Mt. Pleasant South Cemetery, Volney, N.Y.  
Volney, N.Y.

Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerely, Byron Rowlee Sr. at:

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work.

This cemetery was transcribed by Dianne Thomas, who luckily, likes long and detailed projects.  Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.  Many thanks and appreciation to you both. 

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies / Town Historians. Some of the names listed below have just a date or year, and the list does not indicate if that is when the individual was born or died.

A, B, C, D

ALLEN Bernice Sec. J, Lot 6   See Bernice (ALLEN) WOOD 

ALLEN Ernest A. Sec. O, Lot 6 b. Mar 23, 1884 in Palermo, NY d. Mar 1, 1952
son of Aaron ALLEN & Emma WISE; husb of Katherine BROWN, Married 3/9/1910
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

ALLEN Mabel Sec. I, Lot 13   See Mabel (TOOLEY) Allen FLEMING 

ALLEN Myrtle ALDRICH Sec. H, Lot 19 b. 1897 d. Jan 18, 1972, Oswego, NY aged
74 (burial permit) 

ANTHONY Anna Pearl Sec. D, Lot 19   See Anna Pearl (ANTHONY)

AUSTIN Baby Girl Sec. F, Lot 1 Stillborn Dec 31, 1963 (burial permit) 

AUSTIN Baby Girl Sec. F, Lot 1 Stillborn Oct. 20, 1964 (burial permit) 

AUSTIN Rev. Charles S. Sec. G, Lot 3 b. Aug. 17, 1920  Son of U.S.
Austin & May CHAPIN; husb of Olive B.; married Aug 14, 1948 

AUSTIN Clara A. Sec. G, Lot 4   See Clara A. (AUSTIN) BUTLER 

AUSTIN Constance A.  Sec. G, Lot 4 b. 1849 d. Mar 19, 1911 Maiden name
GRAHAM; aged 62y, 1m, 19d; wife of Zadok B. 

AUSTIN Donald Graham Sec. F, Lot b. 1 Feb. 27, 1916 d. Aug 1, 1916 son of
Ulysess S. & May CHAPIN; Twin of Ronald Cady AUSTIN (VRV) Vital Records

AUSTIN Florence May Sec. F, Lot 1 b. Feb 6, 1894 Volney, NY d. Apr 17, 1914
dau of Ulysses S. & Mertie COLE; wife of Joseph Cady CHAPIN; Married
25 Oct. 1913 (vrv) Vital Records Volney

AUSTIN May  Sec. F, Lot 1 b. May 7, 1876 Town of Huron, NY d. July 17, 1961
Warsaw, NY aged 85 y; wife of Ulysses S. AUSTIN; maiden name CHAPIN; married
25? June 1913  Burial Permit

AUSTIN Melvin S. Sec. G, Lot 3 b. Dec 2, 1882 Volney, NY d. Dec 10, 1964
son of Zadok & Constance A. GRAHAM; husb of Leta CHAPMAN (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

AUSTIN Mertie  Sec. F, Lot 3 b. 1876 d. Aug. 13 (18?), 1905 dau of Orlando
COLE & Mary PENNER; aged 29 y, 1m, 25d; wife of Ulysses S. ; married
23 Nov. 1892 Ceme Records date is 13th; VRV date is 18th

AUSTIN Mildred Sec. G, Lot 4 b. Nov 23, 1891 Volney, NY d. Dec 1, 1966 dau
of Zadok B. & Constance A. GRAHAM Austin; never married Vital Records

AUSTIN Olive B. Sec. G, Lot ?? b. July 31, 1925  dau of Rev. Phillip
MANG & Hazel R. RITTER; wife of Rev. Chalres S.; married Aug 14, 1948 

AUSTIN Rachel Barbara Sec. F, Lot ?? b. Oct 10, 1952 d. Oct 10, 1952 dau
of Charles S. AUSTIN & Olive MANG Vital Records Fulton

AUSTIN Ronald Cady Sec. F, Lot 1 b. Feb. 27, 1916 d. Feb. 27, 1916 son of
Ulysses S. AUSTIN & May CHAPIN Vital Records Fulton

AUSTIN Ulysses Sidney Sec. F, Lot 3 b. Sept 17, 1870 d. May 1, 1948 son of
Zadok & Constance A. GRAHAM Austin; husb of Mertie COLE, m: Nov 23,
1892;husb of May CHAPIN, m: Jun 25, 1913 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

AUSTIN Zadok Baldwin Sec. G, Lot 4 b. Sept 4, 1837 d. Jan 22, 1925 son of
Charles G. & Pamelia A. TYLER; husb of Constance A. GRAHAM, m: Feb
16, 1868 (AG) (VRV) Vital Records Volney

AUSTIN Constance Adelle  b. Sept 29, 1849  dau of Seth Cross
GRAHAM & Jane Ann HILL; wife of Zadok, m: Feb. 16, 1868 (AG) 

BAILEY Luava Sec. K, Lot 17   see Luava (BAILEY) DE BOIS 

BALCOM Eleanor Hannah Sec. L, Lot 3 b. Mar 20, 1914 d. June 4, 1933 dau of
Ralph O. BALCOM & Hannah H. WATERBURY 

BALCOM Esther Ethel Sec. L, Lot 11-12   see Esther Ethel

BALCOM Hannah A. Sec. L, Lot 3 b. Aug 24, 1887 d. Oct 19, 1972 Dau of Charles
WATERBURY & Ella ALEXANDER; wife of Ralph Oscar BALCOM Vital Records

BALCOM Ralph Jr. Sec. L, Lot 3 Stillborn Feb. 6, 1921 son of Ralph
Oscar & Hannah A. WATERBURY Balcom 

