Out of County Marriages  
"Out of County Marriages"


MarriagesAt The Old Corn Hill Methodist Church, Utica, N.Y., 1854-1886

Reference to the Church:  Utica for a Century and A Half, by T. Wood Clarke, Utica, N. Y.: The Widtman Press, 1952: South Street Methodist Church (Corn Hill Methodist) - This church was organized in 1852, with eighty-two members, under the leadership of Thomas J. Francis, and the following year built a small church on South Street. The first pastor was John Inskip. The church continued to thrive until 1920, when it then became affiliated with the Central M.E. Church.

These marriages records were abstracted from a list of marriages that took place in Utica, Oneida County, N.Y. at the former Corn Hill Methodist Church. Originally "transcribed through the courtesy of Rev. Roger F. Williams of the Northern New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church." Copied by Alice Payne Garder (Mrs. Henry) of Utica for the General Winfield Scott branch NSDAR, West Winfield, 1942. It was noted in the original D.A.R. transcription (1942) that the church was "now South Street M.E. Church". All spellings and question marks are exactly as in the typescript. The transcriber, Mrs. Alice Payne Garder, stated that some of the pages were difficult to read so spellings are her interpretation.

Many thanks to Martha Magill, coordinator of the Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb, for contributing these marriage records.

April 11 Washington Goodenow of Oswego, and Mary Victory of Utica

July 3 Patrick F. Nolan of Oswego, and Jemima Bartlett of New York Mills

March 27 Fred E. Wadsworth of Washington Mills, and Jennie M. Davies of Oswego

January 21 H.K. Heffron, 30, born Grasly(?), Oswego Co., and Hattie M. Jones, 23, born New Hartford, both of Utica

"Marriages by Rev. J. H. Steward",  Watertown, N.Y.

These entries were abstracted from an over 40-year run of one minister's Jefferson County, NY  marriages. Original listings typed by Miss Florence K. Dowdell in 1929 from her ancestor's  records.  Hundreds of J. H. Steward's Watertown and other Jefferson County marriages appear in Volume 18 of the compiled New York State D.A.R. records. 

This volume is available to the public for viewing in three locations in the U.S. - the New York City Public Library (genealogical division; 5th Avenue and 42nd Street), the New York State Library in Albany, N.Y., and at the main D.A.R. research library in Washington, D.C. )  Please contact these facilities directly for further inquiries about this marriage list.

From: "Record of Marriages Performed by Rev. J.H. Steward",  Watertown, N.Y.
All spellings are exactly as in the  typescript.

Many thanks to Martha Magill, coordinator of the Herkimer/Montgomery Counties GenWeb, for contributing these marriage records.

1847 Oct. 14th John L. POOL of Oswego, N.Y. to  Miss Mary M. ASHLEY of Pamelina, N.Y.

1852 July 18th Chancy DAVIS of Oswego, N.Y. to Miss Roxy A. WAFLE of Brownville, N.Y.

1855 Mar.  21st Isaac B. FULTS of Oswego N.Y. to Miss Cynthia M. LADD of Houndsfield, N.Y.

1865 Oct. 25th A.B. RANDELL of Oswego N.Y. to Miss Angeline A. PIERCE of Pamelia, N.Y.

1865 Oct. 31st Byron MONROE of Pulaski, N.Y. to Miss Melissa L. WILSON of Watertown, N.Y.

1868 Mar. 25th John WILDER of Mexico, N.Y. to Miss Harriet L. Wilson of Brownville, N.Y.

1869 Feb. 25th Henry J. FERGUSON of Watertown, N.Y. to Miss Mary F. FOSTER of Oswego, N.Y.

1875 Nov. 25th Mr. Robert L. WHITE of  Watertown, N.Y. to Miss Annie M. ROWLAND of Oswego.

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