Pekin Cemetery, Orwell, Oswego Co., NY  
Pekin Cemetery, Rte. 22, 
Town of Orwell
Oswego Co., NY

This large neighborhood cemetery is located on a hill off the east side of Rte. 22.  Entrance to the cemetery is up a dirt road.  The cemetery is in horrible condition, overrun with weeds and briars.  It was impossible to get into the middle of the cemetery due to the heavy growth of briars.  There were at least 10 stones partially visible in this center area.   The tombstones that we were able to get to were transcribed on September  9, 2002 by Kathleen L. Last & Virginia Ackerman.

Many thanks to Kathleen L. Last and Virginia Ackerman for their time and hard work taking a reading of these cemeteries and sharing with us.  Its much appreciated


Pekin Cemetery, Orwell, NY
Pekin Cemetery, Orwell, NY
Contributed by Kathleen L. Last

Pekin Cemetery, Orwell, NY
Pekin Cemetery, Orwell, NY
Contributed by Kathleen L. Last


 Acker, Edgar L., son of J. & J. M. Acker, died June 13, 1857
 Acker, Eugene, son of J. & J. M. Acker, died Aug. 26, 1855 age 3 yrs

 Adsit, Sarah J., wife of Henry B. Adsit, died July 25, 1851 age 19 yrs 1 mo

 Allen, Anna, wife of edward Allen, died April 10, 1835 age 21 yrs
 Allen, Edward died Nov. 30, 1855 age 48 yrs
 Allen, Mary Ann, wife of Edward Allen, died Oct. 21, 1869 age 49 yrs

 Beadle, Amos G., son of Amos & Betsey Beadle, died Feb. 27, 1851 age 9 yrs
 Beadle, Catharine, wife of Nathaniel Beadle, died Sep. 21, 1851 age 80 yrs
 Beadle, Harriet Sophia, dau of John & Cynthia Beadle, died Dec. 27, 1841 age 7 yrs 11 mos 24 dys
 Beadle, Marub died June 12, 1820 age 55 yrs
 Beadle, Nathaniel died Sep. 28, 1853 age 82 yrs 9 mos
 Beadle, Nathaniel Jr. died Aug. 8, 1837 age 35 yrs
 Beadle, Robert H., son of Wm. & Frances Beadle, died Dec. 12, 1856 age 3 yrs 5 mos
 Beadle, Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Beadle Jr., died Feb. 11, 1829 age 24 yrs
 Beadle, William died Oct. 1, 1857 age 35 yrs
 Beadle, Willie, son of Wm. & Frances Beadle, died April 1, 1868 age 16 dys

 Bennett, Anna, wife of Nathaniel Bennett, died Oct. 24, 1834 age 70 yrs
 Bennett, Bill died April 4, 1901 age 97 yrs
 Bennett, Eliza Ann, wife of Bill Bennett, died Jan. 16, 1874 age 66 yrs
 Bennett, Obadiah died Oct. 17, 1835 age 49 yrs

 Blount, Hellen, wif eof G. Blount, died Oct. 20, 1868 age 23 yrs

 Brooks, Charles J. died Aug. 21, 1874 age 67 yrs
 Brooks, Octavia H., dau of C. T. & F. C. Brooks, died Oct. 12, 1841 age 2 yrs 1 mo 13 dys

 Brunson, Clark E., son of Marcus & Sarah Brunson, died Nov. 16, 1856 age 7 yrs 4 mos 9 dys

 Burden, Charlotte, wife of Edward Burden, died Jan. 4, 1861 age 70 yrs

 Burkett, Amos, son of Frederick & Orpha Burkett, died March 5, 1832 age 10 mos 8 dys
 Burkett, Frederick C., son of Frederick & Orpha Burkett,  died Feb. 19, 1821 age 11 mos 8 dys
 Burkett, Frederick died Nov. 26, 1876 age 86 yrs
 Burkett, Fredrick Jr. died March 12 1853 age 31 yrs 6 mos
 Burkett, Joseph H., son of Frederick & Orpha Burkett, died Feb. 18, 1832 age 1 yr 8 mos 6 dys
 Burkett, Juliett, dau of Frederick & Orpha Burkett, died Feb. 25, 1832 age 2 yrs 10 mos 3 dys
 Burkett, Mary M., dau of Frederick & Orpha Burkett, died Feb. 23, 1832 age 6 yrs 11 dys
 Burkett, Orpha, wife of Frederick Burkett, died April 14, 1861 age 67 yrs

 Carswell, Willie R., son of A. & S. L. Carswell, died Jan. 16, 1863 age 4 yrs 1 mo

