122 Regiment, N.Y.V.

122 Regiment, N.Y.V.

Submitted by Kathy Crowell September 25, 1998.

The following lists of surviving members (as of 1888) of the 122nd Regiment appeared weekly from February 2, 1888-April 5, 1888 in the Veteran's Column of Fayetteville's "Weekly Recorder" newspaper.  Serious coverage of Civil War veteran news began in 1888, under editor Maj. Andrew Wilkin, a former member of the122nd Regt., and was continued into 1892 under  Howard Beauchamp.

Several names are probably not  correctly spelled, while in other cases, the microfilm copy was too light to read.  If anyone has corrections, please feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected]


February 2, 1888

Where Are They?  What Are They Doing?

Hereafter one column of the RECORDER will be reserved for the veterans of the 122d Regiment N.Y. Vols. and we hope through the assistance of the members of that regiment to make it useful and entertaining.  It will enable us to keep track of each other though widely separated, and when we need each other's assistance in any way a letter to the RECORDER will surely bring a prompt response.  The Editor was one of the "boys" and has undertaken this enterprise in the belief that it will be a source of pleasure not only to himself but a benefit to all concerned.

We publish below a list so far as we can obtain the data, of the surviving members of the Field and Staff of the 122d N.Y. Vols. and also of Company A with their present post office address where known.  If comrades in reading the list find any errors in the address they will please notify us at once, giving the correct address.

"Enough of merit has each honored name
To shine untarnished on the roll of fame,
And add new luster to the historic page."


Col. Silas Titus, Syracuse, N.Y.
Maj. Joshua B. Davis, Wahoo, Neb.
B'v't Col. A. J. Smith, Leavenworth, Kan.
B'v't Maj. Frank Lester, Chicago, Ill. (corrected 2/23/1888 to 3143 Groveland Avenue, Chicago, Ill.)
Surgeon N. R. Tefft, Onondaga Hill, N.Y.
Surgeon E. A. Knapp, Jamesville, N.Y. (corrected to 117 Montgomery St., Syracuse, N.Y.)
B'v't Maj. John S. Cornue, Syracuse, N.Y.
B'v't Maj. O. V. Tracy, Syracuse, N.Y. (see Osgood V. Tracy in "Bios")
B'v't Maj. Theodore L. Poole, Syracuse, N.Y.


Cap. H. S. Wells, Baldwinsville, N.Y. (see  Wells in "Bios")
Nathan Buck, Baldwinsville, N.Y. (corrected 2/23/1888 to Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
George E. Fisher, Oswego Falls, N.Y.
Joseph S. Smith, Chicago, Ill. (corrected 3/1/1888 to:  3141 Prairie Ave., Chicago, IL)
Alfred Malone, Jr., Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Chas. E. Carroll, Troy, N.Y.
Peter Sharp, Lysander, N.Y.
Chester P. Smith, Syracuse, N.Y.
Uriah Turner, Onondaga, N.Y. (In the 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon notes that Uriah Turner, Co. A, Onondaga who was badly wounded, attends with much difficulty to his own farm-work.  He has tried for an increase of pension, which was certainly merited, but was unsuccessful.)
Uriah Trapp, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Ezrah Tenbroeck, Little Utica, N.Y.
Hiram Vosburgh, Chicago, Ill. (corrected 2/23/1888 to Rock Island Ry Round House, Chicago, Ill.)
Edward Williams, Memphis, N.Y.
William A. Bishop, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Addison Brown, Lakeport, N.Y.
Michael, Caughlin, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Wm. P. Coover, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Alanson Douglas, Meridian, N.Y.
Benj. H. Downer, Albany, N.Y.
Henry Hilton, Onondaga, N.Y.
Dennison Halstead, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
George H. Lusk, Pompano, Fla.
George Loop, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
__ory Loop, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Charles L. Dunning, Granby, N.Y.
James Farrell, San Francisco, Cal. (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  United Carriage Works, San Francisco, Cal.)
Frank Fay, Geddes, N.Y.
Josiah Failing, Baldwinsville, N.Y. (see  "Bios")
Stephen Houghtaling, Syracuse, N.Y.
George W. Howard, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Patrick Hurley, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Asahel Hurd, Forestport, Mich. (corrected 3/8/1888 to:  James W. Burlington of "F" Co. writes us that Asahel Hurd of Co. A died at Fruit Port, Mich., sometime last summer of heart disease and was buried by the G.A.R. Post of Grand Haven, Mich.)
Ransom Malone, Bridgeport, N.Y.
Alfred J. Merrifield, Lysander, N.Y.
Michael McCormack, Marcellus, N.Y.
Francis H. Merritt, Geddes, N.Y. (In the 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon notes that Frank Merritt, Solvay, N.Y., was found at the quarry of the Solvay works.  He is superintendent of the barns.)
Loren M. Peavy, Cicero, N.Y.
Stephen W. Rodgers, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
James B. Robinson, Albany, N.Y.
Francis Yosset, Geddes, N.Y.
Abram E. Yates, Cicero, N.Y.
(Michael Donovan of "A" Company reported to have "died about two years ago" is noted in the 1/31/1889 issue, and "left a very interesting family of children, one of whom, 'Danny' Donovan, a student in the Academy at Baldwinsville, spent part of one day last week on the office of the RECORDER.  We saw the looks of our old comrade in his face.  We trust he will be an honor to his father's name.  He comes from good patriot stock."

The following members of Co. A are supposed to be still living but their present address is not known.  Any comrade who knows the address of any of them will please send it to us for publication in future numbers.  If the comrade lives in a city please give the street and number if possible.

