Civil War Vets who enlisted in Otsego Co. in NYS Regts and died during the Civil War

Civil War Vets who enlisted in Otsego Co.
in NYS Regts and died during the Civil War

Compiled and contributed by Charles Shaw - Croghan, NY

Note: This list may or may not be complete and is compiled from available sources. 
List revised June 18, 2000


cia- captured in action
kia- killed in action
wia- wounded in action
disdis- discharged for disability
dod- died of disease
dow- died of wounds
nd- no date
nfr- no further record
Co. "U" unassigned company

(   )- from personal records

(See table at the end for burial site abbreviations.)

Civil War Vets			Reg't		Enlisted     Age   Death date and place of death 
Ackley, Henry (CH) removed	G 2Art	 	1/3/64 Laurens 29-dow 6/20/64 NY Harbor
Adams, Geo. T. Sgt.		D 152Inf 	9/6/62 Springfield 31-cia 5/5/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence,SC
Adams, Lucius Musician		H 152Inf 	9/3/62 New Lisbon 21-dod 2/6/63 Ft. Marcy, Va.
Alger, Chester G. Cpl.		I 121Inf 	8/9/62 Hartwick 22-dod 12/16/62 Belle Plain, Va.
Alger, Elias (HP)		G 152Inf 	8/28/62 Oneonta 29-dod 7/19/63 Chesapeake Hosp. Va
Alger, Eugene Cpl. (ANN)	F 121Inf 	8/4/62 Otsego 19-dod 1/4/64 Annapolis, Md.
Alger, Freeman W. Musician	F 121Inf 	8/6/62 Otsego 20-kia 5/3/63 Salem Chapel, Va.
Arnold, Leroy H.		A 1Art	 	9/2/64 Burlington 18-trans HQ nd nfr (d. 11/21/64)
Arnold, Samuel H.		A 1Art	 	9/7/61 Edmeston 38- d. 12/16/61 Wash. DC
Arnold, Wm. W. (MA)		A 1Art	 	9/24/61 Burlington 18-d. 12/16/61 Wash. DC
Avery, Albert H.		A 114Inf 	8/31/64 Morris 27-wia 10/19 dow 12/13/64 Winchester
Avery, Oscar			H 152Inf	2/26/64  Maryland 18-kia 11/14/64 Ft. Stedman, Va.
Babbitt, Daniel W.		F 121Inf 	8/11/62 Burlington 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Babcock, Adelbert		K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Babcock, Samuel A.(WC)		I  121Inf	8/6/62 Laurens 18-kia 8/21/64 Charleston, Va.
Baily, Jas. H. (John)		F 121Inf	8/9/62 Otsego 18-dod 3/1/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Baker, Henry R.			G 2Art		1/14/64 Otsego 30-kia 6/1/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Bancroft, Jay L.		K 121Inf	8/9/62 Butternuts 28-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Banker, Irving F. (AND)		G 152Inf	3/29/64 Maryland 18-cia 6/22 d.10/26/64 Andersonville
Banker, Jesse M.		I  51Inf	9/18/62 Maryland 24-kia 12/13/62 Fredericksburg, Va.
Banker, Wm. H.			I  51Inf	10/6/61 Schenevus 24-kia 2/8/62 Roanoke Isl. NC
Barllard, John W.		G 121Inf	8/13/62 Cherry Valley 32-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Barnes, Elliott E.		K 121Inf	7/30/62 Oneonta 38-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Barnes, Melvin Sgt.		H 152Inf	8/30/62 Milford 18-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Barrett, Daniel			F 121Inf	8/9/62 Edmeston 21-dod 10/24/62 Bakersville, Md.
Barrett, Jas. H. (Jos.)		E 121Inf	7/29/62 Roseboom 22-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Bartholomew, Andrew J.		F 89Inf		10/22/61 Unadilla 27-wia 9/17 dow 11/25/62 Fred'k.M
Bates, Oliver R. Musician (LP)	I  76Inf	12/6/61 Cooperstown 35-dod 1/22/63 Baltimore, Md.
Bates, Samuel (ALB)		E 6Cav		10/7/61 Cherry Valley 30-dod 11/29/64 Albany, NY
Beach, Amos F. (CH)           	G 152Inf 	9/6/62 Otsego 44-dis 8/17/63 Wash.DC	
Bennett, Justice G.		G 51Inf		8/25/64 Schenevus 18-dod 10/2/64 Willets Point, NY
Bennett, Richard		I  121Inf	8/11/62 Laurens 23-kia 6/1/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Bettendorf, Martin		K 121Inf	8/6/62 Burlington 27-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Biglow, Geo. W.			K 51Inf		8/25/64 Schenevus 18-wia 9/30 dow 10/24/64 Ann. Md
Bishop, Robert M. (CH)		I  152Inf	9/4/62 New Lisbon 44-died 8/10/63 NY City
Blanchard, Ezra A.		E 121Inf	8/8/62 Hartwick 21-dod 12/27/63 White Oak Ch. Va.
Bliss, Peletiah (ARL)		L 2Art		12/31/63 Exeter 19-dod 7/3/64 Wash. DC
Bogart, Henry L.		K 89Inf		9/18/61 Unadilla 21-dod 11/3/62 Knoxville, Md.
Boorn, Wm. H.			G 121Inf	7/25/62 Decatur 23-cia no date dod pow no date
Bow, Jas. E.			K 121Inf	8/11/62 New Lisbon 30-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Brightman, Erastus B. (ARL)	F 2Art		1/3/64 Laurens 24-wia 8/14 dow 9/28/64 Wash. DC
Brown, Hamilton 1Lt.		D 3Cav		8/12/61 Schenevus 31-promoted 11/30/63 USCCav
Brown, Hamilton Maj.		2USCCav		(died 1864)
Brown, Jas. W. Sgt.		H 152Inf	8/30/62 Pittsfield 24-kia 5/18/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Brown, Ziba H.			D 3Cav		7/28/61 Schenevus 23-dod 12/20/61 Camp Bates, Md.
