1800 TO 1838

Repository: Town of Pembroke Historian, Corfu, NY 14036

Provided courtesy of Virginia Cameron, Fabius Village historian

Submitted by Kathy Crowell, October 2002

“Rev. Hugh Wallis of Massachusetts, came to Pembroke about 1816 and settled on 200 acres which he purchased of John Long. He was pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Corfu and later in life moved to Rochester. He died in Gates over 80 years of age. He was a graduate of Yale and was a sound and acceptable preacher. His oldest son, Hugh, lived on the old homestead until his death in 1881” (Genesee County Gazetteer & Biographical Record by Beers 1788-1890, p. 638).

Gates Center Cemetery at Buffalo and Howard Roads behind the old Gates Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Hugh Wallis d. Sept. 7, 1848

ae. 81 yrs. 3 mos.

Nabby, wife of Rev. H. Wallis, widow

of Dr. Ezra Butterfield d. April

2, 1860 ae. 71


Journal- 23 Sept. 1800 - inside front cover:

“Association at Milton South Society, the last Tuesday of May at the home of Mr. Silas Reeses (or Russes).

Meet Mr. Denon (Darrow) at Tully, at Esq. Mason’s the 2nd Tuesday in April.”


“On Tuesday, September 23rd 1800 -- I set out on my journey into the western part of the State of New York. On Saturday about 12 o’clock arrived at a town north of the Mohawk River called Fairfield -- was hospitably entertained by R. Moses Mather. Preached on the sabbath to a considerable number of people who appeared to pay very good attention to the preaching. After the afternoon preaching baptized a child.

On Monday left Fairfield. I arrive at Utica or Fort Schyler - Tarried at Bagg’s Tavern. On Tuesday arrived at Rev. Mr. Steels in Paris. Had an agreeable interview with him -- On Wednesday called upon Dr. Sampson, formerly of Bath -- had conversation with him with respect to his affairs, his views of religion, etc. I tarried with him until Thursday morning. -- On Thursday, by Rev. R. Steels direction, I went to Bridgewater, called upon Col. Coverse (sp?) had an agreeable interview with him. He informed me that they expected preaching the next sabbath; but desired me to preach a lecture on Friday at 2 o’clock which I consented to do. On Friday preached according to agreement to an attentive, tho not large audience, from (?)an 1.4. By the desire of a man from Litchfield I consented to go to that place to keep the Sabbath. On Saturday the 4th of October, left my brother Glass’s for Litchfield. On Sunday the 5th October, preached at Litchfield & in the evening returned & preached at brother Glass’s. On Monday the 6th wrote letters to the Rev. R. Taggart, my father and Mrs. Wallis by R. Glass.

On Tuesday the 7th left R. Glass’s came to Hamilton 4th town called upon Elder Roots. Tarried with him & preached a lecture in the evening--On Wednesday the 8th October left Elder Roots & came to Deacon McCrillis’s in the afternoon heard Rev. R. Cram, one of the Massachusetts Missionaries, preach a sermon -- spent the evening with him at Deacon McCrillis’s. On Thursday the 9th, left Deacon McCrillis’s for Solon. Met my brother about 1 O’clock P.M. and after some conversation he returned home in company with me. Spent the remainder of the week at my brothers & other places in the neighborhood. Preached on the Sabbath forenoon from Mat. 6.19,20 -- in the afternoon from Phil. 2.5 On Wednesday evening the people here had a meeting, & desired me to preach with them (at sabbath). On Friday the 17th Oct. heard Mr. Jerome preach in this space. He is a missionary from Connecticut. He having appointed to preach here on the Sabbath, I on Saturday the 18th. Went to Homer, Preached on the Sabbath. Felt some freedom in the afternoon excercise. Was desired to preach a Lecture on Monday, which I accordingly did. Went on Monday to Lieut. Hoar’s where I attended a conference with a number of people who came in, in the evening. Had agreeable religious conversation with two young women of the family, who appeared much engaged in religion. On Tuesday morning, left Lieut. Hoars for Solon. Called upon & dined with Squire Miller. Had agreeable conversation with him on the wings of religion. In the evening, returned to my brother’s.

