1976 - 1978 Old Home Days, Redfield, NY  
Town of Redfield, Oswego Co., NY
Old Home Days
1976 - 1978

Aerial View of Redfield, New York

  The town of Redfield was formed as a town on March 14, 1800, when it was taken from the great Town of Mexico, then a part of Oneida County, and it was the second town in chronological order formed in what later became Oswego County.

  It received the name of Redfield in honor of Mr. Frederick Redfield, who bought a large tract of land here in early years.

  At the first town meeting on April 1, 1800, a vote was taken to build a pound “as near the forks of the road, by David Harmon’s as can be found convenient,” and it was to be made of “round timber” laid up 40’ x 30’.  The public pound was a useful and necessary institution in early communities.

  Steps were taken by proprietors to lay the foundations of a village and in the summer of 1800, they gave to the town, for public purposes, fifteen acres of land.  It was formally accepted in September 1800.  The land was laid out in a square, the name “Central Square” was given to it, and the pioneers gave that name to that settlement.  This name was, however, soon abbreviated to “The Square,” and in the course of time was changed to Redfield Square, by which the name the village was then known.
  At this time, there was a bounty of $5.00 for each wolf killed, and a penalty of $5.00 for each tree felled into the Salmon River, unless they were immediately cut out.

  The first church in the county was organized here in 1802 by Rev. Mr. Johnson, with fourteen members.  It was of the Congregational faith and predecessor of the Presbyterian Church.

  The first school was taught in 1802 by the minister, Rev. Johnson.

  In 1802, the Town of Redfield gave Oswego County the first official higher than a supervisor in the person of Captain Sage who was appointed Judge of Common Pleas.

Ben Lewis House, Redfield, NY


Crow's Department Store, Redfield, NY

The Iron bridge over the Salmon River on the old state road.  (The above picture was taken
before the bridge was moved to make way for a new bridge in 1977.)  The old bridge was built
in 1893 under direction  of James Cooper, Commissioner.  It was 130 feet long and cost $3,300.

Cutting ice on pond.  Ralph Darling in plaid shirt; others unknown.

The Braes.  John Davidson built the Braes in 1897.  It was started in April and completed in
September.  He lived there until 1911.  Ex-President Grover Cleveland was a guest there for
 several days.  In 1912, William N. Davidson inherited the Braes.

Redfield Hotel

D. A. Williams & Sons, Sawmill 1954

Noble's Sawmill Across from Geo. Rofhlaubs 1935

1975 Entry from Little America for Redfield Bicentennial Parade

Geo. Crow's Residence, Redfield, NY

E. E. Bennett's Hardware & Gas, etc.

Old Bandstand

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