Congregational Church, New Haven, NY  
Records of the Congregational Church,
Town of New Haven, 
Oswego County, NY

Many thanks to Nat Siembor for contributing this wonderful list of names from the Congregational Church in New Haven.

One is an index, wherein I use the format "last name,  first name, last name 
( repeated), and page number" This way I could sort them faster, and the pages refer to the pages of the list as I copied it. The second list is transcribed exactly as written in the book, so friends and relatives may be listed together. Enjoy!  Nat  "Nat Siembor" at: <>

Alphabetical Order
Adams Sally Adams p2 col 1
Aikin Hannah Aikin (sic) p1 col 1
Aikin John Aikin p1 col 2
Aikin Lucy Aikin p3 col 1
Allen George W. Allen p1 col 2
Allen Harriet Allen p1 col 1
Allen Harriet Allen p5 col 2
Allen Joseph Allen p4 col 1
Allen Lucinda Allen p2 col 2
Allen Mary C. Allen p3 col 2
Allen Minerva Allen p2 col 2
Allen Samuel Allen p1 col 1
Allen Silas Allen p4 col 1
Allen Warren Allen p1 col 2
Anderson Thankful Anderson p4 col 1
Ashton (?) E.[. ]b[.. ] Ashton(?) (name was crossed out) p4 col 2
Austin Almira Austin p2 col 1
Austin Clemena Austin p2 col 2
Austin Edmund Austin p2 col 2
Austin Reuben Austin p2 col 1
Ayer John G. Ayer p4 col 1

Babbett Betsey Babbett p2 col 1
Barnes Ephraim Barnes p4 col 2
Bartlett Julia Bartlett p6 col 1
Barton Cornelia Marvin Barton p2 col 2
Barton Joseph Barton p1 col 1
Barton Margaret Barton p5 col 2
Barton Matilda Barton p4 col 1
Bowe Levi Bowe p2 col 2
Bracy Lyman Bracy p5 col 2
Bracy Polly Bracy p5 col 1
Bracy Weighty Bracy p3 col 2
Bradner Cloe (sic) Bradner p1 col 1
Bradner Edward Bradner p3 col 2
Bradner Mariah Bradner p3 col 2
Bradner Mary Bradner p1 col 2
Bradner Polly Bradner p5 col 2
Bradner Samuel Bradner p1 col 2
Bruce Ebenezer Bruce p5 col 2
Buell Levi Buell p1 col 1
Buell Penelope Buell p2 col 1

Cheever Julia Cheever p3 col 1
Cheever Sharlatt (sic) Cheever p5 col 1
Cheever Zenana Cheever p3 col 1
Cherry Alonzo Cherry p4 col 1
Cherry Clarissa Cherry p2 col 1
Cherry Mary Ann Cherry p4 col 1
Comstock Angeniet (sic) E. Comstock p5 col 2
Comstock Eveline Comstock p3 col 1
Comstock John B. Comstock p3 col 1
Congdon William Congdon p4 col 1
Coyle Loisa Coyle p2 col 2
Cummings Sally M. Cummings p5 col 2
Cummins Luman Cummins p3 col 2
Cummins Sukey Ann Cummins p4 col 1

Davenport John S. Davenport p4 col 1
Devenport (sic) Rachel Devenport p2 col 1
Dickinson Laura Dickinson p2 col 1
Dilano (sic) Charlotte Dilano p2 col 1
Dilano Esther Dilano p1 col 1
Dilano Hester Dilano p1 col 2
Doolittle Eliza Dilano Doolittle p2 col 1
Doolittle Reuben Doolittle p3 col 2
Doud Albert Doud p5 col 1
Doud Eliza Doud p4 col 2
Doud Mary Ann Doud p5 col 1
Doud Mrs. Rebekah Doud p4 col 2
Dowd Job Dowd p1 col 1
Dowd Mariah Dowd p3 col 2