Albert Dickey, Florida
Samuel P. Carrington, Lewis Co., N.Y. (corrected 3/8/1888 to Boonville, Oneida Co., N.Y.)
Alonzo Fredenburg, Neb. (corrected 2/23/1888 to Arcadia, Valley Co., Neb.  In the 3/15/1888 issue:  "Alonzo Fredernburg of "A" Co. writes us from Arcadia, Neb.:--The copies of the RECORDER you sent me were a glad surprise.  It seemed like a resurrection.  I have seen but two members of the old regiment in 22 years.  I have been trying to make a success of farming.  I have succeeded in starting quite an army of infantry, of which my 'better half' and myself are in temporary command--a poor man's property and comfort.  I came from Minnesota to this State fourteen years ago very well fixed.  The first two years we were here the grasshoppers took everything we tried to produce on the farm, so I thought I must do something for a living and went trapping with a party of neighbors.  On my way home in January, 1876, I froze my feet so badly that I had to have them amputated.  You can see how well I have got along at farming.  Oh, how I would like to be at one of the regimental reunions!"  The 12/19/1889 issue  reports that "Alonzo Fradenburg Co. A, 122 N.Y.V., is now a resident of Arcadia, Nebraska.  He is numbered among the prominent and well-to-do stockmen of that vicinity and has a large ranch near the town.  He is a member of T. T. Dow Post, No. 235, G.A.R., Dept. of Nebraska, and has held the positions of Post Commander, Adjutant and is now Quartermaster of the Post.  During the Indian troubles, a few years since, he was 1st Lieutenant of Scouts and is now 1st Lieutenant of the Arcadia Rifles.  Capt. O. D. Crane, editor of the "Arcadia Courier," commanding officer of the Arcadia Rifles, writes of him: --I take pleasure in testifying to his soldierly qualities and his excellent reputation both as a citizen and soldier.  As Post Commander he has requested me to let the 'old boys' of his Reg't know of his whereabouts.")
Wm. R. Hamm, Mich.
Wilson Haynes, Mich.
John Blauch
Patrick Brady
Eugene Collins
George Hickey
Ephraim M. Loop
Thos. Riley
Charles W. Perrine (Maj. J. B. Davis notes in the 2/23/1888 issue that Charles H. Perine of Co. "A" is about 20 miles northwest of Newton, Kansas.)
Emmons C. Ells (corrected 2/23/1888 to: 1002 South St., Rock Island, Ill.)
According to the 3/15/1888 issue,  Dennison Halsted of "A" Co. died at Baldwinsville, N.Y., March 4, 1888.)
According to the 3/1/1888 issue,  Peter V. Bla__eman, Co. "A" lived in Ridgeway, Harrison Co., MO.)

February 9, 1888:


Daniel Van Hoosen, Brewerton, N.Y.
Charles H. Worden, Washington, D.C. (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  233 Thirteenth St., S.W., Washington, D.C.)
Elias Wells, Onondaga, N.Y.
Caius O. Weaver, Monroe Block, Syracuse, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Parker Davis, Fabius, N.Y.
Terence McNulty, Syracuse, N.Y.
Wm. Ruggles, Syracuse, N.Y.
Cap. Martin Ryan, Syracuse, N.Y.
Marshall F. Smith, Rome, N.Y.
Thos. H. Scott, Cicero, N.Y.
Elias R. Sloat, Euclid, N.Y.
Daniel R. Smith, South Syracuse, N.Y.
Elisha Smith, Cicero, N.Y.
Jonathan Tripp, Millville, Orleans Co., N.Y.
Dewitt C. Edwards, Cicero, N.Y.
Jerome Howe, Portland, Oregon
A. H. Hubbs, Weiting Block, Syracuse, N.Y. (See Alexander H. Hubbs, in "Bios")
Walter W. Paul, Syracuse, N.Y.
Robert Hoatland, Cicero, N.Y.
John H. Hartnett, Fabius, N.Y.
James G. Hart, Cicero, N.Y.
Cap. W. R. Chamberlin, Geddes, N.Y.
Chas. G. Nye, Syracuse, N.Y.
George R. Gilbert, Syracuse, N.Y.
Lucien Robertson, Syracuse, N.Y.
Chas. H. Lang, 11 Blandina St., Utica, N.Y. (corrected 2/16/1888) to 54 Dudley St., Utica, N.Y.)
Wm. J. Anderson, Syracuse, N.Y.
Thos M. Shoens, Corning, N.Y.
Hudson C. Marsh, Toledo, Ohio
Rufus A. Hughes, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Alfred Soule, Syracuse, N.Y.
Wm. Fairfield, Plank Road, N.Y.
Laristen Atkins, Prescott, Wy. Ter.
Prince E. Bethel, Geneva, N.Y.
Daniel Bowley, Newbridge, N.Y.
Henry C. Brand, Stiles, N.Y.
Jonathan A. Brownell, Euclid, N.Y.
Jonathan J. Bingham, Worthington, Miss.
Peter Bradt (Brott) (Bratt), Plank Road, N.Y.  (The 7/17/1890 issue reports that Peter Bratt of the 122d N.Y. Vols., whose experience at Rappahannock Station has made him almost famous, resides at North Syracuse in his own cozy home, while the past seems like a terrible dream.)
Charles F. Carlisle, Euclid, N.Y.
Andrew J. Criss, Potter Center, N.Y.
James Crampton, Cicero, N.Y.
Thomas Crampton, Cicero, N.Y. (According to 8/7/1890 issue receives a pension of twenty dollars per month.)
Dempster Eaton, Minneapolis, Minn.
Wm. Jones, Geddes, N.Y.
Wm. C. Kennett, Mottville, N.Y.
James F. Lilly, Syracuse, N.Y.
Roselle E. Luce, Cicero, N.Y. (see  Luce in "Bios")
George S. Maxon, Tonawanda, N.Y.
Abram Marcellus, Canastota, N.Y.
John J. Potter, 105 Perry St., Detroit, Mich.
Jesse H. Prindle, Natchez, Miss.
Thos. Baker, Wheatland, Cass Co., Dak.

