunnell, Mr. Nathan H. BRIGGS, of Laurens, to Miss Hannah E. CONGER, of Davenport. At the M. E. Parsonage, in Davenport Centre, Jan. 1st, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Mr. Andrew PARISH of Oneonta, to Miss Ella MICKEL of the same place. DIED In Franklin, Jan. 3, 1871, of typhoid fever, Albert, only son of Russell FOOTE, aged 26 years. At Aurora, Ill., December 14, of typhoid pneumonia, Miss Demis MANN, formerly of Franklin, aged 49 years. 1/5/1871 MARRIED At the M. E. Parsonage, Oneonta, January 2d, 1871, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. William WRIGHT, of Franklin, to Miss Jane STADOR(?), of Oneonta. In Oneonta, at Lewis Hotel, Jan. 4th, 1871, by Rev. James Smith, Mr. Joseph H. GAGE, of Charlotteville, to Miss Sarah HUMMELL, of Oneonta. At the residence of the bride's father, in Oneonta, Dec. 25, 1870, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Mr. James M. WINN, to Miss Venila A. SHORT, all of Oneonta. In Mt. Vision, January 8th, 1871, by Rev. Mr. Cole, Mr. William LAKE, of New Lisbon, to Miss Detta DUEL, of Mt. Vision. DIED In Oneonta, January 10th, Harriet, daughter of Erastus MOFFAT, aged 4 months. 1/19/1871 MARRIED At West Oneonta, Jan. 11th, by Rev. G. P. Ramsey, Mr. William E. JONES, of Hartwick, to Miss E. Rozena FRANCIS, of West Oneonta. In Oneonta, January 10th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Daniel BOYSE (BOYCE?), to Miss Florence GOODRICH, both of Susquehanna. At the bride's father's, January 15th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, James WRIGHT, of Laurens, to Miss Aleester (Alcester?) HATHAWAY, of Otego. At Zion church, in Morris, January 10th, by Rev. T. H. Cullen, Nelson BALLDARD, to Miss C. M. NEWELL. DIED In Croton, January 13th, Jerusha, relict of the late Rev. Wm. B. MITCHELL, aged 56 years. In Meredith, January 14th, Ann, wife of Benjamin SMITH, late of Croton, aged 40 years. In Unadilla, January 13th, wife of O. F. W. CRANE, aged about 55 years. 1/26/1871 MARRIED At home of the bride, January 18, by Rev. B. F. Williams, James L. PEARSALL, of Bainbridge, to Mary E., daughter of Harvey WESTCOTT, of Oneonta. At Otego, January 24th, by Rev. Peter Scramling, Seymour CRANDALL to Mara, daughter of the officiating clergyman. DIED In West Oneonta, January 25, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph WILLIAMS, aged 74 years, 9 months and 14 days. In West Oneonta, January 13, of congestion of the brain, Esther, wife of Benjamin CULVER, aged 45 years, 7 months and 11 days. 2/2/1871 MARRIED At the home of the bride's father, Gen. MARTIN, Esq., January 25th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. M. W. ROGERS to Miss Helen M. MARTN, all of Otego, N. Y. At Bennettsville, N. Y., January 23d, by Rev. A. Thomas(?), Mr. Asbury PARISH, of Grinnell, Iowa, to Miss Elvira J. BROWN, of Otego. In Otego, Jan. 11, Rev. R. W. Peebles, Abijah T. FORD to Miss Lucina SMITH, all of Otego. In Sidney, January 12, by Rev. Mr. Scofield, of Unadilla, H. L. IVES to Miss Libbie BAILEY, both of Sidney Plains. In Franklin, January 11, by Rev. W. H. SMITH, Henry KNAPP, Marilla HOUGHTALING. DIED In Oneonta, January 26, Isaac PEET, aged 82 years. He was one of the pioneer settlers on Oneonta Creek and resided there for 70 years. In Franklin, January 17, Harriet C., wife of George SMITH, aged 26 years. In Franklin, January 19, Lydia A., wife of James M. CLEARWATER, aged 32 years. In Franklin, January 20, Mrs. Priscilla, relict of the late Milton BARTLETT, aged 62 years. 2/9/1871 MARRIED At the M. E. parsonage, in Oneonta, February 2, 1871, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Lewis H. THAYER to Miss Mary ELLESTON, all of West Oneonta, N. Y. 2/16/1871 MARRIED At West Davenport, February 12th, by Rev. S. Martin, Emulus A. REYNOLDS, to Miss Lillie DeLAVANWAY, all of Oneonta. 3/2/1871 MARRIED On February 22nd, by Rev. A. Griffin, Horace SESSIONS to Mrs. Katy HOPKINS, all of Oneonta. The printer generously remembered. At North Franklin, February 23d, by Rev. John Smith, of Otego, Madison M. MILLER to Miss Highly Content JUDD. A the residence of Asa JOHNSON, February 23d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Israel B. JOHNSON to Miss Mary E. REEVE, all of Morris. At the home of the bride, by Rev. William Gates, Tuesday evening, February 21st, Alph. F. FOOTE to Miss Carrie E. ROSS, all of Whitney's Point. 3/9/1871 MARRIED At Howe's Cave, March 2nd, 1871, Raymond L. FORD, formerly of this place, to Miss Cylindea WERNER, daughter of Dr. Werner. (no Rev. listed) At the residence of the bride's father, March 8th, by Rev. J. E. Mevis, Charles B. TELLSON, to Miss Alice STARR, all of Morris. In New Berlin, by the Rev. Mr. Robbinson, Doctor Wm. J. MANN, to Miss Sarah J. HARRINGTON, daughter of D. Harrington, Esq. At Laurens, March 5th, by Rev. J. Smith, Deloss POTTER, of New Lisbon, to Miss Mary FLETCHER, of Laurens. DIED Of consumption, in Augusta, Georgia, February 25, 1871, Rev. W. R. LYNCH, of the Wyoming Conference. (no age given) 3/16/1871 DIED At Duanesburg, March 13th, William J. LIDDLE, formerly of Oneonta, aged 27 years. 3/22/1871 MARRIED In Oneonta, at the residence of Erastus WARD, the 22d inst., by Rev. H. H. Allen, Mr. Andrew WICKHAM, to Miss Almina DUNHAM. Printers bountifully remembered. DIED At West Laurens, March 15th, William STENSON, aged 77 years, 3 months and 13 days. At West Oneonta, March 8th, William OLIN, aged 68. At Laurens, March 21st, Henry HOWE, late of Oneonta, aged 44. Funeral in Laurens village, 23d inst. at 11 A. M. At Oneonta, March 15th, Chas. HAND, aged 79 years.. A long residence, diligence in business and honesty in all things endeared Mr. Hand to many who will not forget him, though his earthly life is closed. 3/30/1871 Mrs. John JEFFERY, of New Berlin, put an end to her life on the 21st inst., by jumping into the Unadilla River. Family trouble prompted her to commit this rash act. Mrs. Charity S. BLACKMAN, who lately died in Pitcher, at the age of 100, left 50 grand-children, 39 great grand- children, and one great great grand-child. MARRIED At Oneonta, March 22, by Rev. A. Griffin, Frank WILLIAMS, to Miss Lydia M. BULL, of Oneonta, N. Y. At Otego, March 22, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, I. H. WHEELER, of Otego, to Harriet COLLER, of Butternuts. At New York, March 5, by Rev. A. H. Wyatt, Mr. Leon N. F. BLANCHARD, of Newark, N. J., to Miss H. LaVin ROBERTS, of Greene. At Otego, March 16, by Rev. Wm. Birdsall, Mr. Z. BEARDSLEY, of Unadilla, to Mrs. Katharine NORTHRUP, of Otego. At Otego, March 15, by Rev. R. W. Peebles, G. A. YOUNG, to Miss Louise M. ELWELL, both of Oneonta. At Oxford, March 14, by Rev. Mr. Thurston, Henry MEAD, of Norwich, to Mrs. Elizabeth STANLEY, of Oxford. At Cooperstown, March 21, by Rev. W. L. Thorpe, Alexander KERR, of Brooklyn, to Miss Ann T. BUNYAN, of Cooperstown. At the home of the bride, March 15, by Rev. W. S. Winans, George VANZANDT, to Miss Rosa GOODRICH, all of Davenport. At Meredith, March 15, at the residence of Mrs. McCABE, by Rev. G. F. Post, Henry L. DOYLE, to Miss Helen McCABE, both of Meredith. At the home of the bride, in Burlington, by Rev. W. R. Cochrane, John A. BLISS, of Alto, Lee Co., Ill., to Annie A. ROSE. DIED In Pittsfield, March 10, Elizabeth, wife of Truman PECK, in the 63d year of her age. At Schuyler's Lake, March 3, Harmony, wife of John H. BURRELL, aged 40 years, 7 months and 10 days. In Richfield, March 22, Mason CORBIN, aged 77 y'rs. In Walton, March 22, Mary STEVENSON, aged 88 y'rs. In Chicopee Falls, Mass., March 21, Miss Pamelia KNOTT, formerly of Laurens, aged 69 y'rs and 9 mo's. In Oneonta, April (March?) 16, Ira OSTERHOUDT, aged about 45 years. 4/6/1871 MARRIED At the home of the bride, March 21st, 1871, by Rev. J. L. Wells, Mr. Chas. W. PINDAR, of West Davenport, to Miss Alice J. SHORT, of Oneonta. At the house of H. R. GIFFORD, Esq., March 29th, by Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Mr. Romanzo D. BROOKS, of Mt. Vision, to Miss Carrie PEET, of Oneonta. At Oneonta, March 30, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Howard S. BRIGGS, to Miss Mina COLLER, both of Laurens. At New Berlin, March 29, at the residence of H. M. AYLESWORTH, Esq., by Rev. E. W. BRECKENRIDGE, of Skinner's Eddy, Pa., to Mrs. Luna N. HALL, of New Berlin. 