The Linn Tractor

The Linn Tractor
The Linn Mfg. Corporation
Morris, Otsego County, NY
* taken from an advertisement in
The American Agriculturist Farm Directory
and Reference Book - 1917

You have all heard of it weighing only four tons and drawing four times its own weight, having a carrying capacity of 5 tons on its own body.

It will work on all kinds of ground because it is of the self-laying track or caterpillar type and has flexible lag bed of our own design and patent. It fits in the hollow places and bends over the knolls and obstacles in the roads and across the lots; in fact, it will run anywhere that a man can walk and draw a good load behind.

This machine is an all-year-round machine. It works as well on the snow as on the dirt. Our sled in front taking the place of the wheels makes it a machine that can be used in the deep snow. This tractor can be seen at our plant, Morris, N.Y., at any time, where demonstrations are given daily to interested parties. Prices on application. Send for catalog. .

The Linn at work.  

Linn Tractor, Town of Burlington - Harris Milbert on left

Photo contributed by Charles Milbert.


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