Brownell, John			E 5Art		12/28/63 Unadilla 44-dod 11/3/64 Harpers Ferry, Va.
Bruce, Danford (HAR)		H 152Inf	8/30/62 Pittsfield 44-dod 3/14/63 Wash. DC
Bryant, Albert (ARL)		G 152Inf	8/30/62 Butternuts 32-wia 6/17 Petersburg dow 8/29/64
Burlingham, John P. Cpl.	E 121Inf	8/4/62 Hartwick 20-dod 10/26/62 Bakersville, Md.
Burnside, Frank (PG)		A 16Art		1/2/64 Otsego 21-dod 10/7/64 at sea
Bush (Buck), John E. Cpl.	F 121Inf	8/6/62 Maryland 19-wia 5/5 Wilderness, Va dow 5/6/64
Bush, Geo. H.			I  152Inf	2/6/64 Roseboom 18-kia 11/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Bushnell, David			I  121Inf	8/7/62 Worcester 21-dod 10/8/62 Bakersville, Md.
Butler, Leonard L.		E 2Art		12/27/63 Burlington 20-kia 6/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Butts, Chas. A. Capt.		H 121Inf	8/15/62 Burlington 25-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Caldwell, Robert		E 121Inf	8/6/62 Otsego 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Camp, Chas. G.			I  121Inf	7/29/62 Morris 21-dod nd Windmill Point, Md.
Camp, Nelson L.			I  121Inf	7/29/62 Morris 25-dod 3/23/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Campans, John			A 180Inf	3/21/64 Otsego 23-transfered 7/23/64 179Inf
Campans, John (DV)		C 179Inf	7/24/64-mia 7/30/64 Petersburg nfr (d. 12/28/64)
Campbell, Amenzo Musician	K 43Inf		8/12/61 Cooperstown 15-d. 1/27/62 Camp Griffin, Va.
Campbell, Henry A. (WC) 	M 6Cav 		1/30/64 Middlefield 35-kia 1/18/65 Levettsville, Va.
Card, Abel Sgt.			C 152Inf	8/27/62 Morris 35-cia 6/22 d. 11/24/64 Andersonville
Card, Reuben Cpl.		I  121Inf	8/11/62 Pittsford 21-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Ceas, Geo.			I  51Inf	10/4/61 Schenevus 26-wia 3/14 New Bern dow 3/16/62
Chadderdon, Philo O.		D 6Cav		8/14/61 Cherry Valley 21-dow 6/23/64 Jones Bridge Va
Chamberlain, Henry		I  51Inf	8/14/62 Maryland 25-cia 9/30 dod 12/3/64 SalisburyNC
Chamberlain, Lorenzo		I  51Inf	10/2/61 Schenevus 25-dod 12/11/62 Falmouth, Va.
Chamberlain, Myron (ANT)	I  51Inf	10/7/61 Schenevus 25-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Chapin, Wm. H. (CGO)		K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 22-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Chappel, Elijah (AND)		K 76Inf		10/9/61 Springfield 18-cia 5/5 dod 10/10/64 Andersonv.
Chase, Albert J.		K 121Inf	8/14/62 Burlington 18-dod 1/19/63 White Oak Church
Chatfield, Oscar F 		Hosp.Stew.121Inf8/15/62 Unadilla 25-d. 5/15/63 Unadilla on furlough
Cheeney, Lorenzo W.		H 121Inf	8/7/62 Richfield 21-dod 12/31/62 White Oak Church
Chisholm, Andrew		K 121Inf	8/11/62 Burlington 22-d. 2/27/63 Windmill Point, Va.
Christman, Alfred Sgt.		K 2Cav		8/27/61 Richfield Spngs 20-kia 6/29/64 Reams Sta. Va.
Christman, Jacob H. (CH)	I  152Inf	8/26/62 Laurens 36-died 10/8/63 NY City
Chubb, Henry (ALB)		B 179Inf	3/28/64 Butternuts 36-dod 9/4/64 Albany, NY
Cipperley, Willis		K 121Inf	7/28/62 Oneonta 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Clark, John A.			H 76Inf		11/7/61 Cooperstown 20-dod 8/7/62 Wash. DC
Cleveland, Nelson Musician	E 90Inf		10/5/61 Otego 41-dod 9/6/62 Key West, Fla.
Clyde, Arthur			E 90Inf		10/16/61 Unadilla 18-dod 9/28/62 Key West, Fla.
Coats, Parker L.		G 152Inf	9/26/62 Otsego 22-dod 11/3/64 Schuyler Lake, NY
Cole, Russell L. (AND)		H 152Inf	8/13/62 Pittsfield 26-cia 5/12/64 d.(7/28/64) And. Ga.
Colton, Chauncey 1Sgt.		I  121Inf	8/6/62 Morris 32-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Coman, John (ANN)		F 121Inf	8/7/62 Edmeston 30-wia5/10 dow 8/24/64 Ann. Md.
Compton, Chas. W. (Geo.)	E 121Inf	8/12/62 Middlefield 21-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Cook, John I.			I  51Inf	10/1/61 Middlefield 21-wia 8/30 dow 9/28/62 Fairfax V
Cook, Smith G. (Samuel)		E 2Art		1/4/64 Pittsford 37-mia 6/13/64 d. no date rebel prison
Coon, Alonzo M.			B 121Inf	8/9/62 Plainfield 18-d. exposure 12/22/62 White OakCh
Coonrod, Alfred			G 121Inf	8/30/64 Roseboom 36-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Covey, Cyrus			A 1Art		9/17/61 Edmeston 29-d. 5/31/62 Fair Oaks, Va.
Craft, Jas.			G 144Inf	8/30/64 Otsego 18-wia nd dow 12/9/64 Beaufort, SC
Crandall, Henry (ARL)		E 2Art		1/1/64 Laurens 24-wia 5/19 dow 6/6/64 Wash. DC
Crandall, Silas (ANN) 		C 4Art 		1/14/64 Otsego 18-dod 2/10/65 Annapolis,Md.
