1895 Landmarks of Oswego County, NY,Family Sketches Part 2  
Family Sketches Pt.2 

Many thanks to Dianne Thomas, Town Editor of Volney, for volunteering to transcribe these many pages of Family Sketches from Oswego Co. More names will be added to the list as time permits. 

Source:  Landmarks of Oswego County New York, edited by John C. Churchill, L.L.D., assisted by H. Perry Smith & W. Stanley Child, Syracuse, N.Y., D. Mason & Company Publishers, 1895. Part III.  These names are not in alphabetical order and are transcribed as in the book. 

Most of us do not live in Oswego County and are unable to do any research on your ancestors.  For more information on any of the families, please contact the local Town Historian, or Historical Societies

DONEBURGH, John, of Holland ancestry, was born in Boyleston, this county, June 30, 1845, a grandson of Adam, who died in the Schoharie county, aged 100 years.The father, Adam, was a native of Schoharie county, born in 1801, and died in Boyleston in 1887, aged eighty-six years.  He married Mary Dingman who is now living in Blyleston, aged eighty years.  Their children were John, Mary, Julia A., James, George, Eliza Jane and Hattie, the latter and Mary being deceased.  John was educated in Richland and took up farming.  He bought his father's farm and later a hotel, of which he is now proprietor--the Averill House.  He married Sarah J., daughter of Charles and Mary Tanner of Boyleston, and their children are Hattie, born April 25, 1871; Mary born May 2, 1874; and Edward J., born February 14, 1877.  Hattie married Eugene Greenly, and Mary and Edward reside at home.  Mr. Doneburgh is an Odd Fellow.  His farm consists of seventy-six acres in the town of Worth, Jefferson county.  He also has a house in the village.  His grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier.

DOBSON, H.H., dentist and dealer in watches, jewelry, etc., was born in Green county, N.Y., in 1840.  Commenced the practice of dentistry in Mexico, N.Y., in 1866.  William W. and Elizabeth (DICKINSON) DOBSON, the parents, were natives of Green county in 1845.  In 1867. Mr. Dobson married Maria M. THOMAS, and has a daughter, Florence L.

HUBBARD, Duane L., was born on March 23, 1851, in the town of Richland, and was educated in Camillius, Onondaga county, a son of John C. and Oliver B. HUBBARD.  After leaving school he worked on a farm till he bought a farm of his own, which occurred in 1875.  This farm consists of excellent soil, and is mostly under cultivation.  Was married in 1877 to Ada N. HOUSE.  Has had seven children, five are living: Warren, LeRoy, Raymond Allen, Howard Duane, Lulu N. and John Alexandria.

DE WOLF, William was born in German Flats, Herkimer county, December 1, 1820, son of John and Eunice (LUDINGTON) DE WOLF.  John De Wolf was a soldier under the first Napoleon, was with him in the invasion of Russia, and the capture of Moscow.  He came to America after the downfall of Napoleon and practiced his trade of shoemaker, and reared a family of eight children.  Not withstanding the hardships he endured in Russia he was remarkable for his personal strength, which has not been impaired.  William went from German Flats to Frankfort and then came to Parish about forty years ago, where, for thirty years, he followed farming.  He then sold out and kept the Railroad House at the depot ten years, and then retired.  He married twice: first, Melissa PLACE, by whom he had seven children, six now living.  His second wife was Clarissa COMSTOCK, who died February 22, 1894.  One of his sons, M.T. De Wolf, is mayor of the city of Windon, Cottonwood county, Minn.;  W.H. DeWolf is in business in Nora Springs, Iowa; J.P. De Wolf is in business at Bingham Lake, Cottonwood county, Minn; A.L. De Wolf is in business in Parish.

DRURY, Dr. E. J., is a native of Granby, born in 1854, graduated from the medical department of the University of Buffalo in 1879.  After practicing two years at Gilbert's Mills, he located in Phoenix.  He is a member of the Oswego County Medical Society, and was county coroner from 1887 to 1889.  IN 1882 he married Eldona M. WELLER, and has one daughter, Neva E.

ELLIS, William, was born in England, November 28, 1846, and came to this county with his father, Alfred ELLIS, when he was about four years of age.  They settled in Oneida county, the father working at farming up to the time of his death in 1868, aged fifty years.  The latter married Elizabeth MEPHAM of England, and they had nine children.  William enlisted in the 2d United States Artillery, served three years and was in the regular army for three years in California.  He married Elizabeth BURTON, December 27, 1871, daughter of Richard BURTON of Eaton, Madison county.  Their children are Alfred R., Almeda G., Mary, Arthur (deceased), and Altia V.  Mr. Ellis at present is filling the office of postmaster of South Albion.

