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The Syracuse Herald, Sunday, May 24, 1908, page 20. 


Fulton, May 23.- John Le Point was killed in a paper mill at Lyonsdale 
last Tuesday. The funeral services were held on Thursday from the First 
Methodist church, the Rev. F. A. Miller officiating. 

Mr. Le Point was born in this city and had lived here all his life. He was 
27 years old and is survived by his widow and one child. [note: the 
original article has a photo of him.] 

From The Syracuse Herald, February 25, 1904, page 3 (a Syracuse NY newspaper). 

Obituary Notes. 

FULTON, Feb. 25.- At her home, No. 710 Whitaker road, yesterday morning occurred the death of Edith D., wife of Frederick R. Nelson, aged 89(?)years. Mrs. Nelson had been ill for several months and death was not unexpected. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house and at 2:30 o'clock at the Universalist church, the Rev. Dr. James Vincent officiating. Burial will be made in Mount Adnah cemetery. 

The funeral of Mary E. Wilcox will be held from her late home to-morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Foster officiating. Burial will be made in Mount Adnah.

From The Syracuse Herald, February 21, 1904, page 21 (a SyracuseNY newspaper). 

Fell Dead in Snowbank. 

OSWEGO, Feb. 20.- Michael Loftus, for more than half a century an employee of the Oswego Starch company, died suddenly at his home last evening. He had been complaining for some time, but had not been confined to his bed. While in the back yard he fell dead in a snow bank. He was born in Ireland more than eighty years ago and came to this city when a young man. He is survived by several grown up children, including Mrs. Thomas McManus of Syracuse. 

From The Syracuse Herald, February 21, 1904, page 21 (a Syracuse NY newspaper). 



Successful Horticulturist, and Originated the Finest Red Raspberry That is Grown.

FULTON, Feb. 20.- David H . Bradt, who died in Hannibal, Oswego county, on Wednesday, was the oldest resident of that town and a former Justice of the Peace. He was 93/96/98(?) years old. 

He was widely known as a successful horticulturalist, having been the originator of the Hiram raspberry, which is considered the finest red raspberry propagated. 

Mr. Bradt left two sons, A. P. Bradt, editor of the Fulton Observer, andW. J. Bradt of North Hannibal. The funeral was held yesterday at the hallof the North Hannibal Grange, of which Mr. Bradt was a charter member, and a devoted supporter. 

From The Syracuse Herald, January 10, 1904, page 22 (a Syracuse NYnewspaper) 


Death of Man Who Did It All Himself. 


Two Years Ago, at the Age of 82, Turned Out His Last Instrument 


Took the Timber From the Forest andMade His First Keys From Bones of a Horse Which He Found Death and Un-buried in the Woods - A Truly Skilled Workman. 

PULASKI, Jan. 8- Elijah H. Gaylord, an old resident of Pulaski, died last night at the residence of Mrs. P. C. Bettinger in Lewis street, where he had made his home for several months. He was about 85 years old. Two sons survive, Allen C. Gaylord, of Syracuse and Frederick Gaylord, whose whereabouts are unknown, he having left Pulaski at the time of the conflagration of 1881, which laid the business portion of the village in ashes. 

The deceased at one time was a resident of Syracuse. He came to Pulaski when a young man, with his father, a Methodist preacher, from the New England States. For more than fifty years he had been engaged in the manufacture of pianos, and two years ago turned out his last instrument. He was a skilled workman and was probably the only one in the country who had taken the timber from the forest, converting it into piano cases,as well as constructing and adjusting the more intricate parts of an instrument, and turning out a complete piano, without assistance. Many of his pianos are in Pulaski homes. 

He first engaged in the manufacture of melodeons, and the keys of his first instrument were turned out by him from the bones of a horse which he found in a piece of woods near Pulaski, where the animal from which he took the bones had been left unburied. 

Mr. Gaylord was a member of Pulaski lodge, No. 415, F. and A. M., and also of the First Methodist church of Pulaski. The funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. 