The post office address of the following members of Co. "B" supposed to be living, is not known.  Comrades will please notify us when they know the address, and we will publish the same in future numbers of the RECORDER.  When the address is a city, give street and number when possible.

Horatio Knight, Iowa (see  Knight under "Bios")
Ethan A. Bennett, Ohio
James J. McKinley, Allegany Co., N.Y. (corrected 3/1/1888 to:  Houghton, Allegany Co, NY)
Wm. Vanetta, Mich.
Michael Case, Canada
___ Russell, Canada
Myron L. Reynolds, Wisconsin (corrected 2/16/1888 to Reedsburg, Wis.  "Sergt. Chas. H. Lang of Co. "B" writes us giving the address of Sergt. Myron L. Reynolds and also correcting his own address...Sergt. Lang is in business in Utica and, as he says, 'making a living.'  He has been sadly afflicted since he came home; five deaths have occurred in his family and he has been sick himself much of the time.")
Joseph Fabings, Ohio
Wm. H. Herrick, Ohio
John Riley

February 16, 1888:


James Hudson, Jamesville, N.Y.
Hiram C. Agan, Fayetteville, N.Y. (see  Agan in "Bios")
George W. Bettinger, Chittenango, N.Y.
Robert Breese, Auburn, N.Y. (In 1/31/1889 issue:  19 Mary St., Auburn, N.Y.; see Breese in "Bios")
Wm. Breese, Fleming Hill, N.Y.
Oscar A. Barnes, East Boston, N.Y.
Chas. A. Eaton, Minneapolis, Minn.
Thos. D. Chapman, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Frank H. Eaton, Birmingham, Ala.
Wm. H. Maltby, Fayetteville, N.Y.
David W. Clark, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Palmer Worden, Fayetteville, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Amasa Chase, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Dennis Cummings, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Chas. Everingham, Fayetteville, N.Y.
John Everingham, Fayetteville, N.Y.
James Gorman, Fayetteville, N.Y.
James Goodfellow, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Wesley Goodfellow, Constantia, N.Y.
Stephen W. Goodfellow, Belle Isle, N.Y.
Jacob Houser, Pompey Center, N.Y.
Delos Hotaling, Jamesville, N.Y.
Wm. Huntley, Manlius, N.Y.
Harlem A. Hoag, Jamesville, N.Y.
James D. Hibbard, Fulton, N.Y.
John Hale, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Frederick Monk, Ithaca, N.Y.
Patrick Manahan, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Albert H. Monroe, Manlius, N.Y.
James Miles, Manlius, N.Y.
Ebenezer Northrup, Fayetteville, N.Y.
James Price, 84 Harrison St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Thos. Riley, Canajoharie, N.Y.
Henry J. Russ, Manlius, N.Y.
John Relph, Fayetteville, N.Y. (see  Relph in "Bios")
Colvin Smith, Pompey, N.Y.
Thos. Underwood, corner Henderson and Beach Sts., Syracuse, N.Y.
Byron A. Wright, Lafayette, N.Y.
Alfred Worden, Fayetteville, N.Y.

(Address not Known.)

Ruell P. Buzzell, Wakefield, Mass. (See Buzzell in "bios")
C. J. McLyman, Kansas
Geo. B. Chandler, Wisconsin (corrected 3/8/1888 to Barclay, Sangamon Co., Ill.)
Orville F. Graves, Mich.
Francis Monroe, Vt.
Adolphin Moss, Mich.
Henry J. Sanderson, Ohio
Philemon H. Tuttle, Cleveland, Ohio
Benj. Wheeler, Canada (corrected 3/81888 to:  Benjamin Walker (not Wheeler) is now living in Canada, totally blind.  His brother, Alfred Walker died of starvation in Andersonville prison.)
Edwin L. Wright
Charles V. Wright
Liberty Ostrander (Change of address reported in 1/9/1890 issue from Waldo, Wis. to No. 476 Robert St., St. Paul, Minn.)
Michael O'Brien (corrected 3/8/1888 to:  wounded, came home and died in Fayetteville)
John Lofento
Stephen C. Thompson (according to the 5/7/1891 issue, S. C. Thompson formerly of Mineville, N.Y. moved to Middlebury, VT.)
David Knapp
Elliot D. Page
Andrew Casler (corrected 2/23/1888 to Algernon, Iowa)
George W. Chase
Wm. F. Will
Wm. R. Allen
(John Laubenthau a recruit to Co. C. from Sandusky, Ohio is mentioned in the 3/15/1888 issue by R. C. Besse; may be John Lofento, above)

February 23, 1888:


