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This page will be host to an assortment of items on Oswego County, for the various towns.  Will include misc. deaths, marriage notices, misc. baptism and newspaper articles, town notes, mixed items, etc. relating to the county, its people, events and more. 

Maurice Walsh's 82d Birthday in 1914, Oswego, NY
Mayflower Descendants
Mrs. Piatt’s School
Irene E. Cumins Baptism Notice
Stone Family Clippings
1879 Newspaper Tidbits, Parish
1901 Newspaper Town Notes, Sandy Creek
Newspaper Clipping 1927 
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1893 Marriage Notice: HEBARD - PARKINSON
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Oswego Man is as Lively at 82 as He Was at 25.

Maurice Walsh, Oswego, NY
Maurice Walsh who is a well-known resident of Oswego, N.Y., is one man who defies the flight of time.  He believes that he will live to see the century mark and sees no reason why everyone should not reach a green old age.  He recently celebrated the 82d anniversary of his birth, but is lively and as active to-day as when he was 25.
     Longevity should come to every man, Mr. Walsh belives, if he would only observe the rules that nature suggests.  Since early youth Mr. Waslsh has been a lover of the open air and for 60 years nearby residents of Oswego have watched him climb the Orphan Asylum hill daily, to and from work.  During his long life Mr. Walsh has been temperate in all things.  He takes a cigar daily, and he wants a good one; takes in the "movies" when he feels like it, but is daily engaged in the occupation that he has followed since his early youth--a decorator.  As a grainer of fancy woods Mr. Walsh has few equals in the state.
     He was born in Ireland but when a young lad went to Troy to live and there was apprenticed to a decorator, who had everything but artistic instinct.  Mr. Walsh soon after went to Oswego, taking with him the first union card ever seen in the town, he having been a member of one of the first trade guilds organized outside of New York city.  Mr. Walsh's health is excellent and he says that he expects to reach the century mark without any serious trouble.

Source:  Utica Saturday Globe, January 10, 1914

Mayflower Descendants 

Listings below are of persons who were members of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York, residing in Oswego County in 1912 and 1926.

Source: Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York
Fourth Record Book
October, 1912
Douglas Taylor & Co., Printers
New York 1912

General No. 3600
State No. 1082
BURT, George Noyes Oswego, N.Y.
Eighth in descent from William Bradford

General No. 3436
State No. 1053
MOTT, Ruth Woolsey (JOHNSON) Oswego N.Y.
Ninth in descent from Stephen Hopkins
Eighth in descent from Giles Hopkins

Source: Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New York
Sixth Record Book
September, 1926
The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, Printers:
New Haven, Conn.
New York 1926

General No. 6302
State No. 1454
MILLER, May (BURROWS) Oswego, N.Y.
Mrs. John Post Miller
Tenth in descent from Richard Warren

General No. 6299
State No. 1451
NEWMAN, Laila (BEAN) Oswego, N.Y.
Mrs. Myron Albert Newman
Ninth in descent from William Brewster
Ninth in descent from Mary (__) Brewster
Eighth in descent from Love2 Brewster
Tenth in descent from Richard Warren
Ninth in descent from John Alden
Tenth in descent from William Mullins
Tenth in descent from Alice (__) Mullins
Ninth in descent from Priscille2 Mullins

Many thanks to Martha Magill, coordinator of Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb, for contributing this list.

Mrs. Piatt’s School – Norwich, Conn. – Utica, N.Y.

Source:  Book, “ALS IKH KAN, OLD GIRLS OF MRS. PIATTS SCHOOL, 1870 – 1892, Child’s & Son Print, Utica, N.Y.” 

This was a private school, called “The Utica Female Academy”, chartered in April 1837, and located in Utica, N.Y.  The school was widely known as a highly creditable institution, and long known as the “Balliol School, a boarding and day school for young ladies, later known as Miss Piatt’s School. 

*Loraine Field Hart, Albion, N.Y.
In school 1889-‘91
Rooms 41 and 25
Present address, Albion, N.Y.