The Post-Standard, December 29, 1904 (a Syracuse NY newspaper) 

Death of Mrs. Lovejoy. 

FULTON, Dec. 28.- Mrs. Laura A. Lovejoy passed away last evening at the age of 62/82(?) years. She is survived by one son, William J. and one daughter, Miss Georgia Lovejoy, both of this city. Funeral services wil lbe held at the family residence Friday afternoon at 3.15 o'clock. 

The Post-Standard, December 29, 1904 (a Syracuse NY newspaper) 


Coroner Declared Apoplexy to Be the Cause of Death - Inquest Deemed Unnecessary. 

PULASKI, Dec. 28.- Nelson Hooper, who resided with his son about seven miles northeast of this village, died suddenly about 1 o'clock this morning. He had been engaged in chopping wood in the woods some distance from his home, returning about 5 o'clock last night, and soon afterward was about the barn caring for the stock, when he was taken suddenly ill. 

Mr. Hooper, who was about 53/63(?) years old, started for the house, became dizzy just as he reached the door, but was unable to get in. Hisson went in the door and upon finding his father there assisted him into the house and gave him home remedy at hand which seemed to temporarily relieve him, but he soon grew worse and was assisted to his bed, where he remained in a semi-conscious condition. 

About midnight the son went to him and attempted to rouse him, but was 
unable to do so, the old gentleman having sunk into a deep stupor. Shortly after the son went to his father and found him breathing heavily. Gasping, he suddenly expired. Coroner Leroy F. Hollis of Lacona was notified and with Dr. Fenton A. MacCallum of this village, who acted as coroner's physician, visited the Hooper homestead, and after making a thorough investigation and ascertaining the facts did not deem an inquest necessary, the coroner deeming apoplexy to be the cause of death. 

The Sunday Herald, January 24, 1904, page 22. (a Syracuse NY newspaper) 


Served in Two Regiments in the War of the Rebellion.

PULASKI, Jan. 23.- Judah Macy, an old resident of Pulaski, died at thehome of his son, Col. Lewis J. Macy, last evening, aged 79 years. Since the death of his wife, fifteen years ago, he had made his home with hisson. On Christmas morning he suffered an attack of paralysis, and anotheron Thursday, which, combined with an organic heart trouble, was the cause of death. He leaves three sons be sides the one mentioned above, Theodore Macy of Jacksonville, Flas., Warren D. Macy of Beloit, Wis., who is now in England, and Charles D. Macy of Noblesville, Ind. Mr. Macy was born in Rochester, and his parents dying when he was a youth he went to Chatham Four Corners to live with relatives. He learned the trade of a paper maker in that village and then went to Manlius, Onondaga county, where he was engaged in that trade for several years, coming to this town in 1855 and engaging in farming. Six years later he moved to this village and resumed his trade, which he followed sometime. He enlisted in 1862 and was attached to the One Hundred and Tenth New York, and after a few years' service returned to Pulaski, again enlisting in 1865, in the One Hundred and Ninety-third New York. He was a charter member of J. B. Butler post, No. 111, G. A. R., and that organization will conduct the burial services. The funeral will be held at the First Methodist church at 2 o'clock next Tuesday morning. 

The Sunday Herald, January 24, 1904

Mrs. Mary Rich, widow of Marathon Rich, at one time a resident of Richland, died at a Rochester hospital on Thursday, ag ed 58 years. A son, whose whereabouts are unknown, survives. She also leaves a brother, Capt. C. Howard Ripsom of Pulaski. The body reached Richland this evening. The funeral will be held at 1 o'clock on Monday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. Clara Ripsom. Burial will be made at Richland cemetery. 

From the Sunday Herald, January 17, 1904, page 23 (a Syracuse, NY newspaper). 
Fatal Accident to a Carpenter. 

