Town of Minetto, Oswego County, NY  


Benson Ave., Minetto, N.Y.
Benson Ave., Minetto, N.Y.

**Note:  I have had no information concerning the town of Minetto.  If anyone has information on its history, 
or anything else, it would be most appreciated.

The picture (above) on your page of the Minetto web site was the home of Elwood Diment, General manager of Columbia Mills from the period about 1925 until his death in about 1940. He was succeeded by his son (Horace, I believe) who took up residence in the same house, as well as the General Manager position. I was a child of the same age as Elwood's grandson, William Horace Diment, and played in the house many times - there were many trap doors in the floors which local legend variously attributed to the storage of valuables or the hiding of escaped slaves ( a bit of a stretch, I think). The back of the building contained an ice house which was filled in the spring with ice blocks cut from the Columbial Mills' pond by Mr. Wilbur, father of Fred Wilbur, a current contributor to the Oswego Palladium Times.

I lived in Minetto from 1931 - 1945 and would be glad to contribute any info which you might need for that period.  Jack McCarty at:

Town of Minetto
 Betsey Sweeting
 6 Community Drive
 Minetto, NY  13115


I am listing here, till more information becomes available, some names of internments in a cemetery in Minetto, from a contributor, as follows:

Contributed by Linda Lovell at: 

A Cemetery in Minetto

I read that if I know where my ancestors are buried to email you.  I don't know the name, but the Minetto cemetery, as you cross the Minetto bridge it use to tee and it was cobble stone.  I believe if you go to the left, down along the river for about a mile or so, it's on your left.  As you go into the cemetery, follow the path to the left which comes up under the Tree ( a big tree if I remember right) and to the left of that Tree is :
Bessie Mae Wood Kingsley and Ernest Kingsley and a baby(Murphy I believe).  A little ways further and more toward the middle of that section is more Kingsley's.
Bessie Mae's Dates are b Sept 05, 1907 d June 05 1966
Ernest's Dates are b Mar 18, 1906  d Aug 02, 1952
I don't remember if all the Name is inscribed.  Hope that helps someone, Linda Lovell.

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