ELSWORTH, William B., keeper of the Oswego County Poor Farm, was born in 1839 in Washington county, reared there till sixteen years of age, then came to Palermo, Oswego county, where he followed saw-milling twenty years, also coopering and farming.  He married in 1862, Ella J. FLINT.  He was collector of Palermo four years, and came to the Poor Farm in 1890.

EDICK, Erastus D., son of Cornelius and Adeline EDICK, was born in Washington county, Ind., October 15, 1847.  His father, who had in the early years moved by teams from Parish to Indiana, returned with his family in 1852.  Cornelius's father was one of the first settles of Parish and cleared his own farm, which is still in the possession of the family.  At the advanced age of seventy-six, he is engaged at present in operating a grist mill, and in cultivating his farm.  Erastus obtained his education at Parish and Syracuse.  At fourteen he started in life as a carriage and ornamental painter, being employed as foreman in the paint shop of the Williams Mowing and Reaping, Co., of Syracuse.  In 1868 he established at Parish its first photographic gallery, which he conducted successfully for a number of years.  He has twice married: his first wife, Melissa KELLEY, dying in 1881.  He then traveled for one year, and in 1883 married Christie SCHUMAKER.  Three daughters have been the  issue of this second marriage, Ethel, Edith and Edna.  Shortly after this marriage, he engaged in the furniture and undertaking business, which he still conducts; but, in addition to this, he owns a hardware store in partnership with his brother, Albert EDICK.  Albert, the youngest but one of eleven children, was born in Parish August 5, 1858.  In 1883 he married Nellie BLISS, by whom he has one daughter, Lilla.  The hardware store now conducted by these two brothers, contains a large and varied stock which is unsurpassed in its line.  There are very few in the village who really know Mr. Edick's given name.  He is generally called "Pet", but was not so christened.  It occurred in this way: while a broken leg was knitting when he was quite young, his parents to comfort him began to call him "Pet": this name has clung to him ever since.  He is identified with the spirit of progress; a reformer, but conservative within save limits.  He is president of the Pleasant Lawn Cemetery Association of Parish, and a member of the Board of Education, a man much respected.

FEIKERT, John, was born in Germany in 1818, came to Syracuse in 1840, and in 1854 to Amboy, where he as since resided with the exception of 1863-4 when he was in the army in Co. L, 15th, NY Vols, as musician.  He is known as one of the finest clarinet players of his time.  His wife was Eva, daughter of John HORNER, and they have two daughters, Margaret (Mrs. John MORTON) and Tena (Mrs. Gilbert BURR); also one son, Charles FEIKERT, blacksmith at West Monroe.

FULMER, David, was born at Illion, N.Y. in 1839, son of Jacob and grandson of George, who was a soldier in the Revolution, and about  1850 settled in Amboy, where he died in 1855.  He left one son, Jacob, who was for many years a blacksmith in Amboy where David is now a farmer.  David was in the army in Co. H, 147th, N.Y. Vols, his wife was Catherine, daughter of Adam Steele, and they have one daughter, Lizzie, now Mrs. Harvey COOK of Amboy.

FOX, Justus B., of Connecticut ancestry, was born April 15, 1822, in Richland, a grandson of Ephraim, born in Connecticut, who died in this county, aged eighty-five.  The father, Justus, was also born in Connecticut, and died here aged eighty years.  He married Rebecca BULL of Connecticut, who died aged sixty-eight years.  Their children were: Ann, Abigail, Wait G., Elizabeth, Ursula, Luke, Desire, Justus, Hiram, Luke J., all of whom are deceased except Justus.  The latter was educated in Richland and was a farmer and boatman for twenty years and now manufactures brick.  He has lived on his present farm forty-four years.  He is a Royal Arch Mason, and a Granger.  In 1846 he married Sally FIELDS, daughter of Seymour FIELDS, and she died in 1868.  Their children were Ursula, Janet, Ephraim J., Seymour D., Milly, Seymour J., and Helen, of whom Ursula, Janet, S.D. and Helen are deceased.  November 15, 1868, he married second, Laura, widow of Clark ILMORE, and daughter of Jarvis HURD of Richland.  The grandfather and father of Justus were the first settlers in this town form the East, there being two from Canada, coming about 1801.  The grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier.  The father was a Royal Arch Mason.  The grandfather of Laura FOX, Joseph HURD, was one of the first settlers in Sandy Creek.  Jarvis HURD, son of Joseph HURD, was a soldier in the war of 1812.  Mr. and Mrs. FILMORE had these children: Rebecca and Silas, the later dying at the age of twenty-two.  Rebecca married Fernando SMITH and lives in this town.

