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If anyone would like to send in a Tribute to a veteran/soldier from any war, including Iraq, from Oswego Co., please send to this email.  This is ongoing, with no deadlines.  Please include the war they were in and in the Subject Line please put Military Tribute.

Civil War 

  • CIVIL WAR Co A. 184th NY Infantry

    Henry Hale was born in a special place called the Royal Forest of Dean, 
    the Hundred of St. Brivales, Gloucestershire, England in 1826.

    Henry's family were "Free Miners."  It was a very hard way to make a 
    living.  It required clawing out coal with a pick ax while lying in a 
    wet and muddy tunnel.  Henry started at age 14. 

    Henry married Miriam Chivers on May 10th 1846 and they left Liverpool 
    aboard the ship Devonshire and arrived in New York City in Sept of 

    Henry and Miriam established themselves in Volney and raised 6 children 
    by the time the Civil War broke out. With 5 children ranging in age 
    from 2 to 14 Henry might have avoided the war but he chose to serve, joining  the 184th NY Infantry Company A.  On the first day of the first battle Henry was mortally wounded. He survived the trip home and died in less than a month, on 14 November 1864 at the age of 38.

    Fate somehow arranged that, before I learned of Henry's service, the 
    only Civil War battle reenactment I ever saw was the Battle of Cedar Creek where Henry was wounded.

    Henry's family followed him to America in 1851.  His mother died 
    shortly after arriving in Volney and is buried in the same cemetery.  His 
    father remarried and together with Henry's brothers and sisters moved on to Cook County, Ill. and finally to Central Iowa where they were 
    successful farmers and prominent citizens.

    Although Henry didn't survive to enjoy his children and the good life 
    he had helped to defend he is remembered by his family and honored for the sacrifice he made on that battlefield far away from the ones he loved.

    Contributed by 
    Jerry Hale
    USN Ret., USMM Ret.
    IowaGob1 AT

  • My one ancestor who I'm particularly thinking of this Memorial Day was George W. Stearns.  He was from Orwell, and died of his wounds in Washington DC after being wounded in the left arm near Petersburg, and having it amputated.   His wife Rosette was pregnant with my great grandmother, Georgianna, who was not born until several months after George died.   Unfortunately I have no letters from George or Rosette.  I have four ancestors, and several other relatives who served in the Civil War, all from Oswego County. 

  • Contributed by Steve Swales
  • Joel S. Palmer

  • The Well-Known and Popular Fulton Veteran. At the breaking out of the civil war he Enlisted and was made Captian of his Company in the One Hundred and Eighty-fourth Regiment, New York Volunteers, from Fulton, serving with Gallantry throughout the rebellion. His bright and cheery
    Face was always welcome among the old Comrades, at the camp fires of the G.A.R.  He was a past commander of the G.A.R. Post also.
    Contributed by Paul & Laureen Whitney 
    Various Wars
  • Among my ancestors are:

  • Samuel Stowell-veteran of the Revolutionary War- buried in Orwell
    Ezra Stevens-veteran of the Revolutionary War - buried in Lacona
    Fred Stevens-veteran of World War II - buried in Orwell
    John Stevens-veteran of World War II - buried in Syracuse area
    Harold Stevens-veteran of World War I - buried in Orwell
    DeWitt Carpenter - veteran of the American Civil War -buried in Orwell
    and many more that I will add as I come into information concerning them. 
    Contributed by Julia Lowe 
    <Julia.Lowe at>


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