Estate of Reverend Ashel HARRINGTON, of New Haven, Oswego, NY  
Estate of Reverend Ashel HARRINGTON, 
of New Haven, Oswego, NY 
5/04The following is a text copy of  a report made to Oswego County Surrogate’s Court concerning the estate of Reverend Ashel HARRINGTON, of New Haven, Oswego, NY. Ashel Harrington is my 4th great-grandfather. My proven line is: Jonathan > Daniel > Ashel > Newell Perry > Francis Leeland > Frederick William > Frank H. > George William > to me, William (Bill) Harrington Sr. I have information showing that Ashel’s parents were Daniel and Sarah (or Sally, Carpenter) Harrington. Ashel married Polly Patrick, daughter of James and Susanna (Burt) Patrick. This document proves that Davis Coe was Ashel’s son-in-law, husband of Sally Manervia Harrington.

I have just received copies of D.A.R. records that support Ashel’s ancestry. They are requests for D.A.R. membership filed by two daughters of Clayton Whitney Harrington. The applications were submitted in 1942 and show ancestry back to Daniel Harrington born abt. 1765 at Exeter, RI. These ladies submitted notarized copies of a Harrington Family Bible with their applications. The D.A.R. assigned the numbers: 334635 and 334636 to these applications. Copies of all documentation may be requested from the D.A.R. in Washington, D. C.

The applications also show the ancestry of  Daniel Harrington’s wife, Sarah (or Sally) Carpenter. The request for membership was made on the basis of her grandfather’s service in the Revolutionary War. His name/title was: The Honorable Benjamin Carpenter Esq. He enlisted while living in Vermont. 

Your site has a wonderful church history of Vermillion that mentions Rev. Ashel. He was AKA Asel, and Asa. I am attaching Ashel and Polly's stone pics. Hers is in two pieces. Anyone interested in this line may contact me, at:  (, William (Bill) Harrington Sr.   Also check out "Families on the Move" for Newell P. HARRINGTON

**Note: This is another success story- within days after this went on line, Bill was contacted by a descendent of Rev. Ashel Harrington and they have since exchanged information.  More coming.

Rev. Ashel Harrington Tombstone
Rev. Ashel Harrington Tombstone

In the matter of the administration of the goods, chattels and credits of Ashel Harrington, deceased. The petition of Davis B. Coe of the town of Palermo in said county, respectfully showeth, That he is the son in law of Ashel Harrington late, of the town of New Haven in said county, deceased: That the said Ashel Harrington died a natural death, and died intestate, as your petitioner verily believes: That your petitioner has made diligent search and inquiry for a Will of the said deceased, and has not found any, or obtained any information that he left or ever made one: That your petitioner has to the best of his ability estimated and ascertained the value of the personal property of which the said deceased died possessed, and that the same does not exceed in value the sum of six hundred dollars; That the said estate left kindred entitled to his estate, whose names and places of residence are as follows:

Polly Harrington his widow, residing in the town of New Haven, Oswego Co. N.Y.,Buried at Sayles Corners Cemetery
Sally Ann Coe residing in Palermo in said county
Daniel James Harrington residing at Welton, Clinton Co. Iowa
Ashel B. Harrington residing at Henderson, Jefferson Co. N.Y., Buried at Sayles Corners Cemetery
George Harrington residing at Oswego City
Leroy K. Harrington residing at Welton, Clinton Co. Iowa
Francis L., Benjamin, William S., Adelaide Harrington, children of Newell P. Harrington residing at New Haven, Oswego Co. N.Y.
That the above named persons are all heirs and next of kin of the said deceased.
       Your petitioner further shows that the said intestate immediately previous to his death was an inhabitant and resident of the said county of Oswego; That your petitioner is of full age. That in the opinion of your petitioner, it is necessary that administration of all and singular, the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased should be granted to some proper person; And your petitioner therefore prays that such proceedings may be had that administration of the said goods, chattels and credits may be granted to the widow of the deceased.

Dated this 13th day of April, 1857  (Signed by) Davis B. Coe

Coe Tombstone
Davis B. Coe (1811 - 1899)
His Wife, S. Manervia (Harrington) Coe  (1806 - 1893)


Polly Harrington
Polly Harrington
Buried at Sayles Corners Cemetery
Polly Harrington
Polly Harrington
Buried at Sayles Corners Cemetery

Rev. A. Harrington
Rev. A. Harrington (closeup)
Buried at Sayles Corners Cemetery

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