FARMER, Lawrence J., of English descent, was born in Pulaski, N.Y., May 1, 1866, was educated in the common schooled and Pulaski Academy, and at the age of fourteen he began the culture of small fruits, which he has since followed, until he has one of the leading nurseries of the State.  At the World's Fair he exhibited eighty-eight varieties of strawberries, on which he secured the medal and diploma, which was the highest award given.  Mr. Farmer also lectures on this particular industry at the Farmers' Institutes throughout the State.  June 7, 1893, he married Flora R., daughter of Warren A. and Sarah A. BURT of Pulaski.  Mrs. Farmer died March 15, 1894.  The first representative of this family came to America in the Mayflower and settled in Vermont.  The grandfather was Isaac FARMER, and died in 1848, aged seventy-five years.  The father was James S. FARMER, born in Vermont, March 3, 1835, who still survives.  He married Mary JONES of Pulaski, and their children were Charles F., Mattie J., Kate J., Maude H. and Madge H. (twins), Lawrence J., Abbie J., Harry and Jessie, of whom Harry and Abbie are deceased.  James S., was postmaster of the town ten years in succession and was a Mason.

FRENCH, George G., born in Pulaski, Oswego county in 1827, was educated at Mexico Academy, taught school and read law and was admitted to the bar in 1851.  He engaged in active practice of his profession till 1884 and then opened a private bank, where he does a general banking business, his brother, Benjamin F., being cashier.  He married in 1853, Franc BOWEN, a native of Oneida county, and has three children, Julia, now Mrs. Dr. George R. METCALF of St. Paul, Minn; Fred E., and Mary, now Mrs. W.F. GARDNER of Brooklyn.  Benjamin F. FRENCH was born in 1821 and prior to coming to Mexico in 1885 resided in Utica.  His wife, Mrs. Martha A. French, is a sister of Willis S. NELSON of Fulton.  Their children are Clara, wife of William R. HEATH of New York; Anna, wife of R.T. Cc CABE of New York; and Fanny, wife of Thomas S. PARKER of Utica.  John R. French, dean of Syracuse University, and Mrs. Theresa MALLARY, wife of the late Lyman Mallary, are brother and sister of George G. and Benjamin F. French.  Their parents, Ralph and Nancy (RAYMOND) FRENCH, located in Pulaski in 1821.  They were natives of Vermont and Massachusetts and died in 1850 and 1876 respectively.

FRANCE, William, of English ancestry, was born in Steuben county, July 3, 1830, a son of William, a native of England, who died in Steuben county aged seventy- five.  The latter married Anne NOGGIE of Pennsylvania, who died aged eighty-two.  Their children were: George, John, Samuel, Sallie, Joseph, William, Caroline, Mary, Emily, Elmira.  The father was a soldier in the war of 1812.  William was educated in Steuben county, and his first occupation was milling, after which he engaged in the lumber business; then in 1889 bought the France House in Richland which he conducted till 1892.   He then bought a farm and has since been engaged in the breeding of horses.  Mr. France has contributed more towards elevating the standard of horses than any man in this section, his horses being of the Percheron and Messenger strain.  He married, March 1, 1845, Maria MEADE, who died in 1859 and in 1870 he married Minerva, daughter of Ziba and Zilpha (REYNOLDS) WHITE.  Mr. White was a soldier in the war of 1812.  The children of our subject are Curtis, Ophelia and Alice.  Curtis married a Miss CARNS of Steuben county, where he resides and has four children; Alice and Ophelia are both married and also reside in that county.

FRITTS, Dayton Robert, was born in Parish June 21, 1856, son of Elijah Gilbert and Harriet M. (SLY) FRITTS, also of Parish.  The grandfather, William FRITTS, was one of the pioneers of Oswego county, and cleared the farm which his son Elijah conducted up to the time he sold it.  Dayton R. began his career selling goods from a wagon for a Syracuse firm, which he continued for three and one-half years.  He then sold from a wagon for himself for three and one-half years, then built a store in Parish in 183, and at the same time employed six wagons on the road selling goods.  This store was burned October 1, 1888, and he rented a store on Main street and started his present store.  This store is one of the largest in his line and contains a fine stock of hardware, stoves, etc.  Mr. Fritts is the sole owner of the property and the business.  He has been twice married, first to Jennie L. BURTON of Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson county, who died in the spring of 1890.  They had one child, who died in infancy.  He married second Allie C. PALMER of Albion, Oswego county.  Mr. Fritts, although only thirty-eight years of age, has one of the best businesses in his line in the county.

FOOTE, Frank B. M.D., was born in Niagara county September 1, 1860.  His father, Benjamin, was born in Niagara county, raised a company of cavalry in the late ware, and went to the front as captain.  He served three years and was killed on the field of battle.  Dr. Foot went to the Mexico Academy where he graduated, then went to Albany and studied medicine in the medical department of the Union University, where he graduated.  He began practice at Sand Bank, afterward practiced at Baldwinsville, and removed from there to Parish in 1891.  Soon after settling in Parish he handled some difficult cases in surgery very successfully, and has built up the largest practice in town.