OSWEGO, Jan. 16.- William Taylor, a carpenter, 55 years old, was instantly killed at the plant of the Oil Well Supply company yesterday afternoon. He was in the employ of A. H. Smith, the contractor, and Foreman Rhodes had sent him up to tighten some bolts on the horizontal shafting. In some manner his clothing was caught and he was whirled about the shaft and killed. He was a widower, without family, and boarded in East Second street. He came to this city from Quebec about thirty-five years ago and it is not known that he has any relatives living. 

Syracuse Herald, December 19, 1908.

N. W. Woodruff Dies Suddenly.

Mexico, Dec. 19.- Norman W. Woodruff, one of the most prominent men of this village, died suddenly yesterday at his home in Main street. Yesterday morning he complained to his wife of feeling ill. Dr.  F. D. Stone was called, but  Mr. Woodruff died within an hour. Death was due to acute indigestion. Mr. Woodruff is survived by his widow and one son, George Woodruff.

Syracuse Herald, December 19, 1908.

Funeral of Mrs. W. H. Filkins.

Pulaski, Dec. 19.- The Rev. Frederick Maunder conducted funeral
services over the remains of Mrs. William H. Filkins at the First
Methodist church yesterday afternoon. A large number of sorrowing
 friends and relatives were present, the Women's Christian Temperance union, of which the deceased had been a member, attending in a body. Burial was
 made at Riverside cemetery. Among those from out of town who attended the
obsequies were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Filkins of Phoenix, Mr. and Mrs. Bert
S. Mickel of Oswego, Louis D. Filkins and Edward L. Filkins of Syracuse, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Filkins of Colosse, Mrs. Charles Sheridan of  Camden, Mr. and Mrs.  Oscar H. Ingersoll of Lacona, Leon and Bert Filkins of Phoenix and Isaac H. Filkins of  Hartford, Conn.

Mrs. Filkins was a daughter of Benjamin Ingersoll, the first white male
child born in the town of Richland.

Syracuse Herald, November 14, 1908.

Mrs. Experience Slocum Dead.

Fulton, Nov. 14.- The death of Mrs. Experience Slocum occurred at an early hour this morning at the home of her son, B. S. McKinstry, in Academy street. Mrs. Slocum was 84 years old, and is survived by her husband and three sons, Butler E. McKinstry of this  city, Frank McKinstry of Oswego and Eugene McKinstry of Binghamton.

Prayer will be said at the home of Mr. McKinstry in Academy street at
10:30 o'clock on Monday morning, the Rev. W. L. Sawtelle officiating.
The funeral will be held form the home of Frank McKinstry in Oswego at 2:30
o'clock on Tuesday afternoon Burial will be made in Oswego.

Syracuse Herald, May 22, 1908.

Funeral of the Rev. Isaac Wigrig (sic)

Central Square, May 22,- The funeral of the Rev. Isaac Wigrig, who
died Wednesday at his home in Main street, will be held at the M. E.
church to-morrow at 3 P. M. The Rev. W. H. Bentley of Syracuse will
officiate. The Rev. Mr. Wigrig had been a minister in the Methodist
 church for forty-four years. He leaves besides his widow one daughter, Mrs.
Libbie Clark; two grand daughters, Mrs. Mary Clark and Mrs. Hattie  Burt,
and one brother, Charles Widrig of Bundys. (rest of article cut  off)[Note:
surname should be Widrig.]

Syracuse Herald, May 22, 1908.

Mrs. Niles Hogan Dead.

Fulton, May 22.- Mrs. Niles Hogan died last night at the family home at the corner of Seventh and Academy streets. She was 42 years old and is survived by her husband, mother and eight children.

Syracuse Herald, March 1, 1904.

FULTON, March 1. - Earl S. Brown left yesterday afternoon for New
 Milford, Conn., to take charge of the body of Frank M. Torrey, son of the
Rev. F. D. Torrey, former pastor of State Street Methodist church, Fulton.
Mrs. Torrey is a daughter of D. L. Brown of Broadway.

Syracuse Herald, March 1, 1904.

Mellie E., wife of Daniel Mehegan, aged  32, died at her home inWest Fifth street yesterday afternoon, after a long illness. She leaves her husband, three daughters and a son. The funeral arrangements have not been made. [Note: location is Fulton.]

