Biography of Samuel Crandall Larkin, Mexico, NY  
Samuel Crandall Larkin, 
Town of Mexico, NY 
Many thanks to Esther M. Rancier for all her hard work and time put into these biographies of Oswego County, NY families.   It is much appreciated.  There are many more coming online. 
      It is widely agreed that the founder of the Rhode Island Larkin family before 1655 was Edward Larkin. The early history of Edward and his descendants was recorded by John O. Austin in his definitive work, The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island. Some family researchers believe Samuel Larkin of Westerly, RI was a grandson of Edwardís.  

      About 1730 Samuel Larkin wed Sarah Crandall of South Kingston, RI, daughter of Samuel Crandall and Sarah Kenyon. They had a son also named Samuel Larkin. He wed on 14 July 1764 Sarah Larkin, born 1741, a daughter of Nicholas Larkin and Sarah Kenyon.  

      Young Samuel and Sarah had a son William, born ca. 1775. William left a will proved on 6 June 1836 after he died on 18 April 1836 in Woodville, RI. The will mentioned his wife Bathsheba Webster, whom he wed on 21 January 1798 in Richmond, RI. Bathsheba died 7 November 1849 in Woodville. The will included the names of ten children. There were two others who apparently had died young. 

      One of Williamís sons Samuel Crandall Larkin, born 27 January 1803, married in December 1826 at Hopkinton, RI Judith Hoxie. Many people from RI moved into New York State after 1800. Samuel moved to Mexico, Oswego Co., NY sometime between 1833/36. The three oldest children were born in RI, while after 1837 the younger children were all New Yorkers.  

      At the age of 36 in 1842 Judith (Hoxie) Larkin died. She was buried in the Mexico Village Cemetery. She apparently died from childbirth. Her one year old daughter Mary died in 1843. The baby also was placed in the same cemetery with her mother. 

      Samuel C. wed again before 1850 Ruth Green, born 1804. In the 1850 census Mexico census this family was enumerated. 

      Larkin, Samuel C -42-farmer-RI

      Larkin, Ruth -46-wife-RI

      Larkin, Eliza -22-daughter-RI

      Larkin, Green -19-son-RI

      Larkin, Almira -17-daughter-RI

      Larkin, William H -13-NY

      Larkin, Gilbert -11-son-NY

      Larkin, Horace -10-son-NY

      Ruth never had any children with Samuel. In the 1860 Mexico census this family was counted thusly:

      Larkin, S C -57-farmer-RI-$9220

      Larkin, Ruth -55-wife-RI

      Larkin, Eliza -31-daughter-RI

      Larkin, Almira -27-daughter-NY

      Larkin, W H -22-son-NY

      Larkin, Horace -20-son-NY

      Son Green had begun his own household. He resided in Mexico after marrying Juliette Kibby. She was the daughter of A. and Louisa Kibby.  

      Larkin, Green -28-farmer-NY-$150

      Larkin, Juliette -24-wife-NY

      Larkin, Fred -7-son-NY

      Larkin, Adda -3-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Samíl C -1-son-NY

      Greenís brother Gilbert, age 21, worked as a day laborer in New Haven. Gilbert lived with A. A. Severance. 

      When the Civil War began many men enlisted from Mexico. The Larkins were not so inspired. Finally Green enlisted as a private on 1 September 1864, age 32, in Company I, 184th NY Infantry Regiment. This regiment was then and now called the Oswego County Regiment. Company I was recruited from the towns of Palermo, New Haven, Mexico, Hannibal, and Constantia. This unit only served for a few months, yet one officer and 10 enlisted men were killed and 27 died from disease. They fought in only two battles: Shenandoah Valley on 7 October 1864 and Cedar Creek, VA on 19 October 1864. Green was mustered out on 29 June 1865 in City Point, VA.  

      Samuel Crandall Larkin died in 1871. In the same year his daughter Eliza, age 43, died also. His wife Ruth died in 1885. All of the above were buried in the Mexico Village Cemetery.  

      The family was scattered out in three towns of Oswego County during the 1870 census. Green remained in Mexico. 

      Larkin, Gray [sic] -39-stone mason-RI-$200

      Larkin, Juliet [sic] -37-wife-NY

      Larkin, Fred -16-son-IL

      Larkin, Adda -13-daughter-IL

      Larkin, Cora -9-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Anna -7-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Mertie [sic] -5-daughter-NY

      In the 1870 census Gilbert had settled in Scriba, NY. 

      Larkin, Gibbard [sic] -31-farmer-NY-$2200

      Larkin, Mina -27-wife-NY

      Larkin, Alvin -4-son-NY

      Larkin, Minnie -4-daughter-NY

      Mina died between this census and 1872 when Gilbert married again. In this listing the children appear to be twins, but they had different ages in later census. 

      Brother William H. set up his home in Hastings, NY by 1870. 

      Larkin, William -32-farmer-NY-$3000

      Larkin, Adalaide -25-wife-NY

      Larkin, Henry -1-son-NY

      William died in 1875. His wife, called Adeline on her gravestone, lived to 1910. Both were buried in the Mexico Village Cemetery. 

      In the 1880 Mexico census Samuel C. Larkinís widow Ruth resided with her step-daughter Almira Larkin, age 35. Green lived close enough to assist her if necessary. 

