The Town of Milford


Image and text from Otsego county New York Geographical and Historical
by Edwin F Bacon, Ph B. 1902 Oneonta NY

Page 40. MILFORD. Area 28,172 Acres. Population 2,007.

This township was formed from Unadilla in 1796. The surface is a hilly
upland, divided into two ridges by the Susquehanna river, which flows
through it in a southerly direction. The declivities are in many places
very steep. Crumhorn mountain, on the east border, attains an elevation
of 600 feet above the valley.

The fertile soil and excellent water power afforded by the rivers early
attracted settlers to this region. Among the leading families at
Milford village were those of Charles Morris and his sons Richard and
David, James Westcott, John Aylesworth, Norman Bissell, Levi Hungerford
and Jonathan Sweet; at Portlandville, Thomas Mumford, Russell Briggs,
and Col. John Moore; the Edsons at Edson Corners; and at Colliersville
Isaac Collier, his son Major Peter Collier, and his son-in-law Jared

VILLAGES: There are four villages in this township, viz.: Milford
(population 532), Portlandville (population 352), Colliersville
(population 130), and Cooperstown Junction (population 115). Milford
Center (population 100) is a hamlet with rural free delivery from

SCHOOLS: Number of districts 14; number of teachers 13; children of
school age 290. The Milford High School is under the Regents, and is
efficiently organized in all departments. A specialty is made of
commercial training and business practice. The faculty consists of a
principal and five assistants.

CHURCHES: At Milford village, Presbyterian and Methodist; at
Portlandville, Christian, Episcopal and Methodist; at Cooperstown
Junction, Methodist; at Milford Center, Baptist.

NEWSPAPERS: The Otsego Tidings and Teachers' Gazette at Milford

Transcribed by Karen Flanders Eddy.

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