Whittemore Cemetery, Section Scriba & Volney, Oswego Co., N.Y. Part 1  
Whittemore Cemetery,
Section Scriba and Volney,
Oswego Co., N. Y.

    Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us.  Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information.   I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history."
Sincerly, Byron Rowlee Sr.  bylero@juno.com

*Note:  Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries.  They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research.  He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work. 

Many thanks also to Dianne Thomas, Volney Town Editor, for transcribing this cemetery list, and who luckily, likes long and detailed projects.  Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy. 


BAILEY Lucy Mary     see Lucy Mary (BAILEY) CROUCH  
BASSETT Gertrude     see Gertrude (BASSETT) CROUCH  
CLARK Mary   Sept 8, 1850 aged 54y; wife of David; dau of Mr. TANNER  
CLARK Sally     see Sally (CLARK) HILL  
CONGDON Lottie     wife of Edgar  
CROUCH Bertha 1894 Oct 17, 1900 dau of Charles & Lucille Lucy (BAILEY) CROUCH  
CROUCH Charles   Oct 17, 1900 aged 4y,7m,12d; son of Charles & Lucille Lucy (BAILEY) CROUCH (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Charles 1896 1906    
CROUCH Charles Eugene Nov 18, 1868 May 18, 1931 husb of Lucy M. BAILEY, m:12/18/1889; son of Henry & Elizabeth (SPRINGER) CROUCH (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Sr. Clayton C.  1879 1956 husb of (1) Gertrude BASSETT & (2) Mima PARMALEE  
CROUCH Jr. Clayton  Nov 17, 1921 May 15, 1967 husb of Eleanor M. HALL;, son of Clayton & Mima (PARMALEE) CROUCH Vital Records Fulton
CROUCH Edward E.   Nov 20, 1900 aged 2y,7m,20d; son of Fenando & Laura Jane (BAILEY); said to have moved to Peck's ceme. (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Eleanor M. 1923 died Feb 1973 wife of Clayton Jr.  
CROUCH Eliza Ann 1855 Apr 1, 1933 Minetto, NY wife of John H.; dau of Mr. VIEW  
CROUCH Elizabeth 1832 May 11, 1901 aged 68y,8m,19d; wife of Henry; dau of Adam & Hannah (TIFT) SPRINGER (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Emerson   Mar 11, 1908 aged 1d; son of Chalres & Lucy (BAILEY) CROUCH (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Fernando May 16, 1866 Apr 16, 1916 husb of Laura Jane BAILEY, m: 3/26/1886 (VRV); son of Henry & Elizabeth (SPRINGER); moved to Peck's Ceme, Scriba (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Forest Oct 7, 1855 Feb 18, 1860 on same monument as William Crouch  
CROUCH Francelia July 2, 1854 Apr 14, 1860 on same monument as William Crouch  
CROUCH Fred   1910 parents believed to be Charles E. & Lucy (BAILEY) CROUCH  
CROUCH Gertrude 1879 Symra, Chenago Cnty, NY Feb 6, 1911 wife of Clayton C.; dau of Alvin & Delah (LOOKER) BASSETT Scriba Vital Records
CROUCH Harold Parmalee Scriba, NY May 15, 1924 aged 3m,5d; son of Claton C. & Mima PARMALEE Scriba Vital Records
CROUCH Henry 1828 Sept 8, 1912 aged 84y,4m;husb of Elizabeth SPRINGER; son of William and Mary (IRELAND) CROUCH (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH James A. Nov 23, 1885 Scriba, NY Nov 27, 1885 aged 8m,6d; son of John and Eliza (VIEW) CROUCH; from DAR son of James A, died 11/22/1888, no age given Vital Records Fulton