      Larkin, Grem [sic] -49-farmer-RI

      Larkin, Iwetta [sic] -45-wife-NY

      Larkin, Myrtie -15-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Roy -2-son-NY

      Greenís son Samuel, age 21, worked as a laborer for Albert Newton in Lysander, NY. 

      Also living in Mexico 1880 was Horace Larkin, age 40, who wed Mary E. Mills, born ca. 1848 in Johnstown, NY. She was the daughter of David P. Mills and Esther Jane Evans. The young couple lived with an unrelated medical student. They were childless. Mary died on 15 May 1891. 

      Gilbert continued residing in Scriba. The 1880 census showed the following: 

      Larkin, Gilbert -41-farmer-stone mason-NY

      Larkin, Lottie H -34-wife-NY

      Larkin, Alvin R -16-son-NY

      Larkin, Minnie R -14-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Almira B -3-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Jennie U -1-daughter-NY

      Gilbert removed to New Haven by the 1900 census. He had been married 28 years to the same woman, Charlotte, called Lottie. Lottie was the daughter of Chas. S. Cheever and Ursula Legg. 

      Larkin, Gilbert -61-RR station agent-NY

      Larkin, Sharlott [sic] -54-wife-NY

      Larkin, Charley C -18-son-NY

      Larkin, George G -16-son-NY

      Larkin, Marion -13-daughter-NY

      Cheever, William M -53-brother-in-law-NY

      Charley C. worked as a laborer on the railroad. George G. toiled as a farm laborer.  

      Greenís daughter Cora, born 20 April 1860, wed in February 1877 in Syracuse, NY Frank Fremont Seamans. She became the mother of four children. 

      Greenís son Roy K. settled at New Haven by 1900. 

      Larkin, Roy -22-farmer-NY

      Larkin, Cora W -19-wife-NY

      Larkin, Hazel -1-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Green -69-father-RI

      Larkin, Juliette -65-mother-NY

      Roy and Cora were close to being newlyweds. Cora stated she had borne one child. Later she had more. There are graves in the Mexico Village Cemetery for these children: Blanch Larkin (1906-1925) and Ruth Larkin (1908-1911). Roy K. Larkin was born in 1878, died in 1957. Cora M. was born 1881, died in 1973. They were both buried in the Mexico Village Cemetery with their children.  

      Also residing in New Haven was Greenís son Samuel . The 1900 census showed the following enumeration. 

      Larkin, Samuel -41-day lanorer-NY

      Larkin, Amy -35-wife-NY

      Larkin, Florence -16-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Grace B -15-daughter-NY 

      Larkin, Harrison M -11-son-NY

      Larkin, Floyd A -9-son-NY

      Larkin, Ethel -7-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Fanny -4-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Ausita [sic] -2-daughter-NY

      Samuel and Amy had been married for 18 years. Amy stated she had borne 8 children, with 7 still surviving.  

      By the 1900 Mexico census Horace Larkin had remarried.  

      Larkin, Horace -59-farmer-NY

      Larkin, Naomi -43-wife-OH

      Larkin, Mary E -1-daughter-NY

      Horace and Naomi had been married for five years. Naomi stated she had borne one child. 

      In the 1910 Mexico census Horace, age 70, and Naomi J., age 56, lived with their daughter Mary, age 11. Horace died in 1918, but Naomi lived to 1933. They were both buried in the Mexico Village Cemetery. 

      Green Larkin, age 78, still stayed in Mexico with Juliette, age 74. They had been married 56 years according to the 1910 census. Juliette stated she had borne seven children, all surviving. Green died in 1911. He was interred in the Mexico Village Cemetery.  

      Samuelís daughter Ethel, age 17, worked as a servant in the house of Frank Howard at New Haven in 1910. 

      By the 1920 Mexico census Greenís widow lived with her daughter Myrtie R. who married Coleman H. Chadwick from Canada. 

      Chadwick, Coley [sic] -59- blank-Canada

      Chadwick, Myrtie R -54-wife-NY

      Chadwick, Robert L -16-son-NY

      Larkin, Juliette -84-mother-in-law-NY

      Juliette died in 1922 along with her daughter Myrtie. They were both buried in the Mexico village Cemetery. 

      Horaceís widow also lived in 1920 Mexico.  

      Larkin, Naomi -63-widow-OH

      Larkin, Mary E -21-daughter-NY

      Naomi died in 1933. She was buried in the Mexico Village Cemetery. 

      Samuel C. had removed to Oswego in 1920. 

      Larkin, Samuel C -60-street car motorman -IL

      Larkin, Amy -55-wife-NY

      Larkin, Ruth -15-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Alice -13-daughter-NY

      Samuel died in 1938 according to his stone in the Mexico Village Cemetery. 

      Samuelís son Floyd A. settled in Scriba. In the 1920 census for Scriba Floydís family was enumerated. 

      Larkin, Floyd A -28-farm laborer-NY

      Larkin, Ethel B -27-wife-NY

      Larkin, Florence N -5-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Eva E -5-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Harold K -3-son-NY

      Larkin, Genevieve M -1-daughter-NY

      In the 1930 New Haven census Charles C. Larkin, son of Gilbert, was recorded. 

      Larkin, Charles C -48-farmer-NY

      Larkin, Ethel M -35-wife-VT

      Larkin, Dorothy A -18-daughter-NY

      Larkin, Kenneth C -16-son-NY

      The Larkin family has contributed much "sweat equity" to the county. Honest, hard-working, a close knit family, the Larkins and people like them made the area prosper and provide a place where local pride could only grow. 


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