The Williamstown Presbytery Church History, Oswego Co., NY  
The Williamstown Presbytery Church,
Founded in 1810
Oswego Co., NY
Source:  Presbytery of Utica Centennial, 1843 1943 Book
Editor:  John Boyce
From Church Records dated December 2, 1810, several subscribers voted to unite under Rev. William Stone to organize a Congregational church.
On January 13, 1817, the members of the Congregational Church by unanimous vote relinquished the Congregational form and adopted the Presbyterian form of government.  Rev. John Dunlap was the presiding minister.

 On March 10, 1817, it was voted to incorporate as a religious society under an act of March 27, 1801, and to be known as The First Presbyterian Church of Williamstown, N. Y.

 Church services were held for some time in a building owned by Dr. Torbit, which stood near the present entrance to the village cemetery.
 A deed on August 13, 1828, was executed by Elisha Tibbets, to the trustees of The First Presbyterian Church Society of Williamstown, N. Y.
 It was voted that a committee of four be chosen to act with the trustees, Abijah Towsley, John Onderdonk, and Joseph Hall.
 Among the early church members were Solomon Goodwin, Anna Goodwin, Clymene Comstock, Elizabeth Lyon, Polly Spencer, Joha and Maria Onderdonk, Daniel and Mary Harris, these last four named were grandparents of Elmer H. Harris.

 It is believed that the church came under the care of Utica Presbytery in January 1871, and at this time a manse had been built.
 The church records show ministers serving this church were Rev. John Dunlap, 1817-1821; Rev. Henry Smith, 1821; Rev. John Alexander, 1822-1823; and Rev. Enos Bliss, 1825.

 Rev. Samuel Sweezy, pastor of Florence Church, served as moderator of session meetings part time between 1826 and 1853.  Records do not state whether he was minister of this church and during this period.

 Rev. George Freeman and Rev. David R. Dixon were moderators of session meetings in 1828.
 In 1855 there was a Ladies Aid Society, and this carried on from then.  Early Sunday school records were not found, but as long as the writer has known, there has been Sunday school whenever there was church service.

 Evidently the early church records were not always kept regarding the ministers, whether there were pastors or supply ministers.
 A federation of this local church with the Methodist church for services was begun July 1, 1942, and Rev. Stanley Skinner, Methodist minister here, was named stated supply for the Presbyterians, with services conducted part time in each church.  Over a period of 132 years, about 27 ministers have served the church.

Williamstown was organized in 1810; received by Reconstruction 1870; federated with Methodist Church in 1942.

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