1892 Census Town of Parish, Oswego Co., NY
1892 Census Town of Parish, Oswego Co., NY
"Partial Listing"

Many thanks and appreciation to Eric Schultz for submitting this census listing. Eric says, "I've been working on transcribing the 1892 NY State Census for Parish. I would say that most of this is pretty accurate, but there were parts that I couldn't read. Some of the copies were not clear and some parts were chopped off, but this is reasonably accurate. I generally followed exactly what the census taker did, leaving some mistakes as I found them. I only have about 8 photo copies of pages from this census. I have never seen it myself and don't have access to it. There may be over 50 pages just for Parish. There were page numbers that I didn't understand. I think the 1892 ones are really important, since the 1890 census records were burned."
Eric is researching the Brooks, Comstock, Fritts, and Miller families in Oswego and Onondaga Counties and says he would be interested in hearing more and exchanging information." Thanks, Eric. eric.schultz@iname.com.

**For further information on any of the names, please contact the local
Town Historians, or Historical Societies.

Male or Female
In What Country Born
Citizen or Alien
1st Election District, pg 7        
Loru Sables M 1 U.S. c  
John Owen m 81 Wales c Farming
Ann Owen F 77 Wales c  
Andrew Madtson m 62 U.S. c Farming
Corisa Madtson f 57 U.S. c  
Eva Madtson f 16 U.S. c  
Laud White m 39 U.S. c Farming
Julia White f 36 U.S. c  
George A. White m 7 U.S. c  
Burr White m 5 U.S. c  
Raywold White m 2 U.S. c  
Nelson Smith m 36 U.S. c Farming
Rose Smith f 33 U.S. c  
Addie Smith f 14 U.S. c  
Arnnie Smith m 10 U.S. c  
Ruth Smith f 8 U.S. c  
Robert Owen m 34 U.S. c Farming
Toby Owen f 33 U.S. c  
Claud Owen m 6 U.S. c  
Alford Lewis m 34 U.S. c Laborer
Ester Lewis f 33 U.S. c  
Henry Lewis m 12 U.S. c  
Maud Lewis f 9 U.S. c  
Alfred Lewis m 2 U.S. c  
William Jennings m 28 U.S. c Laborer
Jennie Jennings f 19 U.S. c  
Jessie Jennings m 1 U.S. c  
Angeline Jennings f 69 U.S. c  
Frank Everets m 49 U.S. c Laborer
Harrison Temple m 28 U.S. c Farming
Ida Temple f 24 U.S. c  
Charles Temple m 8 U.S. c  
Rose Temple f 6 U.S. c  
Iva Temple f 1 U.S. c  
Adelbert Wilcox m 46 U.S. c Farming
Clara Wilcox f 42 U.S. c  
Leon Wilcox m 16 U.S. c Farming
Ida Wilcox f 12 U.S. c  
Frederic Manning m 39 U.S. c Laborer
David Temple m 67 U.S. c Farming
Harriet Temple f 53 U.S. c  
Della M. Temple f 8 U.S. c  
Charles H. Temple m 34 U.S. c Farming
Warren Getman m 43 U.S. c Farming
Emma Getman f 42 U.S. c  
Stella M. Getman f 10 U.S. c  
Barbara Getman f 65 U.S. c  
Carrie Burgdorf f 24 U.S. c  
James Getman m 64 U.S. c Farming