BALCOM Ralph Oscar Sec. L, Lot 3 b. July 24, 1884 (Militia Enroll)d. May
3, 1970 son of Andrew & Esther PADDOCK; husb of Hannah A. WATERBURY 
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

BALDWIN Nina Evelina Sec. N, Lot 16   see Nina Evelina (BALDWIN)

BALL Myrta A. Sec. B, Lot 7   see Myrta A. (BALL) HAYNES

BARKER Lucille Sec. O, Lot 19   see Lucille (BARKER) PITCHER 

BARKER Nellie Sec. E, Lot 15   see Neille (BARKER) COOK 

BARROW Evelyn Sec. O, Lot 20 1911  maiden name KESTERKE; wife
of Herbert F. BARROW 

BARROW Herbert F. Sec. O, Lot 20 b. 1909  husb of Evelyn KESTERKE 

BARRY Constance M. Sec. N, Lot 8 b. 1900 d. 1961 see Constance M. BARRY SNELL 

BARRY Norman C. Sec. N, Lot 8 b. Apr 11, 1901 d. May 13, 1974  son of
Wm. H. & Elizabeth CONKLIN; died in LaBelle, Quebec, Canada (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

BARRY William Conklin Sec. N, Lot 8 b. 1899 Straudsburg, PA d. Feb 23, 1949 
died in East Greenbush, NY; husb of Constance M. Burial Permit

BARTHOLOMEW Betty Lou Sec. O, Lot 9 b. Feb 2, 1926  dau of Robert
IVES & Louise VAN BUREN; wife of Earl Evan BARTHOLOMEW 

BARTHOLOMEW Earl Evan Sec. O, Lot 9 b. 1921  WWII Vet; husb. of Betty

BARTLETT Aleatha Pearl Sec. P, Lot 3 b. Sept 29, 1905 d. Aug 30, 1975 dau
of Deforest BELLINGER & Lulu Mae FLEMING; wife of Frank Harry BARTLETT,
m: June 19, 1921 (VRV) 

BARTLETT Eleanor R. Sec. L, Lot 8   see Eleanor R. (BARTLETT)

BARTLETT Ernestine B.(Friedland) Sec. E, Lot 1  b. 1897  wife
of George B. BARTLETT; m: June 20, 1942 (PAT) 

BARTLETT Eugene Benjamin Sec. E, Lot 1 b. July 8, 1858 d. Apr 6, 1933 son
of Harry BARTLETT; husb of Mertis M. IVES 

BARTLETT Frank Harry Sec. P, Lot 3 b. Nov 28, 1891 d. Nov 5, 1973 son of
George Monore & Mary BAKER; husb of Hattie MYERS, m (1) Oct 7, 1917;
husb of Aleata BELLINGER, m (2): Jun19, 1921 (VRV) 

BARTLETT George H. Sec. E, Lot 1 b. Feb 3, 1886  son of Eugene B.
& Myrtis IVES; husb of Ruth STREETER, m: Feb 27, 1913; husb of Ernestine
B. FRIEDLAND, m: June 20, 1942 

BARTLETT Gloria Elaine Sec. P, Lot 8   see Glorai Elaine

BARTLETT Harry S.    This is recorded in Western cemetery

BARTLETT Ida May Sec. P, Lot 4   see Ida Mae (BARTLETT) DAVIS 

BARTLETT Kendell Lee Sec. Q, Lot 4  d. Dec 3, 1976, Syr., N.Y. aged
3 days; unmarked grave 

BARTLETT Myrtis M. Sec. E, Lot 1 b. Sept 9, 1862  Volney, NY d. Mar
14, 1951 dau of George Gary IVES & Helen M. LEONARD; wife of Eugene

BARTLETT Ruthe Adelle Sec. K, Lot 8   see Ruth Adelle (BARTLETT)

BATEMAN Caroline Sec. F, Lot 10 b. Feb 5, 1881 d. Mar 18, 1977 dau of James
HOWSER & Mary VINCETTE;  married 2X to BATEMAN and CONKLIN Vital
Records Fulton

BEARDSLEY Rachel Marial Sec. A   see Rachael Marial (BEARDSLEY)

BELLINGER Aleatha Pearl Sec. P, Lot 3   see Aleatha Pearl

BELLINGER Deforest Delbert Sec. M, Lot 5 b. Aug 5, 1878 (Militia Enroll)
d. Oct 5, 1945 son of Adam (of MA) & Susan CLARK (of Ellisburg, NY); husb
of Lula Mae FLEMING (VRV) Vital Records Volney

BELLINGER Edward A. Sec. C, Lot 7 b. Sept 22, 1859 d. Jan 11, 1917 son of
Adam & Susan CLARK; husb of Emma E. KERFERD (VRV) Vital Records Volney

BELLINGER Emma Eliza Sec. C, Lot 7 b. Feb 22, 1867 d. June 25, 1931 dau of
George KERFUD ?? & Alice DORRIS ??; wife of Edward BELLINGER 

BELLINGER female Sec. C, Lot 7 Stillborn July 31, 1947 dau of George
& Lucille CHAPPELL Bellinger; no stone Vital Records Fulton

BELLINGER John Henry Sec. N, Lot 4 b. July 20, 1898 d. Dec 22, 1977 son of
Edward A. & Emma E. KERFORD; hus of Zeletta H. COCHRAN, m: Jan 14,
1922 Vital Records Fulton

BELLINGER Lillian Sec. M, Lot 6   dau of Martin BURCHIM &
Julia WEED; wife of Victor A. BELLINGER 