 Crossert, Monroe died April 6, 1913 age 60 yrs (flag on grave)
 Crossett, Newman, Co. E 189 NYV, died 1889 age 83 yrs (badly worn)
 Crossett, Olive Hall, wife of Newman Crossett, died July 11, 1890 age 74 yrs

 Doane, Josephine, dau of Artimus & Hannah Doane, died Aug. 9, 1864 age 16 yrs 10 mos 9 dys

 Dustin, Aphi, wife of Jonathan Dustin, died July 15, 1832 age 74 yrs

 Eastman, Catharine, wife (of Elliot Eastman), (no dates)
 Eastman, Elliot died Sep. 24, 1886 age 86 yrs
 Eastman, Wight died June 13, 1854 age 21 yrs

 Fox, Edward W., son of E. B. & S. Fox, died Sep. 19, 1864
 Fox, Maria L., wife of F. Fox Jr. died Feb. 11, 1861 age 27 yrs
 Fox, Silas, son of E. B. & S. Fox, died April 10, 1862 

 Goodrich, Phyona, wife of L. Goodrich, died May 20, 1872 age 74 yrs

 Griffin, Martha L. wife of Daniel Griffin, died Nov. 30, 1863 age 29 yrs

 Hall, Kate Christman, wife (of Norman Hall), 1834-(no date)
 Hall, Norman 1824-1903
 Hall, Norman, son of C. & A. Hall, 1900-1902

 Houghton, Arhillia, wife of Lymon Houghton, died March 3, 1833 age 36 yrs
 Houghton, Gaylord died April 10, 1835 age 28 yrs
 Houghton, Lymon died March 31, 1835 age 40 yrs

 Howe, Celia A., dau of A. B. & O Howe, died Oct. 2, 1830 age 3 mos

 Hulburt, Sarah, wife of Daniel Hulburt, died July 30, 1832 age 34 yrs

 Jewell, Erastus died Aug. 24, 1868 age 71 yrs (flag on grave)
 Jewell, Tryphena, wife of Erastus Jewell, died april 23, 1880 age 79 yrs

 King, Horace died Jan. 1, 1867 age 56 yrs

 Lacelle, Anna M. Matteson, wife of Elmer Lacelle, died Nov. 28, 1886 age 25 yrs
 Lacelle, Elmer (no dates)
 Lacelle, Paul W. died Sep. 26, 1906 age 1 yr 3 mos 22 dys

 Lewis, Manna died Dec. 14, 1856 age 65 yrs
 Lewis, Oliver died Nov. 7, 1874 age 53 yrs
 Lewis, Saul died Sep. 7, 1857 age 35 yrs

 Matteson, Benjamin F., son of J. M. & S. A. Matteson, died Oct. 1, 1868 age 1 yr 3 mos
 Matteson, Jeremiah died Sep. 13, 18(rest illegible)
 Matteson, Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Matteson, died Aug. 24, 1913 age 72 yrs 4 dys

 Miner, Elizabeth, wife of Ichabod Miner, died Nov. 9, 1851 age 69 yrs
 Miner, Hannah, wife of Ichabod Miner, died Nov. 18, 1839 age 71 yrs
 Miner, Ichabod died June 25, 1861 age 95 yrs (flag on grave)
 Miner, Maria, wife of Ichabod Miner, died Nov. 1, 1865 age 62 yrs
 Miner, Sarah M., dau of I. & M. Miner, died Aug. 4, 1851 age 18 yrs 2 mos

 Montague, Abigail, wife of N. F. Montague, died Dec. 20, 1882 age 77 yrs

 Near, Clarence A., son of E. W. & H. A. Near, died Oct. 9, 1869 age 8 yrs 7 mos
 Near, Johnnie C., son of E. W. & H. A. Near, died Aug. 4, 1869 age 2 yrs 9 mos

 Ouderkark, Abram died Feb. 25, 1855 age 76 yrs

 Price, Julia Ann, wife of John Price, died April 14, 1849 age 26 yrs

 Reynolds, Amanda died Aug. 16 (rest illegible)
 Reynolds, Lymon died Dec. 22, 1832 age 23 yrs

 Simmons, Lydia, wife of A. F. Simmons, died Sep. 27, 1822 age 19 yrs
 Simmons, Sarah, wife of A. F. Simmons, died April 10, 1875 age 77 yrs

 Sleith, Margaret died March 14, 1859

Stearns, Roselle, wife of C. W. Stearns, died Nov. 22, 1879 age 43 yrs
 I was very happy to see the listing of the folks in the Pekin Cemetery in Orwell, a number of whom are my ancestors.  I'd like to make one correction.  Stearns, Roselle should read:

Stearns, Rosette, wife of G. W. Stearns, died Nov. 22, 1879 age 43 yrs
I imagine the stone was hard to read, accounting for the spelling errors.  

