Boardway/Beaudoin Family History, Oswego, NY  
Boardway/Beaudoin Family History,
Oswego, NY

My father is from upstate New York, Oswego, Scriba area and moved to Nova Scotia in the mid 1950's following honorable discharge from US Navy.  I have highlighted my direct line.  See if this helps with any connections....many of the US Census records list people as Born Can Fr without a place name.  I would love to hear from any researchers with possible further connections for me.  Many thanks. 
Will send marriages and known children of same for all of the sons and daughters in all of these families on next post.  Sincerely, Bob Boardway.  <> 

This is a photo of five generations taken about 1927.
Bottom right is Susan Peacock Boardway, bottom left is her son John (Jack) Boardway, 
top right is his daughter Clara Boardway Kline, top left is her daughter Alice Kline Hart and 
her baby son Gerald Hart Junior.

The second photo is my Great Grandparents John (Jack) Boardway and Rose Peashey Boardway
and their 5oth wedding anniversary taken in 1941, these folks had a farm on the Hall Road.

First some speculation then birth dates, marriages, deaths etc.

Joseph Beaudoin born about 1783 Canada died Sept 23, 1860 Oswego NY possibly came to USA in 1854
wife unknown

Julius H born 1824 died 1910,
Margaret/Lizza Pullen born 1811-15 range died 1873 Oswego,
Mary Broe born 1831

possibly also father of the following person named Jerome but not confirmed yet which is my side of the family

1.  Jerome Beaudoin born 1804 Canada died August 15,1880 Oswego NY married Catherine (Kate) no surname available born 1802 Canada died 1880 Oswego NY

Jerome Junior born 1830 died Dec 31,1876 Oswego NY
Peter born June 1836 Canada died Dec 4, 1906 Oswego NY
Rhonda born 1843
Kate born 1845
unknown child

2.  Peter Beaudoin is supposed to have changed the name to Boardway, he is listed on NY Census 1865 as born Can Fr, listed on 1900 Census as "Bourduay" 
he married in 1861 Susan Peacock born May 15, 1845 Oswego and died Nov 13, 1928.  He is listed as a labourer and a naturalized citizen, lived at 141 Albany Street Oswego NY

William Born Nov 1862 died 1911
John Francis born March 1866 Oswego, died 1951
George born 1869 died 1946
Mary born 1872 died 1970
Jerome (Romie)Nelson born 1873 died 1924
Emmaline (Emma) born 1874 died 1957 often used old family surname of Beaudoin
Anna born May 1881 died 1948
Peter born April 1883 died 1950
Harriet (Hattie) born June 1886 died 1964
Edward Henry (went by Henry) born May 1888 died 1944 

3.  John Francis Boardway (Jack) Born March 1866 died 1951 married Rose Peashey (Piece' or Peasha) born Dec 1868 or 67?,  marriage Jan 8th 1889, St Louis Catholic Church, farmer on the Hall Road in Scriba NY, left thumb was lost in accident when caught in a cleat on canal

George died at a young age
John died at a young age
Clara E born Oct 1890 died Nov 1981
Susie B born March 1894
Nelson G born January 1896 died 1918 flu epidemic
Charles L? (my Grandfather, his middle name was Alonzo) born September 1899 died August 1973 Red Creek NY
Edward born 1903 died June 1988
Rose born 1908 died 1938

4.  Charles Alonzo Boardway (Barney) Born Sept 1899 died 1973 married Alice Barbara Coad born 1900 died 1978 Oswego NY

Rowena (Rena) born 1924
Alonzo William (Sonny) born 1927 US Navy Veteran WW II
Charles Francis (Chuck) born 1931 - 2002 US Navy Veteran
Joseph Robert born 1935 US Navy Veteran Korea
Barbara  born 1940 died 1980

5.  Joseph Robert Boardway (Joe) born 1935 Oswego NY married Dorothy Jean Morrell (Jean) born 1931 Nova Scotia, marriage took place 1957 Nova Scotia, reside in NS


Robert Alfred Nova Scotia
Deborah Jean Nova Scotia

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