Crocker, Smith H. (CPT)		I  152Inf	9/6/62 Roseboom 18-died 10/25/64 City Point, Va.
Crocker, Stephen A.		G 121Inf	8/7/62 Roseboom 20-dod no date or place pow
Crounce, Peter			G 121Inf	8/9/62 Roseboom 18-dod 3/27/63
Cummings, Birdsall (AND)	L 22Cav		3/2/64 Milford 18-dod no date Andersonville, Ga.
Cuppernall, Levi		E 121Inf	8/7/62 Springfield 42-wia no date or place dow 5/13/63
Curley, John			F 121Inf	8/11/62 Plainfield 18-drowned 5/31/63 Baltimore, Md.
Curtis, Chas. E.		B 90Inf		9/3/64 Milford 34-cia 10/19 dod 2/9/65 Salisbury, SC
Cushing, Chas. H. Cpl. (RM)	G 121Inf	8/1/62 Decatur 19-wia no date or place dow no date
Daniels, John 1Sgt.		G 121Inf	8/15/62 Cherry Valley 27-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Darling, Jos. A. (FB)		I  121Inf	7/31/62 Worcester 21-dod 2/10/63 White Oak Church
Davey, Albert J.1Sgt		I  51Inf	9/28/61 Middlefield 23-cia nd dod 11/24/64 Salisbury
Davis, Geo. L.			G 152Inf	9/4/62 Butternuts 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Delaney, John			I  152Inf	9/6/62 Otsego 21-mia 6/22 d. 4/8/65 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Devendorf, Dorr G.		B 121Inf	8/6/62 Plainfield 18-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Devoe, Chas. W.			K 76Inf		9/29/61 Springfield 23-wia 8/28 dow 8/29/62 Gaines M.
Dewey, Lyman B.			E 90Inf		9/28/61 Otego 26-died 6/10/62 Key West, Fla.
Dickenson, Madison Cpl. (AND)	K 152Inf	9/4/62 Roseboom 27-cia 6/23 d. 9/29/64 Andersonville
Dingman, Edward (ALB)		B 3Cav		2/19/64 Maryland 18-dod 3/28/64 Albany, NY
Dingman, Elijah (WC)		I  121Inf	8/6/62 Milford 21-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Dolliver, Eugene		K 121Inf	8/13/62 Otsego 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Doxtater, John			D 152Inf	8/21/62 Springfield 23-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Drake, Geo.			G 121Inf	1/4/64 Otsego 37-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Druce, Isaac W. Cpl.		D 152Inf	8/28/62 Springfield 28-cia 6/23/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence
Duroe, Horatio N. 1Lt.		K 121Inf	8/14/62 New Lisbon 21-kia 3/25/65 Ft. Fisher, Va.
Dutcher, Jas. H.		H 76Inf		1/7/62 Cherry Valley 23-disdis 10/29/62
Dutcher, Jas. H. (ARL)		M 2Art		12/16/63 Minden 25-wia 5/31 dow 5/8/64
Elliott, Wm. J.			K 121Inf	8/11/62 Burlington 18-dod 12/20/62 White Oak Church
Emerson, Thos. B.		K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/64 Salem Church, Va.
Emmons, Homer W.		K 121Inf	8/2/62 Oneonta 18-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Fanning, Benj.			I  121Inf	8/12/62 Worcester 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Farmer, Elvin D.		K 121Inf	7/26/62 Oneonta 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Fenton, Chas.			L 2Art		1/2/64 Burlington 30-dod 7/3/64 Phil. Pa.
Fenton, Nathaniel Cpl.		H 152Inf	8/28/62 Pittsfield 32-kia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom, Va.
Fenton, Samuel			I  121Inf	7/20/62 Laurens 27-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Ferguson, Andrew		G 121Inf	7/26/62 Springfield 20-dod 10/23/63
Finch, Jonas (AND)		L 22Cav		1/11/64 Unadilla 19-d. 9/14/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Fitch, Isaac H. Cpl.		K 121Inf	8/11/62 New Lisbon 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Fitch, Samuel A. (PB)		K 89Inf		9/18/61 Unadilla 30-kia 8/13/64 Petersburg, Va.
Flansburgh, Mathew		E 121Inf	7/31/62 Hartwick 19-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Foot, Zephariah Cpl.		I  121Inf	8/5/62 Morris 35-dod 2/9/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Fowler, Adelbert D.		K 76Inf		11/1/61 Otego 22-dod 5/4/62 Wash. DC
Fox, Bradford J.D.		H 76Inf		1/7/62 Cherry Valley 25-kia 5/12/64 Laurel Hill, Va.
Fox, Robinson F. Cpl.		I  121Inf	8/5/62 Laurens 22-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Franklin, Benj. M. (CGO)	K 121Inf	8/7/62 Butternuts 36-dod 1/1/63 White Oak Church
Franklin, Ira O. (AND)		L 22Cav		1/14/64 Middlefield 32-d. 7/28/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Fritts, Erastus Cpl.		K 121Inf	8/23/62 Oneonta 21-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Fuller, Jared C. Cpl.		G 121Inf	8/8/62 Middlefield 20-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Gaffney, Michael (PHIL)		A 114Inf	9/3/64 Burlington 27-wia 10/19 dow 11/9/64 Phil. Pa.
Gallup, Wm. T. (MA)		H 152Inf	8/28/62 Pittsfield 27-dod 3/26/63 Wash. DC
Gardner, Jas. C. Cpl.		I  121Inf	7/30/62 Laurens 19-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Gardner, Wm. H. Cpl.		K 121Inf	8/9/62 Laurens 19-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylavania, Va.
