1865 Parish Census Index  


This census index was transcribed by Mary Lou Guindon. It lists just the heads of household, and the page numbers refer to the actual census roll.  *Asteriks indicate the names of  soldiers.  For further information on this census, you may contact Mary Lou Guindon.

?, Harrison  p. 452
Ackley John  p.423
Ackley, Daniel  p. 452
Ackley, Horace p. 452
Adams, Alonro p.437
Adams, Simon  p.435
Aldrich, Jefferson p. 471
Algers, Albert  p. 467
Allen, J.N,?  p. 452
Allen, Perry N.  p. 457
Allen, Silas  p. 473
Anderson, Samantha p.430
Arnett, John  p.427
Aryersinger, FH p.437
Babcock, Jonathon p. 451
Babcock, Walton p.423
Bachor?, P.A.  p. 452
Baker, David  p. 460
Baker, Don  p. 448
Baley, Geo*   p. 436
Barlow, Ebenezer p. 473
Barlow, Joseph p. 457
Beauhin?, Gevran p. 452
Becker, Dr.  p. 472
Bellows, Phillip p. 472
Bennet, Rioner   p. 448
Bennett, Joseph p. 473
Benson, Geo  p. 448
Bergdorf, Alex  p. 472
Berich?, John  p. 471
Bettinger, Hiram p. 464
Bettinger, Martin p. 469
Bliss, Gilbert  p. 453
Bliss, Jos  p. 453
Bliss, Joseph  p. 433
Bliss, H M  p. 444
Brewers, Ira  p. 469
Brewster, Dan'l p. 472
Brigs, Caroline p. 458
Brocket, Thos.  p. 469
Brockway, Albert p.439
Brockway, C  p.440
Brooks, James  p. 473
Brooks, Peter  p.431
Brown, Orlanson* p. 447
Brown, Warren p.424
Brule, EC  p.443
Bulson, John  p. 459
Burgdorf, Geo  p. 461
Burke, ER  p.438
Burnham, Reuben p. 449
Butler, Emila   p. 471
Carley, W.  p. 453
Carry, John  p.424
Carty, Washington p. 459
Cary, Simon  p. 433
Casler, Henry  p. 457
Caster, Chancy p. 473
Castor, John M. p. 448
Champay?, Inoht? p. 452
Churchill, Benj. p. 467
Clark, Leman  p. 456
Clarke, Lester* p.431
Clock, Dan'l  p.425
Clock, Edwin * p.425
Coan, Clarissa  p. 449
Coan, Milo  p. 436
Coan, Sylvanus p. 449
Codnir, Jacob p.424
Cole, Danl  p.431
Cole, Sarah  p.430
Comstock, Wm O.  p. 465
Cook, Emory  p. 454
Cook, Simon p. 453
Coon, A  p. 448
Copely, Wm  p.443
Copp, Thom?  p.441
Cora, Fordis  p. 447
Corey or Casey, L.B. p. 453
Cotram, Wm  p. 447
Crim, Luther  p. 471
Crim, Phillip  p. 470
Cronk, Aura  p. 450
Cronk, Wm  p. 451
Crosby, W  p.445
Crosby, Wm  p.445
Cross?, M  p. 449
Cummings?, Cornelius p. 460
Daniels, Wm  p. 444
Davey, HC  p. 448
Davey, Henry  p.437
David , Lewis  p. 453
David, Abram  p. 472
David, Job  p.436
Dawley, Lemison? p. 472
DeGarmo, Jas  p. 432
DeGarmo, John p. 432
DeGarmo, Josh p. 432
Dennis, Arthur  p.428
Dennison, Marcia p. 472
Devendrof, Soloman p.443
DeWolf, Moses* p. 469
DeWolf, W.  p. 456
Dickerson, Louisa p.431
Dickner, Wm  p. 433
Dimon, Harvey p.437
Dmnon, Justis  p.438
Dowers, Jos A  p.441
Downs, John p.428
Drake, Israel  p. 457
Earhimer?, Salmon p.441
Edick, Cornelius p.439
Edick, Marcus  p.445
Eldrich, Jas  p.439
Emmerson, Wm. p. 467
Feraro?, Samuel p. 457
Finster, Peter  p.442
Fobes, Adney  p.441
Foley, Jerry  p. 433
Ford, Charles  p.427
Fox, Mary  p. 461
Fox, Stanton  p. 461
