Town of Otsego Marriages 1802-1813

Town of Otsego Marriages 1802-1813

The following was extracted from The Otsego Farmer, April 28, 1922

Mrs. George Lathrop of Schuyler Lake has presented to the Village Library of Cooperstown, N.Y. an ancient copy of the Bible owned by William Lathrop, Esq., of Otsego Township which contains valuable genealogical data connected with his family. Along with the Bible there is the original copy of the Record of Marriages performed by him as a Justice of the Peace in Otsego. The dates run from October 1801 to March, 1814. These records may be of value to persons looking up family lines for the records of these dates are often difficult to find in New York State. The entries usually read like the specimen given as the first in the series. Following it are the names, dates and addresses as they occur.
"October 25th 1801 then was joined in Wedlock Jacob Lambert of Otsego and Hannah Lewis of Springfield by me William Lathrop Justice of the peace Otsego County."

Jan 3, 1802, Jonathan How and Charlotte Shaw, both of town of Otsego
March 25, 1802 John Bolton and Hannah Austin, both of Otsego
June 10, 1802, James Loomis and Sally Squire, both of Otsego
August 22, 1802, Andrew Lish and Nancy Phelps, both of Otsego
August 4, 1803, Leonard Vibard and Betsey Clump, both of Otsego
August 25, 1803, Isaac Russell and Catherine Elwood, both of Otsego
September 25, 1803,Anan Hall, Jr. and Ana Darling, both of Otsego
October 10, 1803, James Ripley and Meriam Root, both of Otsego
December 26, 1803, William Trip and Patty Fox, both of Otsego
January 10, 1804, Ira Williams and Hulda Loomis, both of Otsego
April 9, 1804, William Aplin and Betey Pier, both of Otsego (should be Betsey Pier)
April 12, 1804, Henry Hubbel and Sophia McCullock, both of Otsego
May 10, 1804, Buckingham Fitch and Elanor Loope, both of Otsego
October 21, 1804, Edmund Austin of Otsego and Deborah Dennis of Winsor, State of Connecticut
August 20, 1805, Gedion Myers of Richfield and Betey Williamson of Richfield
March 9, 1806, Robartson Barris and Polly Fellows (?), both of Otsego
September 5, 1806, Jacob Fraber and Rebeckah Harrick, both of Otsego
February 22, 1807, Calvin Underwood and Mary Babcock, both of Otsego
June 5, 1807, Samuel Ostronder and Hannah Shift, both of Schenectady, Albany County
February 21, 1808, William White and Cloe Beadle, both of Springfield
May 22, 1808, William VanBrunt of Springfield and Pegy Hall of Otsego
January 1, 1809, Marks Edick and Catherine Mabee, both of Otsego
March 20, 1809, Moulton Cook and Rosena Jackson, both of Otsego
April 16, 1810, Nathaniel Chapman and Susanna Peck, both of Otsego
July 29, 1810, Garret Willsey and Catherine Allen, both of Otsego
November 25, 1810, Stephen Gardner and Betty Bacon, both of Otsego
December 12, 1810, Alexander McCullock and Elizabeth Cole, both of Otsego
January 14, 1811, Billing Coats, Jr. and Lucy Torrey, both of Otsego
January 20, 1811, David Waterman of Otsego and Patty Russell of Pittstown
January 22, 1811, Henry Hill and Polly Coats, both of Otsego
Februrary 28, 1811, Albert North and Trena Fay, both of Otsego
March 6, 1811, Thompson Alton and Fanny Gates, both of Otsego
April 24, 1811, Isaac S. Carley and Content Coats, both of Otsego
September 29, 1811, Henry Gates and Surmantha Rice, both of Otsego
December 16, 1811, Nicholas Hosner, Jr. and Hannah Counrad, both of Otsego
December 25, 1811, David Gott and Catherine Wills, both of Otsego
January 24, 1812, Jonas Chapman and Pendople Westcott, both of Otsego (should be Zenas Chapman and Penelope Westcott)
April 21, 1812, Alden Coats and Jerusha Brockway, both of Otsego
May 3, 1812, Jacob Allen and Polly Hall, both of Otsego
September 13, 1812, Abel Lunn of Hartwick and Elizabeth Thorington of Otsego
November 22, 1812, Peter Elwood and Hannah Holt, both of Otsego
January 3, 1813, Jesse Stedson and Amy Hutchins, both of Otsego
February 25, 1813, Russell Wickwire and Lucy Walradt, both of Otsego
March 6, 1813, Isaac Walradt and Fannie Babcock, both of Otsego
March 14, 1813, James Wood and Anna Wood, both of Springfield
November 4, 1813, Joseph Davie and Mary How, both of Otsego
November 7, 1813, Boral McIntyre and Olive Barrus, both of Otsego
December 5, 1813, John Smith and Anna Southerland, both of Otsego
January 9, 1814, Alfred Lathrop of Genese and Keziah Booge of Otsego
March 6, 1814, William Liam and Lenora Bulson, both of Otsego

Note: All spelling was kept as printed in the Otsego Farmer.

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