BELLINGER Luella Mae Sec. C, Lot 5   see Luella Mae (BELLINGER)

BELLINGER Lula May Sec. M, Lot 5 b. Nov 10, 1877  Mexico, NY d. Sept
7, 1957  Mexico, NY dau of Alexander FLEMING & Jerusha ADAMS;
wife of Deforest D Burial Permit

BELLINGER Victor A. Sec. M, Lot 6 b. July 16, 1903   (VRV) d. July 9, 1978
son of Deforest & Lula Mae; husb of Lillian B. Burial Permit

BELLINGER Zeletta H. Sec. N, Lot 4   wife of John Henry,
m: Jan 14, 1922 

BENNETT Hannah E. Sec. D, Lot 7 b. 1837 d. Jan 29, 1906 aged 67y 

BENOIT Hazel M. Sec. M, Lot 11   see Hazel M. (BENOIT) LARSON 

BESAW Mary Sec. L, Lot 15   see Mary (BESAW) PLUFF 

BIRDSELL Edna Sec. O, Lot 8 b. Dec 17, 1897  maiden name CRONK; wife
of George H. BIRDSELL 

BIRDSELL George H. Jr. Sec. O, Lot 8 b. July 6, 1920  son of Geo.
H. Sr. & Edna CRONK 

BIRDSELL George H. Sr. Sec. O, Lot 8 b. Dec 25, 1888 d. Sept 5, 1981 
(PS) husf of Edna CRONK 

BIRDSELL William H. Sec. O, Lot b. 8 July 2, 1926 Binghamton, NY d. June
5, 1967 son of Geo H. Sr. & Edna CRONK; unmarried 

BLAISDELL Charles F. "Red"   d. Oct. 30, 1979 (PS) 

BLOSS Bruce Edward Sec. G, Lot 16 b. 1950 d. Aug 7, 1964 Gouverneur, NY 
Burial Permit

BLOSS Floyd W. Sec. G, Lot 16 b. 1898 d. Oct 24, 1967  Carthage, NY
husband to Mildred; aged 69 Burial Permit

BLOSS Gordon Raymond Sec. G, Lot 16 b. Oct 14, 1918  Canada d. July
3, 1951 Syracuse, NY WWII Vet;  F I    U.S.N.R. Burial

BLOSS Mildred Sec. G, Lot 16 b. 1899 d. May 3, 1965 Syracuse, NY wife of
Floyd; aged 65 Burial Permit

BONNER E. Isabelle Sec. E, Lot 6 b. 1859  Volney, NY d. Jan 13, 1906
dau of Jason MARKHAM & Harriet RISLEY; wife of Edward M. BONNER; aged
46y, 8m (Johnson's Oswego Co.) Johnson's Oswego Co

BONNER Edward M. Sec. E, Lot 6 b. Sept 17, 1859 Oswego, NY d. Jan 17, 1936
son of Wm. BONNER & Mary WAITE; 2 marriages: E. Isabelle MARKHAM and
Agnes IRELAND Vital Records Fulton

BONNER Hazel   Sec. J, Lot 14   see Hazel (BONNER)

BONNER Kenneth Sec. E, Lot 6 b. 1904 d. Jan 29, 1932 son of Edward M &
E. Isabelle MARKHAM; husb to Pearl MEEKS, m: Sept 24, 1927 (Pat) 

BONNER Pearl Sec. E, Lot 6 b. 1902 d. Nov 3, 1971 dau of Lycurgus MEEKS &
Aurora VAN CONANT; wife of Kenneth M., m: Sept 24, 1927 (Pat);  died
aged 69y Vital Records Fulton

BRANIM Harold Lloyd Sec. H, Lot 10 b. June 8, 1937  Fulton, NY d. Oct
22, 1937 son of Ely BRANIM &  Lola SMITHERS Vital Records Fulton

BRESNAHAN Ruby Evangeline Sec. J, Lot 19 b. 1905 d. 1973 see Ruby Evangeline

BREWER Bertha M. Sec. L, Lot 10   see Bertha M. (THOMAS)

BREWER Newton Sec. L, Lot 10 b. May 17, 1882 Deseranto, Canada d. Jan 20,
1953 son of Benjamin & Mary GERO or SERO?; husb of Bertha M. THOMAS
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

BROWN Helen C. Sec. Q, Lot 4   see Helen C. (BROWN) GARDENIER 

BULLOCK Catherine A. Sec. B, Lot 9   see Catherine A. (BULLOCK)

BURCHIM Lillian Sec. M, Lot 6   see Lillian (BURCHIM) BELLINGER 

BURDICK Lena M. Sec. L, Lot 2 b. July 5, 1884 Martinsburg, NY d. Oct 31,
1961 dau of Edward SYPHER & unknown mother; wife of Perry F. BURDICK 

BURDICK Perry F. Sec. L, Lot 2 b. July 22, 1883  Greig, NY d. June 15,
1962 son of Edward Burdick & ??? LELAND; husb of Lena M. SYPHER Vital
Records Fulton

BURKE Louis R. Sec. G, Lot 17 b. Aug 11, 1916  NY, NY d. Mar 13, 1963
unmarried; no parents listed Vital Records Fulton

BUSH Elsie S. Sec. I, Lot 10 b. Jan 25, 1887  Watertown, NY d. Jan 4,
1968 dau of John FREEMAN & Sarah VAN ALLEN; wife of Nelson Bush (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

BUSH Hertbert V. Sec. I, Lot 15 b. Sept 7, 1896  England d. Mar 7, 1962
son of Beckham BUSH & unknown; husb of Martha E. DRAPER Vital Records

BUSH Martha E. Sec. I, Lot 15 1906  wife of Herbert V. 

