Biography of Charles G. Terry, Hastings, NY  

Many thanks to Esther M. Rancier for all her hard work and time put into these biographies of Oswego County, NY families.   It is much appreciated.  There are many more coming online. 

      England had many Terry families. More than a dozen lines immigrated to the New World. Some settled in the south and others in New England. They are not considered related. The particular Terry family in this sketch arose in Hampshire. They were not one of the Terry clans of goldsmiths from near London.

      Stephen1 Terry of Long Sutton, Hampshire wed in 1555 Alice Cannar. Their son John2 Terry was born in Long Sutton the same year. John2 wed Mary White. On 25 August 1608 at Stockton, Wiltshire their child Stephen3 was born. The family lived at Stockton when John2 died on 10 May 1625.

      Young Stephen3 came to America in 1630 on the Mary and John settling in Dorchester, MA where in 1635 he wed Joan/Jane Hardy, born 13 July 1613 in Stratton, Dorset. They had five children: the first in Dorchester, the rest in Windsor, CT. His son John4 Terry, born 6 March 1637/38, became a farmer in Simsbury, CT, serving in the local militia as a lieutenant. 

      John4 wed on 27 November 1662 in Hartford, CT Elizabeth Wadsworth, daughter of William Wadsworth and Elizabeth Stone. She had eleven children. They had a son John5 who died young. Following colonial custom the next male child in 1684 was again called John5. Father John4 who was called Lt. John4 Terry died 30 April 1691 at Simsbury. He left a will naming his children, giving his sons Samuel 5 and John5 the major portion of his estate. His wife Elizabeth died 12 March 1715. Indians slaughtered his daughter Elizabeth and her son in September 1677.

      Young John5 on 4 August 1714 wed Mary Roby. They also had a son John6. His father died on 25 May 1725. His mother remarried John Fowler. John6 Terry married 9 April 1739 in Farmington, CT Martha Gridley, born ca. 1717 at Farmington. They too had a son John7 called John7 Gridley Terry, born 22 September 1749 at Simsbury. John served as a private in the Revolutionary War. However, family records call him Captain John G. Terry. Where the title came from is uncertain. When the old soldiers lived to ripe old ages as John7 G. did, they often used officer’s titles. The old men’s memories were uncertain. Truth and historical accounts became blurred in their minds. Wonderful stories of action emerged, which when investigated did not hold up. That might have been the case with John7 Gridley Terry. 

      On 29 June 1772 Capt. John7 wed Phebe Case. Phebe was the daughter of Capt. Charles Case and Phebe Holcomb. Phebe and John7 had five sons and four daughters: John8, Erastus, Ralph, Norman, Griswold, Wealthy, Lovisa, Phebe and Chloe. They resided at Simsbury, being enumerated in the 1790 U.S. census as 2-3-5. Capt. John7, Phebe, young John8, Chloe, Erastus, Wealthy, and young Phebe removed to Geddes, Onondaga Co., NY before 1810.

      Geddes was being settled because it was situated on a dry salt lake bed. Harvesting the salt meant earning a good living. The salt in Onondaga County was at that time the largest salt deposit known in the new United States. The newly formed government had great interest in its development and the distribution of the salt across the former colonies. The salt there became one of the motivations to built the Erie Canal for faster, cheaper transport of the white salty prize to world markets. 

      John7 G. and his family were enumerated in the 1810 census in Onondaga County. The count showed one daughter and four young males. Not all of his children came to the salt flats with him. 

      Son Erastus8, born 9 July 1778, wed Alsa Gasper, born 25 February 1785 at Simsbury. His household was counted separately in 1810. By 1830 Erastus and Alsa resided in another salt center, Salina, NY, a few miles away, with three sons and two daughters. Erastus died on 9 June 1838. Alsa died 5 April 1841.

      John7 G.’s son Ralph8, born 15 November 1780, wed Maria Vroman. This couple did not live in Geddes. Family members believe Ralph went to Michigan, but this fact could not be verified.

      Brother Norman8, born 27 August 1788, wed Sally Works. He died 20 September 1820. Brother Griswold8, born 27 January 1794, wed Laura Woodford. He died on 20 June 1837. Daughter Chloe8, born 16 February 1791, never married. She died on 27 October 1824. 

      Daughter Lovisa/Louisa8, born 4 May 1776, wed Dositheus Humphrey, son of Lydia Humphrey, on 21 February 1799. They lived in Simsbury where they had a son Benajah, born on 4 December 1805. Dositheus died on 7 June 1853 at age 78. Lovisa died 10 September 1866. Son Benajah9 married Olive Goodwin. He died in 1882 at Hartford, CT.