4/13/1871 MARRIED At the home of the bride in West Laurens, by Rev. A. Hayward, William DeForest, of Unadilla, to Miss Mary A. SODEN, of West Laurens, daughter of John Soden, Esq. 4/20/1871 MARRIED In Oneonta, April 4, 1871, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Peter HILSINGER and Libbie LATHAN, both of Oneonta. DIED In Otsdawa, April 9, 1871, Cornelia, wife of G. (C?) SCRAMLING, aged 30 years, 2 months and 3 days. (Poem included with notice.) 5/4/1871 MARRIED At West Edmeston, April 27th, by Rev. Mr. Roberts, of New Berlin, rector of the Episcopal church, R. W. MILLER, of Oneonta and Miss Julia F. H. DE LANCEY, of West Edmeston. DIED In Oneonta, May 3d, Mrs. Miriam H. REYNOLDS, wife of G. V. Reynolds, aged 52 years and 8 months. The funeral will be attended at the residence on Friday at one o'clock, P. M. Her remains will be interred at Franklin. In New Lisbon, May 1, Capt. Joseph PECK, aged 83 years. In Harpersfield, suddenly, May 2nd, Abel DAYTON, Esq., aged 7(?) years. (crease in paper on 2d number) In North Franklin, April 13th, Frederick OSTERHOUT, aged 5 years and 7 months. (crease in front of 5) In Walton, April 24th, Wm. HONEYWELL, aged 47 years. In Walton, April 19th, of consumption, Abram A. OGDEN, aged 27 years. In Prattsville, April 21st, of heart ----- --SHALL, aged 60 years. In Delhi, April 28th, Jennie T., only daughter of Dr. H. N. and Jennie T. BUCKLEY, aged 3 years and 9 months. Near Bloomville, April 26th, Mrs. Ruth A., wife of Thomas H. WETMORE, and daughter of the late Daniel FRISBEE, of Delhi, aged about 50 years. Her death resulted from erysipelas, subsequent to a surgical operation. In West Davenport, April 24th, of consumption, Mrs. Charity GOODRICH, wife of Francis Goodrich, aged 81 years. In Bainbridge, April 27th, Gracie, wife of Ansel EVANS, aged 77 years. In Franklin, May 1st, Ira JOHNSON, aged (83?) years. (number was unreadable.) 5/11/1871 MARRIED At the bride's parents, by Rev. Joseph Richey, May 4th, D. W. SHAW and Cora EDGERTON, all of Delhi. DIED In Hamden, May 1st, Ranson MILLER, aged 54 years. In Brooklyn, April 22nd, Mrs. Jane DEAN, widow of John A. Dean, formerly of Franklin, aged 71 years. In Jefferson, April 26th, Col. James F. TREADWELL, aged 58 years. 5/18/1871 DEATH OF THE OLDEST EDITOR IN THE UNITED STATES.- John SAXTON, editor of the Canton Repository, Canton, Stark county, Ohio, died on Saturday last at the age of eighty-one. Mr. Saxton was the oldest editor in the United States, was the veteran of the American press, and was, perhaps, one of the best and purest men connected with the fraternity. He commenced the publication of the Stark County Repository about the year 1814, and published it consecutively, for fifty-seven years. During all this period he worked at the case, as well as wrote editorials and selected matter for his paper. He had been in easy circumstances for many years, but from sheer force of habit continued to set type and do other labor on the paper almost to the day of his death. He was a man of exceedingly temperate habits, and enjoyed such excellent health that he hardly knew what it was to be sick. MARRIED On East Hill, in Maryland, at the residence of Richard BABCOCK, Esq., on the 7th inst., by the Rev. H. H. Fish, Mr. John W. BUSH to Miss Anna CORNELL, all of same town. In Schenevus, at the residence of the bride's parents, May 6th, by Rev. A. Martin, Mr. Charles FISHER to Miss Augusta DUMONT, all of Schenevus. In East Springfield, on the 27th of April, 1871, by Rev. D. L. Schwartz, Silas Chapman WYNING, of Unadilla, and Miss Letita J. FRANCIS, of East Springfield. DIED In Franklinville, Suffolk Co., L. I., April 30th, after a brief illness, Rev. Phineas ROBINSON, aged 71 years. At Milo, Yates Co., April 28th, Mrs. Fanny DAVIS, wife of Orlando Davis, formerly of Sherburne, aged 86 years. In Franklin, May 13th, Mrs. Eliza BUSH, widow of Daniel Bush, aged 72 years. At Davenport Centre, May 16th, Melvin J. MILLER, son of Hon. Ezekiel Miller, aged 30 years. 5/25/1871 MARRIED In Afton, May 21st, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. A. Thomas, assisted by Rev. W. H. Sawtelle, Mr. D. L. FRENCH, of Bainbridge, to Miss Charlotte BEARDSLEY, of Afton, N. Y. In Franklin, Warren Co., Ohio, May 18th, at the residence of the bride's father, R. S. LOCKWOOD, Esq., by Rev. S. B. Smith, Maj. G. C. GIBBS, of Stamford, N. Y., to Mrs. Laura L. DERNE. In Danville, Ill., May 10th, by Rev. James W. Coe, Samuel YEOMAN, Esq., of Delhi, to Miss Ella E. COE, daughter of the officiating clergyman. DIED At Davenport Centre, May 18, Alice M., wife of N. H. HUBBARD, and daughter of Hon. Ezekiel MILLER, aged 27 years. 6/1/1871 MARRIED In Walton, May 22d, by Rev. J. S. White, at the 1st Congregational church, Rev. Chas. F. JANES of Oxford, to Miss Maria E. McLAURY, eldest daughter of J. S. McLaury, M. D., of Walton. In Unadilla, May 23d, at the residence of D. P. LOOMIS, Esq., by Rev. Mr. Robinson, Mr. R. M. BRANT, of Harpersville, to Miss Nellie BUMP, of Unadilla. In Walton, May 23d, by Rev. G. Huntington, Mr. Gideon J. COOK, of Sidney, to Miss Maggie S. SAWYER, of Walton. In Laurens, May 27th, by Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Mr. Silas WRIGHT to Miss Emma COOLEY, of Oneonta. DIED At Meredith, Tuesday May 23d, Marshall HUMMISTON, son of Mr. George Hummiston, aged 22 years. At Delhi, May 24th, Nellie HUTSON, youngest daughter of Mr. And Mrs. E. F. HUTSON, aged 14 years. At Milo, Yates, Co., April 28th, Mrs. Fanny DAVIS, formerly of Sherburne, aged 86 years, daughter of the late Noah DAVENPORT, of Stamford. At Harpersfield, May 27th, Mrs. Permelia DAVENPORT, widow of Erastus Davenport, aged 75 years. A most excellent mother and friend and a wise counselor and pillar in the church has departed. Her whole life was spent in that ancient town. 6/8/1871 MARRIED At Susquehanna House, June 6th, by Rev. A. Griffin, Theron G. HUYCK, to Miss Caroline E. BUNDY, all of Sidney. At Syracuse, May 28th, by Rev. L. Cohn, Jacob COHEN, of Oneonta, to Martha E. CRAFT, of Syracuse. At Laurens, June 4th, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen, George W. COUSE, of Portlandville, to Miss Amelia M. SHUTTS, of Otego. At the home of the bride, June 4th, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen, Herbert C. BRIGHTMAN, of Laurens, to Miss Luella BATES, of Oneonta. 6/22/1871 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's father, in Stillwater, N. Y., June 15, 1871, by Rev. Chester C. Thorne, assisted by Revs. Wm. M. Johnson and James Viele, Augustus C. MOODY, of Oneonta, to Miss Helen A. WETSELL. 6/29/1871 MARRIED At the residence of the Esq., June 18th, by Myron Yager, Chas. E. HATHAWAY to Miss Fannie E. BRAZEE, all of Oneonta. In Binghamton, June 27, at the home of the bride, by Rev. Lyman Wright, Peter JOHNSTON, of Oneonta, to Miss Fannie S. WILCOX. DIED At Unadilla, June 24, of Scarlet Fever, Willie W., aged 5 years 7 months 22 days, only child of Clifford S. and Fidelia W. ARMS. In Worcester, June 26, wife of Quartus MARKHAM, of Otego, aged 64 years. At East Davenport, June 20th, Mrs. Elizabeth REYNOLDS, wife of the late Hosea Reynolds, aged 78 years. Mrs. Reynolds was a daughter of Capt. Benjamin FULLER, who came from New Fane, Vt., to Kortright and settled there in 1785. She became a member of the Baptist church in Harpersfield during the ministry of Rev. John Lake, in 1808. To a life of unceasing industry she added much hospitality, great kindness to the suffering, and a calm endurance of tribulation. She was blessed with an intellect of unusual force, and had those attractions of person and manner which make up for the lack of school education once so common to new settlements. She was buried at North Kortright near the place where she spent nearly sixty years of her life. Kind mother, farewell! 7/6/1871 MARRIED At the Railroad House, in Oneonta, on the 2nd inst., by Rev. H. H. Allen, Frederick E. BAILEY, of Deposit, and Estella L. MALLORY, of Oaksville. In Delhi, June 28, by Rev. Mr. Richie, Isaac H. MAYNARD, of Stamford, and Miss Maggie E. MARVINE, of Delhi. In Oxford, June 22, by Rev. A. Reynolds, assisted by Rev. A. Leroy, Burt IRELAND, of Mt. Upton, and Miss Alferrette L. ROOT. DIED At Milford, June 28, Ambrose STEVENSON, aged 50 years. 