English Aseneth (?) H. English p4 col 2

Fannen Lucetta Wheeler Fannen p2 col 1
Farman Laura Farman p6 col 1
Farman Mitchell Farman p6 col 1
Farman Polly Farman p1 col 1
Forbes Jane Forbes p3 col 1
Forbs Polly Forbs p1 col 2
Fox Henry Fox p3 col 1

Glifford (sic) Daniel Glifford (sic) p5 col 1
Goodsel Celia Goodsel p4 col 2
Goodsel Jane Goodsel p4 col 2

Hart Betsey Hart p1 col 2
Hart Ellen Hart p3 col 1
Hatch Elizabeth Hatch p1 col 2
Head Cyrus L. Head p5 col 1
Headley Miss Irene Headley p4 col 2
Headley Mrs. Irene Headley p4 col 2
Headley Phineas C. Headley p4 col 2
Heath Abigail Heath p5 col 1
Heath Angemione (sic) Heath p2 col 2
Heath Joanna Heath p1 col 2
Heath Mary J. Heath p5 col 2
Hewitt Mrs. Levina Hewitt p5 col 1
Hitchcock Climanda (sic) Hitchcock p3 col 2
Hitchcock Daniel Hitchcock p1 col 1
Hitchcock Esther Hitchcock p1 col 1
Hitchcock Eveline Hitchcock p2 col 1
Hitchcock Lydia Hitchcock p3 col 2
Hitchcock Mrs. Sarah Hitchcock p4 col 2
Hitchcock Sarah Hitchcock p2 col 2
Hitchcock Stephen Hitchcock p2 col 2
Hoyle Alli[v? ]e Hoyle p4 col 2
Hoyle Hezekiah Hoyle p4 col 2
Hoyle Julian Hoyle p4 col 2
Hoyle William C. Hoyle p4 col 2

Jones Widow Jones p2 col 2

Kinne Eliza S. Kinne p3 col 2
Kinne John Kinne p4 col 2
Kinne Roxana Kinne p2 col 2
Kinne Stephen H. Kinne p1 col 1
Kittle Mariah Kittle p5 col 1
Kittredge John Kittredge p5 col 1

Lane Clemena (sic) Lane p5 col 2
Lewis Hariot (sic) Lewis p5 col 1
Lewis Marian Lewis p5 col 1
Lewis Miranda Lewis p5 col 1
Lindsley Rachel Lindsley p1 col 2

Mack Herman Mack p4 col 1
Mack Minvera Mack p3 col 2
Marven Anna Marven p1 col 2
Marven Julia Marven p1 col 2
Marven Nathaniel O. Marven p1 col 2
Marven Orton Marven p3 col 2
Marven William Marven p1 col 1
Marvin Catharine Marvin p2 col 2
Marvin Cornelia (see Barton)
Marvin Julia Marvin p5 col 1
Marvin William Marvin jr p5 col 1
May Anna May p1 col 2
May Bathsheba May p1 col 1
McConnel Mrs. Beulah McConnel p4 col 2
Merriam Nancy Merriam p5 col 2
Merriam Samuel Merriam p4 col 1
Miner Persis Miner p3 col 1
Miner Pierce Miner p3 col 1
Mongin Ferdinand Mongin p5 col 2
Moore Betsey Moore p2 col 2
Moore Gamaliel Moore p2 col 2

Nichols Abigail Nichols p5 col 1
Nichols Betsey Nichols p3 col 2
Nichols Caroline Nichols p3 col 1
Nichols Charles Nichols p1 col 1
Nichols Eliza Ann Nichols p3 col 2
Nichols Hezekiah Nichols p1 col 2
Nichols Lydia Nichols p1 col 2
Nichols Sarah Nichols p5 col 2
Nims Jane Eliza Nims p5 col 2
Noice Charity Noice p5 col 1
Noice William Noice p5 col 1
Norton Mary Norton p4 col 2
Norton Russel Norton p4 col 2