      John7 G.’s daughter Phebe8, born 1 May 1783, married Salmon Holcombe. They had one son Terry Holcombe, born ca. 1805. Phebe died 8 October 1820 at age 37. In 1840 Salmon and his son Terry9 were enumerated separately in the 1940 Hastings, Oswego Co., NY census. In Terry’s household the inhabitants were 1 female age 30-40; a female aged 5-10; 1 male aged 5-10; plus Terry himself. 

      Phebe’s sister Wealthy8, born during June 1786, wed Mannasseh Eaton. In 1810 they lived in Marcellus, NY. By 1840 and 1850 this family resided at Elbridge, NY. In the 1850 census they were counted thusly:

      Eaton, Mannasseh -69-farmer-MA

      Eaton, Wealthy -63-wife-CT

      Eaton, Charles -22-son-NY

      Eaton, Sarah -18-daughter-NY

      Charles9 Eaton also worked as a farmer. Wealthy died on 6 April 1857.

      John7 G. Terry died 20 February 1837 at Geddes. His wife Phebe had died on 10 October 1824. Their son John8, born 14 February 1773 at Simsbury, wed Rebecca Yale, born 13 March 1780, daughter of Elisha Yale and Rebecca North. John8 and Rebecca lived in Hastings, NY in the 1840 census. Their unmarried son Charles9 lived with them. John8 Terry died between 1840/49. Family records put the date earlier, but he seemed included in the 1840 census.

      The 1850 Hastings census showed Charles9 G. Terry, born 15 November 1814 in Onondaga County who married ca. 1844 Mahala Malinda Schuyler, born 7 December 1818 in Syracuse, as the head of household.

      Terry, Charles -35-farmer-NY-$2500

      Terry, Mahala -29-wife-NY

      Terry, Mary -4-daughter-NY

      Terry, John -3-son-NY

      Terry, Rebecca -70-mother-CT

      plus I hired hand

      Rebecca died 2 November 1850 according to the IGI. Family records put the date twenty plus years later, but no census supported the later date.

      The family remained in Hastings. The 1860 census revealed the following:

      Terry, Charles -45-farmer-NY-$2850

      Terry, Mahala -41-wife-NY

      Terry, Mary -14-daughter-NY

      Terry, John -13-son-NY

      Terry, Schuyler -8-son-NY

      Terry, Martha -5-daughter-NY

      Terry, Hiram -1-son-NY

      Charles9 Terry returned his family to Geddes by the 1870 census.

      Terry, Charles G -54-farmer-NY

      Terry, Mahala -57-wife-NY

      Terry, John Y -22-son-NY

      Terry, J Tyler -18- ?-NY

      Terry, Martha -14-daughter-NY

      Terry, Gerome [sic] -11-son-NY

      Terry, Charles -7-son-NY

      Daughter Mary10 wed Charles William LaGrange. They stayed at Hastings. They were enumerated in the 1880 census there.

      LaGrange, Charles -33-carpenter-NY

      LaGrange, Mary -33-wife-NY

      LaGrange, Elias F -9-son-NY

      LaGrange, Charles E -8-son-NY

      LaGrange, Cora E -6-daughter-NY

      LaGrange, Charlott [sic] -1-daughter-NY

      In 1891 another child Maud LaGrange was born. During the late 1880's the family lived in Syracuse. A family member believed Charles LaGrange was included in the 1910 Sonoma, CA census, but without Mary. Other evidence suggested Mary died before 1900.

      Charles9 G. and Mahala remained in Geddes for the 1880 census with their younger children.

      Terry, Charles -65-farmer-NY

      Terry, Mahala -61-wife-NY

      Terry, Schuyler W -22-son-NY

      Terry, Martha A -21-daughter-NY

      Terry, Charles E -17-son-NY

      Schuyler10 W. had become a lawyer. Martha10 made shirts. On 7 July 1889 Charles9 G. died in Syracuse. He was buried in the Myrtle Hill Cemetery there.

      Son Jerome10, age 22, by 1880 lived in the 5th Ward of Syracuse. He had wed an English born girl Maggie, age 22. They had a son "Johnie", age 1. 

      Son John10 Y. Terry, age 32, had married Marcia F., age 29. They resided in Danforth, NY.

      Daughter Martha10 wed English born Alfred Holbs ca. 1887. By the 1900 Syracuse census they lived in Ward 13 with Martha’s widowed mother Mahala. 

      Holbs, Alfred -39-foreman in steel works-ENG

      Holbs, Martha J -41-wife-NY

      Terry, Mahala -81-mother-in-law-NY

      LaGrange, Maud -9-niece-NY

      plus one female servant

      Maud11 could be living here due to the death(?) of her mother Mary or just visiting. In this census Martha stated she had never borne a child. Mahala said she had had six children, all living. (If accurate, then the male called J. Tyler Terry in the 1870 census was not a family member, but hired help probably really a J. Tyler.) Later Mahala died on 26 February 1904 in Syracuse. She was buried with her husband in Myrtle Hill Cemetery. 

