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 Oswego Co., NY Civil War Soldiers 
"Out of County"

Many thanks to Kathy for sharing these names with us.  It helps being able to trace where they went after leaving Oswego County.  "While doing research in Iowa I came across these records for two former  Oswego Co. men. I thought I would pass them on to you as they served for regiments that mustered out there:" Kathy Cawley.

Name: Thomas Roberts
Birth Date: 27 Dec 1841
Death Date: 27 May 1922
Cemetery: Poland Twp.
Town: Marathon, Poland
(Co. C. 110th Reg. N. Y. V. Inf.)

Name: William H. Robinson
Birth Date: 20 Dec 1840
Death Date: 05 Jun 1916
Cemetery: Newell
Town: Newell
(C. W. Vet. Co. K. 184th N. Y. Inf.)

Name: Henry S. Redfield
Birth Date: 15 Oct 1811
Death Date: 02 Nov 1891
Cemetery: Newell
Town: Newell
Comment: (C. W. Vet. 24th N. Y. Reg.)

What I forgot to mention is that these 3 men above are buried in Buena Vista County, Iowa! Sorry! 

More Misc. Items on Civil War Soldiers  from Oswego:

Contributed by Dianne Thomas, Coordinator of the NYALHN Ontario Co. and NYALHN Yates Co. Genealogy website
Source:  Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY, Wednesday, March 2, 1864

Dastardly Outrage - A young man names James FITZ GIBBONS, belonging to Company K, 24th Regiment, NY Cavalry, while walking on the railroad track, east of the Niagara Falls House in this village, on Tuesday evening of last week, was struck in the back with a billet of wood by some cowardly ruffian and so badly injured that he has not since been able to walk.  It appears that his regiment was detained here for a time, awaiting transportation to Elmira.  He had been to the Fair, and on leaving the Hall went to look after some men who had been placed under his care, proceeding down the track until he reached some cars occupied by his regiment.  Observing a party of soldiers a few rods distant, and supposing them to be some of the men he was in pursuit of, he called to them, telling them to return to the cars.  Receiving a rough reply, and perceiving that they were not his men, he passed on a few yards beyond them, when he was approached from behind, knocked down and robbed of $15 in money and a gold watch and chain.  He was soon found by the Captain of his company, who had him conveyed to the Niagara House, where he still remains, receiving much attention from our citizens and having the earnest sympathy of all.  The blow by which he was felled to the ground, had the effect to completely paralyze the lower part of his person, and although now improving, he has not regained the use of his limbs.  It is believed, however, that the injury will not be permanent, though it may be a long time before he entirely recovers from it.  Mr. GIBBONS is a resident of Mexico, Oswego County, and appears to be a young man of excellent character.  His case is indeed a hard one. 

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