FRARY, Austin B., was born in Oswego county October 31, 1849.  His grandfather was Anson FRARY of Scotland, who, died here aged ninety-four.  His father was Austin, born in Vermont in August 1820, and died in Pulaski,  February 8, 1852.  He married Lucy PATTERSON in Pulaski July 8, 1840; she was born October 15, 1818 in Sandy Creek and died February 3, 1870 in Pulaski.  The children of Austin and Lucy Frary were: Judson N., born April 22, 1841, died May 27, 1843; Oscar N., born July 20, 1844, died April 27, 1845; Henry P., born July 6, 1848; and Austin B.  After the death of Austin Frary, his widow married, January 1,1856, Samuel SNOW, in Munsville; he died in Pulaski, January 12, 1870.  Austin B. Frary was educated in Pulaski Academy, first engaged in canalling, then farming, and finally learned the mason's trade, which he worked at for twelve years.  He owns a farm near Pulaski which he conducts in connection to his trade.  January 1, 1875, he married Charlotte, daughter of Henry and Maria (WOOD) ORTON of Richland.  The grandfather of Austin B. was a British soldier, and one of the first settlers of the town.  His father was a farmer and miller.

FARR, Adam J., was born in Jefferson county, November 15, 1841.  He was a sailor on Lake Ontario, and in February 1862, enlisted in Co. A. 81st N.Y. Vols.  He was in the desperate engagement at Fair Oaks, and was engaged more or less in the other Seven Day battles preceding the retreat to Harrison's Landing, where he was soon after taken sick and sent to Georgetown Hospital; when partially recovered he was placed in the Convalescent Camp, from which he was discharged.  In 1892 Mr. Farr attended the United States encampment of the G.A.R. at Washington and from there visited Richmond and the battle ground where he had fought thirty years before, bringing home to his family many relics of those bloody encounters.  He is a member of the G.A.R., and is a trustee of school district No.7.  In 1869 he married Anna KING; who as borne him three children: Norman, who married Mrs. Mattie SIMMONS; Augusta, and May (Mrs. Charles PADDEN).  Mr. Farr's father was Charles and his mother died when he was an infant.

FELLERS, Frank, born in Mexico in 1855, is a son of Francis, a native of France, one of the two sons of Loren and Margaret Fellers, who came to the United States about 1828.  Two years later they settled in Mexico, and twenty years after, moved to Hastings.  In 1859 Francis' went to California and for five years was engaged in mining in the West.  He returned to Hastings and died in 1867.  His wife was Rose HENRY, a native of France, and their children were: Mrs. Rose MARTINET of Mexico; Adolphus of Montana; Victoria TACKLEY of Mexico; Victor of Wisconsin; Julian of Mexico; Julia CENTHVRE of New York city; Celestian of Kansas, Mrs. Louisa MATTY of Hastings; and Frank, who resides with his mother on the old homestead.  In 1881 he married Mary BARATIER of Hastings, and their children are: Cora M., born January 26, 1883; George J., born November 14, 1885; and Carl Roy, born October 4, 1893.  He and his wife are members of the Hastings Grange.

DIXSON, William B., of Scotch and Irish ancestry, was born August 27, 1833, at Paris, Oneida county, is a grandson of Robert DIXSON, born in Stonington, Conn., December 3, 1753, and a son of Thomas W. DIXSON, born in Paris, Oneida county, May 21, 1878, who married Nancy PRATT, born in Lyme, Conn., March 25, 1795 and their children were: Fidelia, Elizabeth, Charlotte A., and Willam Brainerd, of whom Fidelia and Elizabeth are deceased.  William B. Dixson was educated in the common schools at the Genesee Wesleyan University, and is engaged in banking and real estate business at Pulaski, N.Y.  In 1867, he married Catherine B. CLARK, born April 5, 1837, at Unadilla, N.Y. and their children are: Nancy C., born February 12, 1870, who married Irving G. HUBBS, a lawyer at Pulaski, January 5, 1893; and Thomas W. Dixson, born July 27, 1873, who is not a student at Cornell University.

DALEY, M.J., was born in the town of Oswego, September 12, 1858.  He is one of a family of six children.  His education was obtained in the schools of his native county.  In 1884 he married Mabel Constance WILDER, daughter of the late Eli Wilder, one of the most widely known residents of Oswego county.  Mr. Daley's father, Moses, emigrated from County Wexford, Ireland, to America in 1847.  His mother's maiden name was Jane HALL, who came from County Cavan, Ireland, two years later; they were united in marriage in November 1851 and have made for themselves a pleasant home in the town of Oswego, where they have resided for more than forty years.  M. J. Daley had a wide acquaintance in the county of Oswego, having taken an active part in the political affairs of his county for fifteen years.  He is a member of both town and county committees, and was in the U.S. Customs service during 1886.  He is also an active member of Hanibal Lodge, Kinghts of Pythias.  Mr. and Mrs. Daley have one of the finest farms in the county, but have retired therefrom for a time, and now are living in a pleasant home at South West Oswego.