7/15/1871 MARRIED In Albany, June 8th, 1871, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. A. Westvere, Mr. Charles M. CROCKER, of Albany, to Miss Addie V. SWAN, of New York. In Oneonta, July 10, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. Joseph H. DANIELS, of Franklin, Mass., to Miss Coralinn, daughter of A. D. MORRISON, Esq., of Oneonta. In Oneonta, July 5th, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Mr. Alvah R. MEAD, and Miss Orcelia SWARTOUT, both of Milford. In Worcester, at the residence of the bride's father, July 5th, by Rev. Mr. Brown, Mr. Wm. NELSON, to Miss Mary CONNERS, all of Worcester. In the Presbyterian church, in Worcester, July 2d, by Rev. Mr. Brown, Mr. Peter MELICK, to Miss Mary BARNEY, all of Worcester. DIED At Milford, June 23, of consumption, George W. SAYRE, aged 59 years. Near Colliersville, July 1, Mrs. William FRISBIE, aged about 50 years. At Otego, July 4, of consumption, Geo. COLE, aged 52 years. At Laurens, July 7th, of cancer, Mrs. Eleanor Ann LOOMIS, wife of Daniel C. Loomis, aged 50 years. 7/20/1871 MARRIED In North Franklin, July 3d, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. John Smith, Andrew J. WATSON and Hattie E. ALGER, both of Oneonta. At Laurens, July 4th, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen, Adam H. STERLING, of Ilion, and Jennie H. PIXLEY, of Laurens. DIED In Oneonta, July 16, wife of Chauncey WARD, (no name) In Croton, July 14th, George C. JESTER, aged 39 years. In Cooperstown, July 12, Burdette D. KING, only son of Orrin King, of Oneonta, aged 21 years and 7 months. 7/27/1871 MARRIED On the 26th instant, at the Susquehanna House, in this village, by Rev. Wm. N. Cobb, Mr. D. K. JOHNSON to Miss Lucy A. BUSH, both of Cooperstown. At Guilford, on the 12th instant, by Rev. George Heaton, Mr. Ira BENEDICT, of Coventry, aged 78, to Miss Clarissa WAKEFIELD, aged 74, of Guilford. On Monday, July 17, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Elihu P. MACE, of Walton, to Miss Julia A. HITCHCOCK, of Delhi. DIED In West Laurens, July 26, Mrs. Lucinda Soden HAY, wife of Gideon Hay, and daughter of John SODEN, Esq., aged about 17 years. In New York city, July 20, at the residence of D. Colden MURRAY, Esq., Miss Caroline A. BRETT, aged 71 years. In Morris, July 24th, Norman NEWELL, aged 68 years. In Otego, July 14, of heart disease, Lucy M., wife of L. COBURN, Esq., aged 50 years. To a naturally amiable and affectionate disposition, Mrs. Coburn added the crowning grace of human character, an intelligent Christian faith. From childhood she had known the scriptures, and endeavored to walk in their counsel, her whole life was a lucid comment on the reality of the religion she professed. Faith and hope pledged to her heart a reunion with little Charlie, (an only son deceased a few years since), now doubtless with her a glorious reality. An ardent friend and exemplary Christian, a devoted wife, a faithful mother has gone; her record is in Heaven; her memory will live in the hearts of all who knew her. A lonely companion and sorrowing daughter alone remain of the once happy, now broken circle. May it be reunited. (Poem included with notice.) 8/3/1871 MARRIED At Laurens, July 31, by Rev. H. N. VanDeusen, Lawson E. HILDRETH and Eva CLARK, all of Laurens. 8/10/1871 DIED In Oneonta, August 4, Sylvester WHITMARSH, aged 44 In Oneonta, August 6, Sophia WEIDMAN, widow of the late David Weidman, of Unadilla, aged 80 years. 8/24/1871 DIED In Unadilla, on the 15th inst., Della, infant son of Abial J. and Anna WILLIAMS, aged 3 months and 13 days. 9/7/1871 DIED In Oneonta, Sept. 3d, Erastus GREEN, aged about 35 years. 9/14/1871 MARRIED At the residence of the bride's mother, Sept. 13th, by Rev. D. L. Pendell, (Rev. D. Rogers in attendance), Herbert M. BRONSON & Miss Lenora SPENCER, all of Oneonta. Printers remembered. At the M. E. Parsonage, in North Franklin, Sept. 5th, by Rev. Edward White, George OSBORN, of Croton, to Miss Clarinda BUTTS, of Franklin. DIED In Oneonta, Sept. 12, Joseph WHITNEY, aged 76 years. In Morris, Sept. 3d, Dora R., only daughter of E. C. MATTESON, aged 11 years and 4 months. In Morris, Set. 9th, Nathaniel STEVENSON, aged 61 years, 3 months and 7 days. 9/21/1871 MARRIED At Guthrie, Iowa, Sep. 13th, by Rev. H. H. Kellogg, W. B. MARTIN to Miss Lucy DERBY, only daughter of Ira Derby, Esq., formerly of Oneonta. At Otego, Sep. 13th, by Rev. P. Scramling, Harmon J. HURLBUT to Miss Loverna NORTHRUP, both of Otego. At Otego, Sep. 14th, at the home of the bride, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Charles E. BALDWIN to Miss Celissa MILES, both of Otego. At Milford, Aug. 31st, by Rev. J. H. Ecob, of Andover, Fred E. BARNARD, of New York city, to Miss Mary L., daughter of the late Stephen ESTES, of Milford. 9/28/1871 MARRIED At Walton, Thursday Sept. 14th, by Rev. Joel Davis, of Franklin, Mr. George T. WARNER, of Boston, to Miss Stella J. HOYT, of Walton. At Hartwick, Sept. 13th by Rev. G. Jefferson Travis, Mr. Geo. PICKENS of Cooperstown, and Miss Addie HUBBARD, of Hartwick. At Meredith, Sept. 19th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. J. B. Clapperton, Mr. George A. BLAKELY and Miss Belle MEIN, both of Meredith. At Walton, at the Congregational Church, on Wednesday, Sept. 13th, by Rev. S. J. White, Mr. W. H. FISHER, of Delhi, and Miss Carrie L. OGDEN of Walton. At the residence of his son-in-law, E. MYERS, in Sidney, Plains, Sept. 17th, Tibbets RATHBONE, aged 75 years. He was buried in the cemetery in Schenvus. At Walton, Sept. 10, by Rev. S. J. White, Mr. John THOMPSON and Mrs. Margaret WRIGHT. (listed under Died) DIED At Maryland, Sept. 14th, Robert CAMPBELL, aged 4years. At Worcester, Sept. 20th, Elvira, wife of Lysander DAY, aged 42 years. 10/5/1871 MARRIED At the residence of Mr. H. GARDNER, in Laurens, Oct. 3d, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, of Otego, David S. SMITH to Miss Josie GEORGE, all of Laurens. At the home of the bride, on the 28th inst., by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Frederick GRAHAM, of Norwich, and Adelia A. ANDREWS, of Delhi. At the home of the bride, Sept. 27th, by Bishop Daniel S. Tuttle, of Salt Lake City, Utah, Charles L. WHITCOMB, to Miss Jennie Leonard, daughter of Russell Leonard, Esq., of Morris. DIED At Butternuts, Sept. 29th, Mrs. Geo. GADSBY. At Croton, Sept. 27th, Mrs. Alta WOLCOTT WHEAT, wife of William Wheat, Esq., aged 69 years. At West Oneonta, Sept. 23d, Ephraham H. SLEEPER in the 84th year of his age. At Garrattsville, on the 26th ult., Ezra MATHER, aged 57 years. At Oneonta, on the 26th ult., after a lingering and painful illness of eighteen weeks, Miss Hattie E. WARD, aged 18 years, 2 months and 6 days. Miss Ward was very intimately connected with friends who deplore her death, but she was recognized as a purely christian lady, of noble, generous impulses, and the sorrows of her death are alleviated by the conviction that she merely entered into a permanent life, leaving behind all of a worldly nature. 10/19/1871 MARRIED At West Oneonta, October 17, by Rev. A. Griffin, Geo. N. BEACH and Miss Dana A. MATTESON, all of Oneonta. At the home of the bride, in Portlandville, October 17, by Rev. J. L. Wells, Wm. GARLOCK and Emma WESTCOTT. DIED In Franklin, on the 12th inst., Charlotte BENNETT, aged 82 years. In Franklin, on the 16th inst., Patty AUSTIN, aged 72 years. In Franklin, on the 16th inst., Polly CANFIELD, aged 82 years. 10/26/1871 MARRIED On the 16th inst., at the home of the bride, by Rev. Mr. Bayles, assisted by Rev. E. White, James KELSO, of Kortright, to Miss Elizabeth BALLENTINE, of Davenport. On the 21st inst., at the home of the bride, by Rev. E. White, Albert SUTHERLAND, of Oneonta, to Miss Mahala GREEN, of Franklin. On the 24th inst., at the home of the bride, by Rev. E. White, assisted by Rev. G. W. Walker, Thomas K. WALKER, Principal of Napanoch Seminary, to Miss Evalyn MUNSON, of Franklin. At Mt. Vision, Oct. 15, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Charles UTTER, of Oneonta, to Miss Elizabeth MECKLEY, of Sidney. 