On Thursday the 16th of October I bargained with the widow Rhoda Trowbridge for 100 acres of land & agreed to give her for it 950 dollars, 500 by the 10th of Dec. next, 450 a year from next Dec.

On the sabbath I preached to a considerably large & attentive audience. On Tuesday the 28th Oct. I left this company with Mrs. Trowbridge for Onondaga to get the Deed which she gave me of the land I purchased of her. Wednesday came Bridgewater. On Thursday pursued my journey to Albany where I arrived on Saturday evening. Attended meeting on the sabbath & heard the Rev. Mr. Nott preach. On Monday attended business in Albany & in the evening crossed the river to Troy. On Thursday the 18th Dec. arrived in Colrain.

April 24th 1801 --I left Colrain for the western part of the State of New York. Took tour thru’ Pittsfield (Mass.), Kinderhook (N.Y) Partava & so on to Windham. Arrived on Saturday at Capt. Rowley’s within 4 miles of my brother Clark’s. The Schoharrie Creek being too high to cross on horseback, I tarried at Capt. Rowley’s till about 4 o’clock -- and preached a sermon to a number of people who collected on the occasion. In the afternoon, went to my brother Clark’s in company of Capt. Rowley. Found him mending harness. Tarried with my brother & sister till Tuesday morning. On Monday afternoon, preached at brother Clark’s.

On Tuesday I left brother Clark’s for Unadilla and reached brother Glass’s on Thursday evening. Fond them in their usual health. My sister about a fortnight before had been put to bed with a daughter, but was so far recovered as to superintend the family affairs. Tarried at brother Glass’s until Monday. On the sabbath preached to the people in Bridgewater. On Monday left Bridgewater. On Thursday about 3 o’clock P.M. arrived at my own farm in Solon. Found things in as favorable situation as I expected. On the sabbath preached to the people. Had tolerably good attention paid to the discourses. On Tursday the people met & agreed to have me preach with them sixteen sabbaths at 3 Dollars per sabbath. The second sabbath in May was the first sabbath which I preached on the engagement.

About the 24th June I preached a lecture in Pompey. After the lecture one of the trustees desired me to return & preach with them on the sabbath which I engaged to do. Accordingly on the Son’s day the 12th of July preached at Pompey to a full assembly. In the evening married a couple. The man by the name of Willis _____. On 2 July preached a lecture at Mr. Rockville Wileman’s in Solon.

On July 3 preached a lecture at Schenglers Mills in DeRuyter where Mr. Wakley is the leader of the meeting.

*On Sabbath July 5th preached three sermons. Two at usual place, & one at Mr. Tinkers in Fabius. On Friday preached a Lecture at Mr. John Wallis’ in Fabius. On Saturday July 4th preached a lecture at Squire Wells in DeRuyter. Baptized a child for Squire Wells & wife. *interleaf.

On Tuesday the 30th June attended the funeral of Mr. Daniel McDugall the son of R. Daniell McDugall & preached on the occasion from Mat. 24 “therefore, be ye also readh”.

On Monday the 13th of July the Rev. Seth Williston called upon me & tarried with me until Tuesday 10 o’clock A.M. Had an agreeable interview with him. He desired me to attend a minister’s meeting at Rev. Mr. Chapin’s in Jericho which is to be Tuesday the 18th August.

On Saturday Mr. Jones a Candidate from Homer called upon me, & desired an exchange to which I agreed. On the sabbath morning July 19th went to Homer. In the forenoon preached from Zecha. 13.1. In the afternoon preached from Luke 5.32. The people were considerably attentive.

On Monday visited at several places in Homer. had an agreeable interview with Mr. Jones and his lady. On Tuesday the 21st returned home, accompanied with Mr. Jones who was going to Utica--who tarried & dined with me & after dinner pursued his journey.

