Delphi, Onondaga Co., NY

The only dates given are those of 1848.  The date of June 1st 1805 possibly is that of the writing of the Articles (7) of the Constitution.

As this book is dated "Property of the Pleasant Valley Society, Pompey, Mch 3 1812, the names of members prior to that date may have been copied from an earlier record, and the others signed the constitution as they became church members.  There is no list of women members, no baptisms or marriages in this book.  If there is another book of records, there is no knowledge of it.

This book appears to be records of the business meetings of the Church, such as committees, etc.

First Church Building erected in 1808.
Second Church Building erected in 1851.

This building is still used and is located at Oran on the Cherry Valley Turnpike (as of 1934).

List of members on page 5 dated June 1, 1805.

Lemuel Hall
Samuel Jones
Asa Barnes
Jedediah Cleveland
Thomas Foster
William Hopkins
William Barnes
Nathaniel Johnson
Joseph Hart
Josiah Everett
Eber Farnam
David Scovil
Samuel T. Marsh
Sela Goodrich
Caleb Hopkins, Jr.
Punderson Avery
Isaac D'Lamatter
Daniel Dunham
Erastus Gay
James Fosket
Cyrenus Bartholomew
Jared Perkins
Comfort Hart
Eleazer Jones
Abner Hitchcock
Wm. Blanchard
Elijah Gridley
Aaron Foster
Jas. Midler ?
Christopher Midler
James Barnes
Jedediah R--- (Ross?)
Elijah Rice, Jr.
Allen Brunson
Simeon Hart
Moses Wiswell
James Scovil
Noah P. Phillips
Asa Barnes, Jr.
Ebenezer H. Hale
Rufus Lyon
Wm. Scovil
Benjamin Sawyer
George Jones
Wm. Dean ?
George Richards
Alanson D---- (Dewey?)
Timothy Candy
Daniel Candy
Isaac Blood
Eber Cande
Samuel B--- (Benedict?)
Geo. W. Robinson
Gideon Payons, Jr. (Parsons?)
Samuel Huggins
Andrew Parker
Aaron Foster
David (Phinney?)
Joshua (Harrington?)
Eli Hubbard
Simon Sutherland
N. P. Stanton
Samuel Hart
Jacob Farley
Philo (Milo?) Cleveland
Luther Scovil
Elijah Barnes ?
Joseph N. Gaston
Asa Barnes, Jr.
Daniel Denison
---- W. Cande
Job Hart
Ralph Cande
Stephen Skinner
Thomas Rice
Jas. Talbot
John Lovejoy, Jr.
David (R. or K.) Upson
L. or S.C. Hu---?
Enos Clark
James Midler
John (V.V. or W.) Hough
John M. Horton
George Jones
John Wright
Reuben Hart
Anson P. Taylor
Elijah Williams
Andrew Rice
Benjamin Tuttle
Wm. Hempstead
Elias Barnes
Friend A. Andrews
Brasillih Davenport
Jos ? H. Miles
? -- W. Bradford
Ira Eaton
Luther Buell
Jason Cleveland

Here follows a copy of a letter dated Feby 3 1815 "Worthington."

forward V pp in the book

Hervey Loomis
Anson Sutherland
Avery Hawley
Hezekiah Loomis
Lorenzo D. Loomis
(Lemuel H. Chosen)
James D'Lamatter
Amos Rice (Price?)
Geo. F. Higgins
Calvin Foster
Joseph Chesebro
Harvey Lovejoy
Hezekiah Scovil
Wm. (C.?) Williams
A. Mills
Nelson Bartholomew
James C. Midler
Job Williams
Samuel Chesebro
Joel Morse
Noah Palmer
Marshall Hart
Elam Thomas
Elihu Williams
Josiah Brintnall
B.? A. Scovil
Albert Loomis
Chas. Severance
C. C. Midler
(1848) J. W. Moulter
(1848) Asahel Jackson
Julius Cande
Timothy H. Scovil

To the year 1851 when the new Church building was planned.

Burials, written on the cover of the book.

James Dwelly's wife, April 25, 1852
Hezekiah Loomis, July 14, 1852
P. O. Gilbert's wife, February 26, 1853
the (old) widdow Foster, March 19, 1853
Widdow L. Scovil, April 3, 1853
Harriett Stanard, Muly 2, 1853
Silas B. Safford's wife, August 7, 1853
Mary Rice, November 22, 1853
Lyman T. Midlers, February 1, 1854

Source:  Daughters of the American Revolution Cemetery, Church and Town Records, Vol. 77, part II, restored 1982, pp. 259-262.  Copied by Mrs. Charles W. (Minnie) Coleman, Chairman Gen. Records Commitee, General Asa Danforth Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, New York, 1934, From the original book.

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