Syracuse Herald, March 1, 1904.

Death of a Prominent Citizen.

CONSTANTIA, March 1.- Benjamin Phillips, who was operated on for peritonitis by Doctors Van Duyn and Wood, died Sunday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edward Seifert. He was 54 years old and a member of the Masonic lodge, also a member of the J. O. U. A. M. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Edward Seifert, and one son, Seymour Phillips of Canastota.

Syracuse Herald, February 28, 1904, page 22.

Death of Edward G. Malone.

OSWEGO, Feb. 27.- The death of Edward George Malone of the drug firm of Maine & Hennessey, which occurred Wednesday morning after a sickness of a few days of typhoid pneumonia evoked regret from the  entire community. He was born in this city and was thirty-seven years old.

 After being graduated from the public schools he entered the employ of Doctor
Kingston, druggist, where he learned the business and stayed for several
years, and then located in Syracuse.

On his return to this city he was employed by C. J. Vowinkel, and about
two years ago with Thomas Hennessey opened a drug store.  He was a
prominent member of the Knights of Columbus and the Foresters. He was
married about ten years ago. His wife died, leaving two small children,
who are now with their grandmother. It is understood that he held life
insurance to the amount of $5,000.

Syracuse Herald, April 18, 1906.

Joseph Whittle Dead.

Fulton, April 18.- Joseph Whittle died at his home in Walradt street at an early hour this morning. Mr. Whittle was 84 yeas  old and had been a resident of this city for 54 years. No funeral  arrangements have been made.

Syracuse Herald, April 18, 1906.

Ruth, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Pollard, died at the home in South Second street west this morning. Burial was made in Mt. Adnah this afternoon.

Syracuse Herald, March 6, 1905.


Death of Infant Son of Fred W. Showers From Poisoning

Fulton, March 6.-  The death of Maelle(?), the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Showers, occurred Saturday at their home in South  First street, death due to gotten (sic) strychnine poisoning. The child had gotten hold of strychnine tablets and death resulted after about three hours of agony, Dr. Whitaker attending.

The funeral was held from the home at 10:30 this morning and from the Free Methodist church at 11 o'clock. Burial was made in White cemetery at  Ira.

Syracuse Herald, March 12, 1904

FULTON, March 14.- The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rich was held this afternoon at the house in State st eet at 2:30 o'clock and at the Free Methodist church at 4 o'clock. Burial was made in Mt. Adnah.

Syracuse Herald, March 12, 1904

The funeral of Mrs. Harriett Chant(?) was held yesterday afternoon from the home of her sister, Mrs. William Perry, in Worth street, the  Rev. John Richard officiating. Burial was made in Mt. Adnah. Mrs. Chant,  whose home was in Brooklyn, had been for two years an inmate of a Brooklyn hospital.  Her death at the age of 39 years was the result of a long  and complicated illness.

Syracuse Herald, March 12, 1904

Miss Estelle Monta (?), who has been ill for some time with
consumption, died at the home of her parents in Seventh street
 yesterday afternoon. The funeral arrangements have not been made.

Syracuse Herald, March 12, 1904

The death of Hannah A., wife of Thomas Ingersoll, occurred at her home in North Fifth street yesterday afternoon. She was 60 years old and is survived by her husband and four children. The funeral will be held on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house, the Revs. W. G. Bassett and Nelson Reynolds officiating. Burial will be made in Mount Adnah.

Syracuse Herald, March 12, 1904

The death of Elizabeth A., wife of William H. Rich, occurred at her
home in State street last night. She was 48 years old. The funeral
arrangements have not been made.

Syracuse Herald, March 12, 1904

Robert G. Holbrook, formerly a well-known ship builder and for the last twenty-five years proprietor of the Vulcan Iron Works in Oswego,  died
last night, aged about 80 years.

Syracuse Herald, February 18, 1904, page 3.


