Sandy Creek Lodge No. 564, F. & A. M., Oswego Co., NY  
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Sandy Creek Lodge No. 564, F. & A. M. 
Oswego Co., NY

Source:  Centennial Souvenir History 1825 - 1925 of the Town of Sandy Creek, Oswego County, New York, Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Town July 2-3-4-5, 1925.  Compiled by T. T. Davies, Historian. 

This lodge was instituted in 1864, received its charter from the 
Grand Lodge of New York, June 22, 1865. 

The first officers were: 
Henry L. Howe, W. M.; 
J. L. Bulkley, S. W. 
W. J. Stevens,  J. W.
The following brothers have officiated as Worthy Masters: 
Henry L. Howe, 1864-66; 
J. Lyman Bulkley, 1867-68; 
Gilbert N. Harding, 1869 
Reo N. Gurley, 1874-5;
George M. Salisbury, 1880-1881
George C. Taylor, 1882; 
Luther Tilton, 1887-8; 
Orla S. Potter, 1891-2; 
Ephraim M. Potter, 1895; 
Ransom H. Snyder 1896-7; 
Crowell S. Gayton, 1889; 
H. L. Wallace, 1899-0; 
Frank E. Root, 1901; 
Harvey S. Bartlett, 1902-3; 
L. F. Hollis, 1905-6; 
D. A. Colony, 1907; 
R. S. Crockett, 1908; 
E. A. Dorland, 1909-10; 
R. W. Shaul, 1911-12; 
T. W. Hamer,  1913-14; 
Arthur Shoecraft, 1915-17; 
O. F. Whitford, 1917-18; 
A. F. Bettinger, 1918-20; 
C. J. Widrig, 1920-22; 
Harry E. Lester, 1922-23; 
E. G. Rogers, 1923; 
H. C. Crandall, 1924; 
Harwood L. Hollis, 1925

The growth of the institution has been steady, normal and healthy.  Stated communications are held on the evenings of the second and fourth Fridays of each month at Masonic Temple, a building owned by the craft.  The present officers are W. M., H. L. Hollis; S. W., L. W. Hollis; J. W., N. G. Wheeler; Treasurer, M. M. Outerson; Secretary, T. T. Davis;  S. D., H. D. Nutting; J. D., R. V. Widrig; Tiler, W. Brinklow.  It contains a membership of 160. 

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