BUSH Marie Ida Sec. I, Lot 15 Stillborn June 24, 1963 Fulton, NY 
Burial Permit

BUSH Nelson Sec. I, Lot 10 b. Sept 23, 1882 Ogdensburg, NY d. Aug 15, 1949
son of John GUSH & Marjorie GREAGOERS; husb of Elsie E. FREEMAN (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

BUSH Ruth L. Sec. I, Lot 17   see Ruth L. (BUSH) GODFREY 

BUSH Sarah M. Sec. C, Lot 9 b. Mar 1, 1878  England d. Nov 13, 1945
dau of Arthur BUSER?? & unknown; wife of Walter W. BUSH (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

BUSH Walter W. Sec. C, Lot 9 b. 1880 Westfield, England d. May 29, 1952 N.
Syracuse, NY son of Beckham BUSH & unknown; husb of Sarah M.; aged
72y, 9m, 13d Burial Permit

BUSH Harold F.   d. July 19, 1981 Pinellas, FL son of Nelson
BUSH & Elsie S. FREEMAN; husb of Edna GOULD 

BUTLER Clara A. Sec. G, Lot 1 b. Mar 16, 1873 d. Mar 14, 1954 dau of Zadok
B. AUSTIN & Constance A. GRAHAM;  wife of Sydney E. BUTLER, married
Nov 29, 1900 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

BUTLER Sydney Edgar Sec. G, Lot 1 b. Sept 9, 1873 (Militia Enroll) d. Oct
6, 1958 New Haven,NY son of Sindey BUTLER & Hattie MATHEWS; husb of
Clara AUSTIN, married Nov 29, 1900 (2) Burial Permit & VRV

CALKINS Charles M. Sec. Q, Lot 4  1899  husb of Clara L. EMERICK 

CALKINS Clara L. Sec. Q, Lot 4 b. June 23, 1881 d. Oct 22, 1963 dau of George
EMERICK & Jane GRESSEL; wife of Charles M. CALKINS (VRV) Vital Records

CAMPBELL Clark Lyle Sec. L, Lot b. 7 July 27, 1955 Nashville, TN d. Nov 22,
1955 son of Lyle Arnold CAMPBELL & Elise CLARK Vital Records Fulton

CAMPBELL Fred Elmer Sec. K, Lot b. 9 Dec 30, 1912  son of James CAMPBELL
& Beulah IRELAND; husb of Sara E. SEATON;  WWII Vet 

CAMPBELL Sarah E. Sec. K, Lot 9 1912  dau of SEATON & Eliza
M. KERFIEN (from Patriot paper); wife of Hulbert CROUCH and Fred E. CAMPBELL;
Married: (L) 1/5/1929 (MPCR) Patriot & MPCR

CANDEE Gertrude E. Sec. B, Lot 12 b. Oct 30, 1899 d. Apr 13, 1994 dau of
William RATH & Amelia WATERSTREET; wife of Richard Norman CANDEE 

CANDEE Helen Ann Sec. B, Lot 12 b. Mar 24, 1924 d. Apr 24, 1927 dau of Richard
Norman Candee & Gertrude E. RATH (VRV) Vital Records Volney

CANDEE James R. Sec. Q, Lot 1  d. July 1, 1982 son of Richard CANDEE
& Gertrude RATH; husb of Virginia HOLT  (Syracuse Post Standard) 

CANDEE Richard Norman Sec. B, Lot 12 b. Dec 30, 1901 Fulton, NY d. Oct 28,
1952 Granby, NY son of Bert S. CANDEE & Grace M. HARDING; husb of Gertrude
E. RATH, married May 1, 1923 (VRV) (VRV) Vital Records Volney

CARLETON Rachel E. Sec. B, Lot 5   see Rachel E. (CARLTON)

CARTER Arthur J. Sec. J, Lot 10 b. 1882 d. Dec 3, 1959 Marcy, NY aged 77y,
20 d; husb of Gertrude Lulu HOWARD Burial Permit

CARTER Gertrude Lulu Sec. J, Lot 10 b. Oct 22, 1896 Gouvernour, NY d.Jan
25, 1953 dau of W.H. HOWARD & Elizabeth ROWLEY; wife of Aruther J.
CARTER Vital Records Fulton

CARTER Howard James Sec. J, Lot 12 b. 1929 d. Dec 3, 1955 Syracuse, NY son
of Arthur J. CARTER ? & Gertrude Lulu HOWARD?; aged 26y, 9m Burial

CASTIGLIA Martha  Sec. M, Lot 4  1917  see Martha (CASTIGLIA)

CHALONE Alfred J. Sec. C, Lot 4 b. Nov 2, 1907 d. Dec 18, 1969 Granby, NY
son of Alfred CHALONE & Maria MARIONICA; husb of Hilda Harriet FOSTER 

CHALONE Hilda Harriet Sec. C, Lot 4 b. June 21, 1915  dau of Erle
Sanford FOSTER & Grace Skeel ROWLEE; wife of unknown MALONE and Alfred
J. CHALONE (from ROWLEE Genealogy)

CHAPIN Florence May Sec. F, Lot 1 b. Feb 6, 1894 Volney, NY d. Apr 17, 1914
dau of Ulysses S. AUSTIN & Mertie COLE; wife of Joseph Cady CHAPIN,
m: Oct 25, 1913 2 - VRV and Vital Records Fulton