Baptism Notice 

Baptismal Certificate
Church of St. Mary of the Assumption, Cleveland, N.Y.
The Records of the Church certify, under date of Dec. 12, 1895, of the Baptism of Irene E. Cumins, born Nov. 3, 1895 of Wm. H. Cumins and Catherine A. McNulty. Place of Birth Cleveland, N.Y. Said Record is signed by Rev. J. B. Mertens, birth sponsors, Louis Leonard and Mary Scullin.
Rev. John J. Butler
Date June 4, 1942

Stone Family Clippings
Stone Family Clippings
Oswego County, NY
Submitted by Carol Berning, 17 Feb 2000 

   The following information is from a ledger book into which has been pasted newspaper clippings, church bulleting clippings, and school clippings.  Much of it is a collection of letters written by Rev. George E. Stone who served as a Presbyterian missionary in the late 1800s.  Surnames included are Stone, Stowell, Reed, Baldwin, Freeman, Foster, Hardie, Richardson, Babcock, and Treadwell.  Most of  these families were in Mexico, Syracuse, Volney, Dolgeville, and Oneida, NY. 

The notes included here are my transcriptions of the information pasted in the ledger book.

Reverend George E. Stone, b. Sept 1, 1873
His missionary travels found him in England, August 1898; Paris, September 1898; India, September 1898; Bahreim, Persian Gulf, October, November, December 1899 and January 1899; aboard the SS Assyria, February; Muscat, Arabia March and April.

 A clipping of July 5, 1899 announced his death.

 His parents were George W. Stone.

George W. Stone of Mexico married Sophie R. Slack, Muir, Michigan, August 31, 1866.

Julia Stowell of Mexico married Warren S. Stone, October 16.

Harry L. Stone of Merrick, MA

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Stone, Dolgeville, NY; Mr. & Mrs. Harry Stone, Merrick, MA; and Miss Jennie Reed, Springfield, MA were guests of Mr. & Mrs. George W. Stone.

Mr. & Mrs. Amos Baldwin, Volney; their daughter Mrs. Freeman; her daughter of Boston, MA were guests of Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Stone.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Stone went to Dolgeville, NY to visit Mr. & Mrs. F.R. Stone.

Mr. F.R. Stone and family of Dolgeville, NY to visit Mr. Stone’s parents, Mr & Mrs. George W. Stone.

Miss Freeman of Boston, MA came to visit Mrs. G.W. Stone.

Harry L. Stone accepted position with New York Central railroad.  He is youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Stone.

Senior Class—Harry Lovell Stone, age 17

D.H. Foster, NY, spent Sabbath with Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Stone.

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Stone left for two weeks’ stay in Dolgeville, NY, with their sons, F.R. and E.A. Stone and families.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Baldwin of North Volney were recent guests of Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Stone.

Mr. Fred R. Stone of Dolgeville, NY, and son Albert were guests of Mr. Stone’s parents.

Rev. Warren Sage Stone, LeRoy, NY, son of Mr & Mrs. Edward T. Stone married Julia Lillian Hardie.

Lucy Stone died at home of her son, Mr. J.B. Stone.  Also survived by son Dr. E.J. Stone, Oneida, and daughter, Mrs. W.H. Richardson.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Noyes Babcock announced marriage of their sister Anne Treadwell to Mr. Harold Stone, June 16, 1904, Syracuse, NY.


This was kindly sent in by Mary Lou Guindon, Secretary - Parish Historical Society.

1879 Parish Mirror

-- D.L. Rider is preparing to go to Nebraska soon.

--Mrs. Dr. Green is spending the week on the lake shore.

-- Geo. Thayer's new barn 50 by 60 feet was raised last week.

--The Ladies Mite next Wednesday afternoon at Mrs. H. P. Dimon's.

--Willard Richards won the foot race at Mexico Point the Fourth, and took a prize.

--Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vroman of Cicero spent the Fourth here the guests of C. Vroman and C,   McNeal.