Gardner, Wm. P. (CH) 		G 176Inf 	11/11/62 New Lisbon 38-dod 11/15/63 NY C
Gartsee, Henry Sgt. (AND)	L 22Cav		1/4/64 Otsego 29-d. 8/29/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Gates, John C. Sgt.		E 121Inf	8/9/62 Middlefield 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Gifford, Orin			K 121Inf	7/26/62 Oneonta 18-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/18/63
Gilmore, Lorenzo C. Cpl.	D 152Inf	8/23/62 Springfield 27-cia 6/23 d.11/4/64 Florence SC
Goodrich, Alexis (CHA)		C 176Inf	11/8/62 New Lisbon 22-cia 6/23 d.7/27/63 N. Orleans
Goodwill, John H. Cpl. (HP)	G 152Inf	8/30/62 Butternuts 18-dod 8/1/63 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Gould, Jacob			K 121Inf	8/2/62 Otsego 42-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/27/63
Gould, Orin			K 121Inf	8/15/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Graham, Homer H.		E 121Inf	8/8/62 Middlefield 20-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Green, Solomon A. Sgt.		G 152Inf	8/30/62 Otego 19-dod 3/10/63 Wash. DC
Green, Wm.			E 2Art		12/21/63 Morris 18-mia 8/25 d. 11/15/64 Salisbury, NC
Greenleaf,Chas.H.2Lt.		D 5Cav 		9/19/61 Springfield 20-dow 8/25/64 Harpers Ferry
Greenwald, Marcus		I  152Inf	9/19/62 Roseboom 24-cia nd d. 8/14/64 Richmond, Va.
Griggs, Wm. P.			I  121Inf	8/11/62 Worcester 24-kia 2/6/65 Hatcher's Run, Va.
Hadsell, Chas. (AND)		L 2Art		1/4/64 Exeter 38-dod 9/3/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Hadsell, Wm. H. (CR)		I  152Inf	9/6/62 Roseboom 20-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Haines, Jas. (ARL)		E 2Art		1/4/64 Laurens 35-dod 5/15/65 Wash. DC
Haitie, Albert C. Cpl.		D 152Inf	8/18/62 Springfield 22-wia 5/6 Wilderness dow 5/12/64
Hall, Jas. F.			I  121Inf	8/5/62 Laurens 22-dod 12/23/62 White Oak Church
Hanford, Chas. N. (KW)		E 90Inf		12/9/61 Unadilla 19-dod 9/25/62 Key West, Fla.
Hardendorf, Cornelius		K 152Inf	9/15/62 Cherry Valley 23-d. 1/4/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Hardendorf, Jacob		D 6Cav		8/19/61 Cherry Valley 26-kia 8/16/64 Crooked Run,Va
Harrington, Wm.			H 152Inf	9/2/62 Pittsfield 29-disdis 11/3/64 (died 1864)
Harris, Wm.			G 121Inf	7/30/62 Cherry Valley 19-dod 11/30/63
Hastings, Geo. W.		K 121Inf	8/9/62 Butternuts 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Hawkins, Arvine (CHP)		I  2Art		1/4/64 Edmeston 19-wia 6/11/64 Cold Harbor, Va. nfr
Hawkins, Wm. O. (PHIL)		G 2Art		1/4/64 Pittsfield 41-dod 7/12/64 Phil. Pa.
Hemingway, Samuel (CH)		B 179Inf	3/28/64 Butternuts 19-died 7/17/64 NY Harbor
Hendrix, John W.		E 90Inf		10/5/61 Otego 19-dod 9/4/64 Key West, Fla.
Herdman, Geo. G. (MA)		G 121Inf	8/8/62 Cherry Valley 19-wia 11/7/63 dow 11/24/63
Herrel, Wm.			G 121Inf	8/7/62 Springfield 27-dod 10/31/63
Hill, Henry			I  152Inf	9/6/62 Otsego 31-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Hillsinger, Willis		A 43Inf		8/24/61 Cooperstown 24-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va
Hinds, Moses N. Sgt.		D 152Inf	9/6/62 Springfield 18-kia 5/28/64 Totopotomoy, Va.
Hinds, Orville M. Cpl.		H 121Inf	8/13/62 Richfield 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Heights, Va.
Hoag, Ransom P.			K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Hodge, Chas. E.			G 121Inf	8/7/62 Cherry Valley 20-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Hogaboom, Levy J.		I  121Inf	8/21/62 Oneonta 21-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Hopkins, John			F 121Inf	8/7/62 Edmeston 34-dod 11/14/62 Knoxville, Md.
Houghtaling,Amadeus (FK) 	M 5Art 		1/18/64 Milford 18-dow 7/30/64 Frederick,Md.
Houghton, Seward Sgt.		I  51Inf	10/9/61 Schenevus 19-kia 7/9/64 Petersburg, Va.
House, Samuel C.		I  121Inf	8/6/62 Pittsfield 19-dod 12/31/62 Hagerstown, Md.
Howe, Jos. B.			G 121Inf	8/7/62 Cherry Valley 23-wia no date dow 5/7/63
Howland, TenEyck Capt.		B 121Inf	8/6/62 Westford 19-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Hubbard, Andrew J. (MA)		B 121Inf	8/1/62 Pittsfield 24-wia 5/3 dow 5/24/63 Wash. DC
Hubbard, Jas. H. (PB)		H 152Inf	8/27/62 Laurens 28-kia 11/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Hulett, Wm. H. (AND)		L 22Cav		1/11/64 Unadilla 29-d. 6/27/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Hummel, Peter M.		D 3Cav		3/18/62 Maryland 40-dod 6/4/62 New Bern, NC
Hummell, Munger			F 121Inf	8/11/62 Maryland 21-dod 1/30/63 Windmill Point, Va.
Huntley, Lester C.		B 152Inf	8/28/62 Richfield 30-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Hurlbut, Edgar A.		G 2Art		1/4/64 Butternuts 20-dod 7/27/64 Wash. DC
Hyzer, Thos. H. (AX)		K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 29-deserted 4/29/65 
Inglesby, Laurin		E 121Inf	8/6/62 Hartwick 29-dod 2/6/63 Windmill Point, Va.
