North Road Cemetery, Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY  
North Road Cemetery, Co. Rt. 62
Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY
Many thanks to Kathy Last for transcribing this cemetery list.  It is most appreciated and welcomed.  Please remember that these DAR cemetery lists were done back in the 1920's to 1940's and aren't updated since that time.  Would love to have some Oswego cemetery volunteers that could update the additional names.

North Road Cemetery - located on North Road just out of Pulaski toward Sandy Creek.  Record made April 20, 1952 by Mrs. Claude Taplin, Miss Nannette Hamer, Mrs. Philip Coble, Miss Nancy Taplin.  Compiled by Mrs. Anna Herrman.

  Alexander, Franky B., son of E. J. & E. V. Alexander, age 3 mos 16 dys 
  Alexander, Eliza V. Balsley, wife of Eli J. Alexander, died Nov. 9, 1857 age 28 yrs 

  Champney, Elgy L., dau of Hira & Eunice Champney, died June 8, 1847 age 16 yrs
  Champney, Hira died Dec. 19, 1853 age 67 yrs
  Champney, Julia A., wife of Loren Champney, died Aug. 18, 1847 age 28 yrs 16 dys

  Chapin, Rev. Josiah died Sep. 10, 1833 age 54 yrs
  Chapin, Polly, wife of Rev. Josiah Chapin, died Oct. 20, 1842 age 58 yrs

  Clark, Catharine, wife of Loami Clark, died Feb. 8, 1849 age 50 yrs 1 mo

  Empie, Lewis C., son of G. & P. Empie, died July 5, 1853 age 5 yrs 4 mos 6 dys

  Greenwood, Eliza M., dau of Abner & Polly Greenwood, died Oct. 2, 18(illegible) age 12 yrs 7 mos
  Greenwood, Emily, dau of John & Polly Greenwood, died Aug. 14, 1850 age 21 yrs 2 mos 20 dys
  Greenwood, Eunice L., wife of Jushua Greenwood, died Oct. 13, 1850 age 52 yrs
  Greenwood, John, son of John & Polly Greenwood, died August 1824 age 12 dys
  Greenwood, Martha A., dau of John & Polly Greenwood, died May 15, 1849 age 14 yrs 7 mos 11 dys

  Herriman, Charles W. died Sep. 15, 1851 age 55 yrs
  Herriman, Jonathan (Revolutionary War Soldier), died June 16, 1839 age 86 yrs.
note:  His stone was broken but has been repaired and placed in his memory in the Sandy Creek village cemetery on the lot of his children and grandchildren, and is marked with a Revolutionary soliderís marker by the Rhadamant Chapter DAR.

  Meacham, Henry M., son of Chauncey & Betsey Meacham, died Feb. 27, 1835 age 10 mos 7 dys

  Meigs, Sheldon died April 20, 1810 age 21 yrs
  Meigs, L. died Sep. 14, 1809

  Muzzy, Martha, wife of Robert Muzzy, died Jan. 11, 1835 age 65 yrs 10 mos
  Muzzy, Robert died Feb. 2, 1829 age 59 yrs 6 mos
  Muzzy, Thomas H., infant son of Rev. L & S Muzzy, died July 21, 1855

  Samson, Levi died May 18, 1825 age 84 yrs
  Samson, Levi jr. died Oct. 6, 1839 age 64 yrs

  Walworth, Sally, wife of Harper R. Walworth, died May 7, 1830 age 35 yrs 6 mos 15 dys

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Copyright © Jan.  2005 Kathy L. Last 
Copyright ©  April 20, 1952 by Mrs. Claude Taplin, Miss Nannette Hamer, Mrs. Philip Coble, Miss Nancy Taplin.  
Compiled by Mrs. Anna Herrman.