Williamstown Newspaper Notices, Oswego, NY  
Williamstown Newspaper Notices
Oswego Co., NY


Source:  The Pulaski Democrat
Wednesday, September 5, 1900
Mrs. Hirum Weedmark is very low of consumption.  Her death is expected hourly.

Mrs. Petit and daughter, Marguerite, of Avoca, have been guests of Mrs H. A. Whitet his past week.  they were former residents here.

Milton A. Jones, of Daysville, visited his niece, Mrs. Thomas Laing, last week.  He was on his way home from Saratoga Springs where he had been to visit his daughter, Mrs. James Hait.

E. J. McAuley was in town, Sunday, calling upon old friends.  He came from Syracuse on his wheel. His wife has been visiting here for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark, of Chadwicks, aresiting friends in town.

Mrs. Bonney, of Pulaski, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ida Pride.

Mrs. Nancy Gillett does not improve any.  She is in a critical condition with dropsy.

Miss Grace Crispell has returned from Scipioville.

Miss Helen Irene Burr made a short visit to this village on her way to Redfield,Saturday.

Very hot weather.

The Presbyterian society is making extensive repairs on their church in the way of new paper, carpet, etc.

Mrs. H. A. White is entertaining friends from out of town.

Many people from this place attended the state fair, Tuesday and Wednesday.

R. T. Rathburn was in Palermo on undertaking business, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Barnard called on their son, Prof. Barnard while on their way to Rome last week.

The manager of the corn factory expects to put up fifty or sixty thousand cans per day this week and next.

Mrs. Dixon and grandchildren George and Marjorie Wells are spending a week in Syracuse.

Misses Eva Cole and Jennie Potts have returned from New York.

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