--Miss Minnie Ogsbury who is teaching near Brewerton , spent Independence Day with her parents in this place.

--Miss Ada Wood of Delphi Ind., is spending several weeks here.  She is niece of Mrs. Sanford and J. W. Harter.

--Marlan Brando and wife of Fulton, visited their uncles here, the Jocelyns, and other friends last   week spending Sunday here and returning Tuesday.

--Geo. Jennings who lately returned from Nebraska where he took up 160 acres of Government   land, left for Illinois Monday where he expects to engage in business.

--L. G. Tilton, of Racine, Wis., fomerly of Colosse was here last week to attend his father, John   Tilton, during his last sickness, whose death is elsewhere noticed.  Mr. Tilton left for Wisconsin Tuesday.

--Rev. J. E. Ensign and wife went to Ro_e Wayne County for a few days vacation.  The health of   these people has been poor for several weeks from which they have not entirely recovered, and they went by the advice of physician.

--The umbrella belonging to Mr. Read, taken from Trowbridge's drug store several weeks ago, must be returned or the party will be sent for.  It takes little time to find out an umbrella thief.

--A. A. Davey, who is railroading in Schuyler County, by the word we get, we should think is   making himself happy.  He has bought an Altopian horse, dark bay, 15 hands high, very handsome, weight 1060 and a fine stepper.  "Deb" washes his hands before currying and does it up barber style....

--A special train is going on the Northern to commence Saturday night.  It is to leave Syracuse   every Saturday at 5 p.m. for Thousand Island Park arriving at Alexandria bay at 10:30 p.m.  Fare for the round trip from Syracuse is $2.00.  Returning a special Steamer will leave Alexandria Bay Monday morning at 5 a.m. and the train will reach Syracuse at 10:30 a.m.  The train will connect with a similar train from Oswego at Pulaski.  The probabilities are that the agent at this point will receive tickets for those who wish to join from this place, as the train will stop here, but at what price is not learned.


 Up to Saturday the Strawberry Growers Association had shipped 241,000 quarts from Oswego.
 Mrs. Henry Uumphries, wife of the Editor of the Independent of Mexico, is traveling in England, accompanied by her two sons.

 T.B. White of Williamstown delivered the oration at Camden July 4th.  W. H. Denyon of Oswego delivered the oration at Central Square.

 General Sherman inspected the posts at Oswego and Sacketts harbor last Thursday and Friday, and proceded with a tug down the St. Lawrence.

 The date of the Sandy Creek, Richland, Orwell, and Boylston fair has been changed to September 8th, 9th and 10, 1879, on account of the State fair in Utica.

Surrogate Skinner of Mexico is now located at his new brick edifice near his residence on Railroad Street.  He occupied the office over Drigg's store twenty-two years....

Utica Daily Press, dated September 24, 1901, Tuesday morning – Sandy Creek: 


Sept. 23 – Amos E. BEEBE and family have removed from their farm East of the Village, and will occupy the Joseph McKie residence on N. Main St.

A. T. SPRAGUE and family have returned from Syracuse, where Mr. SPRAGUE conducted the dining hall upon the fair grounds during the state fair.

Rev. S. E. BROWN of Oswego, preached in the M. E. Church Sunday morning and Rev. T. B. SHEPERD of Merretto in the evening.

Frank SHERMAN has purchased the residence where Dr. J. L. BULKLEY now lives on S. Main St.

Mrs. J. S. CUTTER left last week for Penn Yann, where she will visit with her son, Principal Eben C. CUTTER of the High School there.  Mrs. CUTTER expects to spend the winter in Boston, as a guest of her sister.

W. PALMER and family of NY are in town this week.

Mr. & Mrs. H. L. WALLACE left for the Pan American Monday.

Source: The Roman Citizen, Friday, September 26, 1862, Vol. XXIII,
No. 17, Whole No. 1163, page 3.