DICKINSON, Ezra, was the youngest in a family of seven children, consisting of five sons and two daughters.  He was born in the town of Constantia, Oswego, county, on the 26th day of April. 1827.  Of this happy family only one is deceased, the youngest daughter.  Jacob Dickinson, the father of Ezra, in the year 1826moved from Greene county to the town of Constantia, locating on what was called the Vandercamp farm, situated one mile from the village of Cleveland on the Lake Shore Road.  He remained upon this farm until his death, after which his two sons, Samuel F. and Charles, took the old homestead and al the present time  (1894) are located upon it.  Ezra Dickinson was united in marriage to Margaret A., daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth HEMENWAY, of Marcy, Oneida county, December 31, 1852.  In the spring of 1853 he formed a partnership with his brother Jacob in the lumber business at Shackbush, one mile north of Bernhard's Bay, where he engaged very extensively in the building of canals for nineteen years, when he retired and now lives on a small place of twenty-two acres, situated on the shore of Oneida Lake.  For eleven years he held the office of railroad commissioner of the town of Constantia with great credit and honor to the people of the town.  To Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Dickinson were born four children, viz: Charls A., Nathan H., May Elizabeth and Ezra Earl.  Of these,  only the latter two are living, the former two being taken away at the age of twenty-two months and eight years of age.  May Elizabeth, their only daughter, was born August 18, 1867.  At the age of fifteen she entered Houghton Seminary at Clinton, Oneida county, remaining there for two years, after which she taught one term of school.  In 1889 she was married to B.B. Sheldon of Oswego, who is a groceryman.  Ezra Earl, their youngest and only son, was born in 1872.  In 1889 he entered Clinton Grammar School where he remained one years, after which he attended Oswego High School for three years.  To complete his education he entered Lavere's Commercial College at Oswego, where he took a course in stenography and business forms.  At present (1894) he is a stenographer.

CHAFEE, Joel P., born in Oneida county in 1820, son of Joel and Jerusha B. (CONVERSE) CHAFFEE, natives of Connecticut and Oneida county.  They were married in Oneida county and located at Gilbert's Mills, Schroeppel in 1820.  Joel was born in 1794 and married first in 1818.  He afterward married Deborah DUEL and died in 1871.  His first born in 1807 and died in 1838.  Joel P. Chaffee resided at home till twenty-five years old, learned the carpenter's trade, and married in 1845, Hepzibah CHAMBERLIN, a native of Albany county.  They have had seven children, four of whom are now living, Edward B., William H., Sarah and Lucy.  Mr. Chaffee followed his trade for forty years in connection with farming.  Josiah, the paternal grandfather, was in the war of 1812, enlisting from Connecticut.  The son-in-law of Joel P. Chaffee, Herbert BAILEY, served over three years in the late war, re-enlisting just before the close; and his brother-in-law, Hiram SWEET, also served three years.

COBB, L.B., is a native of Jefferson county, born in 1847.  He came to Mexico when ten years of age with his parents, Ira B. and Margaret COBB, natives of Oneida county, who died in Mexico in 1880 and 1886, respectively.  He was educated at the Mexico Academy, was in business with J. Hoose several years and member of the firm of Cobb Bros., dealers in fine groceries and produce till 1892.  He is a part owner of the Mexico Electric Light plant, director in the Empire Park Land Association of Syracuse, Carson River Dredging Co., of Nevada, and Fortunatus Mining and Milling Co. of Wyoming, and has contributed greatly to the financial success of the above enterprises.  In 1872 he married Nettie S. MIANS, by whom he has one son, George L., aged eight years.  He has been an intensely busy man, and fully interested in all the improvements in Mexico; he is a Republican; has been and is a successful businessman, and is known as a Christian; he gives to all necessary causes and is an evangelical worker.  He has a fine home and is universally regarded as one of the best citizens of Mexico.