Cap. Cornell Crysler, Independence, Mo.
Maj. Davis Cossitt, Onondaga, N.Y. (In a 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon reports Davis Cossitt as a prosperous farmer too well known to need further mention.  See also "Bios").
Edward P. Luther, Onondaga, N.Y. (corrected 3/8/1888 to:  Maj. E. P. Luther of "D" Co. was taken with a severe stroke of paralysis on Tuesday last while trading at a store in Syracuse, and was taken to the residence of his niece, Mrs. Frank Harris of 11 Johnson St., Syracuse.  His left side is paralyzed and much of the time he lies in an unconscious state.  He received five wounds at the battle of the Wilderness and while lying on the field was taken prisoner by the rebels.  The injuries received at this time and poor care while in the hands of the rebels undermined a naturally strong constitution and his present illness is therefore all the more serious.  It is doubtful if he ever recovers.  His faithful wife who has tenderly cared for and watched over him since he came home from the army was taken from him by death last summer, and he has now no near relatives living.  His old comrades will do what they can to make smooth his pathway to the grave which cannot be far distant; corrected on 3/15/1888 to:  "Died at the home of his niece, Mrs. Frank L. Harris, in Syracuse, on Wednesday the 7th inst., Edward P. Luther, late Capt. of Co. "D" 122 N.Y. Vols.  In the same issue is this obituary:  Major Edward P. Luther.  On Saturday last, we gazed for the last time on the features of our old friend and comrade, Edward P. Luther.  His constitution, weakened by wounds and exposure while in the field, could not throw off the fatal disease which prostrated him, and on Wednesday last he died.  His funeral was attended by many of his old comrades-in-arms who carried him to his last resting place beside the body of his wife, in the cemetery at Onondaga Hill.  No braver man ever wore the blue, and no more faithful and steadfast friend ever shared his ration with a comrade, than Edward P. Luther.  Time obscures his faults, if he had any, and death brings out in bright relief the many noble qualities of the man.  Peace to his ashes.".)
George Amidon, Onondaga, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Oscar Adams, Onondaga, N.Y. (In the 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon notes that Oscar Adams resides at Onondaga Hill, and is as genial and cheerful as of old.)
Wm. C. Barron, Walaka, Fla.
James Butler, Co. Clerk's Office, Syracuse, N.Y.
John Bartlett, Onondaga, N.Y. (In the 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon notes that John Bartlett, who was the last of the "boys" in this vicinity to take unto himself a wife, resides in his own cozy home, where any old comrade is made to feel welcome.)
J. W. Rockwell, Council Bluffs, Iowa
John W.  Taylor, Ladonia, Mo.
Gates D. Parish, Ladonia, Mo.
Dudley D. Shirley, Danforth Park, Syracuse, N.Y.
George G. Gibson, 108 Montgomery St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Oscar Austin, Onondaga, N.Y. (Appointed Under Sheriff, according to the 1/31/1889 issue.  "Comrade Austin was one of the unfortunate victims of rebel cruelty at Andersonville, having been taken prisoner at the battle of the Wilderness.  He has also through many years of broken health and suffering had cause to remember the great Civil War and its horrors.  He is a man of excellent business qualifications, and will discharge the important duties of the Sheriff's office with fidelity and to the acceptance of the public.  We shall be surprised if he does not prove to be one of the most popular of public servants.  All his old comrades extend congratulations."
Peter Segar, 1 Raynor Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.
John Unckless, Borodino, N.Y.
Charles Worker, Pierce, Neb.
George Wilkinson, Navarino, N.Y.
Andrew F. West, 3537 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Patrick Long, Tully, N.Y.
Frank E. Pickett, Wayland, Mich.
Frank Patterson, 6 Raynor Ave., Danforth, N.Y.
George A. Patten, Spafford, N.Y.
Charles M. Quick, South Onondaga, N.Y.
Horace Russel, Vesper, N.Y.
John A. Shepard, Ithaca, N.Y.
Oliver Nichols, South Onondaga, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Lewis Amidon, Cedar Vale, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Charles Enos, Borodino, N.Y. (corrected 3/8/1888 to Thorn Hill, N.Y.; in 9/12/1889 issue, address is Rock Creek, Pine Co., Minn.; the 12/19/1889 issue states that C. H. Enos, drummer in Co. "D" 122d N.Y. Vols. has followed farming ever since his discharge in New York state until the spring of 1887 when he went west and is now located at Rock Creek, Minn.  Is married and has three children.  He is a frequent and valued contributor to the 'Veterans Column.")
Samuel Williams, Otisco Valley, N.Y.
Henry F. Amidon, South Onondaga, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Thos. A. Fisk, Amboy, N.Y.
Wm. L. Fisk, South Onondaga, N.Y.
Hiram F. Harroun, 389 7th North St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Charles H. Ives, 70 Burnett St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Walter E. Jenks, Idiot Asylum, Syracuse, N.Y.
Thomas H. Joyce, South Onondaga, N.Y. (see Thomas Joyce in "Bios")
Patrick Kincle, Otisco, N.Y.
Charles B. Cates, Navarino, N.Y.
Nicholas Cummings, Camillus, N.Y.
Jos. Crittenden, Cedar Vale, N.Y. (In a 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon says that Joseph Crittenden of Co. D, Cedarvale, N.Y. is a farmer with two sons to aid him in the work.)
George W. Coburn, Fairmount, N.Y.
Van Buren Davis, Huron, Dak. (corrected 3/15/1888 to:  Van Buren Davis of "D" Co. is a real estate broker at Huron, Dak.)
Alonzo Eaton, Navarino, N.Y.
Chas. G. Lathrop, Onondaga, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Edward Lee, Pompey Hill, N.Y.
Wm. H. Morris, Pompey Center, N.Y.
Michael Murphy, Otisco Valley, N.Y.
Willard H. Moss, Lafayette, N.Y.
James H. Noble, Auburn, N.Y.
L. M. Norton, Onondaga, N.Y. (In a 7/31/1890 issue, a letter from George Amidon states that Loren Norton of Co. D is engaged in farming, also attending numerous swarms of bees.)
(correction 3/15/1888 to:  Henry Sage, Company "D," should be added to list of that company.  The mistake occurred on copying the muster out roll.  His address is 21 East Sixth St., Topeka, Kansas.)

