Caster Cemetery, Orwell, Oswego Co., NY  
Caster Cemetery, Hwy 22, 
Orwell, Oswego Co., NY

This small cemetery is located on the east side of Hwy 22, about 1/2 mile north of Orwell Corners.  There appears to be several other burials here with no markers of any kind.  The cemetery is fenced and mowed and very well maintained.  The tombstones were transcribed by Kathleen L. Last & Virginia Ackerman on September 9, 2002.

Many thanks to Kathleen L. Last and Virginia Ackerman for their time and hard work taking a reading of these cemeteries with photographs and sharing with us.  Its much appreciated


Caster Cemetery, Orwell, NY
Caster Cemetery, Orwell, NY
Contributed By Kathleen L. Last

  Groat, William D. M., son of William & Melinda Groat, died Feb. 22, 1848 age 2 yrs 7 mos
  Groat, J. Ward, son of William A. & Melinda Groat, died March 28, 1829 age 4 weeks
  Groat, William A. died Feb. 20, 1862 age 67 yrs 7 mos

  Hollis, Betsey, wife of Jashua Hollis, died April 13, 1845 age 65 yrs

  Kilburn, Mary B., wife of William Kilburn, died Jan. 16, 1831 age 34 yrs
  Kilburn, Sarah, dau of William & Mary B. Kilburn, died May 6, 1830 age 12 yrs
  Kilburn, Darwin, son of William & Mary B. Kilburn, died March 2, 1828 age 1 yr
  Kilburn, William, son of William & Mary B. Kilburn, died Aug. 17, 1829 age 6 mos

  Myres, Joseph H., son of Phebe & Joseph K. Myres, died Dec. 8, 1846 age 2 yrs 5 mos
  Myres, infant (child of Phebe & Joseph K. Myres - no dates)

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