Irons, Cephas			E 121Inf	8/8/62 Otsego 21-dod 8/11/63 Baltimore, Md.
James, Wm. H. (CH)		L 2Art		1/26/64 Middlefield 19-dod 8/1/64 NY Harbor
Jenks, Jas. B. Sgt. (WC)	K 121Inf	7/26/62 Oneonta 19-wia 10/19 dow 11/10/64
Jenks, Milton			H 152Inf	9/5/62 Hartwick 19-dod 8/4/63 Convalescent Camp
Johnson, Robert B.		B 51Inf		3/21/64 Hartwick 26-dod 10/19/64 Rochester, NY
Johnson, Wm. B.			E 121Inf	8/6/62 Milford 21-dod 10/28/62 Bakersville, Md.
Joslyn, Washington L.		E 121Inf	8/8/62 Hartwick 37-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Keach, Chas. (BF)		I 152Inf	8/26/62 Pittsfield 34-cia 6/22/64 d. nd Andersonville
Keefe, Michael Cpl. (ANT)	I  51Inf	9/20/61 Worcester 20-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Kelley, S. Burdett 1Lt.		A 121Inf	8/8/62 Otsego 20-died 3/65 Annapolis, Md.
Kellogg, Marvin (ARL)		G 2Art		1/4/64 Pittsfield 30-dod 8/28/64 Wash. DC
Kellogg, Melville W.		H 152Inf	3/31/64 Hartwick 18-wia 5/5 dow 5/7/64 Wilderness
Kelsey, Chauncey		C 152Inf	8/29/62 Morris 44-kia 10/28/64 Boyden Plank Rd. Va.
Kelsey, Jas. T.			C 152Inf	1/13/64 Morris 21-hospital 4/65 nfr (d. 5/64)
Kelty, Wm.			K 121Inf	8/12/62 Plainfield 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Kidder, Geo. T. 1Sgt.		C 152Inf	8/29/62 Morris 31-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Kiley, Wm. (AND)		L 2Art		1/2/64 Otsego 19-cia 6/22 dod 10/4/64 Andersonville
Kinney, Alvin (CPT)		C 152Inf	1/17/64 Milford 18-dod 6/28/64 City Point, Va.
Lamont, Asbell			I  121Inf	7/29/62 Worcester 21-kia 11/7/63 Rappahannock Sta.
Lamphere, Orson H.		I  51Inf	10/1/61 Westford 18-dod 11/22/61 Annapolis, Md.
Laniger,John D 			5Cav 		9/23/61 Springfield 19-kia 6/3/63 Hanover,Pa.
Lansing, John			G 121Inf	8/18/62 Westford 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Latimer, Harrison		I  121Inf	8/8/62 Milford 28-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/11/63
Lawyer, Hiram Sgt.		I  76Inf	12/11/61 Cherry Valley 26-kia 6/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Lewis, David H. Cpl.		C 152Inf	8/30/62 Morris 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Lewis, Edwin W.			I  121Inf	7/28/62 Morris 20-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Lewis, Fenimore			B 51Inf		9/23/61 Cooperstown 37-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Lewis, Nelson (AND)		D 3Cav		2/19/64 Maryland 18-cia 6/26/64 d. nd Andersonville
Love, Thos.			K 89Inf		9/16/61 Unadilla 40-dod 11/14/62 Weverton, Md.
Lovejoy, Henry S. Mus. (CPR)	I  152Inf	9/23/62 Roseboom 20-d. 12/31/63 Stevensburg, Va.
Lull, Galen H. (CGO)		H 152Inf	8/29/62 Laurens 29-cia 6/22 d. nd Andersonville, Ga.**SEE BELOW** 
Lunn, Wm.			G 176Inf	11/8/62 New Lisbon 44-d. 10/6/63 Bonnet Carre, La.
Lynch,Thos. 			D 5Cav 		9/23/61 Springfield 21-cia 9/12/63 d. 7/64 Andersonville
Manchester, Arthur L.1Sgt.(MA) 	E 152Inf	8/27/62 Morris 22-dod 4/1/63 Wash. DC
Marble, Edward S.		K 121Inf	7/30/62 Otsego 20-discharged 12/18/62 (died 8/2/65)
Martin, Lester Cpl.		E 121Inf	7/30/62 Springfield 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Mason, Jas. W. (MA)		C 43Inf		8/6/61 Oneonta 19-d. 12/4/61 Georgetown, DC
Mathews, Richard		H 121Inf	8/6/62 Richfield 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Heights, Va.
Matteson, Allen			E 121Inf	7/25/62 Exeter 24-dod 1/4/64 Brandy Station, Va.
McCarthy,Patrick Cpl. 		D 5Cav 		9/19/61 Springfield 19-dod 5/19/62 Strasburg, Va.
McDaniels, Alex.		K 76Inf		12/14/61 Cooperstown 33-dod 6/25/62 Oaksville, NY
McKinley, Jas. H.		I  152Inf	9/15/62 Roseboom 21-died 7/27/63 NY City
Mead, David 1Sgt.		A 43Inf		8/16/61 Cooperstown 30-kia 5/4/64 Wilderness, Va.
Metcalf, Geo. T.		K 43Inf		8/12/61 Cooperstown 23-dod 4/26/62 Camp Scott, Va.
Miller, Daniel (ARL)		C 152Inf	8/28/62 Morris 37-wia 5/29 dow 6/25/64 Wash. DC
Miller, Jas. A. (AND)		G 152Inf	8/29/62 Morris 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/26/64 Andersonville
Mills, Lyman S. Cpl.		K 89Inf		9/23/61 Unadilla 23-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Miner, Geo. E.			H 121Inf	8/2/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Miner, Isaac C. Sgt.		H 121Inf	8/2/62 Otsego 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Heights, Va.