Fralick, Hiram  p. 446
Fravor, Abraham p. 468
Fravor, Jacob  p. 468
Fritts, David  p.427
Fritts, Elbert  p.423
Frost, Frederick p. 471
Gardner, Andrew p. 447
Gardner, Elmira p.429
Gardner, Jos.  p. 468
Gazer?, M  p. 464
Getman, John M. p. 469
Gobles Jr, Daniel p.427
Granger, Jno  p. 451
Graves, Jonas* p. 461
Green, F.  p. 452
Greenwood, Horace p. 460
Hakes, Richard p. 462
Halbert, Amos  p. 473
Harper, John  p.441
Harriet, Gerome p. 468
Harter, Isaac  p. 472
Harter, JW  p.425
Hayes, Horace* p. 444
Hayes, Joel  p. 444
Hayes, R.G.  p. 471
Healy?, Patrick p.424
Henderson, Harvey p. 449
Henderson, Wm p.436
Hess, John  p. 465
Hesslbender?, Levi p.424
Himes, Silas  p.441
Hiseman, Frederick p.435
Hiseman, John  p.436
Hope, LM  p.429
Hosech?, Danl  p.439
Houghton, Albert  p. 447
Houghton, RW  p.423
House, Abram  p.435
House, Abram  p. 460
House, Abram  p. 472
House, Albert  p. 463
House, Alex  p. 455
House, Alonzo  p. 463
House, Andrew p.428
House, Catherine p. 449
House, Conrad p. 452
House, D.  p.445
House, David  p. 458
House, David  p. 460
House, John  p. 463
House, Leonard p. 468
House, Simon  p.427
Howard, O  p. 449
Husted, Abram p. 446
Hutchinson, Joseph p. 460
Ingram,Elisha  p. 448
Irish, Jonathan  p.434
Jacobson, Caleb p. 459
Javens, Ira  p. 461
Jennings, Calvin p. 463
Jennings, J?  p. 463
Jennings, Joseph p. 432
Jennings, Stephen p. 455
Jerastin?, Elizabeth p. 467
Jerrett, Joseph  p.443
Jillson, Calvin  p.439
Johnson, Charity p.440
Johnson, Geo  p. 466
Johnson, Obadiah N p.436
Jones, Caroline p. 444
Keeler, Wm.  p. 467
Kent, Joseph  p. 460
Kilts, John  p.423
Kim, Ann  p. 456
Kinsman, Hiram p. 465
Laing, David  p. 464
Larabee, Horsha H? p.441
Larabee, Wm  p. 461
Laribee, Jacob  p. 447
Lawrence, W.  p. 448
Letts, Nancy  p. 456
Lewis, Alonzo  p. 463
Lincoln, Chas.  p. 471
Lithridge, Wm. p. 446
Ludington, Eunice p. 469
Ludington, F  p.429
Lum, Albert   p.427
Lum, Saml  p. 432
Lumm, Andrew p. 444
Luther, Willard p. 432
Madison, John  p. 465
Mahler, Chas * p.442
Manning, Jer  p. 467
Manning, Jno  p.435
Martin, Chs  p.436
Mason, Loren  p.423
Matteson, Andrew* p. 469
Maybee, Joseph p. 433
Maybee, Mariah p.440
McCallum, Wm M p.445
McCaw, Archibald p. 473
McCaw, Wm?  p. 473
McClan?, John  p. 468
McGowan, Wm. p. 467
McLymon?, Andrew p. 464
McLymond, Bruce p. 455
McMass?, Alex p.428
Merit. Stephen  p. 464
Merritt, Wm A  p. 443
Michel, Jos  p.425
Miller, David  p.437
Miller, David  p. 461
Miller, Eliada  p.429
Miller, Ellen  p.427
Miller, John H* p.425
Miller, Robert  p. 461
Miller, Wm  p.429
Mills, Clinton  p.429
Minkler, Frank  p.436
Minkler, Peter  p.435
Mitchel, John  p. 465
Monguese, Jerome p. 444
Moore, Samuel p. 460
More, Michal  p. 460
Morenus, Thos p. 447
Morrison, Henry p. 451
Morrison, Jacob p. 455
Morse, Cyrus  p.428
Morse, Geo W  p.428
Moses, J?  p. 447
Mosier, Geo. P. p.424
Muckey, Philip p.424
Nash, Reuben  p.445
Nicholson, Henry p.443