CLEMENT, Arthur F., was born in Lowell, Mass, in 1848, son of Benjamin CLEMENT, born in Andover, Mass., who was a son of Benjamin of the same place.  The father of Arthur, was a carpenter, and followed the trade many years.  He came to East Palermo in 1857, bought a farm and lived there until 1862, sold out and moved to Hastings, and settled on the farm where Arthur F. now resides.  His wife was Philidocia BATCHELDER, and their children were: Harriet, Nettie, Arthur and Anna.  He died in 1888, since which time, Arthur F., has owned the farm, his mother residing with him.  He married Carrie E., daughter of Joseph  BARBER, and their children are Eugenie, Gertrude (born February, 1879) and Bertha (born April 7, 1880) both deceased.  Eugenie married Marshall N. DELONG.  Mr. Clement is the patentee of the Clement horse power, patented in 1891.  He is a member of the Central Square Grange, and his wife is a member of the East Palermo M.E. church, and also president of the first W.C.T.U. organized in the town.

YOUMANS, Anthony, is a native of Greene county, born in 1818, and came to Oswego county in 1834, located with his parents on the farm where he has since lived.  The parents, John A., and Olive (TITUS) YOUMANS were reared and married in Greene county, and died in West Phoenix, Onondaga county, he in 1883, aged ninety-two, and she in 1879, aged eighty-four.  Anthony married Elizabeth BELDING in 1843, who died in 1846, leaving one son, Levi A., now a resident of Minnesota.  He married second in 1850, Ann E. WRIGHT, a native of Onondaga county, and they have four children, Miner, a resident of Kansas; Louise A., Harvey A., and Jennie, who all reside in Schroeppel.  The father of Anthony was in the ware of 1812, and his son Levi served in the 184th Inft. a year near the close of the war.

WIMPLE, George W., was born in Oneida county, April 5, 1838, a grandson of John, who was a native of this State, and died at the age of eighty.  The father of George N., was Calvin J., who was born in Oneida county and died in Lacona, aged eighty.  Calvin married Catherine REMOUR of Herkimer, who died aged seventy.  Their children were: Henry H., James, V., Sarah J., Calvin W., Peter, George W., Cornelia T., of whom Sarah and Peter are deceased.  George W. was educated in Jefferson and Oswego counties, and September 1, 1861, enlisted in the 7th N.Y. Cavalry (known as the Black Horse) which was disbanded in the spring of 1862.  He learned the blacksmiths trade, at which he worked in Illinois for four years.  Returning to New York he worked till 1870, then started in business for himself in Lacona, which he has continued till the present time, doing a large business at general blacksmithing and repairing.  He is a Mason.  In 1867 he married Eunice AMES of Jefferson county, and their children, Calvin J. and Fairy Nell (deceased).  Mrs. Wimple died, and September 14, 1893, he married second, Helen, daughter of Erastus and Sarah PECK.  Calvin J. Wimple resided in Palmyra, where he is employed by the Wayne Building and Loan Association.

WOOD, Cyrus N., was born in Jefferson county May 25, 1840, a son of Morgan L., and Orilla L. (LAMON) WOOD, natives of Jefferson county, who came to Sandy Creek in 1852 and settled on the farm owned by Cyrus N., where Mr. Wood died March 6, 1888, and his wife, February 5, 1879.  The father of Morgan was Barney Wood who spent his last days in Jefferson county.  Cyrus N. came on the farm he owns at the age of twelve, and at sixteen learned the painter's trade and followed coach painting about fifteen years, when he returned to the farm where he as since resided.  He follows general farming and has seventy five acres.  Mr. Wood married in 1868 Carrie WASHBURN, a native of Ellisburg, Jefferson county, and daughter of Henry WASHBURN, one of the early settlers of the place.  Subject and wife have three children, Frank H., Fred L., and Floyd E. at home.

WADSWORTH, William W., was born in West Monroe in 1836, a son of John M., and grandson of Ambrose, native of Hartford, Conn., the latter a pioneer in Onondaga county.  John M. was one of five children.  He followed the cooper's trade when young, later devoted his time to farming, and came to Oswego in 1834.  His wife was Hannah SMITH, and their children were John J., Horace E., William W., and Lizzie.  In 1854, William W. removed with his parents to the town of Parish, where he resided eleven years, removing to Hastings in 1865, where he has since resided.  In 1881 he purchased his present farm in Hastings and makes a specialty of tobacco and fruit.  He married Charlotte SKINNER in 1863, by whom he had four children: Mrs. Helen PRESCOTT, James W. Wadsworth, Edith J. Wadsworth and Mrs. Mary L. GARDNER of Hastings.  In 1888 he married second, Ann E. KENYON.  He has served as highway commissioner and assessor, is secretary of Hastings Grange, of which he and wife are members, also director of Fire Relief Association of Oswego county.