Mitchell, Henry			A 1Art		9/7/61 Edmeston 20-transfered 6/7/62 7Baty
Mitchell, Henry (CH)	  	7Baty		6/7/62-d. 6/24/62 NY Harbor
Moore, Geo. T.			F 121Inf	8/9/62 Maryland 24-d. 10/30/62 Bakersville, Md.
Morton, John T. 1Lt.		C 121Inf	8/7/62 Edmeston 19-kia 4/5/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Munson, Abijah H.		A 43Inf		8/12/61 Cooperstown 21-d. 8/4/62 Phil. Pa.
Nelson, Geo.			G 121Inf	8/15/62 Cherry Valley 18-dod 12/25/62
Norton, Geo. Sgt. (HH)		G 1Eng		11/11/61 Otsego Co. 35-dod 8/2/62 Hilton Head, SC
O'Brien, Hiram			H 76Inf		11/9/61 Cherry Valley 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Oaks, Perry			H 76Inf		10/15/61 Cherry Valley 22-kia 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va.
Ottman, Oliver			G 121Inf	8/12/62 Roseboom 37-dod 1/31/63
Owens, Edward W. Cpl. (CH)	B 14Art		12/27/63 Richfield 26-dod 8/13/64 NY Harbor
Packard, Able F.		G 3Cav		8/7/62 Oneonta 32-dod 5/25/64
Page, Samuel			E 121Inf	7/30/62 Roseboom 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Parcell, Aaron			G 176Inf	11/8/62 New Lisbon 17-died no date New Orleans, La.
Parcell, Samuel 		G. (CPT)	C 152Inf	8/29/62 Morris 34-dod 6/25/64 City Point, Va.
Park, Eugene			G 121Inf	8/13/62 Roseboom 26-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Pashley, John M.		H 152Inf	9/2/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Pattengill, Chas. F. Sgt.	I  121Inf	8/9/62 Morris 24-wia 5/10 Spotsylvania dow 5/11/64
Pearsall, Edward W. (ARL)	E 2Art		1/3/64 Edmeston 18-wia 6/5 dow 6/30/64 Wash. DC
Pearson, Helon			G 121Inf	7/29/62 Roseboom 23-dod 10/2/62
Peck, Benj. F. (HH)		G 1Eng		11/4/61 Otsego Co. 20-dod 6/20/62 Hilton Head, SC
Peck, Luther			D 152Inf	8/29/62 Springfield 20-kia 6/5/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Perry, Devillon			K 121Inf	8/15/62 Otsego 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Persons, Irwin M. (CPR)		K 152Inf	8/21/62 Worcester 18-dod 1/21/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Persons, Nathaniel D.		L 2Art		12/24/63 Exeter 26-dod 3/14/64 Wash. DC
Petteplace, Francis E. (CGO)	L 22Cav		1/19/64 Milford 20-d. 12/24/64 Annapolis, Md.
Pettie, Rufus B.		I  51Inf	10/8/61 Cherry V.22-wia 3/14 dow 10/20/62 New Bern
Phenis, Barnard 1Lt.		D 76Inf		10/11/61 Cherry Valley 29-dow 8/18/64 Weldon RR Va
Phillips,David 			B 24Cav 	1/2/64 Springfield 21-kia 6/17/64

Pierce, Silas E. 1Lt. (FB)	F 121Inf	8/12/62 Middlefield 18-wia 5/12 Spotsylv. dow 5/13/64
Pope, Wm. (CH) removed		I  2Art		12/29/63 Edmeston 17-dow 6/24/64 NY Harbor
Post, Albert N.			A 43Inf		8/12/61 Cooperstown 21-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Potter, Wm.			I  51Inf	10/1/61 Westford 22-dod 10/8/64 Wash. DC
Powell, Wm. E.			K 76Inf		10/1/61 Springfield 34-kia 7/1/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Powers, Cyrus A.		I  51Inf	9/28/61 Middlefield 21-wia 3/14 dow 3/23/62 NewBern
Powers, Levi H.			I  121Inf	8/23/62 Worcester 21-wia 5/3 Salem Ch. dow 5/6/63
Prindel, Fyler D. Cpl.		I  51Inf	9/25/61 Schenevus 21-dod 5/19/62 New Bern, NC
Radley, John			C 152Inf	8/29/62 Morris 24-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Radley, Stephen			H 152Inf	9/6/62 Pittsford 21-kia 6/7/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Reed, Jos. (ANT)		I  2Art		1/8/64 Edmeston 24-dod 12/12/64 Annapolis, Md.
Reeves, Geo. (AND)		C 152Inf	1/17/64 Milford 23-cia 6/22 d. 8/15/64 Andersonville
Rexford, Horatio N. (HH)	G 1Eng		10/4/61 Otsego Co. 28-dod 5/25/62 Hilton Head, SC
Richards, Philander		H 152Inf	8/30/62 Hartwick 42-kia 5/13/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Ripley, Francis A. Sgt. (AND)	C 152Inf	8/20/62 Laurens 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/18/64 Andersonville
Rockefeller, Mathew Musician	I  121Inf	8/11/62 Worcester 20-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Rockwell, Clark Musician	K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 20-d. 11/24/62 Hagerstown, Md.
Rogers,Henry (AND)		E 2Art		12/22/63 Morris 23-w/cia 6/22/64 d. nd Andersonville
Root, Wallace J. Sgt.		F 152Inf	9/9/62 Springfield 25-wia 5/13 dow 5/21/64 Fred'ksbg.
Rose, Freeman P.		I  121Inf	8/11/62 Milford 18-dod 11/21/62 Wash. DC
Rowey, John			G 152Inf	9/5/62 Butternuts 30-cia nd d. 10/24/64 Andersonville
Russell, John Cpl.		H 76Inf		10/24/61 Cherry Valley 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Sanders,Reuben 			D 5Cav 		9/23/61 Springfield 30-cia 10/19/63 dod 7/64 
Savage, Titus D.		F 121Inf	8/9/62 Otsego 19-wia 5/10 Spotsylvania dow 6/3/64
Schrambling, John		I  76Inf	11/11/61 Cherry Valley 18-wia 5/5 dow 5/25/64 Phil.Pa
Scofield, Geo.  Wagoner		K 89Inf		9/17/61 Unadilla 23-dod 12/7/63 St. Augustine, Fla.