Orton Concurrence Orton p5 col 1

Parsons Mrs. Minerva Parsons p5 col 2
Passmore (?) Hannah Passmore (?) p1 col 2
Penfield Edward Penfield p4 col 1
Penfield Eunice Penfield p4 col 2

Rice Mrs. Lyman Rice p3 col 1
Risley Deborah Risley p2 col 2
Rowe Mary Rowe p1 col 1
Rowe Norman Rowe p1 col 1
Rowe Wealthy Rowe p1 col 1
Rowe Wealthy Rowe p3 col 1

Schermerhorn Cornelius H. Schermerhorn p5 col 2
Schermerhorn Esther Schermerhorn p5 col 2
Scofield Ira Scofield p3 col 1
Scofield Jane Scofield p3 col 2
Scofield Sewal Scofield p3 col 2
Simmons Alanson Simmons p1 col 1
Simmons Eliza Simmons p2 col 2
Simmons Mary Simmons p1 col 2
Simons Hariot Simons p5 col 1
Smith Hester Smith p1 col 2
Smith Huldah Smith p3 col 2
Smith Jesse Smith p2 col 2
Southworth Judith Ann Southworth p4 col 1
Stacy Caroline Stacy p2 col 2
Stacy John M. Stacy p4 col 1
Stacy John Stacy p2 col 1
Stacy Lucy Stacy p3 col 2
Stacy Mary Stacy p2 col 1
Stewart Caroline Stewart p3 col 1
Stewart Samuel W. Stewart p3 col 2
Stone Jane Stone p4 col 1
Stratton Lydia Stratton p3 col 2
Stratton Mrs. Frances Stratton p3 col 2
Stratton Polly Stratton p3 col 1
Stratton Richard Stratton p3 col 1
Swerey (sic) Harriet M. Swerey p5 col 2

Taylor Ethan M. Taylor p4 col 1
Taylor Fanny F. Taylor p5 col 2
Taylor Unice (sic) C. Taylor p2 col 1
Taylor William Taylor p2 col 1
Taylor William Taylor jr p5 col 2
Tyler Unice (sic) E. Tyler p4 col 1

Van Alstine Elenor Van Alstine p5 col 2
Vickery Sarah A. Vickery p5 col 2
Vickory Abigail Vickory (sic) p2 col 1
Vickory Amos Vickory (sic) p2 col 1

Wasmore Robert Wasmore p5 col 1
Wells Chester R. Wells p2 col 2
Wells Lemoyne H. Wells p2 col 2
Wheeler Lucetta (see Fannen)
Wheeler Mary Wheeler p2 col 1
Whitney Rebecca Whitney p6 col 1
Wing Lydia Wing p4 col 1
Woodworth William Woodworth p4 col 1
Woodworth Sharley (sic) Woodworth p4 col 1
Wright Altancy (sic)Wright p3 col 1
Wright Betsey Wright p3 col 1
Wright Eunice Wright p3 col 1
Wright James Wright p3 col 1

Records of the Congregational Church of New Haven. 
Church membership in 1834 in order as listed.

“Names of living members Feby 1st 1834
Daniel Hitchcock
Samuel Allen
Job Dowd
William Marven
Joseph Barton
Charles Nichols
Stephen H. Kinne
Norman Rowe
Wealthy Rowe
Mary Rowe
Esther Hitchcock
Polly Farman
Esther Dilano
Hannah Aikin (sic)
Levi Buell
Bathsheba May
Cloe Bradner
Harriet Allen
Alanson Simmons
Mary Simmons
Nathaniel O. Marven
Julia Marven
George W. Allen
Hezekiah Nichols
Lydia Nichols
Samuel Bradner
John Aikin
Anna May
Betsey Hart
Anna Marven
Hannah Passmore (?)
Joanna Heath
Mary Bradner
Warren Allen
Hester Dilano
Polly Forbs
Elizabeth Hatch
Rachel Lindsley
Hester Smith
Clorissa Cherry
Charlotte Dilano
Sally Adams
Rachel Devenport
Eliza Dilano Doolittle
William Taylor
Betsey Babbett
Eveline Hitchcock
Unice (sic) C. Taylor
Amos Vickory (sic)
Abigail Vickory
Mary Wheeler
Lucetta Wheeler Fannen
Reuben Austin
Almira Austin
Penelope Buell
John STacy
Mary Stacy
Laura Dickinson
Lucinda Allen
Deborah Risley
Roxana Kinne
Loisa Coyle
Levi Bowe
Clemena Austin
Caroline Stacy
Jesse Smith
Catharine Marvin
Cornelia Marvin Barton
Minerva Allen
Eliza Simmons
Gamaliel Moore
Betsey Moore
Angemione (sic) Heath
Widow Jones
Sarah Hitchcock
Stephen Hitchcock
Edmund Austin
Chester R. Wells
Lemoyne H. Wells