      Living nearby was Schuyler10 Terry, Martha’s brother, born 5 July 1851 in Hastings. On 3 August 1882 Schuyler10 married Lottie Schuyler Henn, born 12 March 1860 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Her father was born in Germany. After 1880 Schuyler10 had traveled west to Iowa where he apparently spent several years before returning back to Syracuse.

      Terry, Schuyler -47-lawyer-NY

      Terry, Charlotte S -40-wife-IA

      Terry, Harry W -15–son-IA

      Terry, George P -11-son-IA

      Two other brothers also lived in Syracuse in the 12th Ward. 

      Terry, John Joseph [sic] -52-president of plaster company-NY

      Terry, Marcia F -49-wife-NY

      Scammill, Mary J -79-mother-in-law-NY

      Marcia stated she had no children. They resided at 803 Oswego Street.

      Also in the Syracuse 12th Ward was the residence of Charles10 E. Terry. In 1890 he wed Maud.

      Brother Jerome10 by the 1900 census lived in Ward 10, Providence, RI. He and Maggie had been married for 21 years.

      Terry, Jerome H -41-box maker-NY

      Terry, Maggie M -41-wife-ENG

      Terry, Laurie -19-daughter-NY

      Terry, Gale C -6-son-NY

      Terry, Earl -3-son-NY

      By 1920 Gale11 C. Terry lived in San Francisco, CA. He had wed Lydia Woodworth. The census included the following:

      Terry, Gale C -26-gilder of leather-NY

      Terry, Lydia -21-wife-CA

      Terry, Madelin M -2-daughter-CA

      Terry, Russell W -8 months-son-CA

      Walker, Margaret -61-mother-OHIO

      Margaret Walker worked as a seamstress. She apparently had married again after Jerome’s death. Note the place of birth was changed. 

      In the 1930 San Francisco census the household had altered. 

      Terry, Yale [sic] -36-leather worker-NY

      Terry, Lydia C -37-wife-CAN

      Terry, Madelin -12-daughter-CA

      Terry, William -11-son-CA

      Woodworth, David H -33-brother-in-law-CAN

      David Woodworth worked as a baker. Note the change in Lydia’s birthplace.

      Schuyler10 Terry died on 15 March 1913 in Watertown, Codington Co., SD, according to family records. By the 1920 census his widow, son Harry11 William Terry and his wife Lorena Margaret Stevens of Chicago whom he wed at Crown Point, IN on 25 October 1911, were all residing in St. Paul, MN. Son George11 P. seemed to have died young.

      Terry, Harry W -34-mechanical engineer -NY

      Terry, Lorena S -31-wife-IL

      Terry, Lorena -7-daughter-IL

      Terry, Helen V -3 months-daughter-MN

      Terry, Lottie S -54-mother-IA

      Stephens, Loren S -14-brother-in-law-IL

      There are known living heirs of Harry11 and Lorena. Harry11 died 27 March 1969 in Levittown, PA. 

      Brother Charles10 E. Terry’s children also headed west. In 1920 Ernest11 C. Terry, age 25, worked in Twin Falls, ID as a carpenter installing floors. He was unmarried living as a lodger. In 1921 he wed Marion S. from Utah. They resided in Berkeley, CA by the 1930 census at 1671 San Lorenzo Avenue. 

      Terry, Ernest C -35-policeman, City of Berkeley-NY

      Terry, Marion S -28-wife-UTAH

      Terry, Marion S -7-daughter-ID

      Terry, Carol L -5-daughter-CA

      Terry, Ernest E -4-son-CA

      William11 D. Terry lived at 1679 San Lorenzo Ave. near Ernest in 1930.

      Terry, William D -35-deputy sheriff, Alameda County-NY

      Terry, Clair B -35-wife-IL

      Terry, Hazel W -12-daughter-CA

      Terry, Norman W -9-son-CA

      Ernest11 and William’s11 brother Lester11 stayed in San Francisco in the 1930 census. They lived at 62 Ellington Street. 

      Terry, Lester -32-floor layer-NY

      Terry, Gertrude -33-wife-ENG

      Terry, Shirley -8-daughter-CA

      Terry, Lester, Jr. -5-son-CA

      Baker, Anna -61-mother-in-law-ENG

      Baker, Arthur -36-brother-in-law-ENG

      Baker, Frederick -28-brother-in-law-ENG

      Baker, Harry -27-brother-in-law-ENG

      Arthur Baker sold furniture. Frederick worked as a printer at a magazine. Harry clerked in a dry goods store. 

      Special thanks go to Janet Nelson <> for sharing her information.


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