Rodman Dexter Family, Granby, NY  

Dexter Family of Granby, NY
Contributed by Ken Upcraft/Mary L. Dexter

  Upon locating someone with common name interests  "Dexter"  on the GENWEB 
site I contacted the other inquirer about RODMAN DEXTER, his wife ELIZABETH 
TALLMAN and their children - of Dexterville, Tn, of Granby, Oswego Co., NY. 

  The enclosed picture was sent to me by Mr. Ken Upcraft and approved my placing it on Oswego Co., NY site. Believe the photo was taken about 1862 or earlier, before two of  Rodman's sons left for the Civil War - David Harry and Darius Tallman Dexter.    Darius died of small pox in 1863, thus the date.   I do not have the original print which may have resulted in the fuzziness.

  Because the children all married locally, I will post the spouse names where I have them.  Mary Dexter at: betdex1 at bellsouth dot net.

Parker Dexter md. Mary Ann Mason;
Phydelia md. Alvin Smith;
Erastus md. Mary Jane Cox;
Marium  md. Wilson Cooper;
Olive md.  Stephen R. S. Horton;
Mary Ann md Rowland Clark;
Jonathan md. Rosette Cunninham & Nellie Guyles;
Eliza md.  Salmon B. Dutton;
Darius Tallman md Marilla Powell;
David Harry T. md  Almanza Cross;
William Harrison md  Sarah Perkins &  Isabella Clutterbuck &  Anna    [unkown].
Many thanks to Mr. Ken Upcraft and Mary Dexter for sharing this wonderfully detailed photograph and the family information.  Much appreciated.

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