11/2/1871 MARRIED In Oneonta, Oct. 25th, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Harrison WHITE of Cooperstown and Caroline BARNES of Oneonta. At the M. E. Parsonage, Oneonta, by Rev. A. Griffin, Oct. 25th, Willard J. HOUGHTALING and Nancy ENOS, all of Oneonta. At the residence of the bride's father, in Otego, Oct. 24th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Stoughton A. HORTON and Frank MARBLE. DIED In Oneonta, Nov. 1, Mrs. Rodney EMMOND, aged 41 years. At West Laurens, Oct. 29th, Ezra BLANCHARD, formerly of North Franklin, aged 48 years. At Sidney Plains, Oct. 14th, Mrs. Francis HARRINGTON, in the 29th year of her age. 11/9/1871 MARRIED At the home of the bride, Oct. 31st, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, of Otego, Edgar BARTLETT, to Miss Edith G. WILLIAMS, both of Sidney. At M. E. Parsonage, in Oneonta, by Rev. A. Griffin, John CONLY, of Schoharie, to Ellen Jones, of South Worcester. DIED At Margaretville, Nov. 5th, Orley OGDEN, son of Linus Ogden, Esq., of Croton, aged 22 years. Mr. Ogden was a student for a number of years at Franklin. About one month ago he left home for Margaretville to study medicine with Dr. Allaben, and his early death is a sad affliction to an excellent family. 11/16/1871 MARRIED At Unadilla, Nov. 5th, Clark SPENCER and Miss Ella VAN COTT. At Franklin, No. 9th, at the home of the bride, by Rev. Joel D. -----, Job (or John?) M. LLOYD to Miss Carrie C. PALMER, all of Franklin. At Franklin, Nov. 8th, at the home of the bride, by Rev. A. G. King, Frank W. FACETT, of Westford, to Miss Nancy Jane BAKER, of Franklin. At the home of the bride, in Milford, Nov. 1st, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, S. HOPKINS, of Davenport, to Miss Susan ACKLEY, of Milford. DIED At Colliersville, Nov. 11th, Mrs. Horace D. SPENCER, aged 59 years and 7 months. At Washburn, Ill., Oct. 12th, of typhoid fever, John AVERY, aged 58 years. Formerly of Oneonta. At West Meredith, Nov. 11th, of cancer, Mrs. Sovina SCOTT, formerly of Milford, aged 66 years. At Unadilla, Oct. 29th, Rhoda H. wife of D. P. SPENCER, aged (?2) years. 11/23/1871 MARRIED At the home of the bride, Oct. 4, by Rev. A. Wing, A. A. WHITNEY to Miss Immogene T. OLIN, all of Oneonta. Printers bountifully remembered. At the home of the bride, Nov. 15, by Rev. A. Wing, A. J. WHITNEY, to Miss Sarah ORR, all of Oneonta. Printers bountifully remembered. At the M. E. Parsonage, Oneonta, Nov. 21st, by Rev. A. Griffin, Mr. J. NEWKIRK, of Laurens, to Miss Susan M. MERIHEW, of Milford. At Richmond, Va., Nov. 3rd, by Rev. D. F. Leach, Geo. Edgar LEACH, of Yatesville, Va., to Miss Elizabeth J. BRONSON, of Franklin, Del. Co., N. Y. DIED At Davenport, Nov. 19, Isaac SPOOR, son of Peter B. Spoor aged 19 years. At Otego, Nov. 10th, of consumption, Miss Mary DAVIS, aged 16 years. At the residence of his son, H. O. Packard , in Otego, Nov. 14th, Levi B. PACKARD, aged 72 years. 11/30/1871 DIED At West Davenport, Nov. 4th, Phoebe, wife of Russel GOODRICH, aged 70 years. 12/7/1871 MARRIED At Burlington Falts, on the 23d inst. by Rev. Wm. Church, Mr. Michael C. MURPHY, of Richfield, to Miss Floretta SWEET of Burlington. At Oneonta, Nov. 29th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Wm. J. STRAIGHT, to Miss Mary A. MICKEL, all of Oneonta. At the home of the bride, in Sidney, Nov. 20th, by Mr. Morse, Franklin, J. HIGGINS, of Kalamazoo, Mich., to Libbie E. EDSON, of Sidney. DIED At Cooperstown, on the 23d of November, of disease of the heart, Dr. William A. COMSTOCK, aged 62 years. At Davenport, August 11th, 1871, George SPOOR, son of Peter and Cornelia Spoor, aged 16 years. At Davenport, Nov. 19th, Ira SPOOR, son of Peter and Cornelia Spoor, aged 19 years. 12/21/1871 MARRIED In Oneonta, at the home of the bride, on the evening of December 14, 1871, J. H. JENNINGS, of Candor, and Miss Matie M. WELLS, only daughter of Rev. J. L. Wells, of the Wyoming Conference. The form of the ceremony was chosen by the parties, and rehearsed by the father of the bride, from the discipline of the M. E. Church. At the home of Samuel RICHARDS, Dec. 13th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Bennett S. OSBORN, of Otego, and Frank L. RICHARDS, of Oneonta.
Paper Date - YEAR 1872
1/11/1872 MARRIED At Winnebago, Minn., at the home of the bride, Dec. 28 by Rev. W. Ross, Phineas F. BOONT of Shelbyville, Minn., formerly of Oneonta, to Miss Nancy E. LATIMER. At the United Presbyterian Church, Garrattsville, Dec. 27, by Rev. J. C. Campbell, Adam H. ELLIOTT and Miss Elizabeth C. LUNN, both of Garrattsville. At the residence of the bride's parents, Jan. 2, by Rev. S. E. Ward, Henry O. EASON, and Miss Sarah L. BAKER, both of Richfield. At Christ Church, Oswego, Dec. 28, by the rector, Amos Beach, D. D., Henry W. CORY of Cooperstown, to Miss Florence E., oldest daughter of J. L. HALL, Esq., of Oswego. At Walton, Jan. 1st, by Rev. G. Huntington, Eugene CARPENTER, of Delhi, to Miss S. Jennie GRANSBURY. At Kiff's Hotel, Jan. 1st, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, John M. ARBUCKLE, of Delhi, to Miss Mary L. DIX, of Handen (Hamden?) At Delhi, Jan. 3d, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, William A. ODELL to Miss Nettie M. PRESTON, both of Delhi. DIED At Walton, Jan. 2, Sarah Emma, daughter of Geo. and Sarah BERRAY, aged 9 months. At Walton, Dec. 29, Leah, wife of Joseph HOWLAND, aged 78 years. 1/18/1872 MARRIED At North Franklin, Jan. 6th, by Rev. E. White, Jno. R. COOKE, of Hartwick, and Sarah C. GREENE, all of Mt. Vision. DIED At Colliersville, Jan. 5th, Charles BARNES, aged 18 years. In Oneonta, Jan. 15th, a son of Riley SESSIONS, aged 2 years. 1/25/1872 MARRIED At New Lisbon Centre, Jan. 15, by Rev. H. M. Dean, James BEARS to Mrs. Achsah DUROE, all of New Lisbon. DIED In New Lisbon, (near Garrattsville,) Jan. 21st, Mr. Christopher BELL, aged 82 years and 4 months. In Franklin, Jan. 20, of consumption, Stirges BRADLEY, aged 69 years. In West Davenport, Jan. 15, Georgie, son of Riley and Hattie SESSIONS, aged 2 years, 5 months and 11 days. (Poem included with notice). 2/1/1872 MARRIED At the Congregational parsonage, Walton, Jan. 24th, by Rev. S. J. White, G. W. REYNOLDS, of Oneonta, and Miss Mary A. WHEAT, d/o Silas Wheat, Esq., of Franklin. 2/8/1872 MARRIED At the home of the bride, Jan. 1, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, Daniel P. GARDNER, of New Lisbon, to Miranda RICHARDS, of Laurens. At the house of Rev. E. C. Hodge, Jan. 31, William DAY to Miss Frances SMITH, all of Laurens. DEATH OF A NOTED WOMAN.- On the 17th ult., Ms. Martha BRADSTREET died at the residence of her son, in Bennettsville. The Ilion Citizen says she was the grandmother of Mrs. R. S. SMITH, Mrs. E. S. PHILLIPS, and Mr. H. M. STERLING, of Ilion. She had resided in Utica, in Schuyler, and only a few years ago in Mohawk. Her name has long been upon the lips of lawyers and suits of hers are now pending in the courts. She was an heir to an immense estate from her uncle, Gen. Bradstreet, who fought in the Revolution. Thirty thousand acres of land in Delaware county, and hundreds in Otsego, Herkimer and Oneida counties were hers-two hundred and fifty in Utica. Of a large amount of her estate she gave deeds of trust to her heirs, but afterwards endeavored to recover her property. Long and persistently she litigated-pleading her own suits in the courts, and evincing marvelous intelligence and self-possession. But she failed in her attempt. And so, since the date of her trust deed, 1808, her land has been more and more populated by others. The status of her estate will now be a new one and her three direct heirs, and several others, indirect, will be contestants for their rights. She was heir also, to a large estate in the city of Dublin, she being Irish and English decent.-Chenango Telegraph. 2/15/1872 MARRIED At the home of the bride, in Laurens, Feb. 4th, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Otis R. CARY, of Milford, to Miss Celestia BABCOCK, daughter of N. W. Babcock, of Laurens. At the residence of Joseph BULL, West Oneonta, Feb. 3 (or 8th), by Rev. A. Griffin, Thomas CULVER, of Morris, to Miss Alice ROSE, of Oneonta. 