CROUCH John H. 1856 1919 husb of Eliza VIEW  
CROUCH Lucy Mary Jan 30, 1874 Dec 3, 1967 wife of Charles E., m: 12/18/1889; dau of Daniel & Emma (JENKINS) BAILEY (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Mary     see Mary (CROUCH) DIETRICH  
CROUCH Mina May 3, 1898 Oneida, NY Sept 15, 1951 wife of Clayton C; dau of Mr. PARMALEE Scriba Vital Records
CROUCH Mina Louise Oct 10, 1920 Scriba, NY Feb 8, 1921 dau of Clayton C., & Mima (PARMALEE) CROUCH Scriba Vital Records
CROUCH Mored   Aug 8, 1900 aged 11m; son of Fernando & Laura (BAILEY) CROUCH;said to have been moved to Peck's cemetery (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Nellie     see Nellie (CROUCH) HOTALING  
CROUCH Phalanda Nov 6, 1825 Apr 20, 1876 wife of William; on Wm.'s stone; DAR Records
CROUCH Rhoda A. 1882 1922    
CROUCH Rozella Oct 6, 1848 Apr 4, 1860 on back of Wm.'s grave stone DAR Records
CROUCH Stella 1898 Oct 15, 1900 aged 2y,10m, dau of Charles & Lucille "Lucy" (BAILEY) CROUCH (VRV) Vital Records Volney
CROUCH Thomas E. Sept 12, 1955 Oct 12, 1955    
CROUCH William 1829 Mar 9, 1916 aged 86y,4m,21d; son of William & Susan (IRELAND) CROUCH Scriba Vital Records
CROUCH William Wales   Jan 11, 1911 aged 5m,6d; son of Fernando & Laura (BAILEY) CROUCH;(VRV states born Aug 5, 1910) (VRV) Vital Records Volney
DIETRICH Leland   1919 husb of Mary CROUCH; son of Dewey & Nina (DENNISON) DIETRICH  
DIETRICH Mary   1926 wife of Leland; dau of Clayton C. & Mima (PARMALEE) CROUCH  
DUNHAM Julie A.,    Jan 18, 1855 aged 21y,10m,23d;wife of D.D.; dau of E.A. & J.A. WILCOX  
DUNHAM Minervia 1807 1899    
DUNHAM Sarah K. 1832 Otsego Cnty, NY Mar 5, 1898 aged 66y; wife of D.D.; no parents listed Scriba Vital Records
DUNHAM Willie L. 1861 1863    
FOSTER Catherine   Oct 23, 1844 aged 21y; wife of William S.  
FOSTER William   Oct 6, 1844 aged 25y,3m,14d; husb of Catherine  
FRANCE Gilbert   May 30, 1861 aged 1y,3m,8?d; son of M. & M. FRANCE; drowned  
GODFREY Cora J. 1880 1964 stone says Daniel Godfrey & family  
GODFREY Louis Arnold Nov 13, 1903 Minetto, NY Dec 9, 1928 unwed; son of Daniel & Cora (CROUCH) GODFREY Vital Records Fulton
GOULD Hannah     see Hannah (GOULD) SPRINGER  
HALL Eleanor M.     see Eleanor M. (HALL) CROUCH  
HILL Sally  Saratoga Cnty, NY Aug 4, 1884 aged 74y,2m; dau of John CLARK Vital Records Fulton
HILL Sarah     see Sarah (HILL) WHITTEMORE  
HOTALING Amos   Mar 23, 1899 aged 1d; son of Levi & Nellie May (CROUCH) HOTALING Vital Records Fulton
HOTALING Levi 1865 Syracuse, NY Oct 10, 1940 aged 75y,7m,27d; husb of Nellie May CROUCH, m: 2/8/1898; son of Fylander & Sabra (MONTGOMERY) HOTALING (VRV) Vital Records Volney
HOTALING Nellie Oct 11, 1876 Scriba, NY Dec 15, 1937 wife of Levi; dau of John & Liza (VIEW) CROUCH  
HUGUNIN Cornelia L.   June 20, 1852 aged 15y; adopted dau of Ira & Amelia S. TOBY  
HYNDS George M. May 25, 1817 July 17, 1841 aged 24y,1m,24d  
JOHNSON Carol   1943    

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