(Address not Known.)

David Crysler, Mich.
Isaac Colburn, Mich.
Aarmegal W. Hancock, Washington, D.C. (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  Armegal W. Hancock, 446 S. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.)
Samuel Brown, Mich.
Dwight Annable, Mich.
Wm. H. Amidon, Chicago, Ill.
Elliot L. Beach, Cal.
Benj. Wood, Ohio
Lewis Smith, Detroit, Mich.
Willis H. Look, Mass.
Baltzar Rowe
John H. C. Smith
Joseph Esinger
Sidney Case
George W. Fonts
Wm. H. Goodrich
Wm. Guernsey
John H. Roberts
Wm. Buckley
Charles Manwarren
John G. Roseboom
Daniel Common
George McAmley
(In the 2/7/1889 issue is:  We have just learned the address of Daniel Cornue of "D" Co. 122 N.Y.  He is at Durango, Col.)



Col. Horace B. Walpole, Syracuse, N.Y.
Lieut. Jacob Brand, 236 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Lieut. Charles W. Ostrander, 28 Shonnard St., Syracuse, N.Y.  (The December 12, 1889 issue reports that "A great many people have gone to South Clinton street to see the unusual display on the front of the store of Cigar Manufacturer Charles W. Ostrander.  During the last two days a large national flag has been hanging from the large sign over the door, while fourteen smaller flags were flying from various points on the store front.  In the most exposed window hung a large printed placard:  'Jeff Davis is Dead!  Hurrah!'") Charles H. Eldridge, 385 Fremont St., N.Y. City
Daniel F. Hummel, Burlington, N.J.
Oliver P. Ives, Decorah, Iowa
Samuel Osborn, Bath, N.Y.
Charles Reynolds, Syracuse, N.Y.
Charles Baxter, Clay, N.Y. (see  Baxter in "Bios")
John F. Conner, 38 Warner St., Rochester, N.Y.
Henry Coburn, Kirkville, N.Y.
Stephen W. Daniels, Lafayette, N.Y. (corrected 3/8/1888 to Shed's Corners, Madison Co., N.Y. (not Lafayette)
John H. Eggleston, Cicero, N.Y.
David C. Fountain, Washington, D.C. (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  Bowen Road, Washington, D.C.)
Zeno T. Griffin, 131(?) South Lincoln St., Chicago, Ill. (see Griffin in "bios")
Henry Ghee, Dewitt, N.Y.
Thomas Gardner, Elmira, N.Y. (in 1/2/1890 issue reported as 268 West Genesee St., Auburn, N.Y.;  see Gardner in "Bios")
Austin Hodge, Cicero, N.Y.
Benjamin B. Houghkirk, Toledo, Iowa
Thos. S. Hughes, 23 S. Onondaga St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Mathias Hollenbeck, Syracuse, N.Y.
Charles Hicox, Bath, N.Y.
Wm. R. Johnson, Camillus, N.Y.
John Keder, Geddes, N.Y.
Clark H. McAllister, Syracuse, N.Y.
Samuel McFeeters, Tower City, Dak. (in the 8/27/1891 issue, McFeeters lives in Santa Clara Co. CA, where he says:  "A man with ten acres of bearing orchard can live happy and have eight months out of the twelve to take his comfort in, with no fear of the water mains bursting nor his potatoes freezing in the cellar.  There are lots of Eastern people coming here to get the icicles thawed out of their beards.")
Henry W. Norta, Leonardsville, N.Y.
Daniel W. Price, Jackson, Mich.
Oscar Penoyer, Fabius, N.Y.
Albert B. Perry, 121 Furnace St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Henry A. Petrie, 115 Madison St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Wm. Rickart, Manlius, N.Y.
David Smith, Lafayette, N.Y.
Thomas Templeton, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Ephraim Yerdan, Mexico, N.Y.

(Addresses not known.)

George Wilson, N.Y. City
Wm. Gilfihan(?), Brooklyn, N.Y.
Charles Boucher, California
Christian G. Koeluden(?), New Jersey
John M. Lewis, New York City
Garner Bentley (corrected 3/8/1888 to "died some five years since, as we are informed by Dr. Knapp")
Joseph Dunn
Aaron Graham (corrected 3/8/1888 to Canastota, N.Y.)
William Gilbert
Abner Hubbard
Alexander A. C. Martin
Lorenzo Newport
John Pfeifer
Henry Stricknitz
Wm. S. Teber
Wm. Henry Wilson
Jerome Northrup
David R. Campbell
Timothy Sweeny
Cassius M. Murray (corrected 3/8/1888 to Collamer, N.Y.  The 7/17/1890 issue reports that Cassius Murray resides at South Bay.)
Wm. B. Aord (correcton 3/15/1888 to:  Wm. B. Aird, Company "E," (not Aord) died at Fayetteville, N.Y., April 19, 1866.)
Wm. Do__in
Thos. J. Donnelly
Philander F__nen
Otis Graves
Peter Hickey
John H. Jones
Frederick A. Mead
William McMillan (corrected 3/8/1888 to Millan (not William), Syracuse, N.Y.)
Emanuel Weeks
Rufus Grant
Wm. Wheatman
Charles Winney