2/22/1872 MARRIED On February 8th, by Rev. E. C. Hodge, M. YAGER to Hattie HUNGERFOD (HUNGERFORD?). On February 15th, by Rev. L. G. Niles, at the home of the bride, H. Greeley PINDAR, of Davenport, to Miss Ella A. SWART, of Oneonta. At Ann Arbor, Mich., February 5th, by Rev. L. R. Fisk, R. P. BISHOP, formerly of Oneonta, to Miss Louisa GAUNT, of Ann Arbor. DIED In Oneonta, February 7, Andrew GILEY, aged 30 years. At Delhi, on Friday morning, February 9, Nathaniel HATHAWAY, aged 72 years. In Davenport, Feb. 22d, Daniel VANZANT, aged 34 years. In Maryland, Feb. 14th, Tompkins HOUGHTON. In Franklin, Feb. 15, Aaron HALSEY, aged 58 years. In Croton, Feb. 13, Charles REID, aged 78 years. In Sidney, Feb. 12, Polly, wife of David FITCH, in the 50th year of her age. 2/29/1872 MARRIED In Milford, Feb. 22d, by Rev. D. Ballou, of Utica, Mr. Edgar H. WATERS to Miss Emma PLATT, both of Milford. In West Davenport, Feb. 26th, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Mr. Calvin GREGORY, of Delhi, to Mrs. Aseneth SWART, of Davenport. In Oneonta, Feb. 28th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Mr. Andrew M. SMITH, of East Meredith, to Miss Erista P. COVERT, of Meredith. At Atwater Hotel, February 15, by Rev. E. M. Blanchard, Mr. S. A. HOLCOMB of New Ohio, to Miss F. E. WATROUS of the same place. Also by the same, February 22d, at the house of the bride's father in Bennettsville, Mr. Orra H. CLARK of Norwich, to Miss Mary SORNBORGER. Also by the same, February 19th, at the house of the bride's father, Mr. Seth ACKLEY of Milford, to Miss Emily A. SCOTT of Bainbridge. At Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 5th, by Rev. L. R. Fisk, R. P. BISHOP, formerly of Oneonta, to Miss Louisa GAUNT, of Ann Arbor. (same as 2/22/1872 notice) In Bainbridge, on the 22nd inst., by Rev. S. S. Lewis, Mr. Allen C. MOREHOUSE of Hartwick, Otsego Co., N. Y., and Miss Ella L. BENJAMIN of Bainbridge. DIED At Croton, Feb. 27th, Wm. WHEAT, aged 75 years. At Croton, Feb. 27th, Mary A. TAYLOR, aged 71 years. In West Oneonta, Feb. 22d, Mary, daughter of Roswell WHITNEY, aged 4 years. In West Oneonta, a son of David BAKER, aged about 14 years. 3/7/1872 MARRIED DANIELS-WARD.- In Otego, February 29, by Rev. A. Thomas, Mr. William M. Daniels, of Oneonta, to Miss Catharine J. Ward, of Westford. RUSSELL-CROFOOT.- At the M. E. Parsonage, Delhi, February 27, by Rev. A. R. Burroughs, Mr. Matthew Russell, of Hamden, to Miss Mary Crofoot, of Delhi. LLOYD-BOWN.- In Cooperstown, February 26, by Rev. C. C. Smith, Mr. John J. Lloyd, to Miss Jane Bown, both of that place. PLATT-GURNEY.- At the residence of the bride's father, in Maryland, N. Y., February 27, by Rev. James Pitcher, Mr. George E. Platt, to Miss Clara Gurney, all of that place. DIED STEERE.- In Londonville, Albany county, February 20, Col. Cyrus Steere, late of Portlandville, Otsego county, aged 89 years. PAUSLER.- In Franklin, February 26, Mrs. Mary Pausler, aged 79 years. SEWARD.- In Walton, February 28, John Seward, aged 53 years. SOULE.- In Schenevus, February 23, Arthur, son of David and Myra A. Soule, aged 11 years. GILE.- In Oneonta, March 4, Erastus Gile, aged 54 years. BUELL.- In Franklin, February 28, Polly B. BUELL, relict of the late Harry Buell, aged 68 years. SCOTT.- In Franklin, March 1, Abbie R., wife of H. R. Scott, aged 38 years. BRONSON.- In Franklin, March 1, Samantha, wife of Charles Bronson, aged 59 years. JACKSON.- In Franklin, March 1, J. Alice, only daughter of K. P. and J. Alice Jackson, aged 2 months and 11 days. 3/14/1872 MARRIED BARTLE-PETTIS.- In Oxford, Feb. 27, by Rev. W. Ayrault, George Bartle, formerly of Unadilla, to Miss Sarah Pettis, both of Oxford. KETCHUM-LAKE.- At the residence of the bride's parents, Feb. 8, by Rev. W. S. Winans, Mr. Lorenzo E. Ketchum, to Miss Mary Lake, all of Maryland. NILES-MOREHOUSE.- In Walton, March 6, by Rev. G. Huntington, John Niles, of Walton, to Miss Emma Morehouse, of Tompkins. DIED SMITH.- In Hartwick, March 2, Seward FORD, son of Dr. P. S. and Lydia K. Smith, aged 2 years, 3 months and 10 days. CRIPPEN.- In Cooperstown, on the 1st inst., Hon. Schuyler Crippen, aged 77 years and 2 months. BOWEN- In Cooperstown, on the 2d inst., Ruth, daughter of S. A. Bowen, Esq., aged 2 years. CAMP.- In Otsego, Feb. 6, of inflammation of the lungs, Philo Camp, aged 59 years. EDGERTON.- In Franklin, March 11, the youngest child of John H. and Maria Edgerton, aged 2 months. TAYLOR- In Croton, March 5, Loderick Taylor, aged 69 years. FARRINGTON.- In Delhi, March 12, Anzolette, daughter of Morris L. Farrington, aged 43 years. 3/21/1872 DIVORCE.- Mrs. Garrison HODGE has applied for a divorce, and the husband proposes to fight it. We have no idea but that a divorce will be granted in this case, and MARRIAGE BARCLAY-WHITE.- At the Congregational church in Walton, March 13th, by Rev. S. J. White, assisted by Rev. Charles Dunning, Rev. T. D. Barclay and Miss Minnie White, daughter of the officiating clergyman, all of Walton. GRANT-PRATT.- In Milford, March 13th, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Rev. James B. Grant and Maria Pratt, of Milford. NORTON-GARDINER.- At the St. James Hotel, in Cooperstown, Sunday evening March 10, by Rev. Orren Perkins, Esli K. Norton to Miss Eveline Gardiner, both of Hartwick. DIED INGALLS.- At Howe's Cave, Schoharie County, March 7th, Jennie, oldest daughter of Lewis and Orphy Ingalls, aged 10 years. (Poem included with notice-Oneonta, March 18, 1872 G. W. I..) FARRINGTON.- In Delhi, March 12th, Anzolette, daughter of Col. Morris L. Farrington, aged 43 years. (Also in 3/14 paper) POND.- In Walton, March 12th, Mrs. Sarah E. Pond, aged 43 years. SWEENSON.- In Walton, March 12th, Peter Sweenson, aged 37 years. BLOWERS.- In Sidney, March 16th, Hiram Blowers aged about 70 years. SMITH.- In Delhi, March 14th, George Smith, aged 65 years. DAVIDSON.- In Davenport, March 8th, Mrs. Louis Davidson, aged 65 years. MABIE.- In Franklin, March 13th, Mrs. C. B. Mabie, aged 65 years. RANSOM. In Richfield Springs, March 18th, of Typhoid Pneumonia, Norman K. Ransom, in the 43rd year of his age. GOODRICH.- In Morris, March 17, Lulie L., daughter of M. D. and Kate Goodrich, aged 5 years. HURD.- In Butternuts, March 9th, David Hurd, father of D. S. Hurd, Esq., aged over 80 years. SMITH.- In Pittsfield, March 17, Richard Smith, aged 76 years. 3/28/1872 Frank BULSON, a lad of eighteen years, living near South Worcester committed suicide on Wednesday morning of last week, by hanging himself with a pair of leather harness lines. MARRIAGE GIFFORD-STEWART.- On the 19th inst., at the home of the bride, by Rev. L. G. Niles, James H. Gifford, of Oneonta, to Miss Martha Stewart, of Davenport Centre. HOWE-WEBSTER.- At the home of the bride, March 20, by Rev. Mr. Brown, of Hartwick, Willie H. Howe, to Miss Ida E. Webster. BIRDSELL-TRIPP. In Cooperstown, March 19th, by Rev. C. C. Smith, William M. Birdsell, of Mt. Vision, to Miss Frank T. Tripp, of Cooperstown. WILBUR-BREWER.- At Oneonta, March 20th, by Rev. H. H. Allen, George L. Wilbur, of North Franklin, to Miss Emeline Brewer, of Oneonta. VANALSTINE-KENYON.- In Oneonta, March 27, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Wm. H. VanAlstine of Davenport Centre, to Miss Mary I. Kenyon, of Oneonta. McCREADY-MASON.- At the home of the bride, March 20, by Rev. O. C. Wightman, Will McCready, of Richfield Springs, to Miss Addie Hortense, only daughter of Jas. Mason, Esq., of Jordonville. DIED COOK.- At Walton, March 18, Christina Cook, aged 74 years. GATES.- At Hamden, March 14, Anna Gates, aged 80 years. WOOD.- At Walton, March 20, Mrs. Jesse L. Wood, aged 63 years. SHERWOOD.- In Walton, March 21, Mrs. Squire Sherwood, aged 60 years. WEATHERLY.- In Franklin, at the Delaware Literary Institute, March 21, Horatio N. Weatherly, aged ?? years. HINMAN.- At Cooperstown, March 14, Deacon Lewis Hinman, aged 75 years. WELLMAN.- At Milford, March 12, Mrs. Dolly A. MOORE, wife of Harrison P. Wellman, aged 53 years. JENKS.- At Otsdawa, March 23, Addison E. Jenks, son of Elmore Jenks, aged 13 years. NEWCOMB.- In Delhi, on Monday morning last, Mrs. Julia Newcomb, aged 31 years. SMITH.- In Delhi, on the 23d inst., Samuel S. Smith, aged 61 years. 4/4/1872 MARRIED PALMER-COBB.- At Oneonta, April 2nd, by Rev. Wm. N. Cobb, Rev. N. P. Palmer, of Taunton, Mass., and Miss Flora S. Cobb. LEWIS-KNIGHT.- At the bride's home, in Winfield, on the 23d ult., by Rev. H. Garlick, Adelbert Lewis, of Cooperstown, and Orrie M. Knight. HOWE-WEBSTER.- At the home of the bride, on the 20th ult., by Rev. Mr. Brown, of Hartwick, Willie H. Howe and Ida E. Webster. EVANS-NORTHRUP.- At the Congregational parsonage, Franklin, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Jeremiah Evans, of Franklin, and Amanda Northrup of Otego. DIED WARD.