Town Officials Of Orwell, Oswego County, N.Y.  

Source:  Information was obtained from the History of Oswego County, N. Y., 1789 1877, published by Everett & Ferriss, 1878.  For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Society or Town Historian.  

The Supervisors of Orwell-with years of service have been as follows: 

John Reynolds, 1817-24, l826-30, 1833;
John Wart, 1825; 
Jabez H. Gilbert, 1831-32, 1835-36;
Alban Strong, 1834, 1837, 1842; 
Theodore S. Gilbert, 1838;
Mason Salisbury, 1839; 
John Beadle, 1840, 1843;
Henry Tillinghast, 1841; 
Orimel B. Olmstead, 1844, 1856, 1862,1863; 
Nathan Simons, 1845, 1847-48;
William Beecher, Jr., 1846; 
Flavel Crocker, 1849; 
Edward Allen, 1850-52; 
William Strong, 1851,1860 
Daniel Pryun, 1853; 
Orrin Beadle, 1854; 
Floyd W. Aldrich, 1855;
Hoyt N. Weed, 1857-59, 1861; 
Alexander Potter, 1864-1873;
H. H. Potter, 1874-75; 
Norman Hall, 1876-77;


The Town Clerks have been:

Elis Strong, Jr., 1817-18
Samuel Stowell, 1819-21; 
James B. Sandford, 1822, 1824;
Moses Snyder, 1823; 
Reuben Snyder, 1825; 
J. H. Gilbert, 1826-29; 
Alban Strong, 1830-33; 
Hiram Towsley, 1834,1842; 
Edward Allen, 1835; 
Dolson Morton, 1836-37;
Mason Salisbury, 1838; 
Alanson Strong, 1839,1843;
John H. Cook, 1840-41 ; 
Orimel B. Olmstead, 1844;
William Strong, 1845; 
S. F. Mason, 1846-47, 1849, 1852-55,1857,1861; 
James F. Davis, 1848; 
Milo C. Beman, 1850 ; 
M. H. Thomas, 1851; 
George E. Stowell, 1856, 1858, 1862; 
Ira S. Platt, 1859 ; 
Hoyt N. Weed., 1860, 1865-66; 
Homer J. Burch, 1863; 
T. T. Richards, 1864;
Robert N. Sawyer, 1867-68; 
Nelson C. Burch, 1869-72;
Frank J. Parker, 1873-74,1876; 
A. E. Olmstead, 1875;
George W. Nelson, 1877.


The Present Officers of Orwell are as follows: 

Supervisor, Norman Hall; 
Town Clerk, George W. Nelson; 
Justices of the Peace, James Shores, George F. Woodbury,   Edward Near, John Parker; 
Assessors, Truman Salisbury, Lewis E. Joy, S. C. Davis; 
Commissioner of Highways, James E. Fisher; 
Overseer of Poor, H. H. Finster; 
Town Auditors, Dwight McKinney, Hiram Snow, Elvin G. Potter; 
Inspectors of Election, Henry Bonner, George E. Stowell, George D. Thomas; 
Constables, Ralph W. Pratt, Walstein Balch, Henry Van Auken, Samuel King;
Game Constable, Henry Bonner;
Sealer of Weights and Measures, N. C. Burch
Excise Commissioners, B. F. Lewis, C. McKinney, D. S. Pratt

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