Capt. Lucius Moses, Marcellus, N.Y.
Lieut. Geo. W. Pratt, Topeka, Kansas
Lieut. Adolph Widman(?), Auburn, N.Y.
Otis L. Fisher, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Capt. Robert H. Moses, 32 Dey St., N.Y. City
Capt. Stuart McDonald, Cleveland, Ohio (care of Standard Oil Co.)
Irving W. Davy, Skaneateles, N.Y.
James Burlington, Lawton, Mich.
James R. Lawrence, Warsaw, N.Y.
Curtis L. Rich, Marcellus Falls, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Henry Kockenberger, Skaneateles, N.Y.
Perry F. Woodworth, Spafford, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Wm. W. Raymond, Marcellus, N.Y.
Edward V. Baker, Marcellus, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Clark Blanchard, Marcellus, N.Y.
Benjamin Burlington, Lawton, Mich.
Silas W. Benton, Borodino, N.Y.
Joseph G. Bennett, Marcellus, N.Y.
George A. Barrett, Santa Rosa, California
Joseph Bessey, Marcellus Falls, N.Y.
Andrew W. Beach, Marcellus, N.Y.
Isaac N. Clements, Cazenovia, N.Y.
Ephraim G. Clements, Lincoln, Neb.
Porter Davis, Mottville, N.Y.
Thomas Edds, Elba, Geneseo Co., N.Y.
Leonard Gensiver, Saginaw, Mich.
Robert B. Humphreys, Mansfield, O.
Henry H. Lamb, Syracuse, N.Y.
Amos O. Lee, Aurelius,N.Y.
Amos C. May, 185 Furnace St., Geddes, N.Y.
Wm. Macumber, 30 Public Square, Watertown, N.Y.
Henry B. Morgan, Onondaga, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Willard Norton, Spafford, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Belas F. North, Marcellus, N.Y.
Isaac Richards, Marcellus, N.Y.
Isaiah V. Spenks, Marcellus, N.Y.
Surreno S. Smith, Marcellus, N.Y.
Charles S. Snediker, 932 Main St. Kansas City, Mo. (in 9/12/1889 change in address, it says that "C. C. Snediker "F" Co., 122d N.Y.V. from Syracuse, Kansas, to 41 Fremont St., Detroit, Michigan.")
Eugene H. Wormwood, Meridian, N.Y.
Elijah Baker, Marcellus, N.Y.
Charles Eggleston, Marcellus, N.Y.

(Addresses not known.)

John Salvadge, Kansas
Stephen B. Thorp
Justus Williams (corrected 3/15/1888 to:  Rochester, N.Y.)
William J. Atkins
William Abbott
George H. Anthony
William L. Buxton
James Black (corrected 3/15/1888 to:  Liverpool, N.Y.
Wright Christian (corrected 3/15/1888 to:  Hamilton, Madison Co., N.Y.
Philip L. Crysler
Horace C. Chapman
Isaac Easton
Augustus Hughes
Myron Hinman
George H. Hinckley
Andrew H. Jones
Wm. H. May
George W. Maxon
Uriah D. Moore
William Moss (correction 3/15/1888 to:  William Moss died in Lafayette, June 2, 1881.  his widow resides at Otisco Valley.)
George W. Ripley
Patrick Ryan
Russel Sweet
George W. Turner
Lieut. Otto W. Parrison



Morris E. Wright, Lansing, Mich.
Czar Dunning, Rochester, N.Y.
Sanford Van Dyke, Skaneateles, N.Y. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Hart Lot, N.Y.)
William Bateman, Jordan, N.Y.
David Barnard, Jordan, N.Y.
George Chittenden, Elbridge, N.Y.
R. Brower Davis, Dundee, Mich.
John C. Doty, Memphis, N.Y. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Jordan, N.Y.)
Chas. Groom, Jordan, N.Y. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Mottville, N.Y.)
Wm. H. Hammond, 119 Grape St., Syracuse, N.Y. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Jacks Reefs, N.Y.)
Chester A. Young, Elbridge, N.Y. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Jacks Reefs, N.Y.)

(Addresses not known.)

Lieut. Drayton Eno (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Chicago, Ill.)
Peter A. Blossom (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Staten Island, N.Y.)
James Wyatt (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Meridian, N.Y.)
Alexander Toms (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Lucius D. English
William Kitter  (in 3/29/1888 issue, William Kittler is reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Hiram Woolsey, Ind.
John Bell (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Weedsport, N.Y.)
Randall Carson  (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Develois W. Stevens (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  St. Charles, Ind.; reported in Owaneco, Christian Co., Ill. in January 9, 1890 issue; see  Stevens in "Bios").
George S. Wilcox (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Wm. Betsinger (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Allen J. Beach
Josiah Bailey
Elijah P. Bell  (in 3/29/1888 issue, reported to be somewhere in Nebraska)
H. B. Clements (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Jordan, N.Y.)
Philip Drake, Jr.
John Farmer (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Roswell J. Grant (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Painted Post, N.Y.)
Miles B. Gorham (in 3/29/1888 issue, reported to be somewhere in Nebraska)
Wm. G. Glass (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
John Kittler (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Thomas Kelly
J. W. Lamphier (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Miles J. McGough
Bradley S. North (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Edmund H. Place (or Case)
Lewis Roell
Hiram H. Reed (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Rochester, N.Y.
Patrick Riley (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Charles Shelp
Charles M. Stevens
Lyman H. Swim (in 3/29/1888 issue reported as deceased by Sgt. John C. Doty)
Theo. R. Stevens
Henry Wyatt
William H. Zellers (in 3/29/1888 issue:  reported to be somewhere in Michigan)
John Williams
Clinton D. Jones
(in 3/29/1888 issue:  a David Barnes was reported to be somewhere in Michigan, according to Sgt. John C. Doty.  Barnes may be Barnard, above.)
(in 3/29/1888 issue:  a Clinton D. Toms was reported to be in N. Y. City by Sgt. John C. Doty.)


