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Early Photograph of the Ben Lewis House in Redfield
Early Photograph of the Ben Lewis House in Redfield
(Contributed by Leo Wood and Timothy Wood, a tavern/hotel owned by 
my grandmother's sister and husband, the Falvey's.) 

1860 Gazetteer
1895 Landmark's History Book of Redfield, Oswego County, NY

Brooks Family of Redfield & Orwell NY
Biography of Thomas Richard Worth, Redfield, NY

Greenboro Cemetery, Redfield, NY
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Redfield, NY

1820 Federal Census Town of Redfield

List of Citizens  -  lot of early names 

Civil War Soldiers

District 8 Schoolhouse, Greenboro, NY


Can you identify the players on this team?

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Redfield Baseball Team, 1900 - 1910
Redfield Baseball Team, 1900 - 1910
Contributed by Leo Wood and 
Timothy Wood
My grandfather, Leeond Edward Wood, was a catcher for the team (seated first on the left). Photo probably taken around 1900-1910. I am hoping that someone may be able to identify the players.  If so, please contact me, Timothy Wood at:

I was checking the ?What?s New? section of the Oswego Main Page, and found the listing for the Edward Wood Letter.  What a fantastic find! This Edward Wood, of the 110th Regiment, was the brother of my Gr-gr grandfather, Samuel Sherman Wood, both from Redfield.  We have done some research, including his military records, and ancestry. I would love to supplement the Edward Wood Letter page with this info, and hope to see a link to this page from the Redfield Page.  Hopefully the contributor of the Edward Wood letter, Sally S. Jankowski could contact me.  I would love to have a copy of this letter to supplement the information on have. Timothy Wood at:

Link to Letter of Edward Wood

Photographs Identified - See Below

This church is located on the west side of Rte. 17 where Old State Road comes in.  The first picture was taken from the Old State Road.  There's no signs as to what church this was or 
when it was built.   It is just a short distance up the road from the Greenboro Cemetery.

Greenboro Union Church, Redfield, NY
Greenboro Union Church, Redfield, NY
Contributed by Kathy Last

Picture #1 - just before the trees that you see on the far left is the Greenboro Cemetery.  Entrance to this cem is on both roads. The white post & part of a roof that is visible on the right side of the woods by the cemetery (to the left of the church) is a memorial for the cemetery.  (I have a pic of that which I will send when I get Greenboro typed up. 

Greenboro Union Church, Redfield, NY
Greenboro Union Church, Redfied, NY
Contributed by Kathy Last

If you want to use these pictures, perhaps will lead to some additional information about the building.  I'm going to do some digging and see what I can find out.  My husband had family in Redfield and there's not much info available.

I just looked at the pics again - maybe it was a man we talked to up there mentioned the 'church' but he didn't know anymore about it.  Kathy Last

**Note:  If anyone Has any information on whether this was a church or school or has any information on it, please let me know at:  <>.  See Below:

Greenboro Union Church, Redfield, NY
** 10/03
    I grew up in Greenboro and have relatives buried in the Greenboro cemetery.  I was baptized in that church, the Greenboro Union Church.  At one time, my brother-in-law was the pastor of that church.  I don't remember a great deal about the church and we did attend there some.  We also went to church in Lacona to a Baptist church sometimes.  When John Compton came up there to start a Nazarene Church, we attended there and I belonged to it.  My sister fell in love with him and married him.

   Across from there, is the District 8 Schoolhouse where I went to school for the first 8 years of my schooling until I went to Sandy Creek to high school.

   I do hope that they don't tear down the old church.  Shawn Doyle, President of HalfShire said that June and Bob Walker contributed one of the pews from that church to the HalfShire Historical Society.

 They are good pictures and I was delighted to see them online.  That church has a lot of history.  My name is Luella Clemons Long, a descendant of Albert Salathiel, son of Samuel Clemons and Martha Rathbun.  Hope this helps.  Thanks for bringing such pleasant memories. Luella Clemons Long at:  <>

Town Historian
  Liz Grant
 722 County Route 47
 Redfield, NY  13437

Information was obtained from the Historical & Statistical Gazetteer of New York State, R. P. Smith, Publisher, Syr., 1860, by J. H. French.
REDFIELD----was taken from Mexico, as part of Oneida co., March 14, 1800. It is the N.E. corner of the co.  Its surface is hilly in the S., but in the N. it spreads out into a high, rolling plateau 800 to 1,000 feet above tide.  A wide intervale extends along the course of Salmon River, which stream drains nearly the whole town.  The underlying rock is gray limestone, and the soil is generally a thin and moderately fertile gravelly loam.  The soil of the intervale is a deep, sandy loam of good quality.  The greater part of the town is still unsettled, and the uplands are frosty and forbidding regions.  Center Square, (Redfield p.o.,) situated on Salmon River, is the S. part of the town, contains 2 churches and about 30 houses.  Greenborough is a p.o. in the N. W. part.  The settlement of the town was commenced in 1798, by immigrants mostly from Conn.9  The first church (Cong.) was organized with 19 members in 1802, by Rev. Joshua JOHNSON.  There are now 2 churches in the town;  Cong. and M.E.

8.  The town of "Arcadia," so called, was annexed Feb 20, 1807  The town of "Greenboro" was erected Feb 21, 1843, and re-annexed March 1, 1848, in consequence of fraudulent practices with regard to assessments upon the lands of non-residents.

9.  Among those who settled in the town in 1798 were Amos KENT, Josiah TRYON, Nathan SAGE, Jonathan HARMON, James DRAKE, Eli STRONG, Benj. AUSTIN, Samuel BROOKS, Eliakim SIMONDS, Nathan COOK, Ebenezer CHAMBERLAIN, David HARMON, and Elihu INGRAHAM.

The first birth was that of Ezra L. H. CHAMBERLAIN.

The first death, that of an infant son of Dr. Alden in 1801.

The first saw and grist mills were built in 1801.

The first inn was opened in 1801, by David BUTLER.

The first school was taught in 1802, by rev. Joshua JOHNSON.

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