WIGGINS, Willliam H., has served as postmaster at Hannibal four years (1861 to 1865) was postmaster of Barnum, N.Y., also of Buttsville, Pa., and has served as town clerk of Hannibal for five years.  He was born in  Lockport, and came to this town with his parents in 1836.  He is a son of William and Elizabeth (FOLLETT) WIGGINS, both natives of Cayuga county.  His grandfather, Jonathan WIGGINS, came there from New Jersey and settled in Auburn.  William H. was educated in Hannibal, and reared on a farm until about fourteen years of age, when he engaged as clerk for H.H. Bronson, remaining eighteen months, when Bronson was succeeded by William W. Brackett.  Mr. Wiggins remaining for a year, when he engaged with S.W. Brewster and was with him eighteen years.  Hen then went to Fulton wit R.T. Jones for two years.  Returning to Hannibal he became one of the firm of Brewster & Wiggins, which continued three years.  He then moved his family to Kansas where he remained six months, and from there moved to Triumph, Pa., where he was in the same business for five years.  He next returned to Mr. Brewster and was with him eighteen months.  Mr. Wiggins married Sarah C. HOFF, and they had two children, Augusta, who died aged three years and F. Stanley, who married Cora A., daughter of Dr. E.H. BOYD.  She died in 1889, leaving one daughter, Florence A.   F. Stanley was postal clerk three years under Arthur, and three years under Harrison, and is in the postal service at present under Cleveland.

WEBB, John Ames, was born in Mexico, N.Y. in March 1826, son of Thomas WEBB, a native of Oneida county, born in 1799, one of nine children of Loren WEBB, who was a carpenter and builder.  Thomas was a merchant, who came to Mexico about 1820 and followed the mercantile business.  He served as commissioner of highways and was also postmaster.  His wife was Caroline AMES, and their children were Lewis M., John A., William L., George L., Dwight E., Spencer B., Bertrand T., and Mrs. Mary HOUSE.  Four of the sons served in the war of the Rebellion.  The father died in 1885 at West Monroe, and his wife died in Mexico in 1878.  John A. began as farmer in Mexico, and in 1857, came to West Monroe and settled on the farm he now owns.  He served as supervisor, road commissioner and inspector of elections.  In 1855 he married Matilda C., daughter of Reuben F., and Lucena (ALLEN) RICHARDSON, and they have two children, Emily A., wife of Charles HOUSE of Mexico, and George L., who is a dentist practicing in West Monroe and Central Square.  He graduated from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, class of '87.  Mr. J.A. Webb enlisted in Co. K, 184th Regiment N.Y. Vols., and serves until the close of the war.  His brother, Lewis was captured while in service and served ten months in Libby and Andersonville Prisons.

WELLS, David D., Hannibal, was born in Washington county in 1827, settled in Cayuga county with his parents in 1835, and in Hannibal in 1851 on the farm of 370 acres where he now resides.  He married Esther G., daughter of Loren T. AUSTIN.  Her mother's maiden name was Abigail GIFFORD, who is now eighty-four years of age, and living with her daughter.  David D., is a son of Sanford WELLS, a native of Washington county.  Abigail GIFFORD is a daughter of Eilhu GIFFORD, one of the earliest settlers, who was in the war of 1812.  Mr. and Mrs. Wells have three children living, Sanford D., who was educated in Falley Seminary, and at the State Normal School at Oswego city, and is a commercial traveler.  He was also in the mercantile business at South Hannibal.  He married Hattie OSBORN, and they have five daughters: Lena M., Cassie D., Lorrell G., Merrell L. and Frances R.  Edward G., who was educated at Fulton Seminary and is a farmer of this town.  He married Leona BARBER, and they have two daughters, Ermie M. and Essie L; and Edmund J, who is also a farmer, was educated at Fulton Academy, and married Cora HILL, by whom he had one son, David D.  Loren A., the oldest son, died January 11, 1878, aged twenty-four years and Lew M.L. died July 19, 1862, aged twenty-two months.

WYANT, Judson B., son of Daniel, was born February 16, 1841, in Rensselaer county.  The father moved to Oswego county about 1844 and settled in Palermo where he took up farming.  He married Esther A. HOLMES of Onondaga county, and they had six children, two of whom are deceased.  The occupation of our subject up to twenty-tree years of age was mostly boating.  In 1863 he enlisted in the 24th Cavalry and served until his discharge, March 17, 1865.   In the battle of Petersburg, June 18,1864, he was wounded and continued in the Mount Pleasant Hospital at Washington D.C. and the Chestnut Hill Hospital of Philadelphia, Pa., for five months and was discharged March 17, 1865.  Subject married in May 1866, Mary A. GROFF, and they have tree children, Carrie E., (died May 27, 1888), Mertie M., and Judson W.  He has held the office of collector and highway commissioner, and is a member of the G.A.R. Post of Mexico.