- At Auburn, March 27, Stephen E., son of Erastus Ward of this village, aged 15 years, 10 months and 20 days. MOON.- In West Davenport, March 27, Annenette, daughter of Squire H. and Harriet Moon, aged 15 years. FORD.- In Morris, March 29, Enos J. Ford, aged 66 years and 8 months. HOPKINS.- In Franklin, March 28, Horace W. Hopkins, aged 19 years. GRANGER.- In Franklin, March 25, Carrie Granger, aged 9 years. SMITH.- In Delhi, March 23, Samuel S. Smith, aged 61 years. NEWCOMB.- In Delhi, March 25, Mrs. Julia E., wife of Wm. W. Newcomb, aged 32 years. THOMPSON.- In Delhi, March 23, Mrs. Robert L. Thompson, aged 55 years. WOOD.- In Springfield, March 20, Robert Wood, aged 68 years. BENNETT.- On Maryland Hill, March 32, Vesta, daughter of Ansel Bennett, aged 16 years. SNYDER.- In Schenveus, March 23, Mrs. Betsey Snyder, aged 81 years. GRAY.- In Walton, March 25, Charles Gray, aged 67 years. VANDENBURG.- In Walton, March 26, Hezekiah Vandenburg, aged 80 years. CHAMBERS.- In Hamden, March 21, of Scarlet fever, Maggie, and March 22, Nettie, twin daughters of James Chambers, aged 9 years. 4/11/872 SUICIDE.- Last Saturday our citizens were pained to hear of the death of George H. COON, of Colliersville, well and favorably known in this village. Deceased went to his barn about 6 A. M., for the purpose, as the family supposed, of doing his chores. About 7 o'clock a boy went to the shed adjoining the barn, and there found his father hanging. The family were called, and the body taken down. Dr. Boorn pronounced life extinct, and thought the body had hung about fifteen minutes. Coroner Packard, of Unadilla, was summoned, a verdict of facts rendered substantially as stated above. No real cause for the act can be imagined, unless that a few small debts had annoyed him. Mr. Coon was in comfortable circumstances, family relations were pleasant, and he was generally respected. The family feel this affliction very keenly, as he was a kind husband and father. MARRIED WARD-BENJAMIN.- At the home of the bride, April 10, by Rev. H. H. Allen, Charles W. Ward and Miss Ella J. Benjamin, all of Oneonta. SMITH-JACOBS.- At Davenport Centre, March 27, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Alexander Smith, to Miss Isabella L. Jacobs. Also at the same place and by the same, March 28, Weston MILLER, to Miss Sarah L. JACOBS, all of Davenport. GENNEL-ODELL.- At the M. E. Church, Delhi, March 31, by Rev. A. Burroughs, Robert Gemmel and Miss Anna S. Odell, both of Delhi. JAYCOX-THOMAS.- In Walton, March 27, at the Cong. Parsonage, by Rev. S. J. White, George Jaycox, of Hancock, to Hanna J. Thomas of Walton. DIED HAMMOND.- In Delhi, April 1, of spotted fever, Silas Vanlorin, son of Wm. H. and Agnes Hammond, aged 5 years and 6 months. SHAVER.- At the residence of Wm. G. BAILEY, at Meredith Square, April 2nd, Adam Shaver, aged 66 years. GAY.- In North Franklin, April 6th, Wm. M. GAY, aged 61 years. HOYT.- In Walton, March 30, Deacon Amos Hoyt, aged 76 years. BROWN.- In Maryland March 30, Stephen Brown, aged 80 years. QUEAL.- In Milford, April 1st, William QUEAL, aged 80 years. RANDALL.- At the residence of his son, John A. Randall, in Norwich, April 1st, Dea. Charles Randall, aged 92 years. DIBBLE.- In Norwich, March 27, Mr. Ira Dibble, aged 51 years and 6 months. JOHNSON.- In New Lisbon, March 24th, Jonathan Johnson, aged 62 years. 4/18/1872 MARRIED BURGIN-SEACORD.- Wednesday, April ??, at the home of Geo. BELL, New Lisbon, by Rev. Thomas H. Cullin, Rector of Zion Church, Morris, Homer C. Burgin, of Bovina Valley, Del. Co., to Mrs. S. Seacord, of New Lisbon. DIED JOHNSTON.- In Maryland, April 14, Mrs. Jane Johnston, aged 54 years. GOODRICH.- In Otego, March 30th, Mrs. Marie Goodrich, aged 75 years. 4/25/1872 DIED TUCKER.- In Hartwick, April 18th, at the residence of her son, E. H Tucker, of apoplexy, Mrs. Polly Tucker, aged 78 years. GREEN.- At North Franklin, April 21st, Zadoc Green, aged 78 years. 5/2/1872 MARRIED SMITH-SMITH.- At the home of the bride, in Hartwick, April 18th, by Rev. H. H. Brown, Chester Smith and Miss Elva J., daughter of Dr. P. S. Smith. DIED HOLMES.- At Oneonta Plains, April 21st, Mrs. Jennie Holmes, adopted daughter of Emanuel NORTHRUP, in the 34th year of her age. In her early life she gave her heart to God, and continued a faithful member of the church, until she fell asleep in Jesus. WALLING.- In Oneonta, April 25th, Nelson Walling, aged about 45 years. JONES.- In Walton, April 18th, Dickson Jones, aged 43 years. FLETCHER.- In Walton, April 15th, Aramantha Fletcher, aged 18 years. MITCHELL.- At his residence, in Meredith, April 24th, Nathaniel Mitchell, aged 87 years. GARDNER.- In Morris, April 26th, Robert Gardner, of Hartwick, aged 46 years. COLE.- In Otego, April 17th, Catharine, wife of Zephaniah Cole, aged 82 years. HUXFORD.- In Franklin, April 21st, John D. Huxford, aged 67 years. NICHOL.- At the residence of her son, in Hamden, April 17th, Jennie Nichol, aged 87 years. LILLIE.- In Butternuts, April 16th, Bradford Lillie, aged 82 years. 5/9/1872 MARRIED KRUM-BROWN.- In Cooperstown, April 30, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. Peter BROCKHAM, by Rev. G. R. Allen, James Krum and Miss Nellie Brown, all of Cooperstown. DIED RAIT.- At his residence in Unadilla, April 22d, George Rait, formerly of Franklin, aged 81 years. His remains were taken to Delhi for interment. CRIPPEN.- In Schenevus, April 26, of Apoplexy, Philip Crippen, aged 84 years, 1 month and 26 days. SMITH. In Cooperstown, April 27, Miner Smith, son of the late Jedediah Smith, aged 69 years. BOARDMAN.- In Maryland, April 27, Levi Boardman, aged 41 years and 5 months. THURBER.- In Westford, May 2, Marcia M., wife of Oliver Thurber, and only daughter of Reuben HINDS, of Edmeston. (no age given) 5/16/1872 MARRIED RENWICK-HADDOW.- In Hamden, April 10th, by Rev. Geo. Browne, Wm. J. Renwick to Miss Sara J. HADDOW, all of Hamden. KITTREDGE-BREZEE.- In Oneonta, May 12th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Harry W. Kittredge to Miss Addie E. Brezee, all of Oneonta. DIED SHORT.- In Oneonta, May 12th, of disease of the heart and lungs, Ida D. Short, daughter of Calvin and Helen Short, aged 8 years. POMEROY.- In Franklin, May 5th, Murray H. Pomeroy, aged 36 years. JAY.- In Franklin, May 2d, Vannie, only remaining daughter of John Jay, in the 19th year of her age. ROBERTSON.- In Walton, May 5th, Catharine, wife of the late Charles Robertson, aged 64 years. JOHNSON.- In Walton, May 2d, Solomon Johnson, aged 23 years. TALLMADGE.- In Maryland, May 12th, Jennie, eldest daughter of Oscar Tallmadge, aged 9 years. 5/23/1872 MARRIED BAKER-BIRDSALL.- At Oneonta, May 22, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Charles H. Baker and Miss Emma M. Birdsall. VAN BUREN-TUCKER.- At the home of the bride, in Oneonta, May 15th, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Putnam Eugene Van Buren, of Hartwick, and Miss Viola Jane Tucker, of Oneonta. Happily married,-and we hope happiness may ever attend these newly wedded-for "the printers were remembered." SIGSBY-SCRAMLNIG.- At Oneonta, May 18th, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, of Otego, Nicholas Sigsby, of Albany, and Mrs. Celestia Scramling, of Oneonta. FOLLETT-KNEELAND.- At Franklin, May 15th, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Sluman Follett, of Waverly, and Mrs. Phebe Kneeland, of Franklin. HANFORD-DICKS.- At Walton, May 15th, by Rev. J. J. White, John N. Hanford, of Unadilla, and Miss Ettie Dicks, of Walton. SIMMONS-BALLARD.- At New Lisbon Centre, May 5th, by Rev. H. M. Dean, James K. Simmons and Rosie A. Ballard. COOK-AUGER.- At South Hartwick, May 5th, by Rev. H. Brown, Job Cook and Miss Minervaette Augar. At West Davenport, May 8th, by Rev. A. P. Bushnell, Sherman SIMMONS and Miss Mary NICHOLS. DIED HOWARD.- At Delhi, May 13th, Millicent. J. BUNNELL, wife of George A. Howard, aged 18 years and 11 months. BLANCHARD.- At Wells Bridge, May 14th, Edward J. Blanchard, in the 47th year of his age. GREEN.- At Unadilla, on the 10th inst., Rufus P. Green, in the 71st year of his age. SEELEY.- At Richfield Springs, May 11th, Martha WEEKS, wife of Rev. F. H. Seeley, in the 30th year of her age. 5/30/1872 MARRIED HINE-PURCELL.- In Albany, at St. John's church, May 20th, by Rev. Father Baynard, W. Henry Hine, of Franklin, to Miss Maggie Purcell, of Cobleskill. MACKEY-GEER.