FULTON, Oswego county, N.Y., offers Board, Washing, Fuel and Room
furnished, except sheets and pillow cases, for $28.00 a term of 14 
weeks, which opens August 14th, 1862. Board, or room for self-boarding can be
obtained in the village. Many students board themselves. Tuition from
$5.00 to $8.00.- Superior advantages in Piano Music and ornamental
branches. Our motto is thoroughness and faithfulness. Come and see.

For Circulars address
J. P. GRIFFIN, Principal.

Newspaper Clipping 1927

The name of the newspaper this article appeared in, is unknown.  The article was kindly sent in by Mary Lou Guindon, Secretary - Parish Historical Society.

Cottet Family Reunion conducted at Mallory:

Nearly 150 persons attended the first annual reunion of the Cottet family last Sunday at Piquet's grove, Mallory. C.W. Cottet of Fall River, Wis. was chairman of the meeting.  The Cottet family originally came from Grandvillard, France, and descendants attending the reunion reside in Parish, Mallory, Little France, Oswego, West Monroe, North Constantia, Cleveland, Hastings, Phoenix, Oneida, Syracuse, and Constantia.

Charles Cottet, 79, of Little France, was the oldest descendent present and Margaret Viola Guinup, 2 « months, of Syracuse, was the youngest.  After a dinner Ammill Cottet of Parish presided and the following officers were elected:  Mrs. Preston Barney, Parish, president; Mrs. William Carver, Hastings, vice-president; Arthur Cottet, Cleveland, secretary; Dennis Cottet, Syracuse, treasurer.

Money was contributed by the guests at the reunion to help defray the expenses of the next reunion, to be held the third Sunday in August, 1928, at Mallory.


Unidentified Newsclipping - 1893

At the residence of the bride's father, Charles R. PARKINSON, May 4, 1893, by the Rev. R. J. SMITH, Benjamin S. HEBARD, of Rochester, Monroe County, New York, and Miss Nellie I. PARKINSON, of Fruit Valley, Oswego County, New York.

Submitted by MARY JANE HAIGHT-ECKERT - mjhaighte@cs.com

Newspaper Clipping 1902

Utica Saturday Globe, dated, September 27, 1902 



OSWEGO, Sept. 26.___A romance which terminated in a secret marriage came to light a few days since when there was filed in the office of the town clerk of Palermo the record of the marriage of Miss Lena KEHOE, the daughter of William KEHOE, a meat dealer of Oswego, and Walter M. JERMYN, a son of the late John JERMYN, the millionaire coal operator who died in Scranton several months ago.

 The records show that the ceremony was performed June 2, 1899, by Rev. George Ward, at the hamlet of Vermillion.  Mr. Ward is of the Methodist faith.  The young couple are both well known in this city and have many friends.  Mr. JERMYN, who owns the Oswego Boiler Works, is one of the five heirs to the $10,000,000 estate, consisting of coal mines, railroad stock, real estate and securities, which was left by his father.  The famous Jermyn Hotel of Scranton is a part of the estate.  For some time past there has been rumors that Mr. Jermyn and Miss Kehoe were married.  About three years ago Mr. Jermyn took up his quarters at the residence of the Kehoe family, but no formal announcements of the marriage was ever made.

 It was a $2,000,000 secret which the young couple have kept for three years.  Young JERMYN fell madly in love with Miss KEHOE when he first came to Oswego four years ago and established large boiler works.  She was one of the sweetest girls in town, the daughter of a modest meat dealer, and JERMYN became a frequent caller at her home.  They were often observed driving in the gorgeous turn-outs which JERMYN was able to command.  Then JERMYN, Sr., head of a family of great wealth and social prominence, learned how matters were going.  He said Walter must give up his suit or disinheritance would be his lot.  After that the carriage drives ceased and apparently young JERMYN’S desire for millions outweighed his love for beautiful Miss KEHOE.  The public, however, was mistaken, for the young people did meet and were married and now JERMYN has his millions and his lovely bride too.

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