WILCOX, Joseph Yates was born in Palermo, Oswego county, November11, 1832.  His grandfather, Frederick, who was born February 26, 1771, and died November 29, 1860, came originally from Connecticut and settled in Cazenovia.  His father, Joseph WILCOX, who was born February 28, 1798, in the village of Hamilton, went and occupied a farm in Allehany county when about twenty-five years of age.  Two years later he exchanged this farm for one in Oswego county, which since the death of the father, May 10, 1869, remained in the possession of his son, Joseph Yates.  Melissa, the mother of Joseph Yates, was a daughter of Willard ABBOTT, one of the pioneer settlers of Madison county.  Besides Joseph Yates, there were born to Joseph and Melissa, Nancy Rosing, Lavina and Abbott, the last two having died in childhood.  Like most other boys at the time, Joseph Yates enjoyed only such meagre educational advantages as were offered by the district school.  He took up the occupation of his father, and in his twenty-fifth year, married Grace ADAMS of Batavia, N.Y.  At intervals during the past forty years, he has taught vocal music.  Of his three children, Mary and Joseph C., died in infancy.  His son, Abbot Yates, prepared for college at Mexico Academy, graduated from Syracuse University in the class of 691, was general secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association, first at Keystone, N.Y., then at Marquette, Mich., and in 1894 entered Auburn Theological Seminary where he is now studying.  The house still occupied by Joseph Yates, was built by his father close to the site of the little log structure in which Joseph and Melissa lived about five years, and in which two of their children were born.

WHITNEY, Fred D., brother of George M., was born in 1857 in New Haven.  He is a harness maker by trade, and also engaged in the undertaking business with his brother.  He married in 1181 Genevieve COLVIN, a native of New Haven, by whom he has one child, Fred D.

WHEELER, Charles, was born in Mexico in 1811, and is a son of Edmund and Catherine (BROWN) WHEELER, who came from Massachusetts in 1809, and located on the farm now occupied by Charles.  Edmund was in the war of 1812 and in 1820.  His wife died in 1865, aged eighty.  Charles was reared on the home farm and in 1835 married Mary WALKER, a native of Massachusetts, who died in 1890, leaving two children, George T., born in 1837; who married in 1860 Cordelia HOSFORD; and Charles Fay, born in 1842, who married in 1869 Kate HOLBROOK, and is at present assistant botanist at the Michigan Agricultural College.  Captain Thomas WHEELER, the paternal grandfather of Charles Wheeler, came from Massachusetts to Oswego county about 1800.

WILLIAMS, David, born in St. Lawrence county June 10, 1840, of Welsh ancestry.  His grandfather, Rolin, a native of Wales died in Boonville.  William, father of our subject, was born in Wales and died in Sandy Creek, N.Y., aged fifty-five.  The latter married Jane JONES, who died in Sandy Creek, aged sixty-five.  Their children were Robert, Elizabeth, John, Rollin, David, Isaac and Mary, of whom Robert, Elizabeth and John are deceased.   David was educated in Oswego county, and in 1862 enlisted in the 147th N.Y. Vols., and served in the army of the Potomac seven months, being discharged for disability.  In 1864 he married Amelia C., daughter of David and Caroline JOHNSON of Lewis county.  Their children are Ida S., born September 14, 1866; Eva, born January 3, 1869; Mary J., born June 30, 1871, died March 14, 1889; and Willie, born February 12, 1863.  Of these children, Eva married Adelbert MORE, the others residing at home with their parents.  The father of our subject was killed in an accident.  Four of this family were in the army at one time, John being killed in the battle of Gettysburg.

WILCOX, Adelbert, was born in Madison county March 25, 1845, son of Henry and Louisa WILCOX.  The parents of Mr. Wilcox had eight children, and moved to Parish in 1846.  Subject was educated in Parish, then went to work on his father's farm.  Later he and brother bought the farm and run it for some years, when Mr. Wilcox bought his brother's interest, and is now the sole owner of the homestead farm, which was cleared originally by his father.  By additional purchases, Mr. Wilcox has increased the size of the farm till it now contains over 300 acres.  His lumber and farming interests are quite extensive.   He married Clara CUTLER, and has two children, Leon and Ina.

WAUGH, William, was born at Wagh's Mills April 26, 1836.  He followed sailing and boating eight years, and has been engaged in the saw mill enterprise all his business life.  In 1863 he married Ellen GRANTIER, daughter of James GRANTIER; they have five children living: Judd, Adelbert, Frank, George and Nellie, now Mrs. TAPPAN.  One son, George, was killed by a horse.  Mr. Waugh's father was John Porter WAUGH of Madison county, and his mother Eleanor (JORDON) WAUGH.  Mr. Waugh enlisted on Aril 26, 1861, in Co. C, 24th N.Y. Vols., and was mustered in May 17.  He participated in the battles of Second Bull Run, Groveton, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg and others.  He was one of the charter members of the E. L. Bently Post. 

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