Amboy Anti-Mason Committee 1832, Oswego Co., NY  
Amboy Anti-Mason Committee 1832
Recently, I obtained a copy of a page from the Oswego Free Press for October 1832.  One article on this page described the Amboy Anti-Mason Committee.  I typed this article for my own use and included it here if you think it of interest for the Oswego website.  Jack McIntyre.

Amboy Anti-Mason Committee. Oswego (NY) Free Press, Wednesday 17 October 1832 (vol. 3, no. 30), page 2, columns 1 and 2. Surnames include COAN, RICE, ABELL, MCINTYRE, EDWARDS, and MOWRY.

At a meeting of the town committee of the county of Oswego, held at the Inn of E. Mowry in the town of Amboy, on the 9th of October, 1832, agreeably to adjournment, present, the towns of Hannibal, Scriba, Mexico, Amboy and Parish, Sylvanus Coan of Amboy, was chosen Chairman, and Arvin Rice of Hannibal, appointed Secretary. Mr. Cochran of Scriba, addressed the meeting in an able and eloquent speech of an hour, and presented the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the melancholy situation of our common country, her interests neglected, her national faith broken, and her ability shamefully jeoparded, loudly demands the united simultaneous and determined efforts of her children, in breaking the tables of the money changers, in purifying the temple of their liberties, and expelling the rubbish therefrom.

Resolved, That among the other traits disgracing the character and conduct of the present incumbent, we recognize his attachment to secret institutions, his approval of their injurious existence, and his indubitable association in the mysteries of the Lodge Room; that the acts of his corrupt adminstration savour strongly of its oppressive influence, and that the voice of a nation, though now reminding a tyrant "that Caesar had his Brutus, and Charles the First his Cromwell," will yet teach King Andrew the First the necessity of "profiting by their example."

Resolved, That when reviewing the alarming facts, stamping "reckless impiety" on the very front of our present Chief Magistrate, our petitions slighted, our remonstrances producing additional violence and insult, our supplications disregarded and ourselves spurned with contempt from the fool of the throne, we are reduced to the painful conviction that there is no longer any room for hope, and that if we wish to be free -- if we mean "to preserve inviolate those privileges secured by the blood of the revolution, and transmitted for our enjoyment," we must act. An appeal to principle and the patriotism of our fellow-citizens is all that is left us.

Resolved, That as a distinct political body, being called on to avow and maintain our principles, we as anti-masons, declare our faith to be unalterable, immutable and fixed, our conduct to be determined, unswerving and consistent, and until the last "small light" from the lodge room shall have expired, our course to be uniform, accelerated, and onward.

Resolved, That the approaching election demands action! action! action: that our candidates are already in the field: that their cause is invincible by any force their enemies can send against them: and thatwith anti-masons, peace is not so sweet and life so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery.

Resolved, That we regard the reiterated and far bruited rumours of amalgamation and coalition, as the signa cries for spoil, attack, and subjugation, the last arguments to which Kings resort; that deeming the contest inevitable, we conceive there to be no retreat but in submission and slavery; and that we as patriots will approach the November ballot boxes under the prescient assurance of VICTORY, the banner of our country's freedom outspread to the breeze, and ourselves actuated by the motto inscribed thereon, "Spread all over in characters of; living light, blazing on its ample folds, as they float over the sea and the land, and in every wind under the whole heaven, and dear to every American heart, LIBERTY AND UNION, NOW AND FOREVER, ONE AND INSEPARABLE."

Resolved, That we recognize in the proceedings of the late Anti-masonick County Convention convened at Mexico on the first of the current month, an open expression of truth supported by a just statement of facts, and that essential spirit of moral consistency which always has and still continues to mark the progress of "correct principle;" and that in the spontaneous expression of its voice in favor of our candidates for office, we hail a feeling of unanimity and concert, which while unknown to conventions of packed delegation, hurls the gauntlet of defiance in the very teeth of those who would foully asperse the character of our nominations made and concurred in at Utica on the 21st of June last, by the faint and feeble cry of coalition! coalition!

Resolved, That the following gentlemen constitute the Committee for the town of Amboy: Anson Abell, Sylvanus Coan, Nathaniel McIntyre, John Edwards and Paris Mowry.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and published in the Free Press.


Arvin Rice, Secretary.

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