On Saturday July 26 went to Pompey. On the sabbath preached from John 4.18. “There is no fear in love” etc. On Monday the 28 July left Pompey for Utica. On Tuesday arrived in Utica, did my business and rode to Whitesboro to Dr. Long’s - tarried with him till Wednesday. On Wednesday called upon Mrs. Ainsworth, tarried & dined with her & Mrs. Long. In the afternoon went to Paris & engaged my millstones for 45 dollars to be done by the first of January next. In the evening called upon Rev. Mr. Steel. The next morning called upon Dr. Sampson in order to do business with him as desired by his former wife. Spent the forenoon with him & dined. Concluded on the mode of doing the business in the afternoon, took my leave of him & returned to Mr. Steel’s. At 5 o’clock P.M. preached a lecture for Mr. Steel. The audience was considerably attentive. On Friday the 31 left Mr. Steel’s & came to Mr. Robert Avery’s. Tarried with him thro’ the night. He engaged to come on & build my house the 1st week in Sept. On Saturday, the 1st of August, I left Mr. Avery’s & came to Pompey. On the sabbath preached in the forenoon from John 3.7. In the afternoon from Lam. 3 “God is my position” etc. The audience were quite attentive. On Monday returned home.

On Sunday August 9th, preached at Solon.

On Thursday Aug. 12th preached a lecture at the Kinney’s settlement to a considerably attentive audience.

On Friday went to Pompey and preached a preparatory lecture to the church previous to the administration of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. After the lecture attended a church meeting. Five persons came forward as candidates for chh. communion. On the sabbath Aug. 15th preached in the forenoon from Cor. “For to whom ye yield ourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are” etc. In the afternoon preached from Cant. 1.4. “We will remember thy love”. After sermon baptized three adult persons & one infant & admitted five into the chh. & administered the Lord’s Supper to the church. It was quite an affectionate time among believers & the spectators were uncommonly quite solemn. On sabbath evening I returned home to Solon. On Monday morning I set out for Jerico on the Susquehanna River to attend a Conference of Minister & churches. On Monday evening I reached Lish & tarried with brother Williston at Gen. Pattersons. On Tuesday Brother Williston & I traveled in company to brother Chapin’s, where the conference was held. On Wednesday the Conference was held. The object of the conference was to cultivate acquaintance, promote uniformity of sentiment, attend to the matter of difficulty in the chhs, & give weight to the influence. Great harmony prevailed thro’ the whole of the meeting. At 11 o’clock A.M. I delivered a sermon on the occasion. In the evening returned to my brother Henry’s. Tarried there till Thursday morning. On Friday on my way home I preached a sermon at Mr. Wileman’s in Solon. In the evening arrived at my own home, where I found my father, & had a letter from my dear Maria. On the sabbath preached to the people in Solon as usual. On Sunday Aug. 30th preached at Solon from Luke 10.42 “But one thing is needful.”

Funerals Attended by Rev. Wallis


8 Sept. Mr. Timothy Jerome Fabius

9 Sept. Widow Bigelow

16 Sept. Mrs. Hudson wife of Henry

Oct. Infant child of Henry Hudson

5 Nov. Widow Jerome ae. 74

Dec. A boy of Mr. Conklin

10 Dec. Widow Marsh ae 86


10 March Mrs. Wallis, wife of Rev. Hugh Wallis

March Child of Mr. Nathaniel Gillett ae 1 yr.

8 April Daughter of Mr. Samuel Humphrey ae 14 yrs.

24 Aug. Child of Mr. Ambrose Stewart

24 Aug. Child of Mr. Levi Smith

30 Aug. Mrs. Desire Butler Manlius

May Mrs. Temperance Fowler

June Mrs. Levi Chase, Jr.

8 Sept. Mr. Levi Chase

31 May Child of Mr. Abbotts

Sept. Mrs. Desire Butler wife of Eben Butler

Sept. Child of Mr. Bradford

9 Sept. Mrs. Levi Chaer(?)

23 Sept. Wife of Samuel Johnson

23 Aug. Child of Ambrose Stewart buried

23 Aug. Levi Smith buried a child while I was absent

Oct. Mr. Isaac Conklin

Oct. Mrs. Nathan Davis

2 Nov. Mr. Nathan John ae 87

24 Nov. Widow Johnson ae 80

Nov. Child of Mr. Bartlett


12 Feb. Gideon Smith

13 Feb. child of Hooper Bishop

18 June Child of Mr. Tinsdel or Inisdel

June Child of Mr. Hart

June Mr. Caleb Chapel

2 Aug. Mr. Harmon ae 14 yrs

1 Sept. Mr. Anderson

4 Sept. Mr. Lovel

6 Sept. Mrs. Samuel Emmons

Feb. Child of Mr. Abraham Northup

30 Oct. Miss Lucitta Dunbar ae 15 yrs.

6 Nov. Mr. Benjamin Butler ae 59 yrs.

Oct. Miss Darling

Sept. Child of Enoch Wilcox

Sept. Laura Clark dau. of Dr. Des. Clark


Oct. Wife of Cap. John Bates

Dec. Child of Mr. Packard

Dec. Child of Mr. Packard [repeated twice; possible transcription error]