Death of D. H. Bradt, a Devoted and Successful Horticulturalist.

FULTON, Feb. 18.- A. P. Bradt, editor of the Fulton Observer, yesterday received news of the death in North Hannibal of his father, David H. Bradt. Mr. Bradt, who was 93 years old, was the oldest man in the town of Hannibal, having moved to North Hannibal from Ira in  1863.

He was prominent in township affairs, having held the office of Justice
of the Peace for eight years in Ira previous to his removal to  Hannibal,
and being elected to that office for two terms in the latter place. Mr. Bradt
was a prominent fruit grower and originated and developed the famous
Hiram berry which is to-day  considered the finest quality of red raspberry.

Mr. Bradt is survived by two sons, A. P. Bradt, editor of the Fulton
Observer, and W. J. Bradt of North Hannibal and five grandchildren,
Mrs. Edith Cooper, Mrs. Lita Marlette, Miss Melva Bradt and Rennie Bradt of
Hannibal and Claude E. Bradt of Fulton. Mrs. Nelson Huff of this city
is a niece of the deceased. The funeral will be held from the hall of the
North Hannibal grange, of which Mr. Bradt was a charter member to-morrow
morning at 10 o'clock, the Rev. Dr. James H. Vincent, pastor of the
Universalist church of this city, officiating. Burial will be made in Hannibal

Syracuse Herald, February 12, 1904, page 3.

Death of Mother and Daughter.

FULTON, Feb. 12.- The death of Mrs. Maria Harrison, widow of John Harrison, occurred at her home in Second street last evening. Mrs. Harrison had been ill several months. She had lived in this city many years and was 73 years old.

The funeral of Mrs. Harrison's daughter, Jennie, was held yesterday
afternoon from the home of Mrs. Boomer. The funeral of Mrs. Harrison
will be held from her late residence at 2:30 P. M. on Sunday.

I found the following newspaper clipping in a Bible that belonged to Lewis Bishop of Hannibal, NY:


PHILLIPS - At the family residence at Town Line.  Amanda E. Phillips, wife of Henry H. Phillips, in her 63rd year.

JACKSON - In this city, Nov. 27, 1909, Margaret H, wife of James Jackson.

KANE - In this city, Nov. 29th, 1909, at the parents' home, No. 62 Ontario street, John Joseph, son of Cornelius and Margaret Kane, aged 2 years."

Contributed by John Kells at <Johnk436 at aol dot com  >


Hello my name is Laureen Whitney, I'm doing research on my families and came across your web site for Oswego Co. (Where I Live) I have an obituary for my great Grandfather and thought you might like it for your on line files. It was cut out without the newspaper title or date but I know it's 1896 and it might be the Syr. Newspaper. There is a picture attached which I can send if you want it but I noticed the other obit's on your site don't have photo's. I also have his Civil War photo if you want that. Thanks for your site , keep up the good work.
Laureen Whitney (Fulton, NY).

Local Newspaper, dated 1896:

Joel S. Palmer and Wife Margaret
Joel S. Palmer and Wife Margaret
Contributed by Laureen Whitney

Joel S. Palmer 
    The Well-Known and Popular Fulton Veteran Who Was Killed Friday. 
Fulton, March 6,-The funeral of Joel S. Palmer, who was killed Friday in His blacksmith shop in this village by Being caught in the shafting, was one of
The largest ever held in Fulton. About 1,200 people were in the Methodist Church. The G.A.R., the blacksmiths, The wagonmakers, the Sons of Veterans,
Women's Relief Corps., U.V.C. And The Colunbia Circle were largely repre-
sented at the funeral.

    Mr. Palmer came to Fulton early in The '60's and opened a blacksmith shop
But at the breaking out of the civil war Enlisted and was made captian of his
Company in the One Hundred and Eighty-fourth Regiment, New York Volunteers, from Fulton, serving with Gallantry throughout the rebellion, after Which he returned and reopened his shop, Which he continued until his death.