- In Meredith, at the residence of Reuben Mackey, May 21, by Rev. G. \F. Post, Delce F. Mackey, of the firm of Shaver & Mackey, to Miss Jennie Geer, adopted daughter of Reuben MACKEY, of Meredith. BACON-CONVERSE.- In Bainbridge, May 22, by Rev. W. H. Sawtelle, Howard Bacon, of Canton, Pa., to Miss Lucy B. Converse, adopted daughter of Alvin Converse. 6/6/1872 MARRIED ALLEN-FITCH.- At Springfield, June 4th, by Rev. P. F. Sanborne, Rev. H. H. ALLEN, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Oneonta, to Miss Fanny A. Fitch, of the former place. DIED HARTOM.- In Worcester, May 25th, Maggie Hartom, consort of M. Hartom, aged 28 years. CLARK.- In Davenport, May 28th, C. D. Clark, son of Charles Clark, aged 4 years and 7 months. SPERRY.- In Maryland, May 28th, Jane A., Consort of Nathan Sperry, aged 63 years. WOODS.- In Walton, May 28th, Eliza, wife of Frank L. Woods, aged 28 years. ARMS.- In Unadilla, May 25th, 1872, Fedelia W. Arms, wife of Clifford S. Arms, aged 31 years. CLARK.- In Otsego, May 27, Mrs. Nancy, widow of the late John W. Clark, aged 65 years. SHAW.- In Delhi village, Sunday morning, June 2d, Donaldson B. Shaw, 15 years, eldest son of the late Wm. Shaw. 6/13/1872 MARRIED LEE-McCAMPBELL.- At Knoxville, Tenn., May 30th, Bradley LEE, formerly of Unadilla, and Maggie J. McCampbell, of the former place. (no Rev. listed) WOODRUFF-BURTON.- At he home of the bride, June 11th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Wm. B. Woodruff, of Albany, and Miss Mary E. Burton, of Oneonta. c GIFFORD-LAKE.- At the home of the bride's parents, on 28th of May, by Rev. James Pitcher, of Hartwick Seminary, Willard C. Gifford, M.D., to Miss Hattie A. Lake, all of Toddsville, Otsego co. DANN-PIERSON.- At the home of the bride's father, May 29, by Rev. J. J. Dean, Mr. Edson S. Dann and Miss Ella E. Pierson, both of Walton. WHITE-MARSHALL.- In Walton, May 29th, by Rev. G. Huntington, Mr. Thomas E. White and Miss Melissa Marshall, both of Downsville. ROBINSON-COTES.- At Springfield, May 30th, by Rev. P. F. Sanborn, Rev. A. B. Robinson, of Unadilla, to Miss Lizzie D. Cotes, of Springfield. 6/20/1872 DIED In Morris, June 14th, Mrs. Emily J. SCUDDER, aged 62 years. In New Lisbon, June 11th, Delos N. BROWN, aged 42 years and 8 months. In Unadilla, June 7th, Joshua G. HUFTALEN, aged 77 years. In Unadilla, June 11th, John F. JUDSON, aged 36 years. In Middlefield, May 8, at the residence of his son-in-law, Delos MANZER, Mr. John F. MARKS, in the 82d year of his life. In Walton, June 8th, J. Smith RODGERS, of consumption, aged 20 years. In Hamden, June 9th, of Spinal fever, Nettie M. MACE, aged 9 years. In Franklin, June 17th, Mr. Warren WAKEMAN, aged 43 years. 6/27/1872 MARRIED (SHOULD BE DIED) SIPLE.- In Oneonta, June 20, Ezra Siple, aged 63 years. YAGER.- In Milford, June 21, Mrs. William Yager, aged 34 years. 7/4/1872 MARRIED McCOLLUM-BROWN.- At the house of the bride, in Laurens, July 1st, by Rev. E. V. Wales, James T. McCollum, of New Lisbon, a recent graduate of Cornell University, and Miss Emma J., daughter of John Brown, Esq. VAN DUSEN-BEEMAN.- In Oneonta, June 27th, by Rev. O. T. Moulton, Charles E. Van Dusen and Emmer Ann Beeman, of West Oneonta. CHAPMAN-POPE.- At the M. E. Parsonage, Cooperstown, N. Y., June 23, by Rev. H. M. Crydenwise, Mr. Daniel Chapman, to Miss Katy Pope, both of Hartwick, N. Y. BRINE-SILVEY.- At the M. E. Parsonage, in Otego, June 23, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, Mr. Moses F. Brink, of Otego, to Miss Francis A. Silvey, of Butternuts. DIED JOHNSTON.- In Oneonta, June 28, with disease of the heart, William Johnston, aged 44 years. 7/11/1872 MARRIED FORT-MACKEY.- In Oneonta, July 4, by Rev. I. N. Pardee, Charles E. Fort, of Cooperstown, and Susan M. Mackey, of the same place. WOOD-PENFIELD.- In Delhi, on Tuesday morning, July 2, by Rev. F. A. M. Brown, Rev W. F. Wood of Peotone, Ill., to Miss Phida Penfield, daughter of O. S. Penfield, of Delhi. RACE-BAKER.- At the M. E. parsonage in Delhi, on the 5th inst., by Rev. A. R. Burroughs, Mr. James P. Race, of Middletown, and Miss Ella S. Baker of Delhi. STANTON-ECKERT.- At Otego, July 4, Dr. L. S. Stanton, of Rockdale to Miss Lottie Eckert of Otego. (no Rev. listed) SMITH-BABCOCK.- At Franklin, June 25, by Rev. J. J. Hough, Mr. Albert Smith to Miss Alite A. Babcock, all of Franklin. DIED HIBBARD.- In Davenport Centre, July 6, Nathaniel Hibbard, aged 38 years. BERGEMER.- In New York, June 27, of small pox, Mrs. Kate Bergermer, daughter of the late Henry BABCOCK, formerly of Oneonta, aged 22 years. WINSOR.- In Springfield, on the morning of June 22, after months of patient suffering, Daniel Winsor, aged 78 years. 7/18/1872 MARRIED MAKLEY-REYNOLDS.- At Meredith, July 11, by Rev. G. F. Post, Charles M. Makley and Miss Florence Reynolds, both of Oneonta. SNYDER-GILBERT.- At Shaul's hotel, Sharon Springs, June 30, by Rev. Nellis Klock, Jerome Snyder of Roseboom, to Mrs. Janet Gilbert of Cherry Valley. BUELL-CLINTON.- In Portlandville, July 5, Oliver Buell of Portlandville, to Miss Clara L. Clinton, of Albany. IRISH-BENJAMIN.- At Carr's Hotel, in Cooperstown, July 4, by Rev. O. Perkins, Charles C. Irish to Miss Lottie A. Benjamin, both of Hartwick. KNAPP-COTRELL.- At the house of the bride's father, July 11, by Rev. J. H. Robinson, Artemas D. Knapp to Miss E. A. Cottrell, both of Delhi. DIED -------------------------------------------------------------- N. B.-Notice of deaths, other than single announcement of name, place and date will be charged at the rate of five cents per line. -------------------------------------------------------------- MYERS.- At Sidney Plains on the morning of the 9th day of July, Sabrina, consort of Ephraim Myers, aged 56 years. WATERHOUSE.- In Ovid, Seneca Co., on the 4th inst., Mary, wife of J. B. Waterhouse, of Cherry Valley, aged 65 years. VAN BENSCHOTEN.- In Otego, July 4, Elias Van Benschoten, in the 56th year of his age. BROWNSON.- In Croton, June 25, Deacon Ithiel Brownson, of heart disease, aged 71 years. MURRAY.- In Bovina, William Murray, Sr., aged 83 years. SAGER.- In Walton, July 6, Solomon Sager, aged 57 years. BOWEN.- In Cooperstown, July 4, Harry, son of S. A. Bowen, aged 8 months. 7/25/1872 DIED FIELDS.- In Laurens, July 18th, Eveline D, wife of Hon. W. C. Fields, in the 63d year of her age. 8/1/1872 DIED CHAPMAN.- In Stamford, July 17th, Florence O. Chapman, in the 21st year of her age. ROWE.- In Poughkeepsie, July 16th, of Apoplexy, Daniel J. Rowe, of Franklin, aged 63 years. FRASER.- In Delhi, July 18th, Mrs. Isabella Fraser, aged 87 years. FACE.- In Delhi, July 20th, Thomas B. Face, aged 53 years. EDGERTON.- In Franklin, July 21st, Mrs. Hiram Edgerton, aged 62 years. STOCKWELL.- In Bainbridge, July 21st, Mrs. Susan Stockwell, aged 42 years. BELKNAP.- At Buckingham, Pa., July 27, Ebanezer Belknap, aged 90 years. Mr. B. was born in Stillwater , Saratoga County, and has resided at Middlefield, Otsego County, Gilford (Guilford?), Chenango County and Sidney Plains, Delaware County. 8/8/1872 MARRIED WILBER-DIEFENDORF.- At Seward, July 31st, by Rev. A. Griffin, of Carbondale, Pa., George I. Wilber, of the firm D. Wilber & Son, of Milford, and Miss Anna C., only daughter of Sylvester Diefendorf, of Seward, Schoharie County. 8/22/1872 DIED KEYES.- In Oneonta, August 11th, Marion J., son of M. Keyes, Esq., aged two weeks three days. 8/29/1872 MARRIED ------------------------------------------------------------------- N. B.- Marriage Notices should be accompanied with a fee of fifty cents. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ANDERSON-VANDENBURGH.- At Oneonta, Aug. 27th, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Thorne Anderson and Anna Jane Vandenburgh, all of Oneonta. WHEELER-HOUGHTALING.- At the parsonage in Davenport Centre, Aug. 20, by Rev. Mr. Gaylord, Mr. Dewitt Wheeler to Miss Kate Houghtaling, all of Davenport. DIED GILE.- In Oneonta, August 26, Andrew Gile, aged 78 years. WHITMAN.- In Oneonta, August 27, Charles, son of Russell Whitman, aged 11 years. PARSHALL.- In Milford, August 15, Delia A. B. Parshall, wife of James N. Parshall, of Milford, in the 53d year of his age. WHITE.- In Walton, August 19, Frances A., daughter of Rev. S. J. White, aged 8 years. BENEDICT.- In North Walton, August 16, Hannah N., daughter of Gabriel Benedict, aged 22 years. DECKER.