Scrambling, Jas.		G 121Inf	8/11/64 Roseboom 22-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Seaman, Wm. D. (ARL)		K 10Cav		9/3/62 Unadilla 19-dod 10/15/64 Wash. DC
Seeber, Walter			G 121Inf	8/8/62 Roseboom 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Seeber, Wm. (WC)		G 121Inf	9/2/64 Pleasant Brook 40-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek
Sergeant, Stanley G. Cpl.	C 152Inf	8/27/62 Morris 20-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Seward, Chas. H.		L 7Art		1/4/64 OtsegoCo.39-wia 6/10dow 6/22/64 Maryland ny
Shepherd, Richard		K 76Inf		11/25/61 Oneonta 34-kia 8/29/62 Bull Run, Va.
Sherman, Jas.			G 121Inf	8/7/62 Cherry Valley 19-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Short, Fenimore			G 114Inf	8/10/64 Roseboom 18-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Sill, Erastus L.		A 114Inf	8/31/64 Morris 19-dod 11/1/64 Martinsburg, Va.
Simmons, Jas. H.		K 121Inf	8/9/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Skinner, Geo. (PHIL)		C 43Inf		8/6/61 Oneonta 28-dod 8/3/62 Phil. Pa.
Small,Wm. (MA) 		D 152Inf 		9/6/62 Springfield 18-d. 12/25/63 Wash.DC
Smith (Smyth), John M.		F 121Inf	7/30/62 Unadilla 24-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Smith,Daniel G. (AX)		E 2Art		12/31/63 Laurens 18-dod 6/25/64 Alexandria, Va.
Smith, Everett H.		A 43Inf		8/24/61 Cooperstown 21-kia 6/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Smith, Geo.			I  51Inf	11/15/61 Worcester 24-kia 5/18/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Snedecker, Wm.			M 3Art		9/18/62 Richfield 25-d. no date Portsmouth, Va.
Snedeker, Samuel G.		I  121Inf	8/8/62 Laurens 24-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Snow, Chas. H.			K 121Inf	8/7/62 Butternuts 19-wia 5/3 Salem Ch. dow 6/25/63
Southworth, Reuben (PHIL)	E 89Inf		1/8/64 Butternuts 21-d. 8/21/64 Phil. Pa.
Spicer, Edward R.		B 121Inf	8/1/62 Plainfield 18-kia 12/12/62 Fredericksburg, Va.
Spicer, Oscar A. (ANT)		B 121Inf	8/1/62 Plainfield 20-dod 12/12/62 Hagerstown, Md.
Spoor, Geo. J. (CH)		K 121Inf	8/7/62 Oneonta 19-died 7/16/63
Stanton, Jay Cady		H 76Inf		10/15/61 Cherry Valley 31-dow 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va
Stebins, Chas. A. Cpl.		G 152Inf	9/6/62 Butternuts 22-wia 5/12 dow 5/13/64 Spotsylv.
Stedman, Richard		H 152Inf	8/26/62 Pittsfield 35-kia 5/14/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Steele, John			L 2Art		12/24/63 Richfield 29-dod 12/14/64 Richfield Springs
Steele, Wm. (CPT)		H 2Art		1/25/64 New Lisbon 23-dow 11/9/64 City Point, Va.
Steere, Augustus Jr. (FB)	H 152Inf	9/6/62 Laurens 22-d. sunstroke 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Stephens, Aaron			F 121Inf	7/31/62 Edmeston 28-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Stevens, Adoniram J.		E 121Inf	8/6/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Stevens, Ethan D.		C 152Inf	9/6/62 Morris 22-cia 6/22/64 Petersburg d. nd pow
Stevens, Sidney S.		K 121Inf	8/13/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Story, Robert Capt.		B 76Inf		10/11/61 Cherry V. 35-wia 7/1 Gettysburg dow 8/6/63
Story,Wm. 			U 16Art 	2/18/64 Milford 21-trans nd F 1MTDR(Mounted Rifles)dod 8/20/64
Strait, Jas. K.			H 121Inf	3/18/64 Laurens 19-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylavania, Va.
Strange, Chas. H. (SAL)		L 2Art		12/19/63 Richfield 30-dod 12/24/64 Salisbury, NC
Taylor, Geo. E.			K 43Inf		8/12/61 Cooperstown 24-dod 5/14/62 on transport
Taylor,Robert  saddler 		D 5Cav 		9/26/61 Springfield 19-cia 7/6/64 dod nd Richmond,Va.

Taylor, Wm. Henry (WC)		E 121Inf	7/25/62 Roseboom 19-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylavania, Va.
Tooley, John H.			H 2MTDR		2/13/64 Middlefield 17-dow 6/18/64 City Point, Va.
Tracy, Julius H.		I  121Inf	8/5/62 Morris 25-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Truman, Asaph C. (MA)		G 152Inf	8/30/62 Otego 23-dod 6/17/63 Wash. DC
Tucker, Wm. H. 1Lt. (WC)	G 121Inf	7/29/62 Roseboom 23-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
VanCourt, Geo. H. (HAR)		L 2Art		12/28/63 Exeter 18-dod 3/15/64 Wash. DC
Vandeusen, Smith L. (ARL)	H 152Inf	9/26/62 New Lisbon 18-wia 5/12 dow 6/6/64 Wash. DC
VanHorne, John			D 152Inf	9/1/62 Otsego 22-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
VanSchaick, Geo.		E 90Inf		10/2/61 Unadilla 20-died 4/10/62 Key West, Fla.
Vorhees, John			K 76Inf		10/12/61 Springfield 20-kia 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va.