    Capt. Palmer was 68 years of age and During the time of his residence in
Fulton made many friends and was Respected by all. His bright and cheery
Face was always welcome among the old Comrades, at the camp fires of the G.A.R., And he will be universally missed in Fulton, and with his death Fulton loses One of its best citizens. He has been President and trustee of Fulton and was A past commander of the G.A.R. Post.

Joel S. Palmer in Civil War Uniform
Joel S. Palmer Civil War Uniform
Contributed by Laureen Whitney
184th NY Volunteer Infantry

Erastus G. Jones 
Oswego Palladium, Sept. 15, 1887

    Oswego is called to mourn today, the death of one of her oldest and most respected citizens - Erastus G. Jones who passed away at his pleasant home on Syracuse Ave. at 8 o'clock last evening in his 82nd year.  Mr. Jones health had gradually failed in the past few years. 
    He was born in 1806 at Lewiston NY.  In 1812 his father and mother and a family of 13 children were driven off their farm by the British and Indians.  They sought refuge at Auburn , where the family remained until 1819, when the removed to Oswego county locating in the town of Scriba , in what was afterwards known as the Jones settlement. 
    Mr Jones came to Oswego 40 years ago and has been a resident of the city ever since, carrying on business most of the time as a real estate broker. He was never before the people for an elective office, but held the office of Assessor for some time. 
    Mr. Jones was the eldest brother of the late Mrs. Richard Oliphant.  He leaves a widow but no children.  The family is noted for its longevity.  Of the 13 children, ten are now living and the death of Mrs. Oliphant was the first that occurred in the family for 50 years.  Of the six brothers who survive, Charles P. lives in this city, Guy in Scriba, Moses and Ezra in New Haven , Anson in Oshtemio Mich. and Solomon in Fayetteville , Onondaga County.  In his early days Mr. Jones was a stone mason and with his own hands cut the corner stone of Christ-church.  He was also a sub-contractor in the building of the Oswego canal.  The funeral will occur on Saturday at 2 P.M. from the house. 

Death of Shibney Hall
Oswego Palladium Times, March 18, 1908

Was a Well-Known and Respected Farmer of Scriba

 Scriba March 17 - Shibney Hall, a well known farmer in this town, died at his home in East Scriba Monday March 16th, and the funeral will be held March 20th.  Mr. Hall was born here about 65 years ago. 
    A number of years ago he and his brother William went to the town of Amboy , where they conducted [sic] farms and threshing machines.  After the death of William, several years ago, Shibney returned to his old home in this town and took up farming.  Mrs. Hall died several years ago.  Few men in the town were more highly respected than Mr. Hall, and the announcement of his death will be received with regret by many friends. 

Mrs. Malvina Waugh
Oswego Daily Times April 6, 1908

Mrs. Malvina Waugh, one of the oldest and most respected residents of Scriba died this morning at her home.  She was born in this town and had lived there for 93 years.  During this time she has always been a devoted member of the Baptist Church of Scriba and was respected and loved by all who knew her.  She is survived by two daughters, Miss Carrie E. Waugh of Scriba and Mrs. Cassius Barnes of this city and three sons, the Rev. Eugene Waugh of Utica, Frank of Oklahoma and Fred of Scriba.  The funeral will take place at her late residence at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. 

Mrs. Erastus G. Jones
Oswego Daily Times July 11, 1910

Mrs. Diana Hall, widow of the late Erastus G. Jones died last evening at her home, 268 Syracuse Avenue .  Mrs. Jones was born in Aurelius, Cayuga County July 10th, 1910 and when six years of age came to this city, and with the exception of ten years spent in Scriba, she had resided here since. 
    She was married in 1830 to Mr. Jones and since that time was one of the prominent members of the East Baptist church.  She is survived by three nieces Mrs. F[rances].A. Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth Alden and Mrs. [Savilla] West of Lima NY., and three nephews, Shibley, Riley and William Jones, [sic - actual surname Hall per will] of Scriba.  Funeral Monday at 2:30 p.m. 

Contributed by Elizabeth Knauss

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