Feb. “child near the creek”

May Son of Mr. Jonathon Burgess

April Child of Mr. John Birdseye

May Child of Mr. Asahel Smith

July Mr. Nicholas

June Child of Mr. Jacob Paddock


April Miss Remiltance Nicholas (Remittance)?

14 July Widow Anna Dixon ae 79

Oct. Widow Hezia Howard ae 60

7 July Sarah Wood wife of Johnathon ae 76 yrs.


Feb. Child of Mrs. John Campbell ae 3 hours

19 Mar. Mr. Samuel King ae 68 yrs.

Aug. Child of Mr. Hale

1 Mar. Mrs. Holman

8 Mar. Mr. Williams at home of Rossel Campbell


16 May Mr. Joseph Smith

June Child of Mr. Smith of New Hartford Society

10 July William Wallis killed by the fall of a tree

1 Dec. Mr. Ansel Hastings killed by the fall of a tree on the 17th

1810 (sic)

Feb. Child of Mr. Abraham Northrup

“An account of the funerals I attended since my settlement in Pompey”


16 Dec. Mr. Josiah Bigelow


Jan Mr. Hershett

5 Apr. Child of Mr. Robert I. Culver

8 Apr. Molly Jerome wife of Ira Jerome

June Mr. Abel Olcott ae 9 yrs.

5 July Child of Mr. Shepherd

July Child of Mr. Chase

30 July Child of Jonathon Hollady

1 Aug. Child of Mr. Newall

2 Sept. Child of Mr. Joseph Smith


10 Jan. Mr. Williston attended funeral of Mrs. Baaus (?)

Apr. Mr. Daniels

Apr. Two children of Jonathon Hoar

May Mary, Electy & Levi Jerome who died with 7 days of each other children of Dr. & Mrs. Levi Jerome

6 July Child of Mr. Elisha Whitney

July Child of Mr. Mathers

July Child of Mr. Levi Fowler

Aug. Child of Telah Cook

Aug. Child of Mr. Ackley

Aug. Mrs. William Lilly

10 Oct. Child of Mr. Isaiah Olcott

22 Oct. Child of Mr. Daniel C. Judd

30 Oct. Mr. Hanis (Harris)


8 Oct. Child of Mr. Hanis

Dec. Child of Mr. William Howard

Child of Mr. Joseph Wilcox

23 Dec. Child of Mr. Nathaniel Gillet

24 Dec. Mrs. Harris (Hanis)


Jan. Child of John Bowers, Esq. died with fits

Child of Nathaniel Gillet - still born

Feb. Child of Mr. ___ Willson - fits

19 Mar. Child of my own - still born

May Child of Mr. Sylvanus Bishop - a few days old

May Child of Mr. Sandinan Culver - Still born

30 May Daniel Judd - Numb palsy & consumption

2 June Infant of Dr. Clark

21 June Child of Asa Judd - died with fits

May Mrs. Isaac Wilcox

July Child of Mr. Joseph Northrup ae 5 yrs.

July Mrs. Jerome wife of Dr. Jerome

11 Aug. Mrs. Amos Hudson

July Matilda Dunham Fabius

May Child of John Mecker Fabius

Sept Child of Mr. Gridley from home of Mr. Ruben Pinley

12 Sept Mr. Sears on Mercellus Ell. (?)

Oct Mrs. Fuller, sister of Asher Frosts wife

5 Nov. Mrs. Gridley from Salt Point

16 Nov. Mr. Chauncey Jerome

16 Nov. Child of Deacon Levi Jerome


Jan. Child of Mr. Levi Chase ae 2 yrs.