CHAPIN May Sec. F, Lot 1   see May (CHAPIN) AUSTIN 

CLARK Carl H. Sec. D1, grave 25 b. Apr 27, 1911 d. Jan 28, 1976 son of Loren
CLARK & Rose PLUFF; husb of Aldena THOMAS; WWII Vet Vital Records Fulton

CLARK Clariecy E. Sec. J, Lot 5 b. 1858 d. Mar 7, 1912 dau of Loren R. CLARK
& Roseanna VAN CAMP; wife of Wm. H. DRAKE; died aged 53y,8m,21d (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

CLARK Florida L. Sec. L, Lot 9 1904  dau of Frederick L. SPINK
&  Ardee KELSEY; wife of Welman V. CLARK 

CLARK James E. Sec. M, Lot 19 b. Mar 13, 1909 d. Jan 2, 1975 Oswego, NY WWII
Vet; PFC  U.S. Army Burial Permit

CLARK Macel Gilbert Sec. L, Lot 1 b. Feb 3, 1923 d. Mar 1, 1923 son of Ray
E. CLARK & Myrtle M. LAWTON (VRV); Cemetery records stated died 2/26/1923
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

CLARK Maude Madeline Sec. O, Lot 17   see Maude Madeline

CLARK Myrtle M. Sec. L, Lot 1 b. May 24, 1888 d. Nov. 28, 1969 dau of Clark
W. LAWTON & Jennie L. HYDE; wife of Ray Ellsworth CLARK Vital Records

CLARK Ray Elsworth Sec. L, Lot 1 b. March 3, 1890, Volney, NY d. March 27,
1962 son o9f Alford CLARK & Elizabeth MASON, husband of Myrtle M. LAWTON;
m. 23 Sept. 1915; 

CLARK Welman Chandler Sec. L, Lot 1 b. May 12, 1918 d. Feb 8, 1930 son of
Ray Elsworth CLARK & Myrtle M. LAWTON 

CLARK Welmon Victor Sec. L, Lot 9 b. June 16, 1895 Volney, NY d. Dec 30,
1959 son of Alford CLARK & Elizabeth MASON; hus to Florida L. SPINK;
WWI Vet Vital Records Fulton

CLARKE Catherine   Sec. N, Lot 10 b. 1880 d. Jan 23, 1972 
Utica, NY maiden name PIQUET; aged 91y; wife of Sidney H. CLARKE Burial

CLARKE Sydney H. Sec. N, Lot 10 b. June 17, 1872 d. May 14, 1949 son of Henry
CLARKE & Jane HAWLEY; husb to Catherine PIQUET Vital Records Fulton

CLOSE Mildred    see Mildred (CLOSE) FRANCE 

COCHRAN Zeletta H. Sec. N, Lot 4   see Zeletta H. (COCHRAN)

COE Cora Berthina Sec. H, Lot 12   see Cora Berthina (COE)

COE (PLUFF) Fannie Sec. G, Lot 10 b. 1873 d. Apr 4, 1943 Mexico, NY aged
69; wife of Maruice COE Burial Permit

COE Leo F. Sec. G, Lot 10 b. 1911 d. 1943 son of Maurice COE & Fannie

COE Maurice Sec. G, Lot 10 b. 1871 d. Oct 27, 1962 Mannsville, NY husb of
Fannie PLUFF; aged 91y 

COE Ruth N. Sec. G, Lot 10 1893  dau of Maurice COE & Fannie

COLE Alfred O. Sec. F, Lot 2 b. Sept 27, 1873 Saquoit, NY d. Mar 26, 1930
son of Orlando COLE &  Mary Jane PENNER; husb of Eva Inez HOWARD,
m: Jan 22, 1896 Vital Records Fulton

COLE Eva Inez Sec. F, Lot 2 b. June 24, 1872 d. May 3, 1945 dau of Cyrus
John HOWARD & Caroline Helen CALKINS; wife of Alfred O. COLE, m: Jan
22, 1896 Vital Records Fulton

COLE Frank Benton Sec. F, Lot 4 b. Aug 17, 1883 Saginaw, MI (Militia)
d. Apr 18, 1959 Rose, NY husb of Kate JONES;  DOB from Militia Enroll. 

COLE Kate Sec. F, Lot 4 b. 1888 d. Mar 2, 1940 Oswego, NY wife of Frank Benton
COLE: maiden name JONES; aged 52y 

COLE Mary Jane Sec. F, Lot 4 b. May 17, 1845 New Hartford, NY d. Jan 31,
1926 dau of Solomon V. PENNER & Mary FLANSBERG; wife of Orlando COLE
Vital Records Fulton

COLE Mertie Sec. F, Lot 3   see Mertie (COLE) AUSTIN 

COLE Orlando Sec. F, Lot 4 b. 1840 d. Feb 10, 1929 Civil War  
Co. B, 24th Regt, NY Vol; husb of Mary J. PENNER; aged 88y 

COLLINS Margaret E Sec. K, Lot 16 b. July 7, 1933 d. Apr 22, 1969 dau of
Maxwell P. RADELL & Mae VAN SHUFFLIN; wife of Frederick J. COLLINS
Vital Records Fulton

COLTON Grace Sec. G, Lot 9   see Grace ( COLTON) MC EWEN 

CONKLIN Caroline Sec. F. Lot 10   see Caroline (HOWSER) CONKLIN,

CONKLIN Mary Sec. F, Lot 12   see Mary (CONKLIN) VAN ORMAN 

CONNER Matthew B. Sec. P, Lot 9 b. 1903 d. Nov 5, 1968 Rome, NY aged 65y;
husb of Maybelle H. Burial Permit

