Carley Mills School  
Hastings, N.Y.

Carley Mills School

The school, located in the hamlet of Carley Mills in the town of Hastings, served as district number six in the town.  The district was established in 1824.  School was taught in various locations in the community.  George Carley’s barn served as a schoolhouse for a time.  A schoolhouse was also located on the corner of County Route 84 and Seeber Road.

     In 1875, with the help of the Freewill Baptist Church of Hastings the current building was erected.  The building served as both schoolhouse and church until September of 1888, when the church services were relocated to the village of Hastings.

     The one room schoolhouse remained in operation until 1954, when it was closed by the Central Square School district.  The school district donated the building to its current owner, the Carley Mills Cemetery Association.  The building was declared a county historic site in 1990 by the Oswego Heritage Foundation.  In 1964, Mabel (Hess) Dunbar compiled a scrapbook of the many teachers who taught at the school.  The scrapbook contains pictures of each teacher listed.  Several of the pictures include other family members or friends.  Eventually, we hope to include those pictures on this web page.  Listed below are the names.  Both maiden and married names are included when known.

Lisa Parker has contributed this list of school teachers from Carley Mills, and requests, that if you have any additional information, questions, or find any errors in the information below, please contact Lisa Parker.

Recollections of a Former Student at Carley Mills School

      I have a lot of memories of going to school at Carley Mills.  One of the best time there, were the nature walks Mrs. Evans used to take us on in the fall.  We would walk down to Carley's pond and up in the lot behind the Larabee farm and back to the school.  There was never any rush, and we always just took our time.
    Mrs. Evens was such a great teacher and I think she just thought, besides learning about nature, that the fresh air was good for all of us.  Sometimes in the winter she would make soup for us on the wood stove, so we could all have a hot lunch with our sandwiches.  All my memories of there are so warm and good. 
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Recollections of a Former Student at Carley Mills School

    It is so nice to find my past. Carley Mills school was my second school.  I took kindergarten in N. Syracuse.  My dad moved us to Carley Mills in 1944.  I was 9 years old when I started.  This school holds many memories for me. 
   Ms. Evans was my teacher and I still think of her today as being a kind gentle person, who would sneak up on you and knock you out of your seat.  Kids today would have her in jail.  The school not only taught me, but consequently was my first job.  My job was to go down the hill and start the fire at about 7:00 AM and sweep the schoolroom.  For this I was paid about $3.00 a week.
    Some of my schoolmates were John White, Bernadine Evans, Fran Heissman and her sister Bev.  I also was there when Junior Larabie and the allsaver boy, I cannot think of his name.  I would love to hear from anybody who attended classes with me.  I also had the privilege, at the time I didn't think it was a privilege of saying the Gettysburg Address.  Across the street, as you know, is the cemetery.  We as a class, honored a WWI soldier.
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List of Teachers at Carley Mills School

From Where
Dates (if known)
Alsevar  -_ W R Jerry, NY -
Avery - Ida Parish, NY  _
Blount  - Martha - _
Bock - Arleen  Parish, NY  _
Breed  _ May Central Square, NY  _
Bush - Cora Parish, NY  _
Camarata Huested Francelia Carley Mills, NY 9/4/1923 - 6/13/1924
Carr  - Elmer Carley Mills, NY -
Chanders  - Mabel N. Syracuse, NY -
Chateau McNett Clara Parish, NY  1897
Church - Emma Parish, NY  -
Crosby - Charlotte Parish, NY  -
Crosby  - Frank Parish, NY  1884
Curtis - Will  - -
Cusack - Erwin J  - -
Daily - Emma  Bell Sandy Creek, NY 1938 - 1939
David  - Marianna Carley Mills, NY  -
Dinon -  J Josephine (Jennie) Parish, NY 9/1/1902 - 11/21/1902
9/3/1907 - 6/5/1908
Evans  - Gertrude Chittenango, NY -
Fuller Rill Edith  Parish, NY 8/30/1909 - 6/10/1910
8/29/1910 - 6/9/1911
George -  Frank Howardsville, NY 12/8/1902 - 6/12/1903
Gorman  Tackley  Lydia Hastings, NY 1894
Gridley Chapel Algerose Hastings, NY 1903-1904
Hamecker Jennings Mabel Parish, NY  1906-1907
Hamilton -  Ethel C. Cicero, NY 9/6/1932 - 6/16/1933
Hamilton - Elissa West Monroe, NY  -
Harrigton  - Alpha Parish, NY 9/1/1924 - 6/19/1925
9/7/1925 - 6/11/1926
 9/5/1927 - 6/15/1928
Hess -  Rosa Hastings, NY  -
Hoyt  -  Authur Mallory, NY  1875
Hughes -  Betty  - -
Ingersoll  - Flossie  Hastings, NY 9/12/1912 - 6/13/1913
9/1/1913 - 6/19/1914
Jennings  - Mary Parish, NY  -
Jones - Blanche Amboy, NY  -
Kilts - Lulu W Carley Mills, NY  -
Klotz - Grace Mud Settlement -
Ladd  Harter  Cora  Parish, NY 1883
Lamont - Ella  Fernwood, NY  -
LeCourt - Myrtle West Monroe, NY  -
Linsler David  Marion Parish, NY  9/7/1914 - 6/18/1915
Low Hamilton  Minnie  - -
Mariotte  -  Betty  Parish, NY -
Mariotte  - Yada  Parish, NY  -
Mathews - Adelbut  C Nutting District  -
Muckey  - William Amboy, NY  -
Nurse - Hazel Parish, NY  -
Omara  - Mary West Monroe, NY  -
Palmer  - Willis  Nutting District  -
Pangburn Whaley Mildred Central Square, NY 9/2/1919  - 5/28/1920
Parker  - Sarah West Monroe, NY  -
Perfield - Caroline  Carley Mills, NY  -
Redington - Addie Parish, NY  -
Robinson - Nancy Parish, NY  9/1917 - 5/1918
Rupracht  - Ida Hastings, NY  -
Schillinger - Susie  West Monroe, NY  -
Scott - Walter O. Collamer, NY  -
Sill - Lillian  Hastings, NY 9/18/1916 - 6/15/1917
Smith  - Getta  - -
Spooner  Robinson Nellie  Parish, NY  9/6/1921 - 5/19/1922
Strickland - May Carley Mills, NY  -
Tollerton  - Bertha Mexico, NY  -
Warn  - Lena  Parish, NY  -
Wightman - Nell  Parish, NY  -

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