Apr. Child of Col. Thomas Olcott

10 June Child of Mr. Case

14 June Another child of Mr. Norris Case

July Mrs. McEvers

7 June Lydia Gilbert

Aug. Mrs. Gilbert wife of Rev. Joseph Gilbert

Aug. Child of Mr. David Dunham of Fabius

Sept. Rev. Joseph Gilbert

Sept. Mrs. Castle, mother to Capt. Tela (Seeley ?) Castle

Marriages Performed by Rev. Wallis Between Persons from Pompey and Fabius

1800, Nov. Mr. Culeb Partlet to Miss Susanna Rawley, both of Pompey

1801, June Mr. Enoch Benedict of Fabius to Miss Mary Nedder of Solon

1801, Aug. Mr. Vine Willis to Miss Cloe ___, both of Pompey

1802, Aug. Mr. Thomas McCarthy to Miss Lucy Ballard, both of Fabius

1802, Oct. Mr. Jeremiah B. Witherbee to Miss Jemima Wallace, both of Fabius

1802, Nov. Mr. Joseph Wilcox to Miss Hannah Castle, both of Pompey

1802, Dec. Mr. Benjamin Butler to Miss Zilpha Castle, both of Pompey

1803, Jan. Mr. Robert Willson of Manlius to Miss Amelia Dunham of Pompey

1803, Jan. Mr. Chauncey Jerome to Mrs. Sarah Pardy, both of Pompey

1803, Feb. Mr. Samuel McGunigal to Miss Abigail Chase, both of Pompey

1803, May Mr. John Slack to Miss Lydia Fowler, both of Fabius

1803, Feb. Mr. Abel Bigelow to Miss Sarah Clark, both of Pompey

1803, June Mr. Isaac Higby to Miss Rebecca Phelps, both of Pompey

1803, Oct. Mr. Hezekiah Lathrop to Miss Salome Parsons, both of Pompey

1803, Oct. Mr. John Middlebrook of Pompey to Mrs. ___ Moore of Fabius

1803, Oct. Mr. Isiah Olcott to Miss Dolly Porter, both of Pompey

1803, Dec. Mr. John Jerome to Mrs. Mary Reed of Camillus

1804, Jan. Mr. Joseph Bartlet to Miss Jenesha Howard, both of Pompey

1804, Jan. Mr. Danel Zenchet to Miss Susanna Bush, both of Pompey

1804, Feb. Mr. Ichabod Smith to Miss Lois Wilcox, both of Pompey

1804, Feb. Mr. Enoch Holladay to Miss ___ Holcom, both of Pompey

1804, Feb. Mr. Olive Phelps Banknuff to Miss Hannah C. Davis, both of Pompey

1804, Apr. Mr. John A. Burton to Miss Betsey Daniels, both of Pompey

1804, Apr. Mr. Sturgeon Sloan of Manlius to Miss Sophia Dunham of Pompey

1804, Apr. Mr. Nathaniel Gillet to Miss Eliza Smith, both of Pompey

1804, Aug. Mr. Amos Hollady to Miss Mehitabel Barlow, both of Pompey

1804, Aug. Mr. Ira Hall to Miss Lucy Seach (?), both of Pompey

1804, Sept. Mr. Elisha Russel of Cazenovia to Miss Lydia Cleaveland of Pompey

1804, Sept. Mr. Godeon (Gideon?) Parsons, Jr. of Cazenovia to Miss Clarrissa Cleaveland, Pompey