Sylvia Getman f 71 U.S. c  
John Getman m 32 U.S. c Farming
George M. Betinger m 31 U.S. c Farming
Hannah Betinger f 65 U.S. c  
Mary Betinger f 24 U.S. c  
Martin Betinger m 75 U.S. c Farming
Timothy Brocket m 50 U.S. c Farming
Charlot Brocket f 44 U.S. c  
Ira Brocket f 23 U.S. c Farming
Benjamine Brocket m 22 U.S. c Farming
John Brocket m 10 U.S. c  
Willard Brocket m 7 U.S. c  
Harrison Brocket m 3 U.S. c  
Frances S. Whitney m 61 U.S. c Farming
Lucina Whitney f 56 U.S. c  
Charles Whitney m 25 U.S. c Farming
James Whitney m 23 U.S. c Farming
Minnie Whitney f 20 U.S. c  
Kittie Whitney f 15 U.S. c  
Abigail Brocket f 80 U.S. c  
Joseph Owen m 75 Wales c Farming
Hulda Blue f 49 U.S. c  
Elizabeth Tilton f 92 U.S. c  
James Temple m 29 U.S. c Farming
Anna Temple f 22 U.S. c  
George H. Temple m 7 U.S. c  
Norman R. Temple m 5 U.S. c  
Charles C. Temple m 3 U.S. c  
Sam Shad m 30 Germany a Farming
John Shad m 28 Germany a Farming
Fredric Shad m 20 Germany a Farming
1st Election District, pg 4          
Nettie Topman f 23 U.S. c  
Burtan Paurost m 16 U.S. c Laborer
Lewis Rice m 38 U.S. c Carpenter
Rhonda Rice f 33 U.S. c  
Beatrice Rice f 9 U.S. c  
Coruelier Edick m 73 U.S. c Miller
Eliza A. Edick f 68 U.S. c  
Kewton Edick m 37 U.S. c Miller
Ida Edick f 35 U.S. c  
Max Edick m 10 U.S. c  
Harvy Edick m 5 U.S. c  
William Edick m 45 U.S. c Miller
Alice Edick f 42 U.S. c  
Rex Edick m 11 U.S. c  
John Mccallum m 49 U.S. c Farming
Louisa Mccallum f 44 U.S. c  
Feutow Mccallum m 15 U.S. c Farming
Florence Mccallum f 12 U.S. c  
Pearl Mccallum f 7 U.S. c  
Vida Mccallum f 4 U.S. c  
William Irish m 47 U.S. c Farming
Mary A. Irish f 50 U.S. c  
Leroy A. Miller m 14 U.S. c Farming
Jonathan Irish m 66 U.S. c Farming
Nancy Irish f 64 U.S. c  
Clifford Irish m 10 U.S. c  
Mable Irish f 13 U.S. c  
Albert Cran m 57 U.S. c Farming
Mary Cran f 55 U.S. c  
William Cran m 15 U.S. c Farming
Mary G. Cran f 69 U.S. c  
Matilda Harding f 59 U.S. c  
Fred Thork m 30 U.S. c Farming
Laua Thork f 28 U.S. c  
Charles Thork m 1 U.S. c  
Alice Williams f 16 U.S. c  
John Pierce M 46 U.S. c Laborer
Emma Pierce f 39 U.S. c  
Lucy Pierce f 18 U.S. c  
Emma V. Pierce f 15 U.S. c  
Pearl Pierce f 12 U.S. c  
Johnie Pierce m 8 U.S. c  
Charles Pierce m 6 U.S. c  
Clara Pierce f 4 U.S. c  
Earl Pierce m 3 U.S. c  
William Pierce m 2 U.S. c  
Annie Pierce f 23 U.S. c Waiter
James Simmons m 47 U.S. c Farming
Kate Simmons f 47 U.S. c  
Charles Simmons m 22 U.S. c Farming
Minnie Simmons f 19 U.S. c  
Maud Simmons f 13 U.S. c  
William Simmons m 26 U.S. c Farming
Celia Simmons f 20 U.S. c  
Earl Simmons m 2 U.S. c  
Lewis Delill m 68 U.S. c Farming
Eliza Oles f 57 U.S. c  
Levi T. Sheridan m 70 U.S. c Laborer