CONNERS Maybelle H. Sec. P, Lot 9 b. 1904 d. July 1, 1968 Willoghby Hills,
OH aged 63y; wife of Matthew B. CONNER Burial Permit

COOK Clarence Sec. E, Lot 12 1906  son of Ovid A. COOK & Nellie

COOK Nellie Sec. E, Lot 15 1907  maiden name BARKER; wife of Wallace
H. COOK, m: Apr 18, 1926 

COOK  Nellie Sec. E, Lot ?? b. Apr 30, 1875 info cut off for dod  
UNREADABLE (McCOLLUM) Vital records Fulton Vital Records Fulton

COOK Ovid A. Sec. E, Lot 12 b.Mar 17, 1877 Palermo, NY d.Dec 30, 1941 son
of Charles COOK & Jane ALLEN; husb of Nellie MC COLLUM Vital Records

COOK Wallace H. Sec. E, Lot 15 1905  husb of Nellie BARKER, m:
Apr 18, 1926 

COON Bertha M. Sec. L, Lot 10 1897  maiden name THOMAS; married
2X: Newton BREWER & Ivan COON 

COOPER Eva N. Sec. N, Lot 12   See Eva N. (COOPER) SMITH 

COX Virginia Esther Sec. E, Lot 17   see Virginia Esther

CRONK Edna Sec. O, Lot 8   see Edna (CRONK) BIRDSELL 

CROOKS Flora V. Sec. E, Lot 4   see Flora V. (CROOKS) IVES 

CROOKS Kathryn C. Sec. O, Lot 1    see Kathryn C. (CROOKS)

CROOKS Eliza Jane Sec. E, Lot 10   see Eliza Jane (CROOKS)

CROSS Sarah A. Sec. K, Lot 3   see Sarah A. (CROSS) WILLIAMS 

CROUCH Earl R. Sec. M, Lot 11 b. Mar 1, 1906 Volney, NY d. Dec 13, 1965 son
of Charles CROUCH & Lucy BAILEY; hus of Alice NELSON (divorced), m:
July 5, 1930 (VRV) Vital Records Fulton

CROUCH Fay E. Sec. K, Lot 9   see Fay E. (CROUCH) SAMSON 

CROUCH Harriet L. Sec. M, Lot 9   see Harriet L. (Crouch)

CROUCH Henry Daniel Sec. E, Lot 19 b. Feb 6, 1903 d. July 3, 1979 son of
Charles Eugene CROUCH & Lucy BAILEY (VRV) Vital Records Volney

CROUCH Morris Lawton Sec. D1, grave 27 b. June 5, 1901 d. Nov 5, 1975 son
of Charles Eugene CROUCH & Lucy Mary BAILEY; husb of Ruth Muriel SIMONS
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

CROUCH Orley C. Sec. L, Lot b. 15 May 14, 1899 Volney, NY d. June 5, 1972
son of Charles Eugene CROUCH & Lucy BAILEY; husb of Treva HAYNES, m:
Aug 14, 1926; WWI Vet, PFC US Army  NY (VRV) Vital Records Volney

CROUCH Ruth Muriel Sec. D1, grave 26 1909  wife of Maurice N.

CROUCH Sarah E. Sec. K, Lot 9   see Sarah E. (SEATON) CROUCH,

CROUCH Treva M. Sec. L, Lot 15 b. 1908 d. Mar 8, 1980   (HJ) dau
of Timothy T. HAYNES & Ida GRANNIS; wife of Orley C. CROUCH, m: Aug
14, 1926 

CUNEY Fredia Evelyn Sec. E, Lot 19   see Freida Evelyn (CUNEY)

CUNEY Maisie Sec. E, Lot 20 1926 

CUNEY Myrtle  Sec. E, Lot 20 1898 
DANIELS Anita Frances Sec. E, Lot 13 or 15 1920  dau of Lorien D.

DANIELS Arlene M. Sec. E, Lot 13 or 15 1917  dau of Lorien D.

DANIELS Clyde L. Sec. E, Lot 14 b. June 9, 1914  son of Lorien D.
DANIELS & Ethel QUACKENBUSH; husb of M. Madeline

DANIELS Ethel Sec. E, Lot 13 b. 1894  dau of Martin QUACKENBUSH
& Anna unknown; wife of Lorien D. DANIELS

DANIELS Gordon S. Sec. E, Lot 13 or 15 b. 1923  son of Lorien D.

DANIELS Lorien Dann (STUB) Sec. E, Lot 13   b. Aug 27, 1888
d. Sept 27, 1970 son of Monroe DANIELS & Dora CHAPPLE; husb of Ethel QUAKENBUSH;
Vital Records Fulton

DANIELS Mary Madeline Sec. E, Lot 14 b. June 17, 1914 d. Aug 20, 1971 Oswego,
NY wife of Clyde L. DANIELS

DANKSHA Ray J. Sec. M, Lot 13 b. 1897 Brooklyn, NY d. Oct 16, 1967 Oswego,
NY husb of Rose E.

DANKSHA Rose E. Sec. M, Lot 13 b. 1911 Waterbury, CT d. July 22, 1964 Oswego,
NY aged 52yrs; wife of Ray J. DANKSHA Burial Permit

DATZ Allen Sanford Sec. A b. 1933 Rhode Island d. Apr 2, 1968 Syracuse, NY
aged 34y; husb of Marilyn VANT; Korean War Vet Burial Permit

DATZ Marilyn Sec. A  1934  dau of Fred VANT & Gladys PECKHAM;
wife of Allen S. 