1804, Oct. Rev. Joshua Johnson of Manlius to Mrs. Elizabeth Jerome of Pompey

1804, Nov. Mr. Ezra Knap of Aurelius to Miss Polly Hale of Pompey

1804, Nov. Mr. Epahroditur Emmons to Miss Maura Hopkins, both of Pompey

1804, Dec. Mr. Josiah Ellis, Jr. of Cazenovia to Miss Olive Anger of Pompey

1804, Dec. Mr. John Chapin to Miss Lois Leach, both of Pompey

1805, July Mr. Cyrus Root to Miss Esther Loveland, both of Pompey

1805, Aug. Mr. Caleb Height to Miss Almina Barns, both of Pompey

1804, Sept. Mr. Asahel Parmerly of Cazenovia to Miss Eliz. Anger of Pompey

1805, Sept. Mr. David Cadwell to Miss Vicey Phelps, both of Fabius

1805, July Mr. Hally Howlet of Onondaga to Miss Phebe Robins of Pompey

1804, Sept. Mr. Thomas Chase of Pompey to Miss Rebecca Mayhew of Fabius

1805, Nov. Mr. Chester Howard to Miss Lucretia Pratt, both of Pompey

1805, Nov. Mr. Charles Sweet to Miss Theodosia Clapp, both of Pompey

1805, Nov. Mr. Willard Hayden to Miss Abigail Castle, both of Pompey

1805, Dec. Deacon Levi Jerome to Miss Dolly Smith, both of Pompey

1806, Feb. Mr. Anamias Jinks of Manlius to Miss Lucy Webb of Pompey

1806, Mar. Mr. John Mosher to Miss Phebe Northway, both of Pompey

1806, Oct. Mr. Henry Gulant to Miss Clor Johnson, both of Pompey

1806, Dec. Mr. Eleaser Jones to Miss Sally Carpenter, both of Pompey

1806, Dec. Mr. Zorah Hayden to Cynthia Wilcox, both of Pompey

1806, Dec. Mr. Joseph Shattuck to Miss Susanna Smith, both of Pompey

1807, Jan. Mr. Leonard Tinkham to Miss ___ Vickery, both of Pompey

1807, Jan. Mr. Andrew Rawson to Miss Jerusha Skinner, of Pompey

1807, Jan. Mr. Graves of ___? to Miss Jirah King of Pompey

1807, Mar. Mr. Hamilton Gregory of Milan to Miss Irzah Denning of Fabius

1807, Mar. Mr. Spencer Pompey to Miss Mary Ann Coe, both of Pompey

1807, Apr. Mr. James Webb of Onon. to Miss Deborah Marsh of Pompey

1807, Aug. Mr. Amos Hudson to Mrs. ___ Shepherd, both of Pompey

1807, Oct. Mr. Johnathon Skinner to Miss Rachael Holbrook, both of Pompey

1807, Oct. Mr. Timothy Newall to Malinda Wilcox, both of Pompey

1807, Nov. Mr. John Barned to Miss Cynthia Munn, both of Pompey

1807, Dec. Mr. ___ Hutchinson to Miss Esther Clark, both of Pompey

1808, Mar. Mr. Warren Phelps of Fabius to Miss Clarissa Judd of Pompey

1808, Mar. Mr. Timothy Cosset, Jr. to Miss Almyra Hollister, both of Pompey

1808, May Mr. Harvery Haydon to Miss Clarissa Smith

1808, May Mr. Leman A. Pitcher to Miss Hannah Baker, both of Pompey

1808, July Mr. Chauncey Atwell to Miss ___ Bush, both of Pompey

1808, Sept. Mr. Freeman Mosher, Jr. to Miss Olive Hayden, both of Pompey

1808, Oct. Mr. Solomon Loveland to Miss Clarissa Chichester, both of Pompey

1808, Oct. Mr. Ichabod Wood to Miss Clarissa Pomeroy, both of Pompey

1808, Oct. Mr. Joseph Brush to Miss Ruth Lovel, both of Pompey

1808, Dec. Mr. William Bishop to Miss Laura Castle, both of Pompey

1809, Jan. Mr. Sedenham Baker to Miss ____, both of Pompey

1809, Jan. Mr. Joseph Pratt to Miss ___ Smith, both of Pompey

1810, May 25 Mr. Jacob Paddock to Miss Clarinda Preist (Priest?), both of Litchfield, 1 Dollar.

1809, Sept. 12 Mr. John Calvin Coe to Miss Anna Dixon, both of Paris. Fee 1 Dollar.

1809, Nov. Mr. Gillet to Miss Anna Roberts. Fee 1 Dollar.

1810, Dec. 18 Mr. Rufus Howard of Litchfield to Miss Nancy Hungerford of Whitestown. Fee 1 Dollar.

1810, Dec. 19 Mr. Erastus Gates to Miss Lois ___ Howard, both of Litchfield. Fee 1 Dollar

1811, Jan. 3. Cap. John Bates to Mrs. Mary Ferend, both of Whitestown. Fee 2 Dollars.

1811, May 29. Mr. Henry Crane of Paris to Miss Betavia Hungerford of Frankfort. Fee 1 Dollar.

