"FRAICHEUR" or Happy Valley, Oswego Co, New York


     Fraicheur---- (pronounced Fraser) was a tiny hamlet located at the border of the Towns of Albion and Williamstown just north of the Towns of Parish and Amboy in Oswego county, NY.  The main street of Fraicheur was Happy Valley Road, which ran north and south along the border of the Towns of Williamstown and Albion.  It is included in the Atlas of the State of New York by Julius Bien Co., NY in 1895.   Due to its location, ancestors were included as living in one of the four towns of Williamstown, Parish, Albion and Amboy.

Florence Gardner, Albion town historian reported in 1998: "This little settlement disappeared completely (all that remains is the cemetery and schoolhouse)."  It is now located within a remote, densely wooded Happy Valley State Wildlife Management Area.  It is not known for certain why the hamlet ceased to exist.  Florence Gardner reported in 1998: "One person told me an epidemic of "black water fever" struck, and killed many people.  The one's who survived got out.  Another reason was that people moved to where there were better job opportunities."

The Town of Albion in 1897 designated Happy Valley as school district number 11. 

Happy Valley

Happy Valley" by Robert Davies (copied from Hazel Blossom (Trix) Allen's diary, written in 1927)

I have traveled thro towns and cities.  I have crossed the stormy sea.  I have met with the poor and needy and in high society.

But for real and wholesome pleasure free from trouble pain and care with the folks of Happy Valley.  There are none that can compare.

I can "cho" see Billy Allen with a dish of beans and a piece of pumpkin pie. I can see Jack Phillips with some applejuice for his neighbors when they get dry.

I can see Leon Johnson with his violin and his music sublime.  David Thomas singing Ting-a-ling and they all have a glorious time.

Now the women of Happy Valley are as busy as can be.  They are always doing something to spread their family tree.  If one neighbor finds a puppy some one else will find a cat and if someone finds a baby they all claim a share of that. Mrs. Phillips found a little bossy calf which she thinks is very fine. Mrs. Thomas started with a pair of pigs now she's added a bunch of nine. Mrs. Johnson's neighbor has a little girl which she thinks is very severe.  So you see they've all did something fine.  Now its up to Mrs. George Guttell.

There the Vampire of Happy Valley lives upon the hill above.  She likes to tease the fellows but they all fall in love.  They try their best to please. But with all their scents and perfumes.  She prefers the smell of cheese. I can cho see them coming in their Limousines made of spools and old tin cans. I can see them coming in their runabouts, but she favors the Ford Sedan.  I can see them coming in their aeroplanes, hear their calling on the phone.  But when all the fish refuse to bite call me up for I am all alone.

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Information submitted by Kathleen Novicki on 3/8/99.  Kathleen has many ancestors from Fraicheur including but not limited to the following surnames:  ALLEN, JACOBSON, DAVEY, DAVIES, MOWERS, SPERLING, JOHNSON, GARDNER, PRICE, LONESS, SPERLING, and PHILLIPS.  Kathleen would love to share information.  Please email her at: [email protected]

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