She was Rosetta Woolever, daughter of Benjamin and Angeline Woolever, all originally from Herkimer Co., NY.  Angeline is also in Pekin Cemetery.  G. W. Stearns was George W. Stearns, I believe the son of Samuel and Hannah Stearns of Jefferson Co.  George died of wounds
suffered at Petersburg while serving in the Civil War.  George and Rosetta are my great great grandparents.

Rosetta's daughter Georgianna (who was not born yet when her father died) married my great grandfather, William Welbourne West, great grandson (I believe) of Ira and Lucy (Curtis) West, who are also in Pekin.  Lucy died in 1864 (the transcription says the stone in illegible).
Thanks, again!   Steve Swales at: <>

 Trenham, Hannah, wife of R. T. Trenham, died May 24, 1878 age 68 yrs
 Trenham, Richard died Nov. 14, 1872 

 Twitchell, Marquis Feb. 5, 1825-July 11, 1903
 Twitchell, Mary S. Wyman, wife (of Marquis Twitchell), May 29, 1832-May 27, 1906
 Twitchell, Sophia, wife of Marquis L. Twitchell, died april 20, 1853 age 26 yrs

 West, Aaron, Webbs Regt. Conn. Inf. Rev. War, June 3, 1763-May 15, 1840
 West, Ann C., dau of A. D. & M. West, died April 24, 1858 age 2 yrs
 West, Daley died April 12, 1863 age 1 yr 8 mos
 West, David died June 19, 1862 age 67 yrs
 West, Harriet, wife of Silas West, died Oct. 5, 1841 age 37 yrs
 West, Ira died Sep. 2, 1856 age 68 yrs
 West, Lucy, wife (of Ira West), died Oct. 12 (year illegible) age 72 yrs

 White, Mary Ann, wife of Garret White, died Dec. 8, 1858 age 31 yrs 7 mos

 Woolever, Angeline Oct. 1, 1814-Feb. 24, 1902 (maiden name is Spencer)
12/02 Since I wrote, I've also learned the maiden name of Rosette's mother, Angeline Woolever (above), who is also in Pekin Cemetery was Angeline Spencer
Contributed by Steve Swales at: <>

 Woolever, Rozela, wife of Jacob Woolever, died Oct. 6, 1881 age 60 yrs

 Wright, Anna Janett Bennett, wife (of John S. Wright), died June 11, 1908 age 83 yrs
 Wright, John A. died May 18, 1856 age 45 yrs 1 mo 10 dys
 Wright, John S. died Nov. 1889 age 66 yrs 7 mos
 Wright, Katharine, wife of Thomas Wright, died July 16, 1836 age 48 yrs
 Wright, Susan died June 4, 1854 age 42 yrs

  Following stones are probably Wrights.  They were near the large Wright monument:
   Gary A. 1865-1875
   Lewis 1868-1875
   Clarence 1873-1875
   Frances 1863-1885

I was very interested to see the listing from Pekin Cemetery as many of my ancestors are buried there.  My husband and I visited it in 2001 and as my husband took pictures, I sat on a tombstone at the edge.  Later, I was reading in a book called Orwell Remembered and found the following:"Gary Miner married Juliette Lenn. They had the following children: Sarah (married Riley Wyman), Arthur (married Elnora Duell), Frances (married Munroe Crossett), Martha (married Judson West), Gary, Jr., Louie, Clarence, (all three died of Scarlet Fever and Diptheria during one winter and had to be buried on the side of the hill of Pekin Cemetery, to prevent spread of the disease), Claude (married Ella Mae West)."  Gary was the grandson of Ichabod Miner, Sr (Revolutionary War Veteran) who is also buried at Pekin.I think the children listed as probably Wrights, are in fact Miners (at least the three: Gary, Lewis and Clarence). Contributed by Sara Rogers.

 Wyman, A. Mariah Gray, wife (of Joseph B. Wyman), 1833-1907
 Wyman, Joseph B. 1825-1896
 Wyman, Mary, wife of Daniel Wyman, died Aug. 13, 1853 age 83 yrs
 Wyman, Morris G., son (of Joseph & A. Moriah Wyman), 1851-1853
 Wyman, Olive, wife of Perley Wyman, died May 3, 1869 age 70 yrs 9 mos 13 dys
 Wyman, Perley died Sep. 4, 1876 age 86 yrs 3 mos 20 dys

(no last name on stone) Ann Eliza, dau of (illegible) died July 31, 1863 age 20 yrs 3 mos (stone
found next to Hellen Blount.)

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