1811, Sept. 1 Mr. Enoch W. Minor of Litchfield to Miss Marinda Gile, of Paris. Fee 1 Dollar.

1811, Nov. 20 Mr. Oliver Prescott Jr. to Miss Ruth Morgan, both of Whitestown. Fee 1.25 Dollars.

1811, Dec. 25 Mr. ___ to Miss Amanda Hule of Paris. Fee 2 Dollars.

1812, Feb. 12 Mr. James Russel to Miss Mahitabal Stewart, both of Frankfort. Fee 1 Dollar.

1812, Feb. 19 Mr. Timothy Baldwin of Whitestown of Miss Betsey Balknap of Litchfield. Fee 1 Dollar.

1812, Feb. 23 Mr. William Tanner of Watertown ot Miss Betsey Paddock of Frankfort. Fee 3 Dollars.

1812, Mar. 29 Mr. Jesse Johnson of Lysander to Miss Elenor Conant of Paris. Fee 1 Dollar.

1812, Oct. 27 Mr. Nathan Coe of Paris to Miss Patty Bacon of Litchfield. Fee 1 Dollar.

1813, Jan. 3 Mr. Stephen Hungerford of Frankfort to Miss Eliza Paddock of Litchfield. Fee 1 Dollar.

1813, June 20 Mr. Lyman Gaylord to Miss ___ Blackstone, both of Whitestown. Fee 2 Dollars.

1813, Oct. 30 Mr. Elihu (N) Roberts to Miss Sarah Paddock, both of Litchfield. Fee 1 Dollar.

1813, Aug. 6 Mr. Jonathan Harpum of Philadelphia to Miss Mary Bates of Whitestown. Fee 10 Dollars.

1814, Jan. 20 Mr. John Davis of Richland to Miss Charlotte Dixon of Paris. Fee 1 Dollar.

1814, Sept. 30 Mr. ___ Mc Collum to Miss ___ Nesbit, both of Le Roy. Fee 2 Dollars.

List of marriages solemnized by me on the Holland Purchase

1819, Nov. 9 Mr. Homer Handee (Handce) to Miss Huldah Washburn, both of Clarence. Fee $1.00

1820, Jan. 20 Mr. Lansing Peas to Miss Maria Knapp, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1820, Jan. 26 Mr. Ezra Harmon to Miss Martha Rice, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1820, Jan. 27 Mr. Phny Peas to Miss Grace Salsbury, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1820, Dec. 28 Mr. Russel Husd to Miss Abigail Boyd, both of Clarence. Fee $1.00

1821, Jan. 21 Mr. Elias Raynolds of Warsaw to Miss Harriot Clifford of Wales. Fee $2.00

1821, Feb. 1 Mr. James Long to Miss Mary Cathcart, both of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

1821, Mar. 6 Mr. ___ Flinn to Mrs. Abigail Parkhurst, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1821, Mar. 22 Mr. Joseph Warren Seaver to Mrs. Mary Hastings, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1821, Mar. 14 Mr. Seth Pomeroy to Miss Betsey Loomis, both of Bennington Fee $2.00

1821, Dec. 28 Mr. John Ralph of Wales to Miss Hannah Clapp of Bennington. Fee $2.00

1822, Jan. 14 Mr. John Williams to Miss Ann Carter, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1822, Jan. 20 Mr. Jacob O. Ralph to Miss Amelia Clifford, both of Wales. Fee $2.00

1822, Feb. 6 Dr. John Brown Harmon of Warren, Ohio to Miss Sarah Dana of Pembroke. Fee $5.00

1822, Feb. 21 Mr. William Townsend Branch to Miss Wealthy Morse, both of Orangeville. Fee $1.00

1822, Mar. 7 Mr. Harley Bushnel of Batavia to Miss Susanna Webb of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

1822, July 3 Mr. Goin Wilson to Miss Clarissa Dutcher, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.50

1822, Sept. 10 George Potter to Miss Prudence Kelsey, both of Sheldon. Fee $1.00

1822, Oct. 15 Cap. Robert Millar to Miss Cithera Warren, both of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

1822, Oct. 23 Mr. William Wilson to Miss Rachel Belknap, both of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