Lucy A. Sheridan f 64 U.S. c  
Frank Henderson m 36 U.S. c Farming
Annie Henderson f 29 U.S. c  
Fredrick Henderson m 6 U.S. c  
Emma Henderson f 3 U.S. c  
Loran Henderson m 25 U.S. c Farming
Nora Henderson f 18 U.S. c  
Byron Henderson m 32 U.S. c Farming
Marinda Henderson f 24 U.S. c  
Henry Henderson m 7 U.S. c  
Clarence Henderson m 5 U.S. c  
Edger Henderson m 1 U.S. c  
Burton Allen m 27 U.S. c Farming
Alice Allen f 27 U.S. c  
Alwurda Allen f 8 U.S. c  
Emma Allen f 5 U.S. c  
Nathanial Laupman m 19 U.S. c Laborer
James Degarma m 55 U.S. c Farming
Sophie Degarma f 49 U.S. c  
William Degarma m 30 U.S. c Farming
Nellie Degarma f 26 U.S. c  
Charles Degarma m 22 U.S. c Farming
1st Election District, pg 11          
Ira Wescot f 35 U.S. c  
Laura Wescot f 56 U.S. c  
Maud Wescot f 20 U.S. c  
George Wescot m 37 U.S. c Farming
Mable Wescot f 14 U.S. c  
Jay Wescot m 8 U.S. c  
Luellia Wescot f 4 U.S. c  
Sarah Wescot f 77 U.S. c  
Julia A. Cole f 38 U.S. c Farming
Dora R. Cole f 12 U.S. c  
Aegean Cole m 7 U.S. c  
Marcus Smith m 25 U.S. c Farming
Henry Morrison m 60 U.S. c Farming
Polly Morrison f 54 U.S. c  
Marcie Morrison f 29 U.S. c  
John F. Williams m 67 U.S. c Farming
William E. Anderson m 31 U.S. c Mechanic
Caumaulpa Robertson f 52 U.S. c  
George Robertson m 25 U.S. c Farming
Charles Mc Knight m 62 U.S. c Farming
Martha Mc Knight f 63 U.S. c  
Betsy Mc Knight f 64 U.S. c  
Lucy Delican f 39 U.S. c  
Welcom Rood m 69 U.S. c Farming
Lois Rood f 61 U.S. c  
George E. Rood m 40 U.S. c Merchant
Albert Rood m 38 U.S. c Musician
Elnora Rood f 36 U.S. c  
Charles Rood m 34 U.S. c Mechanic
Elizabeth Rood f 29 U.S. c  
Martha J. Rood f 26 U.S. c  
Mary J. Rood f 22 U.S. c  
Cora A. Rood f 21 U.S. c  
William A. Rood m 18 U.S. c Farming
Luther Smith m 62 U.S. c Farming
Maurvia Smith f 58 U.S. c  
Frank Smith m 50 U.S. c Farming
Stephen Palmer m 65 U.S. c Farming
Nanct Palmer f 68 U.S. c  
Earl Day m 69 U.S. c Farming
Henry Wescot m 47 U.S. c Farming
Hariet J. Wescot f 47 U.S. c  
Emma Wescot f 15 U.S. c  
Stephen Wescot m 73 U.S. c Farming
Rosana Wescot f 67 U.S. c  
Charles Pickens m 43 U.S. c Farming
Emma Pickens f 41 U.S. c  
Nellie E. Pickens f 17 U.S. c  
Charles E. Pickens m 11 U.S. c  
George D. Pickens m 9 U.S. c  
Arbie Pickens m 5 U.S. c  
Lloyd G. Pickens m 3 U.S. c  
Mary Truman f 68 U.S. c Farming
Louisa Truman f 26 U.S. c  
Frank Marsh m 38 U.S. c Farming
Ella Marsh f 44 U.S. c  
Ray Miller m 11 U.S. c  
Benjamin West m 71 U.S. c Farming
Sarah A. West f 59 U.S. c  
Grace L. West f 20 U.S. c  
Joseph A. West m 19 U.S. c Farming
Peter Cadette m 76 Canada c Farming
Elizabeth Cadette f 64 U.S. c  
Ira Cadette m 21 U.S. c Laborer
Charles Weaver m 33 U.S. c Farming