John B. Comstock
Eveline Comstock
Pierce Miner
Persis Miner
Julia Cheever
Zenana Cheever
Altancy (sic)Wright
Ira Scofield
Betsey Wright
Caroline Stewart
James Wright
Eunice Wright
Richard Stratton
Polly Strtatton
Mrs. Lyman Rice
Lucy Aikin
Henry Fox
Ellen Hart
Jane Forbes
Caroline Nichols
Wealthy Rowe
Eliza S. Kinne
Samuel W. Stewart
Huldah Smith
Sewal Scofield
Jane Scofield
Betsey Nichols
Orton Marven
Luman Cummins
Mariah Dowd
Mariah Bradner (united with the Baptists)
Lucy Stacy
Edward Bradner
Minvera Mack
Weighty Bracy
Eliza Ann Nichols
Climanda (sic) Hitchcock
Lydia Hitchcock
Mary C. Allen
Mrs. Frances Stratton
Lydia Stratton
Reuben Doolittle
Judith Ann Southworth
Sukey Ann Cummins
Herman Mack
Alonzo Cherry
Silas Allen
Mary Ann Cherry
Jane Stone
Lydia Wing
John M. Stacy
Edward Penfield
John S. Davenport
William Woodworth
Sharley (sic) Woodworth
Samuel Merriam
Thankful Anderson
Joseph alllen
Ethan M. Taylor
Matilda Barton
William Congdon
Unice (sic) E. Tyler
John G. Ayer
Russel Norton
Mary Norton
Hezekiah Hoyle
Alli[v? ]e Hoyle
William C. Hoyle
Julian Hoyle
Aseneth (?) H. English
Eunice Penfield
Celia Goodsel
Jane Goodsel
Ephraim Barnes
Mrs. Irene Headley
Miss Irene Headley
Phineas C. Headley
Mrs. Rebekah Doud
Eliza Doud
E.[. ]b[.. ] Ashton(?) (name was crossed out)
John Kinne
Mrs. Sarah Hitchcock
Mrs. Beulah McConnel
Concurrence Orton
William Noice
Charity Noice
Mariah Kittle
William Marvin jr
Julia Marvin
Polly Bracy
Abigail Heath
Daniel Glifford
Robert Wasmore
Marian Lewis
John Kittredge
Sharlatt Cheever
Abigail Nichols
Cyrus L. Head
Hariot (sic) Lewis
Miranda Lewis
Hariot Simons
Mrs. Levina Hewitt
Mary Ann Doud
Albert Doud
Ebenezer Bruce
Elenor Van Alstine
Clemena (sic) Lane
Cornelius H. Schermerhorn
Esther Schermerhorn
Margaret Barton
Jane Eliza Nims
Mrs. Minerva Parsons
Nancy Merriam
Sarah Nichols
Angeniet (sic) E. Comstock
Mary J. Heath
Polly Bradmner
William Taylor jr
Ferdinand Mongin
Harriet Allen
Lyman Bracy
Fanny F. Taylor
Sarah A. Vickery
Sally M. Cummings
Harriet M. Swerey
Julia Bartlett
Mitchell Farman
Laura Farman
Rebecca Whitney”

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