1823, Jan. 30. Cap. Reynolds Gillet of Buffalo to Miss Mary Dana of Pembroke. Fee $5.00

1823, Feb. 6 Mr. Lera Sutherland of China to Miss Cintha Miria Ladd of Sheldon. Fee $2.00

1823, May 7. Mr. Alvin Dunbar to Miss Lucretia Hulbert, both of Sheldon. Fee $2.00

1823, May 8 Mr. Truman Case to Miss Sabria Dunbar, both of Sheldon. Fee $2.00

1824, Apr. 28 Mr. William Tubbs to Miss Amanda Wright, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.50

1824, July 15. Orson Church to Sally Perkins, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1824, Nov. 7 Mr. William Cathcart to Miss Pamelia Chase, both of Pembroke

1824, Dec. 30 Mr. Simons Sawyer of Erie to Miss Harriot Flint of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

1824, Sept. 27 Mr. Caleb Webster of Alden to Mrs. Lucy Rice of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1825, Mar. 10 Mr. Truman Bacon to Mrs. Martha Harmon, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.50

1825, June 26 Mr. Omri Warner of Wales to Mrs. Rebecca Griffin of the same place. Fee $1.00

1825, Apr. 11 Mr. James Degroff to Miss Hannah Clark, both of Clarence. Fee $1.00

1825, Aug. 24 Mr. Marvey (Harvey?) Smith to Emelim Boughton, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1825, Oct. 24 Mr. Nathan William to Miss Fanny Draper, both of Alden. Fee $4.00

1826, Feb. 23 Mr. Issac Cole to Miss Betsey Safford, both of Pembroke. Fee $3.00

1826, Mar. 2 Cap. John Webb to Miss Anna Anderson, both of Pembroke. Fee $1.00

1826, Sept. 20 Mr. Newal Boughton to Miss Phebe Chase, both of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

1826, Nov. 19 Mr. William Mitchell to Miss Cynthia White, both of Alden. Fee $1.00

1836 [missing day and month] Mr. William J. Underhill of Lancaster to Miss Charlotte Barrett of Clarence. Fee $2.75

1837, Jan. 17 Mr. Aaron Van Wormer to Miss Mary Wallis, both of Pembroke

1837, Aug. 23 Mr. William Folsom of Buffalo to Miss Zobiah Clark of Pembroke. Witnesses: Eliza Durham & Maria Durham. Fee $3.00

1838, Apr. 1 Mr. Arnold Waterhouse to Miss Betsey Stone, both of Darien. Witnesses: David Hastings & Chester Long. Fee $1.00

1831, Dec. 4 Mr. Warren Boyd of Alden to Miss Naomi Jones of Clarence. Witnesses: Rev. James Remmington & Eliher Bissell. Fee $1.00

1832, Dec. 30 Mr. Alonzo Edson to Miss Experience Webster, both of Clarence. Mr. Edson, farmer; age 24. Miss Webster, age 19. Witnesses: Jesse Tiffany & Samuel Webster, Jr. Fee $1.00

1833, June 18 Mr. Benjamin P. Louger to Miss Olive Munro, both of Alden. Witnesses: Mess. John Munro & William Lougee. Fee $1.00

1836, Sept. [missing day] Mr. John Harroun of Munro County, Mich. to Miss Experience Nash of Pembroke. Fee $2.00

Baptisms Performed by Rev. Hugh Wallis

Set. Henry, child of Henry Clark & wife

1802, Dec. Child of Mr. Crocker & wife

1802, Dec. Charles, child of John Jerome

1802, Dec. Hiram, child of Stephen Hale & wife

1803, Feb. Julius, child of Dr. Clark & wife

1803, Feb. Sylvia, child of Jand Curtiss & wife

1803, Feb. Hugh, child of my own

1803, May Louisa, child of Capt. Jesse Butler

1803, May Charlotte, child of Col. Hopkins & wife

1803, May Betsey Bush, child of Deacon Levi Jerome & wife

1803, May Minerva(?), child of Mr. Daniel Clark Judd & wife

1803, May Eliza, child of Sylvanus Bishop & wife

1803, Aug. Albert, child of Cap. George Catlin & wife

1803, Aug. Child of Joseph Smith & wife