Wade, Herbert (NB)		D 3Cav		8/29/62 Maryland 22-dod 7/25/63 New Bern, NC
Waffle, Albert			F 121Inf	8/8/62 Middlefield 19-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Wakefield, Borah (MA)		K 43Inf		8/12/61 Cooperstown 18-dod 3/14/62 Wash. DC
Waldron, Francis M.		K 2Cav		8/26/61 Richfield S.18-mia 8/2/63 d. 1/2/64 Richmond
Wales, Edward 1Sgt.		G 121Inf	8/4/62 Cherry Valley 34-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Walsh,James 			D 5Cav 		9/9/61 Springfield 21-cia 64 d. 10/18/64 Andersonville
Ward, David D.			K 121Inf	8/8/62 Otsego 20-dod 10/27/62 Bakersfield, Va.
Warren, Jas. S.			F 121Inf	8/14/62 Plainfield 20-dod 2/18/63 White Oak Church
Warriner, Cyrus W.		F 121Inf	8/6/62 Maryland 19-wia 5/3 Wilderness dow 7/29/64
Washburn,Adelbert A. (AX) 	G 146Inf 	9/13/62 Plainfield 18-dod 10/24/62 Wash.DC
Waterhouse, Orrin		K 76Inf		10/20/61 Cooperstown 18-d. 1/10/62 Fred'ksburg, Va.
Waterman, Silas			I  121Inf	8/9/62 Worcester 27-kia 5/9/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Webb, Fletcher			I  121Inf	8/7/62 Butternuts 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Webb, Wm. N.			K 89Inf		9/17/61 Unadilla 25-dod 12/9/62
Welch, Alfred			B 152Inf	8/30/62 Richfield 19-wia 5/12 dow 5/19/64 Portsmouth
Welch, Geo. H.			H 121Inf	8/2/62 Richfield 18-dod 2/20/63 White Oak Church
Weldon, Thos. F. 1Lt.		C 76Inf		10/21/61 Rich. Springs 23-kia 8/21/64 Weldon RR, Va.
Wheeler,John R. (MA)		I  76Inf	11/20/61 Cooperstown 17-dod 2/13/62 Wash. DC
Whipple, Isaac (CPR)		E 121Inf	8/7/62 Springfield 30-dod 1/4/64 Brandy Station, Va.
Whitford, Horatio G. Sgt.	K 121Inf	8/20/62 New Lisbon 26-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Whiting, John C.		I  51Inf	10/6/61 Worcester 18-dod 9/8/62 Wash. DC
Wilber, Sanford			G 2Art		1/4/64 Pittsfield 24-dod 10/20/64 Albany, NY
Wiles(Wilds), John		D 152Inf	8/30/62 Springfield 31-kia 5/10/64 Laurel Hill, Va.
Williams, Edwin O. Cpl. (NB)	D 3Cav		7/10/61 Unadilla 22-dod 10/13/62 New Bern, NC
Williams, Richard 1Lt.		I  76Inf	10/20/61 Cooperstown 24-kia 8/29/62 Bull Run, Va.
Williams, Will			G 1Eng		10/3/61 Otsego Co. 31-dod 6/12/64 Hilton Head, SC
Wilson, Jabez D.		G 121Inf	8/2/62 Roseboom 18-kia 12/14/62 Fredericksburg, Va.
Winchell, Philemon (AUG)	D 3Cav		7/15/61 Worcester 18-cia 7/21/63 d. 4/24/64 Marrieta
Winnys, Orlando I. Teamster	E 90Inf		12/9/61 Unadilla 29-dod 8/23/62 Key West, Fla.
Winslow, Lester			K 76Inf		8/28/61 Springfield 22-kia 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va.
Winters, Merritt (PHIL)		G 2Art		1/4/64 Burlington 16-wia 6/5 dow 7/14/64 Phil. Pa.
Wolhurt, Elisha			K 121Inf	8/8/62 Otsego 18-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/4/63
Wood, Robert C. Cpl.		E 121Inf	8/11/62 Otsego 18-dod 1/1/63
Woodcock, Samuel		I  51Inf	10/6/61 Schenevus 19-dod 4/23/62 New Bern, NC
Wright, Ebenezer		K 76Inf		12/20/61 Oneonta 45-dow 9/14/62 South Mt. Md.
Wright, Samuel T.		K 121Inf	8/11/62 Oneonta 35-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Young, Milton A. (HH)		I  144Inf	1/22/64 Morris 18-dod 11/9/64 Hilton Head, SC
Zoller, Jas. H.			H 121Inf	8/2/62 Richfield 26-dod 1/3/63 White Oak Church, Va.

**Lull, Galen H. - According to additional Records it has been determined that he is buried at Andersonville, GA**

Burial Sites

(ALB)-  Albany, NY
(AND)- Andersonville, Ga.
(ANN)- Annaplois, Md.
(ANT)- Antietam, Md.
(ARL)- Arlington, Va.
(AX)-   Alexandria, Va.
(AUG)-Augusta, Ga.
(BF) Beaufort,SC  
(CGO)-Chenango County
(CH)-   Cyprus Hill, Long Isl., NY
(CHA) Chalmette,La. 
(CHP)- Chester, Pa.
(CPR)- Culpeper, Va.
(CPT)- City Point, Va.
(CR)-   Cold Harbor, Va.
(DV)-  Dansville, Va.
(FB)-  Fredericksburg, Va.
(FR) Frederick, Md.
(HAR)-Harmony Cem. Wash. DC
(HH)- Hilton Head, SC
(HP)-  Hampton, Va. 
(KW)- Key West, Fla.
(LP)-  Louden Park Cem. Balt. Md.
(MA)-Military Asylum Cem. Wash. DC
(NB)- New Bern, NC
(PB)-  Petersburg, Va.
(PG)-  Portsmouth Grove, RI
(PHIL)-Philadelphia, Pa.
(PL)-  Point Lookout, Md.
(RM)-Richmond, Va.
(SAL)-Salisbury, NC
(WC)-Winchester, Va.


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