DAVIS Ethel B.    see Ethel B. (DAVIS) POWERS

DAVIS Harold Edward Sec. O, Lot 10 b. Jan 13, 1950 d. Aug 1, 1970 son of
Donald E. DAVIS & Ethel BIRDSELL; Viet Nam Vet  S.A.  US
Navy, NY Vital Records Fulton

DAVIS Ida Mae Sec. P, Lot 4 b. Nov 3, 1895  dau of George Monroe
BARTLETT & Mary BAKER; wife of Roy Smith DAVIS, m: Dec 24, 1916 (VRV)

DAVIS Raymond L. Sec. R, Lot 2  Nov 24, 1978 son of Glenn DAVIS;
husb of Clara BLAISDELL; aged 52y; WWII Vet in US Navy (Syracuse Post Standard)

DAVIS Roy Smith Sec. P, Lot 4 b. Apr 13, 1894 Volney, NY d. Sept 17, 1964
son of Wm. H. DAVIS & Jennie WRIGHT; husb of Ida May BARTLETT, m: 12/24/1916
(VRV); US Navy Seaman 1912-1916 (VRV) Vital Records Volney


DECARE Raymond L. Sec. I. Lot 8 b. Apr 14, 1896 d. Mar 5, 1972 Owego, NY
son of Peter DECARE & Carrie TALLMAN; husb of Emma HAYNES; WWI Vet,
Cpl, Co M, 4th Inf. NY; married Dec 5, 1928 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

DECARE Lee Adelbert unmaked grave b. Jan 8, 1931 d. Jan 13, 1931 son of Raymond
DECARE & Emma HAYNES Vital Records Fulton

DECARE Wayne Timothy Sec. I, Lot 8 b. Sept 16, 1934 Syracuse, NY d. Apr 25,
1935 son of Raymond DECARE & Emma HAYNES (VRV) Vital Records Volney

DELMONICO Hazel Sec. J, Lot 14 b. July 14, 1890 d. Dec 23, 1975 dau of Edward
M. BONNER & Isabelle MARKHAM; wife of ??? Vital Records Fulton

DELONG Evelyn Louise Sec. L, Lot 4   see Evelyn Louise (DELONG)

DEMASS Iva M. Sec. N, Lot 17   see Iva M. (DEMASS) DUMONT

DENNISON Esther D.  b. Nov 12, 1901 d. Mar 14, 1975 dau of Charles W.
ROWLEE & Rhoda DISTIN; wife of Herbert JERRED (m: 4/10/1920 VRV) &
Amos DENNISON (M:11/12/1952 (Pat)) Vital Records Fulton

DEPUY Amos     b. Jan 5, 1926 June 2, 1979 son of
Amos Bert DEPUY & Iantha Gertrude GRANNIS; husb of (1st wife unknown)
and 2nd wf. Betty DE GARMO LENWAY (Syr. Post Standard)

DEVENDORF Sandra L Sec. C, Lot 6   wife of Wayne M. DEVENDORF

DEVENDORF Wayne M. Sec. C, Lot 6  b.May 26, 1949 d. July 24, 1972 Oswego,
NY son of Wayne LOOKER and Barbara LAWLER;  husb to Sandra L; aged
23yr; Viet Nam Vet, LCPL US Marine Burial Permit

DIBBLE Lizzie Mae Sec. N, Lot 2   see Lizzie Mae (DIBBLE)

DIMON Beulah Sec. G, Lot 12   see Beulah (DIMON) HUGHES

DINGMAN Mary Enid Sec. N, Lot 5   see Mary Enid (DINGMAN)

DISTIN Delos Randall Sec. M, Lot 4 b. Dec 5, 1907 d. Mar 7, 1977 son of Byron
Claton DISTIN & Florence Amy RANDALL; husb of Serene Marie SHERMAN
(m: 6/28/1928) & Martha CASTIGLIA, LATULIP (m: 12/31/1947) Vital Records

DISTIN Edna Oracefille Sec. H, Lot ??   see Edna ORACEVILLE

DISTIN Elsie Celinda Sec. F, Lot 5   see Elsie Celinda (DISTIN)

DISTIN Joyce May Sec. M, Lot 4   see Joyce May (DISTIN) WRIGHT

DISTIN Laura J. Sec. H, Lot 14 b. June 18, 1920  dau of Harold DISTIN
& Ethel Marie REAR

DISTIN Martha   Sec. M, Lot 4 1917  maiden name CASTIGLIA;
wife of Jack LA TULIP  & Delos Randall DISTIN, m: 12/31/1947

DISTIN Rhoda Sec. C, Lot 2   see Rhoda (DISTIN) ROWLEE

DISTIN Serena Marie Sec. M, Lot 4 b. Sept 6, 1910 d. Sept 8, 1943 Town of
Webb dau of Samuel H. SHERMAN & Stella M.PITCHER; wife of Delos R.
DISTIN, m: 6/28/1928 (VRV)

DITULIO Michael Sec.  d. Jan 6, 1982 aged 66 yr Burial Permit

DODGE Bertha Mae Sec. K, Lot 10   see Bertha Mae (DODGE)

DORMEYER Gustav Bernard Sec. O, Lot 15 b. Mar 1, 1910 d. June 11, 1975 son
of Adolf DORMEYER & Maria MUDHAL ?; husb of Rhoda HALSEY, m: 5/28/1932 VRF

DORMEYER Lucy Sec. O, Lot 15   see Lucy (DORMEYER) LA BRAKE

DORMEYER Rhoda Sec. O, Lot 15 Feb 25, 1907 Feb 14, 1979 dau of John
HALSEY & Lucy KNAPP (VRV); wife of Gustav B., m: 5/28/1932 (VRV)