- In Delhi, on Saturday morning, August 24, Mrs. Sarah A. Decker, aged 37 years. DIETZ.- At Colliersville, August 20, Maria Dietz, relict of John Dietz, aged 82 years. VAN NAMEE.- At the residence of his son in Otego, on the morning of Aug. 19th, William Van Namee in 87th year of his age. WOLF.- In Davenport Aug. 12th, William Wolf, aged about 17 years. SHERMAN.- In Franklin, Aug. 22d, G. Henry Sherman, aged 22 years. 9/26/8172 MARRIED ORR-WAIT.- In Otego, September 18, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, David S. Orr, of Oneonta, to Miss Lodica Wait, of Otego. SIGSBY-COPELAND.- In Davenport, September 19, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, John Sigsby to Miss Sarah A. Copeland, both of Davenport. DALZELL-SANBORNE.- At Springfield, Otsego county, September 5, 1872, by Rev. P. F. Sanborne, assisted by Revs. H. H. Allen and F. H. Seeley, William C. Dalzell, of South Egremont, Berkshire county, Mass., to Miss Mary E. Sanborne, daughter of officiating clergyman. DIED BLEND.- In Oneonta, September 18, Miss Ruth Blend, in the 20th year of her age. 9/26/1872 (penciled Oct. 3rd) DIED HACKETT.- At the residence of Ellery MURDOCK, in Milford, September 13, Ann D. Hackett, formerly of Oneonta, aged 75 years. 10/10/1872 MARRIED BISSELL-WETSELL.- At the residence of the bride's father, in Stillwater, October 2, by Rev. Chester C. Thorn, assisted by Rev. Wm. M. Johnson, Fred A. Bissell, to Miss Josie H. Wetsell. No Cards. SHELLMAN-WHITNEY.- At Oneonta Plains, September 25, by Rev. A. Wing, Will. H. Shellman to Miss Ella Whitney, all of Oneonta. JARVIS-CLARK.- In Cooperstown, September 30, by Rev. Charles McHarg, Kent Jarvis to Emma L., only daughter of the late Thomas Clark. DIED KEYES.- At Oneonta, October 8, with congestion of the brain, Washington B., son of Melville Keyes, Esq., aged 1 year and 2 months. 10/17/1872 MARRIED WALKER-ELDERKIN.- At the residence of the bride's father, October 8, by Rev. L. Smith, Frederick Walker, of Walton, to Miss Ellen Elderkin, of Franklin. DIED GILE.- In Laurens, October 3d, Maletta, daughter of Cortland and Addie Gile, aged 5 months and 13 days. BRIDGES.- In Laurens, Saturday morning, October 13th, E. W. Bridges, aged 31 years. WHITNEY.- In Oneonta, August 10th, William Henry, son of Dr. W. H. Whitney, aged 27 years. (Poem included with notice.) 10/24/1872 OBITUARIES. Adaliza, wife of James H. KEYES, died Thursday morning, October 24th, aged 30 years. Funeral services at the residence of Mr. Keyes, Friday, 2 o'clock, P. M. At a regular meeting of Laurens Valley Lodge, No. 433, I. O. of G. T., held Oct. 18, 1872, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted: WHEREAS, It has pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst one of our number, Emmons W. BRIDGES, therefore be it Revolved, That we feel in the death of our brother that we have lost one of our best members; and be it further Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to Him who deprived us of his counsel; we take this method of expressing our sorrow, and also our sympathy with the bereaved family and friends, who are thus deprived of his loving protection. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the sorrow-stricken, signed by the committee. Resolved, That the same appear in the Oneonta Herald. Morris C. Mead, Albert S. Allen, L. B. Straight, Committee. Dated Laurens, Oct. 18, 1872 The following resolutions were adopted at a regular meeting of Oneonta Lodge, No. 817, I. O. of G. T., held Oct. 13th. WHEREAS, In the Providence of God this Lodge is called to mourn the death of Charles W. WARD, one of its most faithful and devoted members, it is voted unanimously that the following resolutions be adopted and placed upon the records of the Lodge. Resolved, That while we bow patiently to this bereavement, and grieve that one so noble, earnest, and consistent in his Temperance work is taken from our band: We pledge ourselves anew to diligence and faithfulness in this great work, until like him our life work shall be done. Resolved, That we tender our sympathy and condolence to those who mourn in the decease of our co-worker, the dutiful son, the devoted husband, and the affectionate brother and friend. Resolved, That these resolutions (sic) be published in the village papers, and copies forwarded to the family of --------- of the deceased. Donald Watson, H. H. McLaury, S. J. W. Reynolds, Committee. MARRIED WILBER-ENDERS.- At Mt. Vision, October 16, by Rev. H. N. VanDusen, Martin J. Wilber to Josephine Enders, all of Mt. Upton. McDOUGAL-CAMP.- At the bride's house in Laurens, October 23, by Rev. H. N. Van Dusen, Duson E. McDougal, M. D., of Oneonta, to Miss Mary E. Camp, only daughter of J. B. Camp, Esq. DIED BAYLES.- At Westford, October 8th, Hattie, wife of W. S. Bayles, aged 20 years. 11/8/1872 MARRIED THORP-NEWMAN.- At M. E. Parsonage, in Otego, November 5th, 1872, by Rev. J. W. Mevis, assisted by Rev. W. L. Thorp, Mr. Orel(?) F. Thorp to Miss Rachel A. Newman, all of Otego. CULVER-NORTHRUP.- At West Oneonta, October 30th, 1872, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Jefferson H. Culver to Miss Phoebe Northrup, both of West Oneonta. PETERSON-KIMBALL.- At Oneonta, by Rev. G. R. Burnside, Willis Peterson, of Green Bay, Wis., to Miss Irene L. Kimball, of Oneonta. (no date given) SALISBURY-RAMSEY.- At North Franklin, by Rev. G. B. Crippen, George W. Salisbury, of Hartwick, to Miss Emma Ramsey, of Meredith. (no date given) 11/14/1872 DIED (SHOULD BE MARRIED) McCLAIN-HOUGHTALING.- At Erin, Chemung County, September 20th, by Rev. A. Wing, Andrew McClain, of Franklin, to Miss Jennie Houghtaling, of Erin. Printers bountifully remembered. HOUGHTALING-PACKARD.- At Erin, Chemung County, September 20th, by Rev. A. Wing, Albert Houghtaling, of Lewiston, to Miss Rose Packard, of Maine. A very kind remembrance was made of the printers. DIED BENNETT.- In West Laurens, November 5th, Perry Bennett, aged 75 years. 11/28/1872 MARRIED LANGDON-HALL.- At Milford, November 21st, by Rev. W. G. Queal, Mr. James H. Langdon, of Worcester, to Miss Helen Hall, of Milford. SCHULTZ-FOLLETT.- At New Lisbon, November 20th, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. J. C. Shelland, Charles H. Schultz, of Topeka, Kansas, to Miss Mary J. Follett, of New Lisbon. 12/5/1872 MARRIED FIGGER-BEACH. At the house of the bride, in Oneonta, December 4th, by Rev. J. L. Wells, William Figger to Miss Carrie M. Beach, all of Oneonta. WATERMAN-STEWART.- In Oneonta, December 4th, by Rev. O. I. Moulton, Rev. E. G. Waterman, principal of the Lowville Academy, and Miss Marietta E. Stewart, of Oneonta. COATS-LAWSON.- In New York, at the Church of Strangers, by Rev. Dr. Deems, November 19th, 1872, Charles A. COATES, of Oneonta, to Miss Annie M. Lawson, of New York. 12/12/1872 MARRIED CEPERLEY-WING.- At Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 26, at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, by Rev. J. Smith, Sumner E. Ceperley, of St. Charles, Minn., and Miss Lizzie Wing, of Grand Rapids, both formerly of Oneonta. CHASE-BORNT.- In Oneonta, Dec. 4th, by Rev. B. F. Williams, Daniel W. Chase, of Milford and Melissa S., daughter of Fred. Bornt. BROCKWAY-SMITH.- At the residence of the bride's parents, Davenport Centre, Nov. 27th, by Rev. A. Gaylord, Mr. Abel D. Brockway to Miss Imogene Smith, both of Davenport Centre. BEALS-STEERE.- At the residence of the bride's father in Toddsville, Nov. 27, by Rev. C. K. McHarg, assisted by Rev. G. R. Alden, Mr. Fred F. Beals of New York, to Miss Frederica B. Steere. DIED EATON.- In Walton, Dec. 1, Sarah, daughter of William Eaton, aged 1 year. SAGER.- In Walton, Dec. 3, Phoebe Jane Sager, aged 35 years. 12/19/1872 A very sudden death occurred at the Susquehanna House last Saturday. Benj. J. HANFORD, of Maple Grove, was in town transacting business with S. S. Burnside, Esq. At noon, while partaking of his dinner, with only a slight convulsion, died. It is supposed that his heart was diseased. 12/26/1872 MARRIED SMITH-BORNT. In Shelby, December 11th at the home of the bride, by Rev. H. L. Wilbert, Loren B. Smith, Shelby, to Miss Ella L. Bornt, formerly of Oneonta. ELSINGER(?)-ROUSE.- At the house of the bride, Laurens, December 18, by Rev. H. Belden, Samuel Elsinger(?) and Mary Rouse.

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