Baptisms and Deaths, Oswego County, N.Y.  
Baptisms and Death Sightings, 
Oswego County, N.Y.


These records were extracted from various sources pertaining to Oswego County people.  For further information on any of the names please contact the Town Historian or Historical Society.

Source:  St. George’s Episcopal Church Records, by Rev. W. B. Coleman Jr., Rev. Donald Stuart, Rector.

Baptism:  July 15, 1894, Robert Tier Davidson, Oswego, N.Y.; born Oct. 27, 1893; Parents – Charles Haynes Davidson and Annie Trevvett; Sponsors:  Edward Trevvett, S. A. A. – Jane M. Andrews

Source:  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Whitesboro, 
N. Y.  Copied from original book by Mrs. Elizabeth A. M. Merritt, Oct. 1931, Oneida Chapter NYS DAR, Utica.

Baptized - 1880:
 June 6th, Pamela Halligan, born May 23,  1868 at Cleveland, N.Y.

 June 6th, Simon Edwin Halligan, born Jan. 18, 1864, at Cleveland, N.Y.

 June 6th, Fannie Gertrude Halligan, born May 23, 1866, at Minerra, N.Y.

Baptized 1903:
 March 15th, Clara Llewella Knapp Scott, born July 24, 1881, at Williamstown, N.Y.

Baptism 1912:
 Oct. 18th, Lucy Marie Fawcett, born Oct. 7, 1897, at Williamstown, N.Y.

Baptism 1919:
 June 30th, Harry Clinton Bryant, born Jan. 20, 1897, at Amboy, N.Y.

Baptism 1920:
 April 6th, June Elizabeth Bryant, born March 12, 1920, at Amboy, N.Y.

William Bernard Tyler, age 45, born Sandy Creek, N.Y., date of death Nov. 13, 1912

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