Niles, David  p.423
Niles, Erastus  p.423
Niles, Oliver  p. 456
Norcott, Curtiss p. 465
North, David  p. 473
Norton, EB  p.427
Norton, Stephen p. 453
Nutting, John  p. 448
Olds, Joshua  p.429
Orton, Ransom p. 459
Osterhout, Peter p. 451
Otterbior? G  p.425
Owens, John  p. 468
Owens, Joseph  p. 469
Owens, W.  p. 452
O'Conner, Benj.* p. 472
Palmer, David  p. 444
Palmer, Edwin  p.423
Palmer, Harvey p. 456
Palmer, Stephen p.424
Patrick, Otis  p.427
Peele, Geo  p.445
Peet, Jas  p.445
Pero, Alex  p. 457
Perrington, Benj. p. 455
Petrie, Abram  p.429
Petrie, James  p. 456
Petrie, Joseph  p. 467
Petrie, Rudolph p. 456
Pettingale, Charles p. 471
Pickens, Delos  p. 456
Pickens, L.D.  p. 444
Pickens, Wm  p. 455
Potter, Arnold  p.426
Potter, Sam  p.435
Powers, Kenneth p. 447
Rease?, Elmer  p.428
Redington, John* p. 456
Remington, Elishes? p. 453
Richards, Catherine p.440
Richards, Seth* p. 472
Richardson, Edward p. 444
Richardson, Hiram p.435
Richardson, Jos p.427
Rider, Denis  p.424
Rider, OP  p.437
Rider, Putnam  p. 433
Robbins, James p.445
Robbins, Linus  p.440
Robbinson, PL  p.429
Robinson, Allen p. 447
Rood, Malcom  p.430
Rood, Malcom  p. 451
Rothburn, Gideon p. 432
Rowe, Geo  p. 449
Rowe, John  p. 453
Russell, Morton p.439
Scrangeton?, S  p.436
Scriber, Jacob  p. 460
Seaman, George p. 459
Sheley, Alex  p.437
Sherman, Chas. p. 463
Sherman, Ezra  p. 464
Shetler, Peter  p. 465
Shibely, Chas  p.438
Simmons Lula  p. 449
Simmons, James p. 432
Simmons, Peter p. 451
Simmons, W  p.431
Slawson, R  p. 447
Smith, Jerome A p.431
Smith, Archibald p.440
Smith, Austin  p.429
Smith, Henry  p. 465
Smith, K?  p. 471
Smith, Luther  p.431
Smith, Margaret p.443
Snow, Ancil  p.429
Sobles, Wm  p. 468
Sparhawk, Ambrose* p.431
Spencer, Jerome p.445
Sperling, Alfred p. 468
Sperling, Ernest p. 463
Sperling, Henry p. 463
Stagner, John  p. 457
Talcott, L?  p.426
Taylor, Harvey? p. 444
Templeton?, David p. 469
Thayer, George p. 453
Thayer, Luna  p. 433
Thayer, Electa M p.439
Thayer, Nelson p. 433
Tilton, Levi  p. 456
Tisdale, Chancy p. 455
Todd, Mary Ann p. 464
Tripp, John  p. 465
Van Sice, David p. 464
Van Ordan, Saml p. 433
Wadsworth, Jeremiah p.443
Wadsworth, Wm p. 455
Wain, CL  p.439
Warn, John  p.423 
Wash, John  p. 456
Wates?, Sylvester p. 468
Wescott, Isaiah p. 432
Wesley, Henry  p. 459
West, Benj  p. 451
White, Jos.  p. 468
White, Luther  p. 451
White, Wm.  p. 467
Whitney, Francis p.425
Whitney, Roz  p. 432
Wightman, Ashur p. 454
Wightman, Chas p.436
Wilcox, Anna  p.429
Wilcox, John  p. 464
Winkler, Jacob  p. 433
Wood, Jeremiah p. 471
Wood, Wm  p.440
Woolf, Mary  p. 459
Woush?, Jeremiah p. 451
Wrickery, John p.445
Wright, Asher? p.425
Wright, Edger  p.440
Wright, John  p. 471
**3/2/2007 Update
John C. Warn was a prominent businessman in Parish between 1830's and 1860's. He owned the tannery. 
Shirley C. Rivetts

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