Capt. James M. Gere, Belle Isle, N.Y.
Capt. Morton L. Marks, 119 East Second Street, Davenport, Iowa
Capt. Andrew W. Wilkin (I), Fayetteville, N.Y.
Hubbard Manzer, Geddes, N.Y. (Hubbard Munzer is appointed by Judge Northrup to the position of Court Crier, according to the 1/31/1889 "Weekly Recorder."  "Comrade Hubbard was terribly wounded in the battle of the Wilderness and left on the field for dead.  After months of suffering in hospitals, he reached home with a broken constitution and an unhealed wound, from which he has since been a constant sufferer.  He is unable to perform manual labor, and this appointment will make life easier for him.  His comrades will all rejoice to hear of his good fortune.  He is thoroughly worth and competent to fill the place, and Judge Northrup is entitled to the thanks of the veteran soldiers for this recognition of one of their number.")
Benj. F. Bingham, Washington, D.C. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Third Auditor's Office, Washington, D.C.)
David A. Munroe, Jr., Camillus, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Burke M. Tappan, 52 East Washington Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Theron R. Cherry, Webster Court House, West Virginia
Victory B. Wheaton, Camillus, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Francis M. Potter, Vermontville, Mich. (Corrected in 12/12/1889 issue to:  Charlotte, Mich.  He has three brothers and three sisters living in the State.  L. A. Dillingham writes in the 4/11/1889 issue that "Corporal F. M. Potter is "rough diamond, sure, as well as a quill driver, owns half of the "Charlotte Tribune" and is the traveling agent of the 'Detroit Tribune."  He weighs 265 and is a stalwart of the stalwarts.  He and Homer Peck are the only "Twosters" I have seen in Mich., though a number more are in the state.))
Daniel F. Abrams, Alexandria, Va.
Edward H. Boutelle, Tully, N.Y.
Yates R. Brand, Beloit, Wis.
John A. Brown, Plymouth, Minn.
George H. Casler, Room 98 Exchange Building, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Ill.
George Chapman, Camillus, N.Y.
Henry Chappel, Pierce, Neb.
Henry S. Elderkin, Elkhart, Ind.
Bates B. Goodfellow, Camillus, N.Y.
Theodore Hatton, Chicago, Ill.
John Kill, Navarino, N.Y.
Melvin S. Knapp, Camillus, N.Y.
John F. Ladue, Rochester, Minn.
Calvin Lockwood, Camillus, N.Y.
George McCarthy, Liverpool, N.Y.
Holland McCracken, Liverpool, N.Y. (corrected 3/29/1888 to:  Belle Isle (not Liverpool) N.Y.
Thomas Milligan, Syracuse, N.Y.
James H. Mills, Wood River, Neb. (in 2/23/1888 letter, typed James H. "Wills", Hal Co., Neb.)
Michael Mulroy, Camillus, N.Y.
Homer Peck, Lansing, Mich.
Patrick Riley, Soldiers' Home, Dayton, O.
Benjamin Sharp, Red Creek, N.Y.
Daniel W. Stebbins, 44 Fabius St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Stephen P. Thayer, Erie, Pa. (corrected in 4/12/1888 to:  deceased)
Almer Thompson, Howford, Tulare Co., Cal. (in 9/12/1889 issue as Dudley, Tulare Co., California)
John Tully, Belle Isle, N.Y.
Henry H. Voseller, Wayne Co., N.Y.
Peter Stebbins, 23 Spruce St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Barney Van Alstyne (Geddes, N.Y.)

(Addresses not known.)

Lieut. Oscar F. Swift
Capt. Francis Colahan (K).
Stephen V. R. Moyer
Gay I. Goetches
Joseph Land__le
Henry Barnes
William Behan
John H. Bowman
Joseph Brown
Edward Cox
Timothy Donovan (corrected in 4/12/1888 issue to:  deceased)
Philetus Dow, Ohio
Charles E. Durand
George B. Fish, Jr. (corrected in 4/12/1888 issue to:  deceased)
Martin Gunsalus
Horace N. Hayes
Joseph Mathews
Lewis McCrackin, Michigan
Henry J. Patten
Nathan R. Rice
James Robinson
Isaac B. Rice
Jerry Sullivan
Charles D. Sweeting, Canada
Lyman Cox
John L. Callahan
Joseph La Barge
John McGuire
Charles Sidman
(George A. McArthur's family sketch shows that he was in Co. H, see "Bios")


Capt. John M. Dwight, Newcastle, Cal.
Capt. Lucius A. Dillingham, Cold Water, Mich.
Henry F. Babcock, 71 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Hiram A. Britton, 182 Carbon St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Thomas G. Dallman, Morris Run, Pa.
Augustus Williams, 113 Center St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Daniel Relyea, Rochester, N.Y.
Norman D. Brooks, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Judson Blake, Hartford, Conn.
Charles Dean, Whitehall, Mich.
Darius S. Dillingham, Syracuse, N.Y.
George H. Devoe, Hanford, Cal. (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  San Jacinto, San Diego Co., California)
Frederick Ficels, 61 Butternut St., Syracuse, N.Y.
James M. Fiske, 85 Center St., Syracuse, N.Y.
John Gifford, 58 Bear St., Syracuse, N.Y.
George Lindner, 154 Herman Street, Buffalo, N.Y.
Isaac B. Merriam, Chattanooga, Tenn. (see  Merriam under "Bios")
David D. Nicholson, Mooers Forks, N.Y.
Leander Nelson, Bath, N.Y.
Theo. L. Poole, Syracuse, N.Y.
Peter Pilger, 149 N. Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y.
Edward Putnam, 8th Ward, Syracuse, N.Y.
Chauncy Parmenter, Cicero, N.Y.
Charles Stewart, Geddes, N.Y.
Osgood V. Tracy, Syracuse, N.Y. (see "Bios")
Albert B. Williams, Rochester, N.Y.
William G. Tracy, Syracuse, N.Y. (see "Bios")

(Addresses not known.)