Etta Weaver f 30 U.S. c  
Lillie Weaver f 10 U.S. c  
Edith Weaver f 8 U.S. c  
Eddie Weaver m 7 U.S. c  
Cecil Weaver m 4 U.S. c  
David Moran m 80 U.S. c Farming
Elizabeth Moran f 69 U.S. c  
Frank Weaver m 30 U.S. c Farming
Ester Weaver f 21 U.S. c  
Bessie Weaver f 4 U.S. c  
James A. Burnett m 63 U.S. c Farming
Laura C. Burnett f 55 U.S. c  
Chrissie Burnett f 16 U.S. c Farming
Edward E. Burnett m 14 U.S. c Farming
1st Election District, pg 12          
Fannie Trumble f 14 U.S. c  
Charley Trumble m 12 U.S. c  
Grover Trumble m 7 U.S. c  
Alice Trumble f 5 U.S. c  
Cornelious Comings m 58 U.S. c Farming
Eliza A. Comings f 51 U.S. c  
William Comings m 32 U.S. c Farming
Edward Comings m 29 U.S. c Farming
Laura Comings f 83 Canada c  
Joseph Hutchinson m 69 U.S. c Farming
Ann Hutchinson f 68 U.S. c  
Delbert Hutchinson m 20 U.S. c Farming
William Moore m   U.S. c Farming
Mariah Moore f   U.S. c  
Franklin Douell m 35 U.S. c Farming
Hattie Douell f 27 U.S. c  
Loran Douell m 11 U.S. c  
Mamie Douell f 9 U.S. c  
Lile Douell m 5 U.S. c  
Richard Mowers m 58 U.S. c Farming
Mary Mowers f 53 U.S. c  
Lester Douell m 43 U.S. c Farming
Leudelia Douell f 36 U.S. c  
Guewieue Douell f 16 U.S. c  
Ejma Douell f 10 U.S. c  
Warren Douell m 6 U.S. c  
Amanda Greenwood f 70 U.S. c Farming
Willie Greenwood m 38 U.S. c  
Solou Greenwood m 45 U.S. c Farming
Rogina Greenwood f 50 U.S. c  
Charles Greenwood m 17 U.S. c Farming
Cora Greenwood f 18 U.S. c  
Vgiau Greenwood f 10 U.S. c  
Abraham Mowers m 55 U.S. c Farming
Julia A. Mowers f 62 U.S. c  
Daniel Mowers m 19 U.S. c Farming
Delbert Rickebey m 25 U.S. c Farming
Luzetta Rickebey f 49 U.S. c  
Deblouce Scriber m 18 U.S. c Farming
Epliram Miller m 44 U.S. c Farming
Frances A. Miller f 43 U.S. c  
Quartes Miller m 20 U.S. c Farming
David E. Miller m 18 U.S. c Farming
Emily M. Miller f 16 U.S. c  
Leland E. Miller m 14 U.S. c Farming
Lela S. Miller f 14 U.S. c  
Peter J. Miller m 9 U.S. c  
Nancy S. Mowers f 61 U.S. c  
Daniel Mcintyre m 58 U.S. c Farming
Jamie Mcintyre f 21 U.S. c  
Mary Mcintyre f 19 U.S. c  
Lillie Mcintyre f 17 U.S. c  
Florence Mcintyre f 14 U.S. c  
Christus Mcintyre f 11 U.S. c  
Malcolm Mcintyre m 8 U.S. c  
Margret Mcintyre f 61 U.S. c  
Albert Lewis m 10 U.S. c  
Annie Lewis f 7 U.S. c  
Blanche Lewis f 4 U.S. c  
John Crim m 36 U.S. c Farming
Kali Crim f 34 U.S. c  
Claton Crim m 14 U.S. c  
Frank Crim m 7 U.S. c  
Andrew Lum m 58 U.S. c Farming
Tryphena Lum f 55 U.S. c  
Emery Lum m 18 U.S. c  
Clarence Lum m 13 U.S. c  
Florence Lum f 10 U.S. c  
Samuel S. Lum m 64 U.S. c Farming
Amelia Lum f 64 U.S. c  
William Morrison m 45 U.S. c Farming

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