1933-1942 Alumni Class of Redfield School, Oswego, NY  
Alumni Redfield Union School, 
Redfield, NY

Old Home Days Booklet 1976 - 1978

Pictured Above, the last graduating class of 
Redfield Union School in 1942: 
Gertrude Anken Morrissey, Mary Jane Dowling, 
Gertrude Balcom Smith (deceased), Edward Simoson

Class of 1933
Eloise Grant Jones
Clarence Clemens

Class of 1934
William C. Clemens
Hugh Dowling

Class of 1935
George Dexter Grant
Merton Heffron (deceased)
Vera Redmond Termenilla

Class of 1936
Barbara Grant Cefaratti
Francis E. Thompson
Jeanie Dowling
Yvonne Dahle (deceased)
Alice Secure Brouse
Mabel Perry Wise
Helen McCaw Widrig

Class of 1937
June Henderson Clemens
Amy Darling Joyner
Irene Forbes (deceased)
Mavis Fox Stanton
Robert Perry
John Lago

Class of 1938
Doris Brown Allen
Verna Carr Colvin
Meda Perry Yerdon
Elizabeth Barber Jones
Robert Dowling
Robert Jones (deceased)
George Henderson
Gardley Elkin
George Dahle
Robert Locke

Class of 1939
Charles Duane Grant
Marjorie Pemberton
Clifford Hayes
Yvette (Chicky) Dahle Harmon
Orren Curry (deceased)
Donald Hanrahan
Anold Castor
Leonard Forbes

Class of 1940
Helen Rowell Jacobs
Philip Grant
Genevieve Aloan Yerdon
Leland Balcom
Ruben Harvey

Class of 1941
Doris Rowell
Amy Ruth Smith Shutts
Lawrence Forbes
George Perry
Ronald Jones

Class of 1942
Gertrude Anken Morrissey
Mary Jane Dowling
Gertrude Balcom Smith (deceased)
Edward Simpson

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