Capt. Morris H. Church, Boston, Mass.
Capt. Charles B. Clark (K) (in 4/5/1888 issue, reported deceased)
Edwin S. Barney
William Q. Swartz
Warren Griffin
James Bell, Oswego Co., N.Y.
Granville S. Dwight, Mich.
Timothy I. Dakin (in 4/5/1888 issue, reported deceased)
Francis Gratto
Joseph L. Gary, Jr.
Henry B. Houghtaling
Isaac H. Howard
Wm. H. Hollenbeck, Penn.
Samuel M. Hamilton (in 4/5/1888 issue, reported deceased)
Patrick Kelly (In the 1/30/1890 "Weekly Recorder," M. Smith mentions that Patrick Kelly was killed at Cold Harbor and buried where he fell and his name cut on a piece of cracker board to mark the spot)
George H. Lathrop, Penn.
Silas H. Lovell
Augustus North
James Reynolds
Stephen H. Sanford
Richard Thompson
Humphrey L. Tripp
John A. Unckless
Austin E. Daniels
(In 3/1/1888 issue:  "Tarbell Z. Rotaback, Co. "I" lives at Toledo, OH;" receives a pension of $30 a month.  In 3/8/1888 mention is made of the death of comrade Roraback of Co. I.  "Poor fellow! his pension came too late to do him much good.  He was a gallant soldier, an honorable man, and a consistent Christian.  Broken in health by exposure in the field, his last few years were a hard struggle, but the fight is over and now he is at rest.")



Samuel C. Trowbridge, Cresco, Iowa
Anthony Ball, Collamer, N.Y.
George C. Bates, Detroit, Mich.
Charles Bisbow, Onondaga, N.Y.
Simeon S. Button, 12 Lemon Street, Syracuse, N.Y.
James Davidson, Washington, D.C. (In 12/19/1889 issue:  James Davidson enlisted as a private in Co. "E" 122d when only sixteen years old.  By merit he rose to the position of Serg't Co. "K" to which he had been transferred.  For a time after his discharge he clerked in dry goods stores.  In 1867  he enlisted in the Regular Army and has remained there nearly ever since.  At present he holds the responsible position of Post Com. Serg't U.S.A. and is stationed at Fort Omaha, Neb.)
Charles Delong, Collamer, N.Y.
George Elson, McKenzie, Burleigh Co., Dak.
Martin Hackett, Collamer, N.Y.
Charles Kenyon, Tully, N.Y.
James Mears, Cicero, N.Y.
Charles W. Moor, East Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y.
Merrick Smith, Collins Station, Huron Co., O. (In 1/30/1890 issue:  Soon after the return of the regiment to Syracuse I went West, but soon came back to Ohio and have lived in this town over twenty years on the Lake Shore Railroad, and if any of the comrades going West or returning East will drop off at Collins anyone you may meet will point out my residence and tell you that the latch string is always out.  I live on a farm and make a comfortable living for myself and little family of thirteen.  Yours in F.C. and L., M. F. Smith, late First Serg't Co. K.)
Albert R. Smith, Homer, N.Y.
Alfred Sherman, Skaneateles, N.Y.
Phineas S. Stebbins, Asylum, Ovid, N.Y.
Menzies Stebbins, Preble, N.Y.
Miles Thompson, Clarence, Shelby Co., Mo.
William Thompson, Preble, N.Y.
Frederick Leitch, Cicero, N.Y.

(Addresses not known.)

Capt. Noah B. Kent, Dakota (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  Ellendale, Dakota)
Herbert A. Maxwell, Iowa
William G. Worster
Joseph Clark
George Town
George Stevens
Sidney Smith (corrected in 4/12/1888 issue to:  deceased)
Albert G. Blair
Henry Bush
John Bugatt
George W. Craver
Samuel Carey
George Edwards
Justus Fox
Justus H. Fox, Michigan
Frank B. Goodelle (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  deceased)
Luther Holcomb
Oren W. Hines, N.Y. City (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  7 south St., N.Y. City)
George W. Hyde
Nathan Johnson (In May 15, 1890 issue reported as having been an inmate of the insane asylum at Rochester, Minn., but is now living with his guardian, a Mr. McCoy, at Byron, Minn.  Johnson was present at the reunion of the regiment in August 1888, and then seemed to be in good health.)
James Kelly
Dennis McGrain
James J. Rooney (corrected in 4/12/1888 issue to:  deceased)
John Robinson
John Vail (corrected 4/12/1888 to:  deceased)
Hiram H. Whipple
Charles H. Darling
Duncan McKay
Ashley N. Rich
Theodore Hoxie
Dwight S. Hall, Ill.


In the  2/23/1888 issue is a correction that mentions William B. Cardell (not Carroll) Kansas City, Missouri.  Maj. J. H. Davis writes:  Wm. B. Cardell -- you have it "Carroll"--is a "rustler"--a drummer for a big wholesale tobacco house, or was a year or two ago.  His P.O. is Kansas City, Mo.--or was when I saw him.  He came here and we had a nice visit.  He tells some pretty tough yarns.  I think he was a non-combatant most of the time, belonged to the hospital corps, or else got detailed on court martial or some other soft place.  He laughs over it now."

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