DOWD Dorothy Sec. J, Lot 2   see Dorothy (DOWD) SHELDON,

DRAKE Clariecy E. Sec. J, Lot 5 b. 1858 d. Mar 7, 1912 dau of Loren R. CLARK
& Rosanna VAN CAMP; wife of Wm. H. DRAKE; aged 53y, 8m, 21d (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

DRAKE William H. Sec. J, Lot 5 b. 1840 d. Nov 11, 1908 son of Thomas DRAKE
& Syble CROOKS; aged 65yr; wife of Clariecy E. CLARK (VRV) Vital Records

DRAPER John E. Sr. Sec. M, Lot 16  d. July 20, 1969  unmarked
grave; died in North Syracuse, NY, aged 60yr Burial Permit

DRAPER Martha E. Sec. L, Lot 15   see Martha E. (DRAPER)

DU BOIS Amos Eli Sec. K, Lot 8 b. Sept 14, 1872 Volney, NY d. June 11, 1946
son of Valentine DU BOIS & Maria BARTLETT; husb of Ruth A. BARTLETT
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

DU BOIS Cornelia A. Sec. C1, Lot 5   see Cornelia A. (DU

DU BOIS Harry Valentine Sec. K, Lot ? b. Jan 18, 1920 d. Aug 15, 1944 son
of Amos Eli DU BOIS & Ruth Adelle BARTLETT; unmarried; WWII, Co. B,
14th A. Div; killed by gunshot at Ft Campbell, KY Burial Permit

DU BOIS Luava Sec. K, Lot 1? b. 1912  dau of Orra BAILEY (Patriot
news) & Sadie M. SHEPHERD; wife of Lyman A. DUBOIS, m: 4/30/1928

DU BOIS Lucy E. Sec. K, Lot 6   see Lucy E. (DU BOIS) GRAVES

DU BOIS Lyman A. Sec. K, Lot 17 b. 1907 m. Apr 30, 1928 son of Adelbert DU
BOIS (Patriot news); husb of Luava BAILEY

DU BOIS Lyman C. Sec. Q, Lot 1 b. 1910  son of Stewart DU BOIS; husb
of Marion A. RATH, m: 11/10/1934 (VRV)

DU BOIS Marion Amelia Sec. Q, Lot 1 b. Aug 14, 1907 d. Aug 8, 1971 dau of
Wm. RATH & Amelia WATERSTREET; wife of Lyman C. DU BOIS, m: 11/10/1934
(VRV) Vital Records Fulton

DU BOIS Ruth Adelle Sec. K, Lot 8 b. Mar 12, 1898 Scriba, NY d. Mar 2, 1949
dau of Monroe BARTLETT & Mary BAKER; wife of Amos E. DU BOIS (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

DUELL Edith C. Sec. K, Lot 14 b. July 17, 1892 May 20, 1974 dau of Edward
JERRED & Nellie MC DONALD; wife of Leon J. DUELL Vital Records Fulton

DUELL Harold Irwin Sec. J, Lot 19 b. 1902  husb to Ruby Evangeline
BRESNAHAN, m: 4/17/1923

DUELL Leon J. Sec. K, Lot 14 b. Apr 30, 1894  Parish, NY d. May 20,
1967 son of Frank DUELL & Hattie MOWERS MOR?; husb of Edith C. JERRED
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

DUELL Luella May Sec. B, Lot 6   see Luella May (DUELL) IVES,
MC DOUGALL; wife of Edgar Andrew IVES 1875-1932; wife of Edwin James MCDOUGALL

DUELL Ruby Evangeline Sec. J, Lot 19 b. 1905 d. Dec 15, 1973 dau of John
BRESNAHAN;  wife of Harold Irwin DUELL, m: 4/17/1923 Burial Permit

DUMAS Gertrude W. Sec. J, Lot 14 1909  maiden name HASKINS

DUMONT Arthur W. Sr. Sec. N, Lot 17 b. June 20, 1906 (VRV) d. Oct 2, 1972
son of Erwin DUMONT & Mary WICKHAM; husb of Iva M. DEMASS, m: 10/20/1928
(Patriot news); aged 66 yr (VRV) Vital Records Volney

DUMONT Iva M. Sec. N, Lot b. 17 Sept 13, 1907 d. Apr 4, 1977 dau of Henry
DEMASS & Minnie SHORTSLEEVE; wife of Arthur W. DUMONT Sr., m: 10/20/1928
(Patriot news) (VRV) Vital Records Volney

DUMONT Nellie Sec. N, Lot 18   see Nellie (DUMONT) WOODSIDE

DURFEY George Stephen Sec. K, Lot 12 b. July 26, 1965  Fulton, NY
Sept 22, 1966 son of Stephen DURFEY & Naomi KERFIEN Burial Permit

DURFEY Irene Mae Sec. K, Lot 12 b. 1969 d. Jan 6, 1972  Syracuse, NY
dau of Stephen DURFEY & Naomi KERFIEN; aged 2yr

DURFEY Norma Jean Sec. K, Lot 12 b. Oct 5, 1951  Fulton, NY d. Oct 9,
1960 dau of Stephen DURFEY & Naomi KERFIEN

DUTCHER Frank B. Sec. I, Lot 6 b. Oct 3, 1858 d. July 10, 1931 son of James
DUTCHER & Emily BRADLEY; husb of Ida L. SPRINGER (VRV) Vital Records

DUTCHER Ida L. Sec. I, Lot 6 b. 1862 d. Feb 14, 1911 dau of Edward SPRINGER
& Ida WALKER; wife of Frank B. DUTCHER; aged 48y,1m,24d (VRV) Vital
Records Volney
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