The Military Tract


Onondaga County, NY


SOURCE:  Pioneer Times in the Onondaga Country, by Carroll E. Smith, LL.D., C. W. Bardeen, Publisher, Syracuse, NY, 1904, pp. 195-198

Under the treaty of 1788 the Onondagas ceded to the state of New York all their lands-excepting the Onondaga reservation and fishing and hunting rights; and the lands thus acquired and another tract lying west were under act of Congress, September 16th, 1776, and other legislation, set apart as bounty lands to soldiers of the Revolutionary war, and became known as the Military Tract.  it included all the territory within the original county of Onondaga, and now constituting the counties of Onondaga, Cayuga, Cortland and Seneca and parts of counties of Oswego, Tompkins and Wayne.

The Military Tract was laid out by Surveyors-General Simeon DeWitt into twenty-five townships, each intended to contain as nearly as possible 60,000 acres of land, and each township being divided into 100 lots.  Three more like townships were added to the tract, making twenty-eight in all.  Following is a complete list of them:
No. Township Present Towns County
1 Lysander Lysander Onondaga
South part of Granby Oswego
2 Hannibal Hannibal, west part of city of Oswego and north part of Granby Oswego
3 Cato Victory and Ira, and north parts of Conquest and Cato Cayuga
4 Brutus Brutus and Mentz, and parts of Conquest, Cato, Montezuma, Throop and Sennet Cayuga
5 Camillus Van Buren, Elbridge and part of Camillus Onondaga
6 Cicero Clay and Cicero Onondaga
7 Manlius DeWitt, Manlius and part of Salina Onondaga
8 Aurelius Auburn city, Fleming, Owasco, Throop, Sennet, part of Aurelius, one lot in Montezuma Cayuga
9 Marcellus Skaneateles and Marcellus, parts of Spafford and Otisco Onondaga
10 Pompey Pompey, most of LaFayette, three lots in Otisco Onondaga
11 Romulus Romulus, west part of Fayette and Varick, four lots in Seneca Falls Seneca
12 Scipio Scipio and Venice, south part of Ledyard, five lots in Niles and northwest corner of Moravia Cayuga
13 Sempromius Moravia, Sempronius, most of Niles Cayuga
Part of Spafford Onondaga
14 Tully Tully, south part of Spafford and Otisco Onondaga
Scott, Preble Cortland
15 Fabius Fabius Onondaga
North part of Truxton and Cuyler Cortland
16 Ovid Ovid, Lodi, Covert Seneca
17 Milton Genoa Cayuga
Lansing Tompkins
18 Locke Groton Tompkins
Locke, Summer Hill Cayuga
19 Homer Homer, most of Cortlandville Cortland
20 Solon Solon, Taylor, part of Truxton, Cuyler Cortland
21 Hector Hector Schuyler
22 Ulysses Ulysses, Enfield, Ithaca Tompkins
23 Dryden Nearly all Dryden Tompkins
24 Virgil Virgil, most of Harford and Lapeer, two and one-quarter lots of Cortlandville, one lot Freetown Cortland
25 Cincinnatus Cincinnatus, Freetown, most of Marathon Cortland
26 Junius Junius, Tyre, Waterloo, north part of Seneca Falls Seneca
27 Galen Galen, Savannah Wayne
28 Sterling Sterling Cayuga
East part Wolcott, Butler Wayne

Submitted 22 August 1998